Sexy Saturday 11/23/2019

Hey kits and kittens! Today’s Sexy Saturday is something super fun! Imagine that Tinkerbell is a lovely boy fairy and he decides to make a deal with Captain Hook, add some tasty smut, and voila! Definitely inspired by the movie Hook and a prompt I got on Tumblr, I hope you enjoy today’s post!

Warnings: NSFW/bondage/cross-dressing because even if he’s a boy Bell is wearing that skimpy little green dress XD


“Seven days,” Bell swore, marching boldly across Captain Hook’s desk. “In seven days, I promise you that I can get Peter Pan back into fighting shape!”

“That bloated, fumbling codfish is not a Pan,” Hook snarled, tempted to grab the little fairy and crush him right in his hand. “He’s completely forgotten Neverland. He’s forgotten everything!”

“Come on! You promised your men the war of the century,” Bell went on defiantly. “Do you want to be remembered as a bully or as the great warrior who defeated a heroic Pan?”

Hook bared his teeth in an angry sneer.

“Seven days,” Bell repeated firmly. “Give me a week and I can get him back into shape so you can have your stinky little war.”

“Two days,” Hook countered, slamming his hook into the desk right in front of Bell.

“Four!” Bell’s wings flickered, flying up to stand on the curve of the captain’s hook. “Bare minimum for a decent Pan.”

“Three days,” Hook offered, his face suddenly transforming into a coy smile, “and you let me tie you up… for old times’ sake.”

Bell’s face flushed, glaring up at Hook as he hissed, “That was a long time ago! You had freakin’ kidnapped me! It’s not-“

“But didn’t we have such a lovely evening?” Hook teased, his anger fading as a seductive demeanor took its place. “I seem to recall our time together being very productive… did you ever tell Peter how you can change your size?”

“No!” Bell snapped, zooming up to stick his finger right in Hook’s face. “And neither will you! It’s our secret!”

“Mmm, if only there was such a way for you to convince me to keep it to myself,” Hook drawled, rolling his eyes dramatically.

“You bastard!” Bell seethed. “You promised!”

“Pirate,” Hook reminded smugly, tilting his head like a cat about to pounce. “Come along, Bell. You know I can make all your wishes come true…”

Bell wordlessly flitted back down to Hook’s desk and closed his eyes. There was a flash and a sparkle of fairy dust, now full sized and practically in Hook’s lap. He leaned back on his hands, staring up at the pirate. “Well?”

“Look at you, Mr. Bell,” Hook purred approvingly, his eyes roaming hungrily over Bell’s lean body. He slid his hand and hook up his bare thighs, standing up to press himself close. “You’re even more beautiful than I remember.”

Bell’s lashes fluttered, his skin turning a delightful shade of pink from his cheeks to his chest. The front of his skirt was already tenting, proof of his arousal, demanding huskily, “Still keep silk rope in the bottom drawer?”

“So eager, are we?” Hook taunted, squeezing Bell’s hip and nuzzling along his throat. “Mm, what would your beloved Pan say if he knew how much you love Captain Hook’s cock…”

“Shut up,” Bell grumbled, moaning in surprise when Hook bit down on his shoulder.

Hook slid his hand up Bell’s skirt, feeling him up through his panties. He traced the line of his dick, finding a damp spot around the head and chuckling cruelly. “Mm, look how wet you are for me, little fairy…”

“Let’s go,” Bell huffed, squirming impatiently, “or the deal is off.”

“Tsk tsk,” Hook clicked his tongue. “Always in such a hurry, little Bell. You really should slow down.”

Bell’s wings buzzed in annoyance, reaching forward and cupping Hook’s groin. “Doesn’t feel like you want me to slow down!”

Hook smirked, grabbing Bell’s wrist and twisting it back. “Now, now, don’t you remember the rules? No touching, Mr. Bell.”

Bell yelped, groaning as Hook rolled him over onto his stomach. He arched his ass up, his long legs parting invitingly.

Keeping Bell’s arm pinned behind his back, Hook retrieved a long coil of rope from his desk. He tied Bell’s wrists together, nice and tight, though being mindful of his wings.

Hook knew Bell wouldn’t struggle any more, greedily squeezing his ass through the folds of his skirt.

“Come on,” Bell groaned desperately, his fingers curling into tight fists and tugging at the ropes. “I’m ready for you, Captain!”

