A Slice For My Demon is LIVE!

The first book in the Possessive Love series is now LIVE! Check out A Slice For My Demon by me and Mozzarus Scout right meow! We had so much fun writing this story, and I promise that it’s full of snarky humor, silly pizza puns, and def a lot of spicy fun. When you’re done reading that one, don’t forget to check out the rest of the Possessive Love series too!

Kevin Hamill has never felt like he belonged. Despite a successful pizza restaurant and a lucrative side gig at a local bar, happiness is fleeting and his relationships fizzle out fast. He’s convinced there’s something wrong with him. He’s empty inside, cursed with a void that nothing has ever been able to fill, and he feels trapped in his humdrum small town routine, left yearning for more.

His ordinary life quickly turns extraordinary when he meets Percival Pearl, a man who claims to be a demon and desperately wants to take Kevin to bed. Even though Kevin thinks Percy is nuts, he’s happy for a change of pace and accepts his advances. Percy is charming, handsome, and makes Kevin feel whole for the first time in his life. Percy is definitely strange, but there’s no way the man could actually be a demon…


The truth is more bizarre than Kevin could ever imagine and results in a cross-country road trip on an epic quest of self-discovery and intimate exploration with the hope he can make it back home alive when unexpected dangers threaten his life and his blossoming romance with his new demon boyfriend.


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