Shoulda Swiped Left: FREE Novella <3

Hello, darlings! It’s that time again where I gift you guys with a FREE novella! This one is a 25k sweet and fluffy story with a small splash of angst. It’s my MM take on a modern romance with Hades, God of the Dead. Check the content warnings just in case purdy please! xD

You can read it here on my website by clicking that big ol’ link below! If you want to download a free ebook copy, you must be a subscriber of my newsletter to get the Bookfunnel link. You can subscribe right HERE and you should get it in your welcome email! If not, just click here! Remember that you have to be subscribed to the newsletter first for it to work! <333


Joseph Abrams can’t believe he’s met the perfect guy through online dating. Zale Petropoulos is hot, charming, geeky, and just the right amount of mysterious. They finally meet for their first in-person date and sparks fly all the way through dinner and right into the bedroom. But Zale has a confession to make and finally reveals his big secret…

He’s the god of the Underworld.

And Joseph is now his new prince-consort.

WARNINGS: Mild body horror, temporary character death, and godly kiss trickery.


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