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SFL #9: Love You Always, Suckers And All (Editing, Release Date Pending)


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Current Projects

Daddy Mafia: 11/15 (writing!)

Monster Mafia: 3/15 (writing!)


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Cold’s Brother Thing

CHC #5

Demon Pizza Thing

O Nighttime Dead Thing

Suckery Mystery Thing

13 Days: Volume 3

Gay Murder Lobsters

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Happy May, darlings!

This is gonna be another crazy exciting month so LET’S GOOOO

First of all, huge thank you to everyone for helping make Ace of Maids such an incredible success! It’s still currently #1 in LGBTQ+ Literary Fiction on Amazon and I am so very proud and humbled by everyone’s love for this book. This is my second orange banner and I legit screamed when I saw it. I had such a blast writing this story and I just love that everyone has enjoyed getting to know Dash and Tommy!

Please don’t forget to check out the rest of The Elite series! There are still six more books to go and they’re guaranteed to be fabulousss! <333

Sucker For Love Mystery #8: An Inkredible Love also came out last month and I hope you all forgive me for the evil cliffhanger. I PROMISE IMMA FIX IT. Editing has already begun on SFL #9 and that should be releasing in July or August of this year. More on that when I have the official date! I’m pushing for July because I have another release in August and I hate a double release. X_X;;

And oh! What release is this, you ask?

Ruthless Daddies is BACK, my darlings! That’s righhttt! The sexy mafia daddy collab from last year is back for another round! Mozzarus Scout and I are teaming up to write a new delicious steamy mafia adventure and our book is called Ruthless Daddies: Beast. It’s up for preorder now so you can check out the blurb and cover teaserrr! Cover reveals and more series info coming next month!

Let’s seee what elseeee uhhh

Oh right! Pocket paperback time!

Playing For Keeps is officially off my newsletter and available for preorder as an adorable cute pocket paperback! I absolutely stole this idea from the wonderfully talented Amanda Meuwissen (pssst it’s okay she knows lol) and I’m also going to be publishing Tastes Like Christmas, one of my other newsletter freebies, as a pocket paperback later this month or maybe June-ish.

Until I know when SFL #9 is coming out, my summer release schedule is gonna be a little wonky. Sorry, I know I’ve said that already, but I really am stuck until I know that darn date. I’ll share all the fun deets as soon as I can, but just know that Tastes Like Christmas is gonna be leaving the newsletter soon too.

To replace these old stories, I’m in the process of getting another short story of mine edited called Shoulda Swiped Left. My fan fic people will remember this one as the story of a young man who gets the hookup of a lifetime when he unknowingly goes out on a date with the God of the Underworld. It’s an old one for sure, but I’m cleaning and polishing it up to share as a new freebie hopefullyyyy by the end of the month!

Eventually, Shoulda Swiped Left and Untouched Mussels: A SFL Novella will follow the path of the other freebies and get published as pocket paperbacks too. However, it probably won’t happen until next year when I have more short stories to replace them with! I’m hoping to cycle these freebies through at least once a year,but that does also mean I need to have new novellas to make the swaps! XD

So! Over halfway done with Beast and making good progress on Monster Mafia. When Beast is done, I’ll focus on finishing Monster Mafia and getting that ready for either a June or July release. Againnn, I’m stuck scheduling my summer bookies until I know when SFL #9 is coming out. Aghhhh! It’s driving me crazyyy! D: D: D:

And gee hey Kat wait what are you writing after that?!

Well, Mozzarus and I are gonna be working on our next collab but huh I guess my next solo project is gonna be… Ready to Cash Out.

Yes, FINALLYYYY I am going to write the next Cold Hard Cash book. I know, I know, it’s taken me a million years but it’s finally happening. Remember that this next one is about Cold’s brother, but the last book for Jimmy and Cold should be right after this.

Okay, I lied because I actually have two short collabs to write for winter releases but they’re only like 10-30k so pfffttt I will probably knock those out and THEN work on Ready to Cash Out. Phew. I really want to give these last two books the attention and love and hotness they deserve. I know so many of you have been patiently waiting for me to get back to CHC and I’ve been dragging ass.

Part of it is certainly not wanting to say goodbye to my first book babies and a big part is uhhh I have no idea what the hell I’m going to write about just yet. Oops. I mean, I have a basic idea-ish, but the big turn/reveal/crazy ending I always love to write hasn’t popped up yet. I have an inkling of one for Ready to Cash Out, but not for CHC 5. Which may become even more confusing because I may use that title for CHC 5 and pick a new one for Cold’s brother instead. XD XD XD

Hot Mess Author Mode activated.

Ready To Cash Out just sounds like such a good title for the last Cold/Jimmy book, right!? AGH DECISIONSSS


I can tell you now that while CHC 5 will be the last book for Cold and Jimmy, it is not going to be the last one set in that universe or the last time we see them. This is a message from 2024 Future Kat, and all I will say is that I’m making Mozz write a new mafia series with me. We will see Jimmy and Cold again, even if it’s just in cameos, and there will be a whole bunch of new sexy gangsters to meet and swoon over soooon.

That’s all for now, my darlings! I’ll be posting the preorder links for Tastes Like Christmas and Werewolves Hate Clogs as soon as I have the release date for SFL #9 so I know when to schedule everything (that’s like the fifth time I’ve said that, for anyone who is counting lol), and Shoulda Swiped Left will be going out via newsletter in a few weeks. I’ll probably offer it for download through my website too because I’m super nice like that. XD

Keep your lil’ eyeballs peeled for the rest of the awesome Elite series and check out the preorder for Ruthless Daddies: Beast!

Thank you for all so much for everything you do. I’m so thrilled that you all continue to enjoy my work so much eeeeee



My GRL 2023 Preorder is open! Yes, I am coming back as a Spotlight Author to the Gay Romance Literature Retreat in Portsmouth VA from October 18th to the 22nd! You can preorder signed copies right here! Remember that these are to physically pick up at the convention and not part of a sign/ship dealio. You have to actually come see my face to get these! XD

There are some titles like Sucker For Love #9 or Ruthless Daddies: Beast that while I may have available to sell at my table at the retreat, I’m not including on the preorder list. Their release dates are simply too close for me to be comfortable ordering them in time to cover preorders (the printer for SFL can take 2+ months for me to get my copies agh). If I get them before the retreat, I will definitely bring them but aghhh I can’t promise that I will! <333

Anyway! Okay, I think that’s really it now. Thank you guys for everythingggg!

As always, you can check out my Patreon to read my current WIP’s and see what I’m up to, feel free to stalk me on all my social media, and stay tuned for more exciting news! <333

Take care, darlings!


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