Sexy Saturday 08/29/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, my darlings! Whew! This week has been crazy! I’m still buzzing from the awesome CHC party last weekend and the reviews for Acsquidentally have just been amazing. Thank you all so much!!! AGH!!! IM SO HAPPY! XD

Today’s post is a sexy little teaser for my upcoming Undertaker/Florist story, checking in with my boys Cypress and Tom to see what sort of steamy shenanigans they’re up to! Enjoy! <333

Warnings: NSFW/bondage/cock warming/docking/sexy stuff/mild spoilers


“Mmm, what’s on the menu tonight?”

“Chicken alfredo with broccoli.”

“That sounds awesome.”

“Good,” Cypress said, using the remote to turn the TV on and get a movie going. He rubbed Tom’s back in soothing little circles as the film started, leaning back and getting comfortable.

Tom was trying to do the same, but he couldn’t quite exactly decide where to put his head in Cypress’ lap as he stretched out. He was wiggling, shifting often, and huffed loudly in frustration.

“What’s wrong?”

“Sorry. Can’t get comfortable.”

“Keep it up, and I’ll have to tie you up,” Cypress teased.

“Is that a threat, or are you flirting?” Tom laughed, gasping when Cypress playfully swatted his ass.

“Behave,” Cypress scolded.

Tom couldn’t resist sliding his hand up into Cypress’ groin. “And if I don’t want to? Would you really tie me up?”

“If you wanted to,” Cypress said, his tongue flicking out over his lower lip as he glanced down at Tom. “But you’re still recovering from a drop, and your house-“

“Was broken in and wrecked, I know,” Tom interrupted, rubbing the length of Cypress’ cock through his pants. “Everything is such a fuckin’ mess right now, and I wanna be able to control something.”


“Even if… even if I’m not the one in control.” Tom kept stroking him, his own arousal rising and making his voice hoarse. “Especially if I’m not the one in control.”

“Tom,” Cypress warned, his hips shifting and his breath catching.

“Please,” Tom pleaded, feeling Cypress’ cock growing beneath his touch. “We don’t have to get rough or whatever. I just wanna feel good. I don’t wanna be scared or worried or-“

“Safe word?” Cypress growled, his hand suddenly grabbing Tom’s hair.

“Calvarium clamp,” Tom replied immediately, a shiver of pleasure racing down his spine.

“You use your safe word the second you get uncomfortable.”

“I will,” Tom insisted, his cock starting to stir in his scrubs and rubbing his cheek against Cypress’ crotch. All at once, he was calmer, a soothing wave washing over him and rinsing away his troubled thoughts.

The rest of the world disappeared, closing in until it was just him and Cypress, a tiny little universe where all he had to do was listen, obey, and he could be a good boy.

“Then come on.” Cypress pulled out his cock, offering it to Tom as he said, “Suck it nice and slow for me.”

Tom closed his eyes, pulling back Cypress’ foreskin and sucking the slick head into his mouth. He took his time, not using any pressure, simply enjoying the taste and feel of him against his tongue. “Mmm…”

“Just like that,” Cypress praised. “So soft, so slow… you’re just gonna keep my cock nice and warm, okay? Suck real soft, just like that.”

Tom nodded his head, squeezing the base of Cypress’ cock. He rolled his foreskin up to lick around it, kissing and mouthing along the tender fold of flesh. He was curious, exploring what made Cypress feel good, taking him back into his mouth.

Cypress petted his hair, running his fingers through it as he went back to watching the movie. “Mmm. Good boy.”

Tom kept Cypress’ cock firmly in his mouth, grinding his own erection down into the couch to gain some friction. He wasn’t sucking too hard, just enough to keep Cypress erect as he lavished the head of his dick with firm swipes of his tongue. He couldn’t actually believe Cypress was watching the movie, practically ignoring him.

He pulled off, stroking Cypress’ spit slick cock and rolling his foreskin back up. He squeezed it around the head of his cock, kissing and licking it passionately. He hadn’t had many partners that were uncut, and he loved playing with such an in intimate part.

