Sexy Saturday 09/26/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, my darlings! Agh, running a bit late tonight, but I really hope you like it! This evening’s post is a continuation of last week’s little story, so we’re checking back in with Will and – one of my favorite demons ever – Mr. Heiss.

This isn’t as sexy as the usual bits I share, and I’m very sorry about that. I meant to get to the smut, but then all the damn plot happened and it’s already so late and ahhhh! Okay, I promise naughty stuff is gonna go down with these boys really soon.

So very soon, I swear! XD

Warnings: NSFWish/collars/dub-con?/it’s complicated when demons wanna bang


When Will lifted his head, it was immediately shoved back down. His thoughts were foggy, his body was aching, and he was naked. Something soft was covering his eyes. He tried to reach up to push against what was holding him down, but his hand was smacked away.

“Don’t move,” a deep voice warned.

“Wha… what are you doing?” Will demanded. His voice sounded slurred, and he didn’t know why.

“Seeing if you’re worth what they’re asking,” was the flat reply.

A hand, Will realized, was twisting into his hair and forcing him to turn his face this way and that.

“So far, I’m undecided.”

“Huh…?” Will didn’t understand what was happening. The last thing he remembered was leaving the club, but he wasn’t sure if he’d left alone.

He knew he had been drinking, but he didn’t think he’d had enough to completely black out.

Definitely not enough to feel like this.

He could feel the stranger’s leather gloved hands moving down his body, his lean stomach, his long legs. He tried to pull away, but he didn’t have the strength. He squirmed when the stranger palmed his ass and rolled him over.

“What… what are you doing?” Will gasped as the stranger spread his cheeks. His face was hot, and he groaned when a single gloved finger slid down over his hole.

“Inspecting my potential purchase,” the stranger said. “I think I’m almost ready to make my decision.”


“On whether or not I’m going to buy you.”

“I’m not-“ Will’s words were silenced by a gloved hand, and he was dragged up to his feet. He had to lean forward, catching himself on a massive broad chest and thick, strong arms.

The stranger was wearing a suit and tie, but Will couldn’t detect much else. The hand on his mouth hadn’t moved, but the other had pressed itself into the small of his back.

“If you were about to say you’re not property or that you’re not for sale, you’re wrong,” the stranger said. “You became property the second you were taken from whatever gutter they dragged you out of. You’re definitely for sale.”

Will jerked back, struggling to protest, “No! Wait… you can’t just buy me!”

“As a matter of fact, I can,” the stranger replied. “I own this club, this city, this entire state, and I have dominion over all the souls in it.”

“Souls…?” Will stiffened.

“Consider yourself most fortunate that I’m only interested in purchasing your body.”

Will reached up to snatch off his blindfold, and the stranger didn’t stop him. He gasped sharply, trembling as he stared down the giant monster in front of him:

Dark red skin, black lips, yellow eyes, and horns…

There were two giant horns were bursting out of the stranger’s forehead and curling back around his ears.

“Don’t worry,” the stranger teased. “Souls are too much paperwork.”

“I’m dreaming,” Will said weakly. “This has to be a dream. This isn’t real… this can’t be…”

“I assure you that it’s very real,” the stranger said, his bright eyes burning into Will’s.

“No,” Will whispered in horror. He tried to pull away again, but the stranger’s hand twisted into his hair and held him in place. He gritted his teeth together as he hissed, “Fuck you!”

The stranger laughed and gave Will a glimpse of his ferocious teeth. His cradled Will’s face in his gloved hands, looking him over once more as if he couldn’t make up his mind.

“If he’s not to your liking, my liege, I have many more that I can show you,” a new voice said.

Will turned his head to see another monster behind him, but this one was much smaller and scrawnier than the beast currently holding him.

“I’m still thinking,” the stranger replied sharply. “Do not rush me.”

“I’m only trying to help you make a purchase worthy of a demon in your position, my liege.”

*A demon…*

These monsters were demons.

Will didn’t know what to do.

He was caught between screaming and laughing hysterically when he realized there were no doors or windows that he could see. He was trapped in this dark room with actual demons and had no clear way of escaping.

He kept trying to wake himself up, but it was becoming more and more clear that this was very real. He could barely stand up, he felt sick to his stomach, and he realized that he might be about to die.

Fuck it.

He spat right in the demon’s face.

“My liege! I’m so sorry!” the smaller demon cried. “I will have this one put down at once for his rudeness! You have my sincerest apologies, I swear that I have others that are much more well behaved-!”

“I’ll take him,” the stranger said abruptly, calmly wiping the saliva off his face. He inspected his gloved finger before popping it into his mouth with a greedy hum.

“Oh! Uh, yes, of course. Yes, sir.” The small demon fidgeted. “Would you like us to deliver him for you, Mr. Heiss?”

“Please.” Mr. Heiss pursed his thick lips. “Is gift wrap available?”

“Of course, sir.”

“No,” Will argued, pushing his hands against Mr. Heiss’ chest. “No, I’m not gonna be fucking gift wrapped-!”

The dark room was gone and the demons along with it, Will now finding himself stretched out on a plush velvet chaise in front of a crackling fireplace.

He tried to get up, and the room around him spun. He saw a large desk and a throne like chair behind it, fiery sconces all along the walls, and fancy rugs. Something caught his neck, and he had to sit back down.

Probably for the best since he felt like he was about to fall right over.

Reaching up, he found a thick collar buckled around his neck. There was a shimmering chain attached to it, binding him to a steel hook in the floor. Even if he could stand up, there wasn’t enough slack to go very far.

He was still naked, but there was a long piece of fabric hanging over the back of the chaise. He grabbed it to put over himself for some decency, trying to focus through the persistent vertigo.

After a few minutes, it seemed to pass, and he stood up to take another look around. The collar kept him close to the chaise, but he stepped as far away as he could to see if he could find a way out.

The walls were solid all around him, and there were no windows again.

What the fuck was this?

Will sat back down on the chaise, defeated and angry.

“You look beautiful,” Mr. Heiss’ voice said, preceding his sudden appearance. There was no smoke, no whoosh – one moment he wasn’t there, and then he was.

“Let me go,” Will demanded, up on his feet and glaring furiously at the demon. “I want out of here! This is bullshit! You can’t just buy me!”

“Yes, I can,” Mr. Heiss said with a smirk. ”You’re mine until I see fit to get another pet.”

“A pet?” Will scoffed, yanking at the collar around his neck. “Is that what this is? Some crazy fantasy of yours or something?”

“It is my reality,” Mr. Heiss said. “It’s yours now, too. You will entertain me with your physical company as I see fit. When I’m bored of you, I will retire you.”

“Retire me…?” Will didn’t like the sound of that.

“I will release you,” Mr. Heiss clarified. “I provide all my pets with a generous severance package, though the extent of my generosity depends on how well you were able to please me.”

“So, what? I’m your pet for a little while and then you’ll… you’ll let me go?” Will asked hesitantly, his eyes moving over the demon’s massive body as he advanced.

“If you please me,” Mr. Heiss reminded, slowly taking off his gloves to reveal long clawed fingers. He touched Will’s cheek, and he smiled. “You have such a delightful fire in you. Such passion… that’s why you were at that club when they found you, hmm? Looking for someone to burn?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Will replied, holding his head high and doing his best not to flinch.

“Oh, but I think you do,” Mr. Heiss purred, his voice low and rumbling. “I know a sinner when I see one… tell me, Will, how many men have you killed?”

Will narrowed his eyes.


“Not enough.”

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