Sexy Saturday 02/22/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday! Today is a very special treat – a little sexy tease from the rough draft of the upcoming Cold Hard Cash sequel! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Warnings: NSFW/toys/shoe kink?kinda


“I had a feeling you’d be interested,” Cold drawled as he pulled Jimmy’s underwear down. “You do so want to be a good boy for me, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Jimmy replied, naked now and earnestly gazing up at Cold. “Tell me what to do, sir.”

“As I said, I’m eager to reward you, but I also have to punish you,” Cold said, squeezing Jimmy’s hips. “It’s going to take some time for you to appreciate what I have planned, so it’s a very good thing we have all night.” He smiled. “Just the two of us.”

“Yes, sir.” Jimmy’s cock was growing fast from the anticipation.

“I want you to get ready for me,” Cold said, nodding at the bedside drawer. “Open up your little hole for me, nice and slow.”

Jimmy reached inside to grab a brand new dildo and some lubricant as Cold moved to stand at the foot of the bed to watch. He stretched out with his head on the pillows, parting his legs so Cold could see.

He was already lubing up the toy when Cold chided, “Ah, ah. Use your hands first, Mr. Poe.”

Taking a deep breath, Jimmy nodded. He squirted the lubricant on his fingers, reaching down to rub over his hole. He was so eager to get going, to be fucked and used, but he had to slow down.

He had to be good.

Jimmy circled the edge of his asshole, letting it get wet but still not pressing inside yet. He used his other hand to reach down and massage his taint, his cock flexing from the precise attention.

“Good boy,” Cold praised, his icy gaze unmoving.

Jimmy moaned softly at the praise, and he finally let the tips of his fingers push in. He moved in and out, feeling around the tight muscle and encouraging it to relax.

He got lost to it, a slave to the gentle tug of his own hand as he worked his fingers deeper. His cock was hard, twitching against his stomach as he kept fucking himself.

“Go on,” Cold urged. “Give yourself a little more…”

Jimmy slipped his fingers in as far as he could, hooking his arm around his leg and bringing his knee to his chest. The angle helped him open up, and he was burying himself down to the knuckle every time. “Mmm… sir…”

“Does it feel good, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes,” Jimmy sighed, holding his fingers in and grinding on his hand. “Mmm, but I want more… I need more, sir.”

“You want the toy now?”

“Yes, please!” Jimmy replied urgently. “I can take it so good, please! I’m ready, sir!”

Cold was considering it, waiting several long moments before he said, “Go on, Mr. Poe. Show me.”

Jimmy snatched the dildo up immediately, having to remind himself to take his time before he did something to anger Cold. He had to do this right. He has to be good.

Keeping his leg tucked against his chest, Jimmy positioned the tip of the dildo up against his hole. He pushed in, inhaling sharply when he felt the unyielding pressure of silicone and his body’s initial resistance.

He waited patiently, groaning in relief as the toy slid in a few inches. He pulled it back and in again, the friction reduced by the slick film of lubricant. He could feel his body swallowing it up, the toy moving deeper and deeper.

Jimmy gripped the end of the dildo and started a steady rhythm, closing his eyes as he rocked down on the toy. He was getting loud, gasping, and he knew Cold was watching him intently.

He couldn’t help it, trying to resist the urge to move faster, but it felt fantastic. His hand sped up, biting down on his knee as he fucked himself. He bottomed out with the toy over and over, wearing his teeth into his leg as he moaned.

“Stop,” Cold ordered.

“Mmmph!” Jimmy whined, but stilled his hand.

“Greedy little thing,” Cold tutted as he walked around the side of the bed.

“Sir?” Jimmy panted.

“Couldn’t wait for my cock,” Cold chuckled. “Just had to fuck your little hole, hmm?”

“It felt good, sir.” Jimmy didn’t want to move, but the desire to keep going was almost overwhelming. “Please… I… I was just trying to get myself ready for you!”

“Pull the toy out,” Cold commanded. “Let me see what you’ve done.”

Jimmy turned his head to hide his blushing face in the pillows as he removed the dildo, lifting up his leg so Cold could get a good look between his legs.

Dragging his fingers down the cleft of Jimmy’s ass, Cold paused to stroke around the edge of his hole.

Inhaling shakily, Jimmy murmured as Cold traced a finger around the slick muscle. He was open, wet, and he gasped when Cold sunk a finger inside of him. “S-sir…?”

Cold didn’t immediately respond, reaching up to squeeze Jimmy’s balls. He held them tight and gave them a quick tug.

“Mmm, sir?” Jimmy asked again.

“Maybe since you enjoy your toy so much, that’s all I should give you,” Cold mused, his eyes scanning over Jimmy’s lean body. “Let you play with yourself, hmm?”

“No, sir,” Jimmy said immediately. “Please, I want your cock. I worked so hard for you.”

Cold’s hand came down quickly, slapping the back of Jimmy’s inner thigh.

Yelping, Jimmy jerked away with a low cry. He could feel his pulse there now, and he panted through the raw sting. “I’m sorry, sir!”

“Up on your knees, Mr. Poe,” Cold said, throwing his foot up on the edge of the mattress. He held onto one of the bed posts to steady himself, commanding, “Take off my shoe.”

Jimmy got up as he was told, shuffling over to untie Cold’s shoe.

“No.” Cold reached over to pop Jimmy’s hip. “Don’t use your hands… I want you to keep fucking yourself with that precious little toy you love so much.”

His face burning, Jimmy nodded obediently. He dropped on his elbow, picking up the toy and pushing it back inside of himself with a low groan. He looked now to Cold’s slick black shoe, and his mind scrambled to figure out what to do.

There was only one clear option.

Jimmy leaned forward, grabbing the end of one lace in his mouth and pulling at the knot.

“Yes,” Cold sighed happily. “Just like that, Mr. Poe… use your mouth like a good boy…”

Looping his tongue, Jimmy was able to untie the knot. He kept pushing the dildo in and out, trying to overcome the awkward angle as he bit down on the remaining laces to loosen them up.

It was hard to focus on both tasks, and his hand paused while he grabbed the tongue of Cold’s shoe.

Cold grabbed Jimmy’s hair and yanked his head up, warning, “Don’t neglect your toy, Mr. Poe…”

“I’m sorry, sir!” Jimmy groaned. “I didn’t mean to-“

“Try again,” Cold said sternly, “or I’ll make sure you don’t like the rest of your punishment…”

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