Cypress hummed pleasurably, sliding his hand down the back of Tom’s neck. He lightly scratched the short hairs there, commanding, “When the movie is over, you’ll strip down and go to the bedroom. Do you understand?”

“Mmm,” Tom mumbled in reply, continuing to lazily suck Cypress’ cock. It was wet from his drool, still hard, and he loved the velvety texture of his shaft gliding so smoothly over his lips. He lost himself in it – the soft suction, Cypress’ warm fingers winding into his hair, and those sweet words that made him shudder:

“Good boy.”

By the time the credits were finally rolling, Tom’s lips felt numb. No matter how little effort he’d put in, his mouth was still tired from going at it for so long. He was sleepy, drowsy as he sat up and wiped off his mouth.

Strangely, his buzz hadn’t diminished in the slightest. In fact, he felt even more loose than before. He still reached for his wine all the same, smiling over the rim of the glass as Cypress stroked his hair.

“Do you remember what I asked you to do?”

“Yes, sir. Take my clothes off. Go to the bedroom.”

“Good boy. Go ahead.”

Tom stood up, sliding off his scrubs and underwear, his cock thickening up between his legs. He loved how Cypress was staring at him so ravenously, and he smiled. “Good, sir?”

“Very good.” Cypress fondled Tom’s cock, giving him a tug. “Mmm, now, let’s go.”

Tom obediently followed Cypress, following his directions to spread himself out on the bed. The sheets felt cool beneath him, and he could have easily fallen asleep if it wasn’t for the persistent lurch of desire down in his loins.

Fuck, he was so horny.

Cypress gave his hair another pet, ordering, “Now, stay here. Do not touch yourself until I get back.”

“Yes, sir,” Tom replied.

“Can I trust you to do that?”

“Yes, sir,” Tom said again, but he wasn’t sure. He wanted to come, and now he was so damn hard.

“Mmm, I don’t think I can,” Cypress mused, tracing his fingers down Tom’s arm. “I think you are gonna need some help being a good boy… do you want me to help you, Tom?”

“Yes, sir, please.” Tom whined, drawing his legs up as he squirmed. “I’m sorry, I’m just… I really want to come.”

“Not yet,” Cypress soothed as he reached into his bedside drawer. He pulled out two sets of leather cuffs with large hook, presenting them to Tom for his inspection.

Now Tom knew why Cypress has such big posts on his bed.

As if he was placing jewelry on him, Cypress began to delicately buckle the cuffs around Tom’s wrists. He checked the fit before hooking each one around one of the posts above Tom’s head. “Good?”

Tom couldn’t draw his arms in more than a few inches, and there was no way to touch himself now. That made him even harder, and he moaned out loud knowing he was totally at Cypress’ mercy. Perhaps he should have been scared, but he was only excited.

Cypress could do anything he wanted to him…

“So good, sir,” Tom said, his eyes fluttering as he resisted the urge to moan again. “I’m so very good.”

“Good.” Cypress smiled and got up, starting to walk out of the bedroom.

Alarmed, Tom called, “Sir? Where, where are you going?”

“I still have to make dinner,” Cypress reminded him with a teasing smile. “Relax. I’ll be back soon. If you get uncomfortable or want me to let you go, call for me and I’ll be right here.”

“Yes, sir.” Tom tugged at the cuffs, pouting as Cypress left him alone in the bedroom.

Well, this wasn’t going quite the way he thought it would.

He tried to use the time to relax as Cypress had ordered, but he was too restless. His cock was standing at full attention, and he could see it twitch in time with his pulse. He couldn’t quite turn his hips enough to grind into the bed, so he was stuck, staring at his aching dick with no way to get relief.


It would have been easy to let his mind wander to worrisome thoughts, especially being left alone like this, but it never happened. In spite of his physical frustrations, he could only focus on the command Cypress had left him with.


He had to relax to be a good boy.

Taking a deep breath, he willed his body to go limp. His cock didn’t get the message, but he was able to finally get comfortable. He liked how the cuffs held him, made him feel safe, and he knew Cypress would be back to take care of him. He closed his eyes, relishing in the steady flow of endorphins and waited.

“Mmm, look at you,” Cypress sighed upon his return. “Perfect.”

