Sexy Saturday 11/30/2019

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Here is a tasty sneak peek at the Cold Hard Cash sequel! Jimmy’s been a bad boy and Cold is gonna help set him straight. Hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day and the rest of your holiday weekend kicks some booty!

Warnings: NSFW/spankings/all that good stuff


“How many times did you lie to your father, Mr. Poe?” Cold asked firmly.

“At least five,” Jimmy said, a quick flash of shame curling in his stomach, “and seven times to Maury.”

“Twelve little lies,” Cold tutted, the tips of his fingers touching the base of Jimmy’s spine. “I think twelve spankings is a good start to your punishment, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.” Jimmy closed his eyes, his entire body melting as he prepared himself for the first blow. He needed this so badly, he needed to be good.

Cold’s hand cracked across Jimmy’s left cheek with a loud pop, counting out loud, “One.”

Jimmy flinched, taking a deep breath as his skin stung in the most delicious way. The first strike was the easiest although his body tried to move away. He held fast, gasping as Cold spanked the same cheek again.


This one burned a little more after the initial slap, but Jimmy breathed through it.


Jimmy jerked, groaning as Cold put more force behind this spanking. He gritted his teeth, his flesh starting to throb softly. He wanted Cold to switch to the other side, but he showed no signs of changing.


“Oh…” Jimmy whimpered.


“Oh, fuck!” Jimmy’s cheek felt scalded now and he ducked his head down. His face was hot, seeking the cool fabric of the comforter to soothe him. His breathing was becoming more ragged, knowing he wasn’t even halfway done with his punishment yet and his thoughts were starting to fog.



“Seven. Eight. Nine.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jimmy began to sob, rocking back and forth on his knees as he sought relief from the pain. It burned and throbbed, his entire body strung out from a blinding rush of adrenaline.

He took several shaking breaths, groaning when Cold’s palm smoothed over his abused cheek. The burn seemed to radiate across his skin and Cold’s soft touch was like a ripple over a small pond that sent waves of sensation over Jimmy’s entire body.


Jimmy sobbed, clawing at the bed as his eyes began to water.


Jimmy gritted his teeth, telling himself there was only one more, just one more to bare and it would be over.

But the twelfth never came.

Instead, Cold was rummaging around in their beside drawer, ordering, “Don’t move, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy froze, panting and trying to twist his head without compromising his position to see what Cold was doing. He swallowed back his tears, sniffing softly, “Did I do something wrong, sir?”

“On the contrary,” Cold replied, “you were splendid, but I’m not done with your punishment yet.” He moved back behind Jimmy, securing a snug cock ring around his balls and shaft. He checked the fit with a firm tug, asking, “Yes?”

“It’s fine, sir,” Jimmy said, the pressure in his balls already starting to build. He was relaxed now, turning his cheek against the bed as Cold’s freshly lubricated fingers began to play around his hole.

Slick silicone pressed inside of him and Jimmy recognized the familiar vibrating toy. It was set on low for now, a pleasant flutter compared to the throbbing still resonating through his spanked cheek. He shifted his hips, rocking back against Cold’s hand as pushed them toy all the way inside.

“I don’t understand,” Jimmy whined quietly. “What’s, what’s my punishment, sir?”

“This,” Cold said, turning the strength of the vibrations up before grabbing Jimmy’s hips. His monstrous cock pressed against Jimmy’s ass, separated only by the cloth of his pants. “You’re going to stay here, just like this, without touching yourself. Do you understand?”

“Wait, wait!” Jimmy whined, groaning as the vibrations increased. “What if I come? What if… What if I’m not good?”

“Oh, you’ll be perfect,” Cold promised. “I know you will be.”

Jimmy jerked his head up when he realized Cold was leaving the room, shutting the door behind him. He didn’t know what the range was on that damn remote for the plug, but it had to be pretty darn far because the pulsing was only getting stronger.

He bowed his head back down, staring dumbly between his legs at his dripping cock. It was swollen and red, glistening with oozing precome and the vibrations were absolutely relentless. Cold hadn’t said he couldn’t come, and he didn’t know if he was honestly would be able to stop himself if he had.

Jimmy rocked back and forth on his elbows, pushing himself flat against the bed. The pressure of the comforter was too much and before he knew it, he was coming, grinding clumsily down to chase the intense shivers of his orgasm. He kept humping the bed, crying softly as the vibrations took him from pleasure to severe overstimulation.

The pulsing relaxed to a dull hum, Jimmy’s balls absolutely aching from coming so fast. His head actually hurt from the rush, mindlessly rutting his hips in little circles. He was still hard, his cheek still stinging, and that damn plug was still vibrating away.

He could feel sweat breaking out all over his skin, his heart pounding down between his legs as the toy’s vibrations began to slowly pick back up. It took several minutes before they were at full strength, Jimmy left struggling and moaning as he fought not to touch himself. He wanted to come again so badly, anything to grant relief from the incredible pressure.

Jimmy started grinding against the bed again, too desperate to be ashamed of himself. He started moaning more loudly, grabbing a hold of the far edge of the mattress for leverage as he fucked the bed. Being trapped between his stomach and the comforter wasn’t nearly enough friction for his cock, but the vibrations were pounding away inside of him against his prostate and he was so miserably close.

He started to pant, trying to get himself there as fast as he could. The taste of climax felt like it was only moments away, his cock and balls throbbing as he climbed closer and closer to the edge.

And then the vibrations stopped.

Jimmy groaned in frustration at the loss of stimulation, trying to rub his cock and catch the right angle to make himself come. “Fuck! Mmmph! Come on!”

“Mmm, look at you,” Cold’s voice suddenly purred from behind him. “So desperate, so full of need… how many times did you come, Mr. Poe?”

“Just once, sir,” Jimmy replied with a needy little whine. “I was so close, please… Please, I wanna come.”

“No.” Cold held Jimmy’s hip, carefully pulling out the toy and setting it aside to clean up later. He spread Jimmy’s cheeks apart, squeezing the tender one purposely and chuckling when Jimmy wiggled. “Not yet. Not until you’re nice and full, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy wanted to scream, but he held it in, relaxing when Cold pressed his bare cock against his hole. He groaned greedily as Cold pushed inside, the slide slick and easy, taking in every thick inch. He sighed in relief when Cold finally released the cock ring, a fresh rush of blood feeding the burning between his legs.

“There,” Cold purred, thrusting into Jimmy slow and deep. He held Jimmy’s hips tightly, “Just like that, Mr. Poe… my good boy… my perfect, good boy…”

“Yours,” Jimmy cried, his thighs shaking as he clung to the bed to ground himself. He couldn’t take much more, his entire body wrung out with pleasure and pain. “All yours, forever…”

Cold’s pace began to pick up, growling fiercely, “Are you ready to come for me, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes! Please, please, please!”

“Then fucking come!”

Jimmy didn’t hesitate, reaching down to grab himself with a firm hand. He began to stroke, sobbing as he felt his climax stealing away any rational senses and forcing his breath to catch. “Rod! Oh, God! God!”

Cold’s hand came down with one final crack on Jimmy’s ass.

“Fuck!” Jimmy screamed, his vision whiting out as he came hard and shuddered with pleasure. He could feel the echoes of Cold’s firm hand all the way down in his toes, whimpering weakly.

Cold pulled out to finish, grunting as he spilled all over Jimmy’s well spanked ass. Jimmy could hear the smirk in his voice as Cold teased, “Twelve.”

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