Sexy Saturday 01/19/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Or, you know, Sunday for those keeping track of the days! Oops! Sorry for the late post, but I’ve been so busy running around pimping out my new release, Mortal Sins!

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“Can you forgive me?”

Snod’s eyes widened, and he tried to speak, but his teeth clicked together in silent failure. Forgiveness was an important part of his everyday life when he lived with the Order, but it was always because of the need to ask for it. Seek it out, bleed for it, suffer for it.

He’d never had anyone ask him for it, and he wasn’t even sure how to respond for a few seconds. At last, his head began to move, nodding as he said, “Of course I do.”

“Yeah?” Frankie smiled brightly, and Snod’s stomach curled happily in on itself.

“Yes,” Snod said softly, overcome by the warmth that bubbled through him. Forgiving someone, allowing Frankie to be relieved of his worries, was an amazing feeling.

He caught himself lingering on Frankie’s lips, the warmth in his body moving south as he thought of something else that felt especially amazing. He smirked, saying casually, “Although, I did only go out because you promised me something and didn’t deliver.”

Frankie’s eyes widened, gasping, “What?”

“You left me in an extremely uncomfortable physical state with no satisfaction,” Snod scoffed. “It was very rude considering what you had sworn you would do.”

“Oh, come on!”

“A broken vow is a very serious offense,” Snod said, aiming for stern, but he couldn’t stop himself from grinning. “I can forgive your inconsiderate behavior, but not the absence of your integrity.”

Frankie bared his teeth, his eyes moving down Snod’s lips toward his groin. “Well, I can’t have you questioning my integrity, now can I?”

Snod’s cock eagerly twitched beneath the blankets, his smile growing wider. “You did make me a promise of a blowjob; I’m only asking that you fulfill it.”

Frankie chuckled, kissing Snod as his hand began to wander down his stomach. “Mmm… I suppose that would be fair.”

“Very fair,” Snod panted, his desire making him start to tremble already. As they kissed, he was fighting to get his pants off, and to his surprise Frankie was just as eager to get his mouth on him.

Frankie pressed him down against the mattress by his hips the moment his pants were out of the way, moaning triumphantly as he sucked every inch of Snod down, his eyes fluttering closed.

*I’ve missed the taste of you…*

“God,” Snod whimpered, his head flopping back against the pillows, “I’ve missed this… I’ve missed you.” He couldn’t stop the lewd grunts that were spilling out of him, lost in the heaven that was having Frankie’s cold mouth wrapped around him.

He could feel Frankie’s tongue probing along the ridge of his head and rubbing against the tender tissue. Frankie was usually so slow, so patient, but right now he was absolutely ravenous. He was massaging Snod’s thighs, fondling his balls, and Snod was falling to pieces.

Snod wanted more, whining as his hips began to rise up, wanting the friction to increase, begging, “Can I…?”

*Yes, God. Yes!*

Snod groaned at being given permission, snatching Frankie’s hair and roughly thrusting upward. He couldn’t believe how effortlessly Frankie took it, letting Snod fuck his tight throat as hard as he wanted to, hissing and sputtering when he felt one of his fangs graze his sensitive skin.

Frankie readjusted himself so his teeth wouldn’t make contact again, but Snod started begging, “Please… bite me.”

*Obe… we shouldn’t…*

Snod slammed his hips up earnestly, trying to hold Frankie’s head down, trying to get his teeth to press into him as he pleaded, “Please!”

Frankie’s lust exploded at the urgent request and he growled, his brow scrunching up as his teeth sank in deep, swallowing back a big mouthful of blood.

Snod cried out joyously, loving how the suction from Frankie feeding added more pressure around his cock. It was absolutely divine. His legs were suddenly up on Frankie’s shoulders and he moaned when he felt a hard smack on his thigh.

*You did want me to spank you…*

“Yes! God, please!” Snod whimpered, smothering a sob into the crook of his arm when Frankie slapped his ass. The sting resonated all throughout Snod’s body and he knew he couldn’t take much more. He needed Frankie to discipline him, but this didn’t feel like a punishment. It felt like dying and going to heaven, relishing the stinging sensation of his abused cheeks.

Another hard smack and he came immediately, his cock pulsing hard as Frankie gulped down his load and his blood, swallowing audibly.

Licking and sucking until Snod was whining from severe overstimulation, Frankie finally released him with a low groan. He crawled up his body to kiss him. “Mmm… that was lovely.”

Snod was dizzy, panting as their lips connected, tasting the iron of his blood and the salt of his cum. It had no right to be so delicious.

Frankie was pressing against Snod seeking out his own release, his eyes bright as he purred, “Obe, touch me.”

Snod’s insides twisted immediately, the sweet afterglow tainted by the thought of putting his hand down there, down on Frankie. His hesitation was enough of an answer, Frankie shaking his head quickly.

“It’s all right,” he soothed. “You don’t have to. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Just… kiss me?”

Snod nodded. That he could do. He kissed Frankie passionately, trying to put everything he had into it to make up for what his hands couldn’t do. He could feel Frankie wiggling out of his pants and the rhythmic pounding of his knuckles as they brushed against him as he drove himself to climax.

Snod stroked his hair, slid his tongue into his mouth, and even grinded against him. He did everything he could to wring pleasure from this, hating his inadequacy. He couldn’t bring himself to touch Frankie like that. The sin was too much.

Frankie finished quickly against the sheets, gasping and jerking, Snod kissing all along his neck as he worked himself through it. He pressed his hand against Frankie’s chest, feeling the beautiful pulse of his heart beating beneath his fingers.

“I’m sorry,” Snod managed, their noses brushing together when Frankie was done and his heart had stilled once more.

“It’s fine,” Frankie insisted, their bond warm and sated. “If you want to, we’ll get there one day. If not, that’s okay, too.”

“What if I never want to?” Snod demanded urgently.

“Obe,” Frankie soothed, tracing his nails across his jaw. “I’m not going to pressure you. There’s no point in doing anything if you’re not going to enjoy it, too.”

*Like the spanking…*

Snod blushed immediately, whispering, “Yes.”

“It can all feel so good,” Frankie promised, “but we’ll take it slow. So very slow.”

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