Sexy Saturday 11/16/2019

Hi kits and kittens! Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! Today’s Sexy Saturday is some spanking fun with Jimmy and Boss Cold! Jimmy slacks on his law school studies and Cold sets him straight! This was gonna be in the sequel, but it didn’t make the cut, but I do hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: NSFW/spankings/belt/humping


“Tell me why you need this, Mr. Poe.”

“Because I’ve been bad,” Jimmy replied immediately. He was on his knees, offering Cold his belt. “I need you to punish me.”

Cold didn’t take the belt yet, reaching out to tap Jimmy’s chin. “Look at me, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy obeyed, his eyes already dark with want.

“What did you do, hmm?”

“I… I didn’t pass my ethics test,” Jimmy whispered, a flash of shame tainting his lustful expression.

“The one I offered to help you study for?”

“Yes, sir.”

“What happened, Mr. Poe?”

“I was arrogant,” Jimmy replied honestly. “Things have been going so well at school, and… I thought I could do it on my own.”

“And that’s what you want me to punish you for?” Cold finally took the belt, snapping the leather in his hands with a small smirk.

“Yes, sir.”

“Why don’t we make this a learning experience, hmm?” Cold sat down in the chaise at the foot of their bed, patting his lap. “Take your pants and shoes off. Leave your underwear on for now.”

Jimmy stripped as commanded, laying himself across Cold’s thighs. He was already hard, bowing his head down as Cold petted his clothed ass.

“Now,” Cold said with a soft smile, “what is American Law based on?”

“English Common Law,” Jimmy answered immediately.

“Very good,” Cold praised, patting Jimmy’s butt. “Now, tell me the historical events preceding the Nuremberg Code of Ethics.”

“The Great Depression.”


Jimmy froze.

“I said ‘events’, Mr. Poe. That means more than one.” Cold pulled down Jimmy’s underwear, smacking his bare flesh as a warning. “What other events?”

“Shit,” Jimmy gasped, wiggling from that first smack, trying to wrack his brain. “There was a sickness… a disease… uh…”

Cold spanked, hard and without mercy, demanding, “Tell me what it was, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy whimpered, the sting in his skin making his face flush and his heart start to pound. He squirmed, whining when Cold’s palm passed over his freshly slapped cheek, panting, “It was an epidemic, I know it.”

“But which one?” Cold calmly asked, the buckle of the belt jingling as he raised it up.

Jimmy’s mind was blank. “I can’t remember…”

“And why can’t you remember?”

“Because I didn’t study,” Jimmy confessed, whimpering quietly.

The belt came down with a heavy thwack, Jimmy jerking in Cold’s lap and crying out. It was going to leave a welt, he just knew it, moaning as Cold traced over the angry skin.

Another slap of the belt soon followed, making Jimmy yelp in pain, his head snapping back as a third followed immediately after. He was struggling to catch his breath, grinding into Cold’s leg as he pleaded, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I can’t… I can’t think!”

“You know this,” Cold insisted. “I know you do, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy heard a wet pop, gasping when he felt Cold’s slick finger sliding between his cheeks. He whimpered as he was penetrated, groaning, “It’s… it’s… I don’t know!”

Cold moved his hand, cracking the belt in reply.

Jimmy thrusted his hips down, tightening his fists as he panted through the burn. He gritted his teeth, frustrated and desperate for relief. He had to give Cold an answer.

“Flu,” he gasped suddenly. “It was the flu! There was an influenza epidemic!”

“Very good, Mr. Poe,” Cold purred, his wet fingers returning to play in Jimmy’s hole. Deeper now, a reward, curling up as he ordered, “Define stare decisis.”

“Law made by the decisions of judges,” Jimmy replied confidently, groaning when Cold twisted his fingers pleasurably.

“Good boy,” Cold praised. “Now, tell me when are lawyers allowed to practice outside of the state they’re licensed in?”

“Hey, that’s not even in my ethics syllabus!” Jimmy complained, turning his head to pout at Cold.

“Answer the question, Mr. Poe,” Cold said smugly, slowly starting to pull his fingers out.

“Okay, sir, okay! Uh…”

“Come on…” Cold urged.

“Pro… uh… shit, I know this one.”

Apparently he didn’t know it very well because he still couldn’t answer in a timely manner and Cold reared back to spank him again. Over and over until his cheeks were raw and aching, Cold spanked him.

Jimmy’s cock was leaking, certainly staining Cold’s pants by now, sobbing softly as he got one final spanking that took his breath away. He was limp, his head hanging low, certain that Cold’s strong hands were the only thing keeping him from falling to the floor.

Cold’s hands returned to Jimmy’s abused flesh, massaging the welts and handprints he’d left. “Do you feel more motivated to study for your classes, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy said, whining as Cold’s fingers moved back between his legs. “I’ll study, I promise. I need to study. I have to.”

“Good boy,” Cold murmured, slipping his fingers back in his hole and squeezing one of his tender cheeks.

Jimmy moaned softly, the pleasure in such contrast to the burning discomfort of his skin making him ache even more for relief. He rocked his hips down, pleading softly, “Can I please come, sir?”

“This is supposed to be a punishment, Mr. Poe,” Cold reminded him, popping his ass lightly.

He didn’t have to hit very hard, Jimmy’s skin already so sensitive from the previous spankings. Jimmy groaned, grinding his hips with more purpose. “Please, sir… I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t… I don’t want to disappoint you again.”

“That’s really why you wanted to be punished, isn’t it?” Cold said thoughtfully, his dexterous fingers still fucking Jimmy’s hole. “Because you know you let me down.”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy whispered in a hushed voice. “I only want to make you proud… please.”

“Oh, Jimmy,” Cold sighed, his voice gentle and loving, bowing his head to kiss Jimmy’s hair. “You already do.

“Rod,” Jimmy whimpered, his eyes damp with tears.

“Now, come for me,” Cold ordered, firm once more.

Jimmy began to reach down to grab his cock, but Cold twisted his arm against his back. Jimmy’s other arm was stuck bracing himself against the edge of the chaise.

“No hands, Mr. Poe,” Cold said and God, Jimmy could hear him smirking. “Use some of that same focus you could have used for studying to get yourself off.”

Jimmy grunted but nodded, rutting forward against Cold’s thigh and quickly gaining friction. Cold’s fingers were pounding around at him and the occasional smack made him cry out. He kept going, chasing down his climax and struggling to push himself over the edge.

“Come on, Mr. Poe,” Cold purred breathlessly, “come for me.”

That seductive command struck something deep within Jimmy and he came almost immediately with a sharp moan. He grinded himself down into Cold’s lap, caught between his strong fingers and firm thighs.

Cold rocked him through each tremor, patting his ass affectionately when he was done. “Mmm, that’s my good boy.”

Jimmy mumbled sleepily as Cold rolled him over in his lap, cradling him against his chest. He was warm and happy, smiling brightly up at his lover. “Mmm, can we study like this all the time?”

Cold laughed softly, kissing Jimmy’s forehead as he teased, “Hoping to boost your GPA?”

“Hey, getting your ass spanked is really good motivation,” Jimmy chuckled. “Keep this up, I might even make the Dean’s List!”

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