Sexy Saturday 12/14/2019

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! Today’s post is another one from my Kinktober vault because I’ve been crazy busy trying to finish the Cold Hard Cash sequel – one more chapter to go! Whew! Hope you enjoy Cold and Jimmy having some fun with a new gag!

Warnings: NSFW/gags/bondage


“What’s that?”

“What’s what?” Cold replied innocently.

“That!” Jimmy exclaimed, pointing to the large steel hook hanging from their bedroom ceiling.

It had definitely not been there when he left for class that morning.

“Ah, that,” Cold purred, strolling up to Jimmy’s side with a little smirk. “It’s to help improve the quality of your lessons.”

“Oh, shit,” Jimmy said quietly, gazing up at the hook as all the erotic possibilities tumbled over him. His cock twitched in his pants, asking, “How soon can we start?”

“Now if you’d like?” Cold suggested, squeezing Jimmy’s hips.

“Absolutely,” Jimmy nodded eagerly.

Cold chuckled, always amused by his young lover’s exuberance. He trailed his fingers down Jimmy’s spine, his voice becoming firm as he ordered, “Then strip, Mr. Poe. Only from the waist up.”

Jimmy practically tore his shirt off, watching Cold pull out a thick coil of rope and approach him. He swallowed nervously, not sure what was about to happen but unable to hide his excitement.

“Safeword?” Cold asked.

“Ice,” Jimmy replied breathlessly.

“Kneel,” Cold commanded.

Jimmy dropped down obediently, all smiles as Cold expertly bound his hands together. The excess rope was strung into the hook above them, Cold pulling it tight until Jimmy’s arms were raised high above his head.

Jimmy took a deep breath, testing the draw of the rope. Any higher and he would have to raise his body up to prevent the rope pulling on his wrists. He looked up at Cold, his stomach light and bubbling with anticipation.

Cold was getting something from the bedside, returning soon with a gag.

Oh, but this wasn’t Jimmy’s normal ball gag. This one was new, made of shiny black vinyl and instead of a ball it had an open ring of silicone shaped like a pair of lush red lips.

“Fuck,” Jimmy panted, staring at the new toy in awe. It took him a few seconds before he realized he had seen it before. He narrowed his eyes at Cold accusingly, asking slowly, “Been looking at my wish lists?”

“It’s not my fault you forget to close your browser,” Cold pointed out smugly.

“Fair enough,” Jimmy snorted.

“Now,” Cold was quick to ask, “your non-verbal signals?”

“Two fingers for slow down,” Jimmy replied with a nod, “two fists to stop.”

“Good boy,” Cold purred, a gentle hand petting through Jimmy’s hair.

Jimmy sighed softly at the loving touch, opening his mouth expectantly.

Cold carefully set the gag in Jimmy’s mouth, buckling the straps around his head and checking the fit. He stepped back to admire the gorgeous sight, palming the bulge in his pants as he purred, “And don’t you look lovely…”

Jimmy couldn’t answer him, licking over the fresh and strong taste of silicone in his mouth. His cock was hard in his jeans, a sharp contrast to the gelatin quality of his other muscles. He was relaxed and ready, his eyes wide with want as he looked up at Cold.

Cold slid his hands down the rope, playfully ruffling through Jimmy’s hair again before beginning to unbutton his pants and pull his fly open.

Jimmy tensed, tugging impatiently at the ropes as he watched every flick of Cold’s fingers intently. He was already salivating when he saw the thick head of Cold’s cock peeking out from his boxers.

Cold stepped forward, rubbing his cock along the strap of the gag, under Jimmy’s nose, sighing, “You wanted to learn about gags, my love. The benefit of silence, unspoken compliance…”

Jimmy moaned softly, trying to tilt his head to catch Cold’s cock into his mouth.

Cold allowed just the head to pass through the silicone lips, only enough for Jimmy’s tongue to catch a brief taste of him, continuing to drawl, “To learn patience… Obedience. Submission.”

Jimmy groaned quietly, the first hint of drool bubbling up around his bottom lip.

