Sexy Saturday 01/25/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Whew! Thank you to all who’ve read and reviewed my latest release, Mortal Sins! I really hope you all have enjoyed it!!! I’m still editing the Cold Hard Cash sequel and writing other fun things – speaking of, would you guys honestly be interested in an anthology of reeeeally kinky stories starring Boss Cold and Jimmy?

I’m seriously considering editing together my Kinktober project and releasing it as a big fun collection of kinky adventures… just like this one:

Warnings: NSFW/Sounding/Heavy Kink/Bad Puns


“Safeword?” Cold asked sternly, sliding on a pair of white latex gloves.

“Ice,” Jimmy said, his voice a whisper and hoarse with anticipation.

“Very good,” Cold said, adjusting a few items on the steel tray next to him. “Are you ready to begin?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy replied with a breathy sigh.

Jimmy had watched endless videos of urethral sounding and had been completely captivated. The level of trust required to perform such an intimate procedure with a partner was beautiful to him, and he wanted more than anything to share it with Cold.

Cold had tied Jimmy down to the bed, restraints at his wrists holding him against the headboard with thick straps keeping his thighs spread wide. It was important that Jimmy didn’t jump or jerk around while they did this, and Cold had checked all the bindings multiple times.

The first sound was tiny, minuscule, but Cold lubed it up generously all the same. He made sure the head of Jimmy’s cock was wet, pressing only the tip inside and holding.

Jimmy gasped softly; the sound was cold, hard, and the pressure of having something there was strange. He liked it immediately, pleading, “More, please.”

Cold pushed the sound in a little further, his other hand firmly grabbing the base of Jimmy’s cock to hold him in place. Jimmy was grateful because otherwise he would have been twitching all over, hard and throbbing already. The sound went deeper and deeper, halfway in before Cold withdrew, a tease, slowly sliding it back inside of him.

Jimmy panted, surprised at the burn and the ache that came upon him now. He couldn’t take his eyes away from Cold’s skilled fingers fucking his cock with the little metal rod, fucking him in a way he never thought possible before. It was weird and new, knowing that part of the thrill was how dangerous this was.

There was a risk of tearing his urethra, the chance of infection, and many others. He’d found all the horror stories in his online research, but he was still determined to try this. For every tale of terror, there were five more boasting that sounding provided an extremely intense orgasm.

“It’s almost all the way in,” Cold purred softly. “Do you like it?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy whined, groaning as the sound pressed against something wonderful deep inside of him, gasping, “That’s… that’s… oh, my God…”

“Your prostate, yes,” Cold said with a smirk, holding the sound in place and gently massaging Jimmy’s balls. The motion pressed the sound insistently against that tender bundle of nerves and made him moan desperately.

The angle seemed impossible, stimulating his prostate from inside of his cock. Cold knew many ways to hit that spot, whether during sex or using toys, but this play was unnaturally phenomenal. Jimmy had never been touched there, this utterly inconceivable zone of pleasure from within his own body, his fingers clawing at the air as he struggled not to move.

The sensation made his eyes water from the intensity, whining as Cold slowly withdrew. He was reaching for another sound, much thicker, skillfully lubing it up as he purred, “You’ve been doing so well, Mr. Poe.”

“Thank you, sir,” Jimmy gasped, licking his lips anxiously. “I-I like it very much…”

“Good,” Cold said, giving Jimmy’s balls a playful squeeze before starting to insert the new sound.

Jimmy gasped softly at the stretch from the larger diameter, grateful for the copious amounts of lube. It still burned, shuddering as the sound pressed deeper into his cock, his thighs trembling as his body fought against the bizarre intrusion.

Cold moved his hand, allowing the pressure of Jimmy’s tight cock to push the sound back out on its own. He didn’t let it come out all the way, gently pressing it back in and then letting go again.

Jimmy began to sob, Cold’s strong fingers massaging his balls as he kept pushing the sound back inside just as it was about to slip out. His head dropped against the pillows, sweating and gasping, the burn in his cock fueling the gorgeous fire blazing away in his balls.

Cold didn’t allow the sound to slip away again, holding it in place now and rubbing his thumb over the head of Jimmy’s cock. He toyed with the flared edge, traced around that one tender spot that always made him moan, squeezing softly.

