13 Days is LIVE! …Again!

That’s right, my darlings! My monster fucking romp was too hot for Amazon and was pulled down! You can now purchase it (ebook only) through Smashwords HERE! I hate this for all my KU readers, but the ‘Zon has left me with very few choices here. Sorry for the trouble, and I hope you guys still enjoy the book! <333

2 thoughts on “13 Days is LIVE! …Again!

  1. I LOVED the monsters effing stories!!
    (Can’t believe it was pulled from Amazon… there’s so much badly written stuff on there… I LITERALLY hate -hate!- buying ebooks that are so poorly written, spelled, developed, et j’en passe!)
    Bref, I love your books that I’ve read so far. Good work!

    1. EEE! Thank you so very much!!! <3 <3 <3

      (I am still super bummed about it, but aghhh! We'll see what happens when I get around to writing 13 Days of Monster Making Love! Maybe that one will survive! XD)

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