Sexy Saturday 07/06/2020

Sorry for another late Sexy Saturday! Holiday weekend, work work work, blah, blah, blah! Here’s another short and sweet sneak peek at the CHC Collection that will hopefully be coming out soon! XD


Warnings: NSFW/tickling?/adorable hijinx


Jimmy was exhausted from a long day of school, his head still swimming with case law and dozens of Latin terms that made his head ache. He was stretched out in bed, and he smiled when Cold joined him only wearing a pair of silken pajama pants.

In public, Cold wore his suits like armor, meticulously groomed down to the very last button. But in private with Jimmy, he was getting more comfortable. He allowed himself to be vulnerable and trusted his lover completely.

He didn’t say it, not exactly, but Jimmy knew. He knew from the way Cold had stopped wearing his plush robes and didn’t always wear full pajamas to bed. Jimmy was so grateful for the display of trust, even unspoken as it was.

The view was nice, too.

Jimmy had fallen in love with Cold’s body, adoring every scar and even the softness in his tummy. As they snuggled up in bed together, he felt Cold relax, and he eagerly ran his hand over his chest. He traced each scar he could find, sighing adoringly.

Cold tolerated the affection, smiling softly, his eyes already closed for sleep.

Jimmy’s fingers dipped down, brushing over Cold’s side, and he gasped as the gangster suddenly jerked away. “Oh! I’m sorry!”

“It’s all right,” Cold grumbled, getting settled back down.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, you’re fine. Go on.”

Jimmy continued, finding that same little spot on his ribs. He could feel a scar, something round and bumpy, and he halted when he felt Cold twitch again. “Does it hurt?”


“Then what’s wrong?”

Cold made a face, muttering under his breath, “I might be…” The rest Jimmy couldn’t hear.

“Might be what?” Jimmy blinked.

“I might be a little ticklish,” Cold snapped impatiently, glaring at Jimmy. “All right?”

“Oh! I had no idea!” Jimmy smiled innocently, a devious plan already springing to mind.

Cold’s eyes narrowed in suspicion, warning, “Jimmy… don’t do it.”

“Don’t do what?” Jimmy said with a sweet smile. He suddenly jumped on top of Cold, tickling his ribs as he cackled, “This?!”

“Jimmy!” Cold struggled, growling angrily, but then the most beautiful thing happened. He began to laugh. He was laughing so hard there were tears in his eyes.

Jimmy kept on, scratching and wiggling his fingers as quickly as he could. He was amazed how laughter transformed his lover, the years melting right off his face. He looked like a completely different person, happy and free.

But he was still Cold, a powerful gangster, and he was not going to take this abuse without a fight. He managed to grab one of Jimmy’s hands and pushed him away, deftly sweeping him back onto his side.

Before he knew what was happening, Jimmy couldn’t breathe because Cold was tickling his armpits. “No, no, no!” Jimmy giggled frantically. “Ahhh, ah, stop!”

“You started this!” Cold snickered, continuing to roll them over until he had Jimmy pinned. “I intend to finish it!”

Jimmy wiggled and fought as hard as he could, but Cold definitely had the advantage. He was holding Jimmy’s wrists together against the sheets with one hand, and the other was assaulting his sensitive armpits.

“Had enough?” Cold taunted.

“N-never!” Jimmy grinned, pulling up his leg and using his foot to poke at Cold’s ribs. Using his big toe to tickle wasn’t very effective, but it was enough to make Cold laugh again.

They wrestled around until they were both out of breath, laughing like fools and trying to stop panting. Jimmy couldn’t remember the last time he had smiled so much, murmuring happily when Cold kissed him.

Cold held him close, gently pulling him on top of his chest and sliding his hands along his back. The kiss was slow, soft, punctuated by Jimmy’s giggling and Cold’s deep chuckle.

Jimmy squirmed when Cold’s fingers danced too lightly along his hips, laughing, “Hey, quit! That tickles! I’m all super sensitive right now!”

“Mmm, might have to tie you up if you can’t hold still,” Cold teased, nudging Jimmy’s cheek with his nose.

“No freakin’ way,” Jimmy gasped. “You are not tying me up and tickling me! That’s mean!”

“It’s sort of funny.”

“I’ll pee!”

“Still funny.”

Jimmy grumbled, kissing Cold’s lips again and getting caught up in the warm swipe of his tongue. “Meanie.”

“That is very hurtful.” Cold pinched Jimmy’s ass, grinning when he yelped. “At least I didn’t tickle you…”

“Ohhh, you’re toast!” Jimmy declared, his hand reaching back down to tickle that spot on Cold’s ribs. Back at it they went, wrestling and playing, the friction between their bodies sending all the right signals to Jimmy’s dick.

Halfway through a very frenzied tickle attack, he got stuck on Cold’s tongue, moaning as he felt that his lover was hard, too.

Cold peeled off Jimmy’s pants, kissing him adoringly as he skillfully retrieved the lube from the bedside table without having to break away. He got his cock slick, reaching down to rub his fingers against Jimmy’s hole.

“Come on,” Jimmy pleaded, grabbing Cold’s cock and pressing it against himself. “I don’t wanna wait… we’ll just go slow, okay?”

“All right,” Cold agreed, his hips moving in short thrusts to work Jimmy open with his cock.

Jimmy groaned, hungry and delighted, enjoying the sweet burn. As soon as Cold met resistance, he’d stop, they would kiss for several long moments, and then he’d get back to work.

He loved this; the slow grind, the deep ache, how lovingly Cold touched him and held him. Time itself had come to a halt, nothing else in the universe except the two of them. Cold was over halfway in now and not stopping, a little strength behind his thrusts that betrayed his eagerness.

Jimmy lifted up his legs to ease the remaining thickness inside of him, hugging Cold’s neck. He sucked on his tongue, moaning appreciatively at Cold’s deep slams. Their bodies moved together like waves crashing over each other in the ocean, a sweet rhythm quickly becoming feverishly rough.

Jimmy’s head was soon tossing back and forth on the pillows; he clinged to Cold’s shoulders when he lifted up his leg and made his vision blur. “Oh, Rod,” he cried. “Right there, right there! Ah, fuck!”

“I’ve got you,” Cold mumbled, smothering his mouth against Jimmy’s throat. “Come on, come for me! Come on!”

The climax was glorious, leaving them both shaking and holding each other close. When Jimmy caught his breath again, he kissed Cold firmly. “Mmm… Rod…”

Cold was smiling, relaxed and satisfied, quirking a brow when Jimmy’s hand drifted a little too close to his side. “If you try to tickle me again, I am definitely going to tie you up.”

“Is that a promise?” Jimmy teased, wiggling his hips playfully.

“Hmmph,” Cold snorted, a twinkle of mischief in his eye. “Why don’t you go on and try, see what happens?”

Jimmy couldn’t resist…

And ultimately ended up spending the rest of the night twisted up in silk ropes, a willing victim of Cold’s lovely torture. When he came again, trembling and laughing from Cold’s merciless tickling fingers, he had never been happier.


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