Sexy Saturday 02/18/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! What do you mean it’s Tuesday, I don’t know what you’re talking about! XD Seriously, had a super crazy weekend at work and your patience is very appreciated. I’m still waiting to hear back from Stormy Night about the Cold Hard Cash sequel and anthology, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Here’s another tasty treat from my old Kinktober project that will ultimately find its home in the CHC Anthology. Hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: NSFW/boot worship/spats/boot kink





A simple covering worn over shoes to protect them from grime and dirt, that was all.

Yet the sight of them over Cold’s boots made Jimmy’s dick ache on the spot.

He didn’t know where Cold had gone tonight, but he had chosen tall black and white Oxford boots to coordinate with his black pinstripe suit. The spats were white, as white as his tie and suspenders, and Christ, it matched his white gloves and the pearly white trim of his black fedora.

Jimmy was on his knees before Cold had even shut the bedroom door.

“Well, hello there,” Cold rumbled, watching Jimmy bowing before him with a knowing smile. He tilted his head, asking firmly, “I take it this means you think you’re ready to play now?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy replied eagerly, pressing his cheek against Cold’s hip. “Please?”

“Mmmm…” Cold grabbed Jimmy’s chin, raising his head up until their eyes met. He looked over him thoughtfully for a few moments before finally saying, “Luckily for you, I agree.”

“Thank you, sir,” Jimmy gushed in response, crouching down low to nuzzle against the cotton fabric of the spats, breathing in the sweet leather of the boots. He had to reach down and hold himself, pleading, “God… please. Please let me…”

“Patience, Mr. Poe,” Cold purred. “Strip first, put your clothes away, and I will be here waiting for you.”

Jimmy took off, stripping down in record time and practically running back out to the lounge. He found Cold had taken off his jacket and hat, resting comfortably in the plush recliner. His boots had definitely been wiped down, waiting for Jimmy’s attentions.

“Safe word, Mr. Poe?”


“You may proceed.”

Jimmy was all over the boots in a heartbeat, nuzzling against the smooth cloth of the spats and the slick leather of the boots, panting erratically. He slid his hand up Cold’s ankle, taking in the height of the boots and the perfectly tied laces, tracing his fingers along each and every grommet.

Cold was calm, relaxed, letting Jimmy explore all he wanted to. He was smiling softly, reaching down to gently trace a gloved finger through Jimmy’s hair, teasing, “Do you like these, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy whined, leaning up into Cold’s hand.

“Make sure they’re clean, Mr. Poe,” Cold rumbled, smiling darkly. “This is a dirty job for a very dirty little boy.”

Jimmy bowed his head down, swallowing thickly as he appraised the task in front of him. He knew Cold had already removed the worst of the grime, allowing this play to remain somewhat sanitary, sliding his tongue across the toe of the boot. He traced the embedded edges, soaking in the taste, moaning softly.

This was where he belonged. On his knees before his lover, cleaning him, worshiping before him.

His cock was already bouncing between his legs as he moved, hard and wanting, licking up to the edge of the spats and grunting quietly.

He found the edge of the boot up by Cold’s calf, kissing and sucking at the strong muscle. Cold’s gloved fingers were in his hair, in his mouth, lost in the warm taste of leather invading his taste buds. He sucked on Cold’s finger, whining as he suddenly grabbed his tongue.

Cold held it firmly, using his thumb to lightly massage as he teased, “Mmm, you like my new boots, do you?”

Jimmy nodded, whimpering quietly.

Cold squeezed Jimmy’s tongue, leaning forward as he ordered, “Sit back, Mr. Poe. On your knees.”

Jimmy did, groaning softly when Cold released his tongue. He gasped when the toe of Cold’s boot began to drag down his chest, reaching out to hold him.

“Don’t touch,” Cold warned. “Not yet.”

Jimmy dropped his hands obediently, groaning again as Cold’s boot moved lower. He drove the heel into Jimmy’s stomach, down across his hips and firmly pressed against his hard cock.

Cold began to push down, grinding his boot into Jimmy’s balls and up against his shaft, purring, “Mmm, do you think you could come like this? No hands, just grinding your filthy little body on my boot?”

“I don’t know, sir,” Jimmy panted, watching the rubber heel press into him. The friction was great, but he didn’t know if it was enough. He whined, pushing his hips forward as he tried to increase the pressure, moaning as Cold twisted his heel down sharply.

“Let’s find out, Mr. Poe,” Cold drawled, continuing to push and rub his boot all over Jimmy’s cock. He pressed his toes down into his shaft, stroking him up and down before pushing his heels back against his balls. When his leg began to finally tire, he switched to the other boot, picking right back up with renewed vigor.

Jimmy ran his hands all through his hair, sobbing softly. It felt so fucking good and he was getting so close. He wanted to come so badly that he was shaking, bucking up into Cold’s heel.

“I want you to come for me, Mr. Poe,” Cold purred softly, his voice strained with lust. “You may touch and you may come wherever you’d like… but you have to clean up your mess.”

“Fuck! Yes, sir!” Jimmy immediately grabbed his cock and Cold’s ankle, aiming his load right at that gorgeous boot. He was already so close that his head ached as he came, striping hot come all over the beautiful leather and spats, moaning happily as he trembled from the rush.

His forehead was throbbing with the force of his release, staring dumbly at the pearly mess he’d left all over Cold’s boot. He knew what he had to do, lunging forward to start breathlessly lapping it all up. It was warm and salty mixed in with the earthy taste of the leather, whimpering as he gulped back a mouthful.

The leather clean, he started licking at the spats. He soaked the cloth with his tongue, sucking hard and scrubbing it up. He was panting, frantic and desperate, trying to get it as pristine as possible.

Cold’s gloved fingers were down in his hair again, praising, “Such a very good job, Mr. Poe… such a good boy for me.”

Jimmy crawled up Cold’s legs, resting his head in his lap with a happy sigh. Yes, he was good. He was always good for Cold. He smiled as he felt a gloved finger at his mouth, sucking on it lightly.

“Mmm,” Cold grunted. “I have something else I can put in your mouth if you feel like cleaning up another mess… and I do have another boot that needs cleaning.”

Jimmy grinned, eagerly replying, “Yes, sir!”

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