Sexy Saturday 08/01/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Still trying to sort out a new name for the group (Mindless Shelf Indulgence is making me crack up so hard – though it might only be because it’s a play on Mindless Self Indulgence, one of my favorite bands!). If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments! I’m hoping to pick a new name by August 19th!

Now, I’m currently on chapter 5 and 16k into Last One To Let You Down (Undertaker/Florist), and I’ve finally gotten to the first round of good stuff… the smut! Enjoy!

Warnings: NSFW/oral sex/DS themesss


“Good boy,” Cypress said as he pulled Tom back in for another kiss. He let go of his hair, reaching for his hand and guiding it over his crotch.

Tom could feel how hard Cypress was through his jeans, and he squeezed. He couldn’t wait to get his mouth on him, and his own excitement was building. He hadn’t been out on a date in months, and he barely had enough time to rub one out in the shower without it feeling like a chore.

His own rising arousal was intoxicating, and he couldn’t get enough of Cypress’ hot mouth. He moaned against Cypress’ lips as they traded tongue and quick nips, positively breathless as he asked, “Now?”

Cypress grunted, his big hands grabbing Tom’s hips to hold him in place. “Wait.”


“You sure you want to do this?”

“What? Blow you?” Tom was startled, and he suddenly felt insecurity prickling up his spine. “Look, if you don’t want me to or whatever, I get it. I’m not your type, fine, but you can’t call the cops-“

“Oh, no,” Cypress assured him. “I definitely want you. Though I can’t say I have a type per se, I’m absolutely down to have you right here, right now… but there need to be rules.”

“Rules?” Tom didn’t understand. “I suck your dick, you keep your mouth shut.”

“If at any time I get too rough or start to hurt you, tap my leg twice to stop me.” Cypress kissed him. “Do you understand me?”

“Why, why would I want you to stop?”

“You’ve never had anyone do this, have you?” Cypress asked bluntly. “You’ve never given yourself to someone before, hmm?”

“I mean, I’ve had… I’ve had sex before!” Tom hated how he started to blush. “I know what I’m doing!”

“Tell me then. What will you do if I get too rough?”

“Tap your leg.”

“How many times?”

“Twice!” Tom was getting frustrated, and he had the oddest feeling he was getting himself into something he wasn’t ready for. He didn’t care. He wanted Cypress.

He needed some kind of outlet for all of the frustrations, anger and resentment that had been building up inside of him al day. He was helpless to stop Junior from tormenting him, he couldn’t stop Mrs. Keenan from hitting him, and he couldn’t stop thinking about whether or not that dead kid had ever lived long enough to have his heart broken.

Cypress was studying Tom’s face and after a moment, he loosened his grip. “Go on then. Show me how much you want to be a good boy for me, Tom.”

Dropping to his knees, Tom’s hands pulled at Cypress’ jeans. It was like a switch had been flipped, and all of the brewing worries he’d had were being consumed by a passionate cloud. He didn’t have to think about anything else except getting Cypress’ cock in his mouth and showing him that he knew exactly what he was doing.

There was a part of him within the lusty fog currently invading his brain that couldn’t quite believe he was actually doing this, but there was no turning back now. He’d fantasized about having Cypress for weeks, and there was something so deliciously naughty about what they were about to do.

They were at his work. Anyone could walk in on them. They might get caught.

The forbidden element made it even hotter, and Tom groaned quietly in appreciation when he discovered that Cypress wasn’t wearing any underwear. A quick tug of his jeans and his cock was out, thick, uncut, the glossy head already damp with a dribble of precome.

He seized the base of it with one hand and immediately began to feed it into his mouth. He didn’t stop until it hit the back of his throat, pulling off to dive back in again with a loud slurp.

“Mmm, look at you,” Cypress murmured, dropping a hand down into Tom’s hair. His length flexed against Tom’s tongue, and he groaned loudly. “Who knew the shy little undertaker loved sucking cock so much, hmm?”

Cheeks burning from the accusation, Tom kept going. He kept up a heavy suction, bobbing his head and swirling his tongue up and down the shaft of Cypress’ fat cock. He did love this, and he couldn’t deny it. The heat, the girth, the easy way it slid in and out of his mouth, slick from so much spit.

Cypress’ fingers had tightened in his hair, but he wasn’t pulling or tugging. He seemed to be watching, waiting, gauging what Tom could do.

