Sexy Saturday 12/07/2019

Sexy Saturday! Yay! Today is gonna be a taste of more Captain Hook and Mr. Bell having some very naughty adventures! Only three more chapters left to write for the Cold Hard Cash sequel and editing is almost done on my vampire novel! Woo-hoo! I hope you all enjoy the smut and have a kick ass weekend!

Warnings: NSFW/spanking/light bondage XD


Peter Pan had been victorious, saving the day and defeating the dreaded Captain Hook.

Hook had nearly been killed by that damn crocodile, the very one who had made a meal of his hand all those years ago. Gobbled up and certain he was being left for dead, he was very surprised to be spat up only moments later.

“No taste for foul pirates,” Bell laughed, though Hook swore there a twinkle of sympathy in his eyes.

“What should we do with him?” Peter wondered.

“Put him in the stocks for everyone to see,” Bell suggested, flitting over to perch on Peter’s shoulder. “Let everyone see how far the mighty Captain Hook has fallen.”


Hook was left there while everyone was off celebrating, his wrists bound in chains, hanging from the rough stocks right in the middle of the town square. His hook was gone, as was his hat, and most of his dignity. He had been pelted with rotten fruit and stones, covered in filth and his lip was crusted in blood.

Should have let the damn crocodile finish him off, he thought bitterly. This humiliation was miserable.

“You poor thing,” Bell’s voice greeted him, deliberately walking up from behind him so he couldn’t turn to look at him. “All locked up and helpless… mmm, looks nice on you.”

Hook gritted his teeth, aware that Bell was fully sized judging by the sound of his footsteps. “Hello, Mr. Bell. Come to gloat, have you?”

“In part,” Bell said, his hands sliding up Hook’s hips and squeezing. “I have other reasons…”

Hook shivered at his touch, wishing he could see what Bell was up to back there. “And those other reasons are?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Bell teased, reaching around and unbuckling Hook’s belt. His hands slipped inside his pants, finding his cock and stroking him slowly.

“What in seven hells-“ Hook spat, gasping sharply when Bell squeezed him. “Mmmph, what are you doing, little fairy?”

“Whatever I want,” Bell taunted, his nimble fingers working fast.

“Someone might see you,” Hook warned, getting hard quickly, trying to buck down into Bell’s hand. “Better hurry.”

“Exciting, isn’t it?” Bell giggled, not allowing Hook any more friction than what he was willing to give him – which wasn’t very much . “I like this… being able to finally touch you, watching you squirm for me…”

Hook growled.

“Starting to understand why you always liked tying me up.” Bell pulled his hand away, moving again and Hook couldn’t tell what he was doing.

Then he felt the hot slide of Bell’s tongue on his dick, groaning softly. The little fairy was down on his knees, right there beneath him, taking his cock into his mouth and sucking every inch.

Bell was fondling his balls, a gentle massage with his palm, squeezing the base of his dick as he bobbed his head. He was moaning so eagerly, leaving Hook to wonder what his other hand was doing.

Hook groaned again, loving the heat and the slippery swipe of Bell’s tongue working over his cock. “God, if only Peter Pan could see you like this. Sucking my cock and touching yourself, hm?”

“Shut up,” Bell hissed, diving back down on Hook’s cock with a noisy slurp.

“Damn!” Hook grunted, his hand clenching and tugging at the stocks. He was close, right at the edge, feeling the tension in his thighs and hips winding down tight until there – there, it was there in his loins and he right about to…

Bell pulled off with a juicy smack of his lips, sighing, “Mmm, well, that was lovely.”

“Ohhhh, you little monster,” Hook hissed furiously. “You’d best finish what needs attending or no amount of clapping will bring you back from where I send you!”

“Pretty big talk from the man all locked up,” Bell cooed, rising from his knees and finally circling around to where Hook could see him.

Hook glared, feeling absolutely ridiculous with his cock hanging out and totally helpless. Someone could pass by at any moment and see him like this, gritting his teeth as he spat, “Why are you doing this, hmm? To torture me? Drive me mad?”

“Why? Is it working?” Bell smiled sweetly, his wings flitting playfully.

“Damn you, you rotten little firefly from hell,” Hook grumbled, yanking at the stocks in frustration.