“Oh… oh, my God…” Jimmy closed his eyes, hot tears sliding down his cheeks as he whimpered, “Fuck… it’s so fucking good…”

“You like me fucking your tight little cock?” Cold drawled, his voice rumbling with a breathy purr.

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy panted in reply. “I do, I love it so fucking much.”

“You always take everything I give you so well, Mr. Poe,” Cold sighed, proud and happy, palming Jimmy’s balls again. He kept squeezing the end of his cock, keeping the sound firmly in place.

Jimmy was about to have an absolute fit. The end of the sound was pressing right against his prostate, and every gentle rock of Cold’s hand sent jolts of electricity zooming right up his spine. He was too hot, too tense, fingers curled tight as he moaned anxiously.

The latex of Cold’s gloves was slick from all the lubricant, and the scent was invading Jimmy’s nostrils. He couldn’t look away from Cold preparing a third sound, the thickest one yet, asking, “Is that… is that gonna fit in me?”

“Yes,” Cold promised him, removing the previous sound and giving Jimmy’s cock a few tender strokes as he added, “If you want it to…”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy panted, sighing sharply in frustration. He wanted the sound back inside of him, he wanted that sweet burn again, groaning as Cold rubbed the cool metal against his cock.

Cold was even more careful than before, pushing the sound back into the slit of Jimmy’s cock with a steady hand. He only let him have a few inches, slowly slipping in and out, watching Jimmy’s face intently.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Jimmy chanted, his legs tugging at the straps, groaning at the overwhelming burn. His heart was fluttering and his balls were uncomfortably tight, shuddering as the sound slid deeper and deeper until he was sobbing in bliss.

He didn’t know how much more he could take, crying out as Cold began to stroke him with the sound firmly pressed against his prostate. Ripples of pain and ecstasy were seizing his hips, twitching as he gazed up at Cold with pleading eyes.

“You’re going to come,” Cold soothed, stroking Jimmy’s cock faster and massaging his balls. He squeezed the head of Jimmy’s dick, skillfully using his thumb to press the sound in as he jacked him off with a tight curl of his fingers. “You’re going to come now.”

Jimmy broke into a fresh wave of sobs, whimpering as a smoldering heat took over his senses and he surrendered to ecstasy. He watched come bubbling up from around the tip of the sound as he came, screaming as Cold began to slowly pull it out while rubbing his tender balls.

He couldn’t stop coming, staring stupidly at all the pearly fluid oozing out as he shuddered over and over. There was one last thick squirt when the sound was finally removed, crying shrilly, “Oh, fuck! Yes! God!”

Cold kept massaging Jimmy’s sack, his thumb pressing insistently against his perineum as he continued to stroke him.

Jimmy wanted to scream, his cock violently bobbing even as no more fluid was left to give, his hips bucking up against Cold’s touch. He gasped when he was fully released from all the stimulation, sobbing quietly as Cold gently rubbed his quivering thighs. He was limp, exhausted, shivering from the damp sweat and come all over him, groaning, “Holy shit…”

Cold bowed his head, softly kissing Jimmy’s knee as he began to untie him, asking softly, “Are you all right, Jimmy?”

“Yes,” Jimmy nodded, sighing happily and stretching the moment he was freed from the restraints. He reached down tentatively to touch his aching cock, murmuring, “That was… intense.”

Cold removed his gloves, a damp towel at the ready to start cleaning Jimmy up as he chuckled, “Definitely not something to dabble in too often, but it is very enjoyable.”

“Maybe we could do it again later?” Jimmy asked innocently, glancing at the steel tray with the other instruments they hadn’t played with yet. “Maybe plug my ass while… while you fuck my cock?”

“Mmm, I like the sound of that,” Cold replied with a grin.

“Holy crapppppp, you’re terrible!” Jimmy laughed.

“Sounds like you just don’t appreciate my complex sense of humor.”

“You’re freakin’ insane!”

“I promise you, I’m definitely of a very sound mind.”

“Oh, my God,” Jimmy groaned, smothering his hands against his face as he laughed, “Just stop.”

“Hmmph, you know what I think?”


“It sounds like someone is in need of a nap.”

“You’re awful,” Jimmy giggled.”Completely and totally awful.”

“And completely and totally yours,” Cold said with a wink.

“Yeah?” Jimmy couldn’t resist, replying sweetly, “Sounds good to me.”

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