COVER REVEAL: Werewolves Hate Clogs

It’s hereeee it’s here it’s hereeee! My beautiful gorgeous amazing custom papercraft cover by Christina Record of Itsy Bitsy Scissors for Werewolves Hate Clogs is HERE! Shoutout to my very dear friend Amanda Meuwissen for making my titlesss! OMG BUT LOOK AT IT! ISNT IT GORGEOUSSSS AHHHH I am so excited now to get this book out into the world and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Othniel “Neil” Ricci has a sweet new gig working at his uncle’s flower shop—good hourly pay, free room and board, and he has absolutely no idea that the city is apparently infested with monsters.

That is, until he does.

Louis Morénas-Mostro is a werewolf and an underboss in the monstrous crime family who rule over everything that goes bump in the night. When a prized magical artifact becomes inadvertently attached to Neil, Lou is determined to get it back at any cost.

…Even pretending to date him.

Neil finds himself at odds with an entire monster family, their rebellious enemies, and his own growing attraction to Lou. He hopes he lives long enough to find out if their explosive chemistry can lead to something real, but first he has to make sure he doesn’t end up as monster kibble.


2 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL: Werewolves Hate Clogs

  1. Yay 😊
    That’s terrific and I can’t wait to read the whole story…but I guess I’m missing something here🤔 : clogs means “sabots” in french, it’s a type of shoes for humans or nails for animals like horses, cows etc (am I making any sense ???) So is there a secret meaning ????
    Thanks for your so good work👋

    1. Hi there! It is indeed a shoe! Originally, the title was “Werewolves Hate Crocs”, referring to a specific brand of shoe that are very comfortable if not slightly unattractive to many. However, I could not use “Crocs” since it’s trademarked, so I had to change it to “Clogs”, the closest thing I could come up with to describe a Croc shoe. xD

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