“Aw, and here I was about to give you a present,” Bell pouted, hovering up above the ground and reaching beneath his skirt.

Hook froze, watching Bell’s hands intently. He was still angry, but this was taking a much more pleasing direction. “A present…?”

“For being such a model prisoner.” Bell’s fluttering wings kept him suspended in the air, the tip of his cock peeking out from his panties and pressing close enough for Hook to see the glittering precome.

“Mm, is that for me?” Hook’s anger was fading, licking his lips slowly. Unexpected, but pleasant enough to calm him.

“Maybe,” Bell said, palming himself lewdly. “Maybe I’ve decided if you take care of me… I’ll get you out of there for a little while and take care of you.”

Hook’s aching balls really hoped this wasn’t a trick.

“How about it?”

Hook rolled his eyes dramatically as if deeply offended by the proposition… and then opened his mouth.

Bell squeaked in delight, hooking his long legs over the top of the stocks and pulling his panties aside so his cock could spring forth. He was able to keep himself hovering just like that, his groin right there in Hook’s face. He guided his dick up to his waiting mouth, rubbing along his lower lip. “Mmm… come on, Captain.”

Hook wasn’t able to push forward, forced to stick out his tongue to get a taste. He licked and licked, groaning as Bell began to slowly push inside his mouth. He firmly wrapped his lips around his shaft, hollowing out his cheeks and sucking hard.

Bell was staring down at him in awe, his wings a fantastic blur as he rocked forward. His cock was quickly getting wet from Hook’s drool, thrusting deeper still and moaning excitedly. “Yes, there, just like that… oh, I should have known your mouth would be positively wicked.”

Hook grunted in reply, swallowing back the tickle in his throat and continuing to suck. Bell was getting so into it, bucking into his mouth and stroking the top of his head adoringly. The attention made Hook’s own bits ache for some of his own, but he kept at it.

Bell’s little body was moving faster, daring to push all the way in and fucking Hook’s throat. His eyes were glassy and his lips parted with a soft cry, gasping, “Oh, my Captain… yes, fuck, yes! Look at you… mmmm, you feel so good!”

Hook clenched his fist, wishing he could touch, growling as he hung his mouth wide open for Bell to take all he wanted. A sudden flood of come filled his mouth, swallowing it all down and groaning as Bell rode his face to wring out every last shiver of pleasure.

“Mmmm… Captain…” Bell groaned happily, pulling his spent cock out and gently wiping off Hook’s chin. “That was fantastic.”

“Do you consider yourself taken care of?” Hook asked calmly, stretching his jaw out with a faint pop.

“Oh, very much so.” Bell fluttered back to the ground, dragging his hands across the stocks. They magically opened and the chains dropped at Hook’s feet.

Hook stood up, his muscles stiff from being held in such an awkward position for so long. He reached for Bell, dragging him close and growling, “Now… I believe it’s my turn, Mr. Bell.”

Bell was shivering with excitement, wiggling in Hook’s grasp and teasing, “Mmm, are you going to tie me up, Captain?”

“Not quite, but I have some ideas,” Hook chuckled, guiding Bell’s hands into the stocks. He didn’t force his head down, but closed the top down on his wrists to keep him in place. “There… now that’s lovely.”

Bell glanced coyly back at Hook over his shoulder, arching his ass up so that his panties peeked out from beneath his short skirt. “Whatever are you going to do with me?”

Hook slid his hand over the curve of Bell’s butt, teasing along the hem of his panties. He smirked again, replying casually, “Fuck you until you’re dripping, perhaps leave you here for your precious Peter to find you…”

Bell whimpered.

“Would you like that?” Hook taunted. “Let him see how I’ve soiled your precious body?”

“Yes,” Bell cried, wiggling desperately.

Hook lamented the loss of his hook, the thought barely leaving his mind before there was a flash of light and it appeared at his wrist. He grinned, using the tip to push up Bell’s skirt. “I see someone wanted the full fantasy, eh?”

Bell turned back to gaze hungrily at Hook, panting softly, “Wouldn’t be the same without it.”