Tom smiled, peeking at Cypress as he sat down on the edge of the bed. “I was so good.” He saw a plate of food in Cypress’ hand, surprised to realize how much time had passed. “Is that for me?”

“Mmhmm. I already ate, and now it’s your turn.” Cypress stuck some pasta on the fork and offered a bite to Tom. “Go on. Open up.”

Tom opened his mouth and was treated to a rich bite of creamy pasta. He didn’t think anyone had ever fed him like this, and it was nice to be so spoiled. He moaned happily, eagerly taking another when Cypress brought it up to his lips. “Mmm, it’s delicious.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Cypress continued to feed him, asking, “How are you feeling now?”

“Good, sir,” Tom replied, licking his lips. He glanced down to his cock, only half hard now against his thigh. He took another bite. “I like being tied up. It’s… it’s soothing.”

“All you have to worry about is what’s inside this room,” Cypress said with a warm smile. “Just me and you. This is your little world for the rest of the night.”

“Am I gonna come, sir?” Tom asked eagerly.

“Yes.” Cypress paused before feeding him the last bite. “I’m still deciding how. You have been so very good for me…”

“Yes, please, sir.”

“And your mind is totally calm?”

“Yes, sir.” Tom wiggled against the cuffs, his cock starting to perk back up.

“No voices?”

Tom’s immediate response was to smile. He hadn’t heard Mrs. Keenan in hours, and he was absolutely thrilled. “None, sir. Please… I just want to feel good. Will you spank me? Please?”

“Not tonight,” Cypress said sternly, putting the plate aside. “But maybe there’s something else you want to try…”


Cypress got up into bed between Tom’s spread legs, kneeling as he unzipped his pants. His cock was hard, practically swollen, and he reached down to grab Tom’s, rubbing their heads together.

Tom whined, desperate for any sort of touch after being denied for so long. He couldn’t believe how sensitive he was, groaning softly as watched Cypress playing in all the precome leaking out of him.

Cypress held Tom’s cock firmly, his other hand stroking himself and rolling his foreskin forward until the head of his dick disappeared. He pulled again, stroking upwards until his foreskin rolled over to Tom’s cock.

Tom gasped, spellbound by the soft grip of Cypress’ foreskin over the head of his leaking dick. It was weird and new, and it felt so good. Cypress was jerking him off while pulling him into the snug fit of his foreskin, and Tom could feel Cypress’ cock head rubbing against his own. It was all slick and hot and he whined loudly, begging, “Oh, fuck, please, don’t stop.”

“Feel good?” Cypress purred, wickedly speeding up the pace. “Gonna come for me?”

“Yes, fuck, yes, sir.” Tom moaned as Cypress’ foreskin slid over more of his cock, and it was so hot and soft. Nothing had ever felt like this before, and even though it didn’t have the thundering pressure of a blowjob or sex, it felt so much more intimate.

He had never felt this deeply connected to someone, and he pulled at the cuffs holding him down, moaning desperately. Cypress was in total control of Tom’s body and his pleasure, and he loved watching the way their cocks seemed to become one smooth singular piece of flesh beneath Cypress’ skilled touch.

Cypress worked their cocks together masterfully, his face drawn tight in concentration as he started to pant. “I’ve got you, Tom. Come on, my good boy… my very good boy, come for me. Come on.”

Tom’s arms fledged against the cuffs, gasping sharply as he suddenly came, all of that sweet pressure that had been building letting loose in a wave of bliss. His cock unloaded fast, and he couldn’t look away from where they were joined, trying to see.

Cypress’ grip began to stutter, letting out a deep groan of pleasure, rocking their cocks together. Only when he was done did he began to peel his foreskin back, a thick ooze of their come dribbling out. He sighed with deep satisfaction, stroking himself a few times to squeeze it out all over Tom.

“Oh, my God,” Tom whispered, staring stupidly as it dripped all over his cock and balls.

“Good?” Cypress asked breathlessly, grinning down at him.

“So good,” Tom promised as he stretched his legs. “Wow… I didn’t… I didn’t even know that was a fuckin’ thing.”

“Oh, baby boy,” Cypress teased, “you just wait. I have so much more to show you.”


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