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Insquidious Devotion: PREORDER LIVE! Coming 11/08/2022!

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13 Days of Monster F#cking Volume 2 (Editing!)

An Inkredible Love (Awaiting acceptance!)

Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus (Accepted! Awaiting editing!)


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Sucker For Love: #9 (0/15)



Happy November, darlings!

WOW! This is gonna be a really long and crazy blog post so strap in because it’s getting close to the end of the year and I am getting all kinds of squirrelly because as usual I have way too much still to do! XD XD XD

First of all! Insquidious Devotion comes out in a week! <333

EEK! This is Sucker For Love Mystery #7, and we are back with Sloane and Loch for another adventure! This story has a very special spoiler that I’ve been dyinggg to share with everyone, and a few clever readers have already figured it out! Cookies for all of you who have! XD

I am still waiting to hear back on Inkredible Love (SFL #8) being accepted officially since it was finallyyyyy submitted after a million years, and that story has the ULTIMATE SERIES SPOILER… which some of you have also already figured out. *snort*

This sets the stage for me to finish the last book of the series, but eeee more on that in a minute! I have some more exciting Sucker For Love news to pimp! Namely that 1) the series is now available on YONDER, a new serialized fiction app and 2) it was recently selected as an Editor’s Choice on the freakin’ app! EEK! <333333

Click HERE and use the promo code READONYONDER to score some free coins for the app!

Think webtoon, but for bookies.

Oh! Also don’t forget that Craqueue Mon Coeur (Sucker For Love #2 in French) will be releasing alongside Insquidious on 11/8! Woo woo double release day! I think that is all of my tentacle news. Yes? Maybe. Hmm. I think we can move on now.


If you missed out on the 13 Days Countdown, never fear! The teasers are still available for your reading pleasure in my FB group for free! Remember that I am splitting nice and naughty monsters up now, and that all of these shorts are very, very naughty monsters. Very lovely fluffy monsters will have a home in the new 13 Days of Monsters Making Love (which might turn into 14 because Valentine’s Day? Eh?) but oof that’s 2023 Kat’s problem.

Just like last year, I will take these teasers and sexify them into full-fledged shorts at about 8-10k each, make them all pretty and awesome, and then put them in a big pretty ol’ book to publish. This will go to Smashwords.

Without hesitation.

I hate to deny my KU readers, but I already know that Amazon will ban this book in a damn heartbeat SO to SMASHWORDS WE GO. XD XD XD

I do not have a set release date, but I am hoping to have the final collection ready to publish before Christmas.

My plan is to work on the monster stories at my leisure while I catch up on Sucker For Love bonus content (the extra scenes for #7 & #8 and why yes I know #7 comes out in a week so I should really get on that thanks!), the infamous Jay and Asta mini-series I’ve been promising for a million years, and the final Sucker For Love book. WHEW.

That’s my plan for the rest of 2022. That’s it. Tentacles and more tentacles and monsters (and maybe a super secret squirrel monster project that’s a little shady and mysterious and I can’t tell you about yet! bwuhahaha)!

The bonus scenes won’t take long, I’ve just been dragging my feet and getting distracted by my ten million other projects oops. The mini-series probably won’t take that long either because I’ve had most of it planned for a long time. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I am glad that I hadn’t written it yet because


Asta and Jay break up, right? They get together, they break up, and readers never saw any of it. It all happened in the background. See, my original plan like two years ago was to write the hooking up/breaking up bits and fix it later, but then I just never wrote any of it. Oops. Insquidious is coming out super soon and since our kitty prince Asta makes an appearance (and he totally asks about Jay *coughcough*), it makes more sense to write that mini-series NOW because I can include a happy ending.

Instead of just angst and making everyone wait for it LOL which is exactly what would have happened if I’d started the mini-series two years ago like I meant to. Sometimes losing track of projects is magical! XD XD XD


I mean, yes, you guys are still waiting but hey! You’ll be able to read the terrible heartbreak AND the happy fix-it fluff all together in one novella! XD XD XD It’ll be a Bookfunnel freebie through my newsletter, hopefully available by the end of November-ish. Heavy on the ish.

It’s been a crazy year, and I’m not going to set any freakin’ release dates until I have finished books in my paws.

But yeah. Wow. That’s it. By the end of this year, I will have a finished series. Okay, it won’t be published by the end of the year lol but it will be done. Literally one book away. AGH. Now you see why I’m going crazy. After being published for three years, I have yet to finish one because I kept getting distracted. *cries in writer*

I have a much more solid plan for 2023. Will I stick to it? WHO KNOWS!

I can tell you that 2023 is definitely gonna be my big mafia year because I have a secret squirrel mafia collab, another potentially secret squirrel mafia collab, That Book About Cold’s Brother, and the last book for Jimmy and Cold. I am determined to get through those first before I work on anything else… except maybe poking at the 14 Days of Monsters Making Love for February.


It’s really difficult.

Plus the timing is funky.

If I want to have it ready for Valentine’s Day, I would have to fucking hustle because I already have a book to write in January 2023. No, I can’t tell you what it is yet, shush, it’s a secret. But I don’t think I can finish that project and still have enough brain power left over to write and edit and publish fourteen monster shorts too.


Maybe we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day in April next year or something.

Without hurting my brain, I just don’t think I can make it happen by February with that other book coming first. And it has to come first because reasons I can’t tell you, so my sweet making love monsters are getting bumped to Whenever The Hell I Can. I spent way too much of this year stressed the hell out trying to meet deadlines so nope nope nope. I probably will not do another Monstrous Pride collection either and oh look there goes my squirrel brain again, wandering off into 2023.

Yes, I do have plans to write another series set in the Sucker For Love universe. Yes, I do have plans to write a another mafia series after Cold Hard Cash, though it will likely be paranormal. I have plans to write like three other freakin’ series in fact (shhh we don’t talk about Robots no no noooo), BUT FIRST…

Let me get through 2022. XD XD XD

As always, you can check out my Patreon to see my latest WIP progress, bonus content, cover reveals, and more! Thank you guys for everything! I could not do this without your support and love for my work! You have seriously made this year fantastic, and love you all so very much!!! <333

Happy reading, darlings!


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