Hook turned his wrist, catching Bell’s panties with his hook and jerking them down with a loud rip. The thin fabric was shredded, enjoying Bell’s approving squeal. He slid a finger around his hole, grinning wickedly when he found him already open and wet. “My, my… someone did come prepared, didn’t they?”

“Come on,” Bell said impatiently, trying to push back on Hook’s hand.

Hook was certainly as eager, watching the blunt head of his cock push inside Bell’s tight ass. The glide was smooth, maddeningly perfect, and he treasured every broken sound the gorgeous fairy made.

He pushed until Bell was totally filled, twisting his hook into his skirts to pull him back as he started to thrust. He wanted to leave Bell screaming and ruined for anyone else, their future unknown except for sharing this moment.

Hot, passionate, both of them craving this connection and the very forbidden nature making it a thousand times more intense.

Hook leered, rearing back his hand and cracking his palm across Bell’s ass. He drove himself cruelly, making the fairy scream and moan without care, loving every frantic sound.

Bell’s head was hanging limp, pulling at the stocks as Hook picked up the pace. It was amazing what the fairy could take, spreading his legs for a deeper angle as his wings fluttered wildly.

Hook wanted Bell all for himself, entertaining fantasies of taking him aboard the Jolly Roger and sailing away forever. What adventures they could have – and the sex, oh, the sex would be incredible.

But a fantasy was all it could be, his stomach dropping with the knowledge the little fairy would never leave that blasted Peter Pan.

He had to make this count, roaring as he threw his entire weight in the mighty slams that dared to carry them both to a blissful end. He clung to Bell, gripping him hard as if he was about to disappear right before his very eyes.

Hook filled him up as promised, sliding his hand around to squeeze his cock and grinning as Bell came all over his fingers almost instantly. He wiped the mess off on Bell’s rumpled skirts, panting, “It’s been fun, Mr. Bell.”

“Uh huh,” Bell gasped, groaning as Hook pulled out. He reached back, his hand magically free of the stocks to touch his gaping, wet hole. He was smiling, pink and happy, sticking out his tongue as he complained, “You’ve absolutely ruined my dress.”

“And I will again, given half a chance,” Hook snorted, watching Bell pull up his shredded panties and smooth down his skirt. He was pleased that Bell didn’t use his magic to clean away the mess, enjoying the thought that the fairy had chosen to be left dripping with his seed.

Even sitting beside his beloved Peter Pan, it would be Hook’s come keeping his panties damp.

“You owe me a new one, Captain,” Bell declared, standing tall with his hands on his hips. He looked perfectly debauched, his lips plump and his hair a mess, never mind the wrinkles still left in his skirts.

“Oh? And how do you expect I’ll be replacing it?” Hook nodded at the stocks. “It’s only a matter of time before I have to return to my new home, you know.”

“You’ll take me to where I got this one, obviously,” Bell snorted, stepping into Hook’s space and sliding his hands up his chest.

“I will?” Hook’s arms hesitantly curled around Bell’s waist. He didn’t know where this was going, but he was quite intrigued.

“You will,” Bell confirmed, his eyes wide and full of mischief. “Come on, Captain Hook… let’s run away.”

“You’re serious?” Hook scoffed, searching Bell’s face for any signs of deception.


“Forgive me if I’m a bit skeptical…”

“What do you have to lose, Captain?” Bell leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. “Run away with me,” he urged sweetly. “There’s nothing left for either of us here in Never Never Land. Peter has his family, his victory…”

“My ship,” Hook grumbled, trying to hide how that kiss made him blush. They’d never kissed before – and Bell tasted even sweeter than he could have ever imagined, resisting the urge to dive in for more of his lips.

“We don’t need it,” Bell insisted. “Just pick a happy thought and we’ll fly wherever we want to. What do you say?”

“I’d say I still want my damn ship,” Hook protested, adding quickly, “But I am happy to accept your terms, Mr. Bell.”

“Dress first, ship later.”

“Then we have an accord,” Hook purred, giving into temptation and claiming a passionate kiss.

“Mmmm,” Bell hummed happily, his wings fluttering excitedly. “Come on. Let’s get out of here! I’m thinking a black dress…”

“You realize that when we purchase this new dress,” Hook said firmly, “I will be tying you up and ruining it shortly there after?”

“Aye aye, Captain!”

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