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How about some Halloween fun to go with your Christmas festivities? Check out 13 Days of Monster F#cking, a new collection of monstrously sexy short stories coming to you December 17th, 2021!

Enjoy thirteen unique tales inspired by two-sentence horror stories with wicked passion of beastly proportions, from fierce werewolves to mysterious ghosts to lonely shifters and many more! 

-A strange photo appears on a man’s cell phone even though he lives in his apartment all alone.

-Sent out in the cold for a beast to devour, a young man is left questioning who the real monsters are.

-Adopting an injured snake turns out to be much more than his new owner bargained for.

-After losing his husband, a man will do anything to bring him back, but every wish has a price.

-A lonely dog is in search of a good home, but maybe a stern master is what he really needs.

-The world is shocked when an astronaut comes back from a trip to Mars married and expecting.

-When demons roam the earth, one unlucky man learns that using the right kind of salt is vital.

-A lost camper has a most unusual and exciting rescue when the monster of the woods comes to his aid.

-Being trapped in an old haunted asylum is bad. Being trapped there with an invisible entity is worse.

-Nighttime swimming at the hotel pool takes an exciting turn when a sneaky employee discovers he is not alone.

-A young man finds himself confronted by a very strange reflection who loves showing off and wants him to join in.

-Reaching for the light switch and finding a hand already there is quite unnerving for a man living alone. 

-An infamous mob boss has a dark secret that he’s been hiding from his husband, but the full moon reveals the truth…

Author’s Note: This is a collection of MM monster romance stories that includes some intense sexual scenes. If this material upsets or may offend you, please do not buy this book. 

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