“Patience, little fairy,” Hook chastised, pushing Bell’s skirt out of his way and using his hook to tease along the hem. “I want to enjoy this. After all, I do intend to kill your precious Pan and you simply wouldn’t have me after that.”

Bell whimpered at the sensation of Hook steel grazing across his skin, his wings fluttering for a moment before going still. “Yes, Captain,” he said quietly, bowing his head down.

Hook grinned, absolutely delighted, tugging Bell’s panties over and pressing his thumb up against his hole. He was already magically slick and open, Hook testing the fit with his thumb and pressing in slowly.

Bell gasped, eagerly pushing back against Hook’s hand. He was squirming again. “Captain, please…”

Hook used his hook to keep Bell’s panties pulled aside, opening up the fly of his trousers. “Maybe I won’t let you go this time,” he mused, pulling out his cock and sliding between Bell’s cheeks. “Maybe I’ll keep you here, just like this…”

“No,” Bell protested, writhing and twisting his head. “Never! I would never stay with you!”

“Your body betrays your tongue’s lies,” Hook chuckled, watching Bell trying to catch his cock with little wiggles of his hips and push back on it. “I could be so good to you, little fairy… you would make such a fine pet.”

Bell groaned, low and deep, tugging at the rope again and glaring back at Hook. “No man will ever keep me, Captain… not even you.”

“We’ll see about that,” Hook purred, finally tilting his hips forward and pushing his cock into Bell’s tight hole. The exquisite heat wrapped around him made him gasp, the world forgotten as he slipped deeper and deeper.

Bell mewled beautifully, his wings flickering and sparkling as he took on every thick inch.

Hook began to fuck him, hook dragging Bell’s panties roughly and ripping the delicate fabric. He grabbed hold of the rope, using it to hang on as he pounded into him.

Bell was moaning and shuddering with every mean slam, his lips parting in a blissed out smile. Despite all of his protests and arguing, it was crystal clear he loved every second of this.

Hook showed no mercy, driving himself into Bell’s ass relentlessly and only seeking pleasure for himself. He couldn’t help but taunt his captive lover, purring, “Oh, how you adore this… being used… being completely mine…”

Bell cried out, unable to deny it when Hook was balls deep inside of him and making him sing so shamelessly. “Yes,” he gasped, “Captain, yes… I love it…”

Hook twisted Bell’s panties around his hook, sinking the point down into the desk to keep him pinned firmly in place as he continued to ravage him. He ran his hand up the small of Bell’s back, dragging his nails along his spine.

He knew this couldn’t last much longer – all of his crew and that sorry excuse for Peter Pan were waiting outside. He had to make the most of this, growling ferociously and throwing his weight in every mean buck of his hips.

Hook could feel Bell’s impossibly tight ass clenching down on him, his own end coming all too soon. He fucked the gorgeous fairy as hard as he could, a reminder that no one else would be able to bring him such pleasure.

“Captain!” Bell screamed, his little body jerking in bliss as he came. His wings sparkled gorgeously, every bit of his skin glowing with the force of his climax.

Hook let the sensation overtake him, pumping his load deep and growling with every heated pulse. No shanty whore could ever compare to this gorgeous fae, swearing his vision was being blinded by starlight as the final shudders of his orgasm overtook him.

Bell moaned softly, one last happy sound as Hook pressed deep to plant the last of his seed inside of him. He pulled at the ropes, the bindings magically slipping away.

He could have always escaped, Hook realized, struggling to catch his breath. That knowledge made this even more satisfying, pulling out with a low grunt.

Hook watched Bell roll over on his back, fixing his underwear and tugging his skirt back down. He could see the slick stain left on his desk and the vivid blush in Bell’s face left behind from their passionate tryst.

He tidied himself up, intoning deeply, “Now. Three days. Either deliver me Pan or no amount of clapping will bring you back from where I send you…”

Bell hopped off of Hook’s desk, a shimmer of fairy dust passing over his body and reverting to his tiny form. He zipped around in a brilliant blur, promising, “Three days.”

“When your bloated codfish inevitably loses,” Hook taunted happily, “you’ll always have a position waiting here on my crew, little fairy. Many different positions, in fact.”

Bell flew over, planting a tiny kiss on Hook’s cheek. “And when you finally accept defeat? Next time… mmm, maybe you’ll be the one tied up, Captain Hook.”

“Looking forward to it, Mr. Bell.”

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