Sexy Saturday 09/05/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, my darling kits and kittens! I’m still hard at work writing my new Undertaker/Florist novel, finishing edits for Tentacles 2, and patiently waiting for edits back on the CHC: Collection! Agh! I’m so excited for all these projects, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Hope you’re all having an awesome weekend! Here’s another little taste of what Cypress and Tom are up to – hope you like it! <333

Warnings: NSFW/teasing/spanking/riding crop/all that good stuff


“Are you ready?” Cypress asked, offering his hand out.

“Yes,” Tom breathed eagerly.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir,” Tom corrected himself, loving how such a simple phrase could be so soothing. He didn’t have to worry now. Cypress was going to take care of him and tell him exactly what to do.

“Your safe word?” Cypress pulled Tom up and pressed a kiss to his wrist.

“Calvarium clamp.”

“Good boy. Now, go ahead and undress for me.”

Tom wiggled our of his clothes in seconds, and his cock was rock hard again. He stood patiently waiting for his next command, smiling up at Cypress. “Good, sir?”

“Perfect.” Cypress reached down and gave Tom’s cock an appreciative stroke before fondling and squeezing his balls. “Now, you’re going to get down on your hands and knees. I want you to come to me just like that.”

Heat flashed over Tom’s face. “Like… like a dog?”

“Exactly so,” Cypress confirmed. “You don’t deserve to walk upright. Not yet.” He started toward the bedroom, snapping his fingers. “Come on. Wanna be a good boy, don’t you?”

Dropping down on his knees, Tom felt ashamed. He was literally going to crawl on the floor like an animal. The twist of such humiliation made this even hotter, but he didn’t know why. The hardwood floors felt cool as he moved forward, making his way to the bedroom door.

“Good boy,” Cypress praised, waiting for him by the bed. He patted his leg, urging him over. “Just a little closer.”

Blushing furiously, Tom did as he was told. He stopped at Cypress’ feet and gazed up at him, asking, “Like this, sir?”

“Very good.” Cypress sat down on the edge of the mattress, urging Tom into his lap. “Come on, bring that pretty ass up here for me.”

Tom laid over Cypress’ thighs, his cock trapped between them as his legs dangled awkwardly. Not even his own father had taken him over their knee like this, and he was so excited.

Cypress rubbed his ass, not giving any warning before he swung back and spanked him hard.

Tom grunted, breathing through the initial sting. Fuck, that hurt, but he already wanted more.

Cypress spanked him again, even harder this time, and Tom’s back arched in protest.

“Ah, fuck!” Tom gritted his teeth, trying to work through the pain as he grinded his hard dick into Cypress’ thigh. The next spanking made his eyes water, and his whole cheek felt like it was on fire.

“Just a few more,” Cypress soothed, licking over his fingers and sliding them down between Tom’s legs. He rubbed over his little asshole, stroking all around it but not yet pressing in.

Moaning softly, Tom tried lifting up his hips to chase Cypress’ taunting fingers. He got another hard smack in reply on his other cheek, crying out from the new surge of pain. Now both of his cheeks were throbbing and hot, and he grinded his aching cock down to find some sort of relief.

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” Cypress asked, ever so smug because he obviously knew the answer.

“Yes, sir,” Tom pleaded. “Please… I’ll take all my spankings, I will, but please just fuck me first. I need something, anything-!”

“Not yet,” Cypress warned, giving him another sharp smack. “Reach back here and help me spread your plump little cheeks. I wanna look at you.”

Tom was too far gone to be embarrassed, his hand joining Cypress’ on the opposite cheek to spread himself wide open. He had to reposition himself to keep from falling, wiggling his upper body up onto the bed and leaving his legs in Cypress’ lap, straddling his thigh.

“Good boy, now come on,” Cypress said, urging Tom’s legs apart. “There we go… mmmm. You look good enough to eat.”

Tom could feel his heartbeat down in his cheeks and his cock currently chafing on Cypress’ hip. He couldn’t imagine how lewd it looked to be spread out like this, weakly rocking his hips as he whispered, “Thank you, sir.”

Cypress squeezed Tom’s ass, his other hand coming down and smacking right on top of his hole.

Tom jerked in surprise, the pain reverberating down in his balls and up his spine. He couldn’t help how he clenched up, gasping when Cypress spanked him there again. “Oh, f-fuck!”

Cypress stroked his long fingers up and down between Tom’s thighs, pausing to massage his tender hole and sighing happily. “Mm, I love watching you squirm like this… ready for more?”

“Yes, sir, please… I need, I need something,” Tom begged. He was so hot and starting to sweat, whimpering when the tip of Cypress’ finger pushed inside of him.

“Mmm, almost.” Cypress gently pushed Tom up the rest of the way onto the bed. “Go ahead and make yourself comfortable and get on the pillows. I’m going to tie you down now.”

Clumsily, Tom rolled over and scooted up so he could rest his head on the pillows. His ass was still stinging, and even the smooth comforter beneath him felt too rough against his sensitive skin.

Cypress brought out the cuffs, attaching them to the bed and securing Tom’s wrists. He kissed his forehead, checking the fit and asking, “Good?”

“Yes, sir,” Tom replied.

“Now, let’s see how flexible you are,” Cypress said with a sly wink, lifting Tom’s legs up and pushing them back toward his chest.

Tom had to spread his legs to accommodate the stretch, and he usually hated any position like this because of the way it made his belly fold. There was something about the way Cypress was looking at him right now that made him not kind as much.

“Stay just like that for me,” Cypress commanded, reaching under the bed for something.

Lust made Tom’s stomach flip when he saw what Cypress was holding now; a slick black riding crop.

“We’re going to start slow,” Cypress said, teasing the crop over his red ass. “Just a little taste to see if you like it.”

“I’m ready, sir,” Tom said, tugging impatiently on the cuffs. “Please, give it to me!”

Cypress cupped Tom’s balls, squeezing them tight as he cracked the crop over Tom’s ass.

Tom flinched, groaning out loud without meaning to. Despite only striking a small area the sting of the riding crop was much more intense and the welt left in its wake burned white hot. He could feel fresh tears in his eyes, and his brain focused right in on the path the crop had taken across his tender cheeks.

The throb was incredibly deep, and Tom would have thought he’d actually been cut had he not known the source of this pain. “Oh, fuck, oh, oh, fuck me!”

Cypress’ pressed his finger back inside Tom’s hole, giving him teasing thrusts as he asked, “Do you like that? Do you want some more?”

“Yes fuckin’ sir!”


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