Cold saw it, the wetness catching the light. He visibly shuddered at the sight, pushing his cock through the hole in the gag and sighing audibly when he felt the wet heat of Jimmy’s mouth surround him.

Jimmy’s eyes fluttered shut, grunting as Cold’s cock worked in and out of his mouth. He couldn’t swallow all the saliva pooling in his cheeks, helpless as Cold slowly fucked his throat. He was relaxed enough to control his gag reflex, breathing in between each thrust as Cold pushed deeper.

Cold ran his nails through Jimmy’s hair, lightly scratching his scalp as he purred, “Beautiful.” His fingers held on firmly, his cock thrusting in deep and holding for a few seconds. “You can take it, Mr. Poe… I know you can.”

Jimmy tensed, working through the urge to choke and quickly inhaling when Cold pulled out. He could feel drool dripping down his chin and onto his chest, his eyes watering as he gazed up adoringly at his lover.

Cold stuck his cock back inside Jimmy’s mouth, holding again and sighing pleasurably as he twitched. He started fucking his throat hard, watching all the drool oozing from Jimmy’s lips and slicking up around his shaft.

Jimmy let the restraints take his weight, leaning forward into every brutal slam of Cold’s hot cock. Tears were racing down his face like rivers, joining the moisture at his chin and oozing down his chest. He felt so happy that he could bring Cold such pleasure, his heart racing when he got the first taste of come splashing over his tongue.

“My good boy,” Cold grunted, his hips stuttering throughout his climax. “Such a fucking good boy for me.”

Jimmy whimpered, trying to swallow, trying to suck it all down, but most of Cold’s come ended up drooling out from the sides of the gag. He panted quickly, whining when Cold pulled away, his tongue eagerly chasing every drop of the spilled load that he could get.

Cold hummed softly, tracing a finger over Jimmy’s wet chin, admiring all the fluids that had collected there. He knelt in front of him, his long fingers petting Jimmy’s hard cock through his jeans as he sighed, “You’ve been so very good for me. Are you ready to come, Mr. Poe?”

Jimmy nodded eagerly, rutting up against Cold’s hand. This was his reward. This is what he got because he’d been such a good boy. He moaned the moment Cold’s fingers touched his cock, wet with his own drool and tears, curling around him firmly.

Cold stroked him slowly at first, speeding up and mouthing at the damp skin of his chest. He licked up all the spit, nuzzling into it, jerking Jimmy’s cock until he was shuddering in ecstasy. He hummed again, pleased with the mess on his hand, purring, “So very good…”

Jimmy’s eyes fluttered closed as Cold untied his hands and removed the gag, gently massaging his wrists and checking his fingers. He wiped him down with a warm cloth and soft little kisses, picking him up and taking him into bed to finish cleaning up.

Jimmy stretched his jaw, sore from being open so long, mumbling happily as Cold tended to the last bit of the mess. These tender moments were among Jimmy’s favorites to share with his boyfriend, watching him fondly.

Cold had a small smile on his face, stripping Jimmy down and continuing to wipe him off. Every movement was absolutely worshipful and reverent, leaving Jimmy warm and clean. He snuggled up to Cold’s chest, sighing as he pulled the blankets up over them and kissed his hair.

“Fuck, I love you,” Jimmy gushed.

“I know,” Cold replied with a warm smile, asking softly, “How was that, Jimmy? Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Mmm, well,” Jimmy said cheerfully, “it was very educational.”

“Your lessons are important to me,” Cold chuckled, taking Jimmy’s hand again and rubbing his wrist where the impression of the rope lingered.

“I can’t believe you actually got me that gag! It was even the right color!” Jimmy laughed.

“It’s what you wanted,” Cold said with a shrug. “I do pay attention, Jimmy… and your browser history is hardly discreet.”

Jimmy pursed his lips thoughtfully, asking slowly, “Did you happen to buy anything else off my wish lists?”

Cold grinned, kissing Jimmy’s palm and answering slyly, “Mm, we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?”

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