Sexy Saturday 07/18/2020

Hey, kits and kittens! Writing has been a bit slow this week while I work on all the interviews and nifty guest posts for my upcoming blog tour for my new release, Acsquidentally In Love – comes out August 25th! Woo woo!

In the meantime, I’ve read all your comments and poll replies and messages and well… a certain embalmer named Thomas Hills and a florist named Cypress Holmes want to say hello. <333

Enjoy this tiny little teaser from my current WIP, a BDSM tale of a young embalmer surrounded by death and the man who will help him set him free!

Warnings: NSFW-ish


“It depends.”

“Well, uh, what do you think you saw?”

“I saw you giving a guy a big ol’ case of embalming fluid and taking some cash,” Cypress replied, casually leaning against a cot.

Tom’s heart began to pound.

“And I happen to know that embalming fluid can be used in some very nasty ways,” Cypress went on, toying with the cot cover and glancing over the embroidery.

“Oh?” Tom felt sick.

“Like dipping cigarettes in it and then sellin’ ‘em. Pretty illegal, I think.” Cypress tugged on the edge of the cover. “It can cause some pretty bad hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia-“

“Look! Okay, I get it!” Tom advanced, curling his hands into tight fists. “Just, just stop! I know it’s bad! Okay, I fuckin’ know!”

“Then why are you doing it?” Cypress asked plainly, unflinching.

“I can’t… I’m not telling you that.”

“Well, I guess you can explain it to the cops-“

“No! Wait! I’ll do anything, okay?” Tom pleaded. “Please, fuck! Don’t! I need this job. I can’t lose this fuckin’ job. Working here is my life!”

“Anything?” Cypress mused, tilting his head as he looked Tom over. “Well, that only works if you think you have something to offer up.”

“What do you want? Money?” Tom scoffed, huffing in frustration.

“Well, you did just take a very serious stack of cash. I am a pretty big fan of money.”

“I can’t give you that! It’s for-“ Tom stopped before he said too much, quickly correcting himself, “It’s not even mine, okay? I can’t do that. I don’t have any money to give you. There has to be something else.”

“Right. How about you just drop down on your pretty knees right now and suck my dick then?” Cypress rolled his eyes.

Tom felt a sudden surge of heat, and he stared at Cypress’ crotch as his mouth reflexively watered. He’d heard Cypress say that many times before, and Tom knew he was probably joking.

But if that’s really all it would take…

“Fine,” Tom muttered through gritted teeth. “I’ll do it.”

“Come on,” Cypress was still chiding him, apparently deaf to Tom’s offer. “You really don’t expect me to believe that you don’t get some kinda cut from that-“

Tom raised his voice, snapping, “Hey! I said, I’ll do it!”

“What?” Cypress blinked.

“Suck your dick,” Tom replied, already starting to kneel before he could change his mind. He’d had some pretty rough one night stands before. This wasn’t so different. He could do this, get Cypress off his back, and stay out of jail.

“Stop,” Cypress said, his thick hand grabbing Tom’s shoulder.

“What?” Tom was instantly embarrassed. Oh, this was such a stupid idea. He should have never even suggested it. As Cypress held him in place, the very air around them felt charged. He looked at Cypress’ lips, felt the heat of his grip, and he knew something had shifted between them.

Something was happening and fast.

Tom’s face was getting hot, and he gasped when Cypress pulled him in for a fierce kiss.

The brewing energy ignited instantly, and Tom was helpless in Cypress’ powerful embrace. He gave himself over completely, groaning loudly when Cypress’ tongue slid inside his mouth. The kiss was deep, hot, and it sent all the right signals to every inch of Tom’s body.

“You’re not sucking me without at least first fuckin’ kissing me,” Cypress murmured, his fingers raking through Tom’s hair and holding him firmly. “You got it?”

“Yeah,” Tom said, panting hard. The way Cypress was so boldly taking charge had no right to be this hot. He’d had some bossy lovers before, but not a one could compare to the dominance that Cypress was exuding right now.

His reserved attitude had been swallowed up by a hard gaze and an unrelenting aura. Impossibly, he even seemed taller than before, and no one had made Tom’s knees quake like this with just a kiss.

“Now,” Cypress said firmly, “you’re going to suck my cock and swallow down what I give you. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Tom gasped sharply when Cypress’ grip tightened in his hair.

“Yes… what?” Cypress challenged expectantly.

Tom wasn’t sure how, but he knew immediately what to say, shivering as he replied:

“Yes, sir.”


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