If this was his only chance to have Cypress Holmes, Tom was going to give it everything he had. He opened his jaw as wide as he could, keeping his lips tight as he started sucking faster, harder. The sharp gasp he heard in reply made him shiver, and it spurred him on.

Tom was hard, his own cock tenting the front of his pants. There was a flood of adrenaline making him feel tingly and hypersensitive, his pulse pounding relentlessly in his ears. He had to reach down and palm himself, grinding into his hand to get some relief.

“Pull it out,” Cypress commanded suddenly. “Let me see you.”

Tom couldn’t explain why that seemed so dirty, especially when he already had Cypress balls deep in his mouth. He whined, hesitating.

“Pull it out,” Cypress said again, his grip in Tom’s hair now teetering on painful, “or no deal.”

“Mmm…” Tom whimpered.

“You want to be a good boy, don’t you, Tom?” Cypress taunted. “Come on. Show me. Show me much your like this.”

Whimpering again, Tom obediently unbuttoned his pants and exposing his hard cock.

“Good boy,” Cypress praised. “See, wasn’t that easy? That’s all you have to do be good. You just have to listen to me.”

It was so simple, so easy, and the immense rush of satisfaction Tom felt coming over him rivaled the thrill of a family saying they wanted to keep the casket open after he’d worked his magic.

“Go on and touch yourself, hmm?” Cypress urged. “Jerk yourself off while you suck me.”

Tom’s hand slowly began to work over his dick, short pulls to make it last, grunting as Cypress began to boldly thrust into his mouth. He let himself be used, closing his eyes as he took it all.

This must have been what Cypress was worried about; hurting him, choking him up with his big dick.

The wet sounds of Cypress’ cock fucking his face were so loud, and the only other thing Tom could hear was the thumping of his own pulse inside his head. He liked this. He couldn’t get enough. He wanted Cypress to take what he wanted, and he found himself desperate to taste his load.

He could feel himself drooling now, spit running his chin, savoring the smooth texture of Cypress’ cock gliding so effortlessly over his tongue. He began to stroke himself faster, alarmed at how wet he was. Pumping into his hand created yet another filthy moist sound, and he was getting so close.

“You’re gonna come from sucking my cock,” Cypress growled, digging his fingers into Tom’s hair and pulling him down on his dick. “You’re gonna come like a pretty little slut, letting me fuck your tight little throat.”

“Mmm!” Tom moaned, lost to every nasty word – why did being called a slut make him so hot. Why did he like that kick of humiliation so much?

“Here it comes,” Cypress warned, bucking forward and holding himself as deeply as he could. “Ah, ah, coming, I’m fucking coming.”

Tom held on, tensing as the back of his mouth was flooded with a hot wave of come. He could feel it going down his throat, swallowing greedily, and he moaned as Cypress pulled out just enough to direct the next splash over his tongue.

Lazily fucking his mouth, Cypress continued to speak, his voice a breathless little whisper, “Such a good boy. Such a very good boy… swallow it all down, every drop… come on, make yourself come now. I wanna watch you bust all over yourself.”

The pressure inside of Tom’s body twisted up until it hurt, his hand a blur on his dick as he stuttered and twitched. There, he was coming, coming hard, splashing all over his fingers and his shirt, pulling off Cypress’ dick to gasp for breath.

He felt drunk, heavy, staring up at Cypress as if seeing him now for the first time.

Cypress looked so calm, so very handsome, and as the last echoes of pleasure left Tom’s body, they were both smiling from ear to ear.

Damn, that was good.

Tom couldn’t remember when he’d ever made himself come like that, and he was definitely adding this tryst to very top of his spank bank vault. His lip was positively throbbing, but to see that satisfied glow on Cypress’ face and know he was the cause of it?

Worth it.

“Come here,” Cypress commanded, reaching for Tom’s hands and helping him back up. He kissed him, gently, letting it linger.

Tom stroked Cypress’ chest and melted as his thick arms wrapped around him. It felt so good to be held, and he sighed contentedly. He was safe here, happy, and he didn’t want this to end.

Maybe Cypress would magically forget what he’d seen since Tom had given him such amazing head. Maybe they could just pretend that never happened, and he could just go on sucking his dick for the rest of his life.

“You wanna tell me what’s going on now?” Cypress prompted suddenly.


So much for that idea.


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