Sexy Saturday 01/04/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! I am so happy to announce that edits for my M/M vampire book, Former Things, are DONE! I should have a publishing date soon and I can’t wait for you guys to read it!

Today’s sexy post is another selection from my Kinktober project (hey, I did all 31 days! That’s a lot of porn to share!!!) and the theme was lingerie. I threw in a splash of temp play and I hope you all enjoy it!

Warnings: NSFW/temperature play/lingerie/toys


“Safeword?” Cold asked with a smirk.

“Ice,” Jimmy confirmed, sighing contently as Cold gently tied silk ribbons around his wrists in little bows. The ribbon wasn’t strong enough to actually hold him if he wanted to escape, but he wouldn’t dare break free.

Cold wanted him to stay just like this, and so Jimmy would.

Jimmy had recently found himself very interested in softer and prettier things, and Cold was more than happy to help. The silk ribbons for this evening’s lesson were accompanied by red lace panties and a matching bralette.

It felt strange and new, but he couldn’t deny the heat that stirred in his loins when Cold gazed at him with such raw hunger.

He felt sexy, naughty, and absolutely delicious.

Cold definitely agreed, stretched out beside him, fully clothed as always but with a very obvious erection tenting his slacks, reaching into a small dish to pull out an ice cube.

The last time they had tried this sort of play didn’t end well. They discovered that Jimmy was particularly sensitive to the cold, and had opted to stop very early. But Jimmy was nothing if not stubborn, and he wanted to try again; this time he had decided to take it up a notch.

Resting in the bowl of ice was a thick glass dildo, chilling for later use.

Cold held the first cube above Jimmy’s chest, letting the heat from his fingers melt the ice and drip down.

Jimmy closed his eyes, relaxing as the droplets collected on his sternum and dripped down his neck and his sides.

It made him shiver, but he could breathe through it.

Cold then applied the ice directly to his skin, sliding it slowly down to the edge of Jimmy’s bra. He nudged the lace aside, playing around the edge of Jimmy’s nipple.

Jimmy gasped, his toes pawing at the sheets, unable to stop a shiver running up his spine. His nipples seemed especially sensitive right now, gasping louder when Cold pushed the ice right on top and held it there.

Cold traced the ice in little circles, letting the heat of Jimmy’s body melt it and smiling softly, purring, “Your nipple is getting so hard… how does it feel?”

“Cold,” Jimmy replied shakily. He swallowed, trying to formulate a better response, “Hurts.”

Cold removed the ice cube, leaning down to wash the cool water away with a slow and hot swipe of his tongue.

Jimmy whimpered at the sudden shift in temperature, finding relief but the contrast made the tender tissue ache. “God… mmphhhh… hurts, but it’s good…”

Cold seemed satisfied with that response, repositioning the bra and covering Jimmy’s nipple again. He moved to the other, repeating the same treatment of cold and hot, lavishing the tender bud flesh with long swipes of his tongue.

Jimmy whimpered, his fingers clenching at the air and shuddering deep in the marrow of his bones. His cock was pulsing, the lace of the panties too tight and confining, whining at the tug of the elastic on his shaft.

Cold was moving faster now, another ice cube dragging down Jimmy’s stomach and settling in his belly button.

Jimmy kept shivering, his hips thrusting up, squirming as he moaned, “God… I need… I need you to touch me…”

“Soon,” Cold promised, lapping at the water that had pooled in his belly button, sucking it up with a smirk. “Very soon.”

Jimmy huffed softly, both of his nipples still hard and pushing up against the soft fabric of his bra. The ice treatment continued on, pressing at his hips and his thighs, the chilling stimulation making him whimper and shudder.

Cold soon decided those pretty panties were in his way, tugging them aside with a loud rip, chuckling softly at how it made Jimmy squirm. Another cube of ice pressed right against his hole, Jimmy shouting out right and bucking away from it.

“Mmmm, okay, okay, that’s really cold,” he squeaked, panting hard and gasping when Cold’s tongue swept in to soothe the freezing ache. He relaxed, his head falling to the side as Cold kept licking and sucking attentively. He yelped when the ice returned unexpectedly, whining furiously in protest.

Too cold, too damn cold, able to feel the chill down in his toes. It was quickly chased away by more laps of Cold’s hot tongue, the sudden heat blurring his sight and moaning loudly.

Cold teased cubes of ice along the shaft of Jimmy’s cock, the thin lace of his panties doing little to shield him from the freezing sensation. He was shivering frantically, his balls tightening up from the frigid teasing and panting through the shudders.

The dildo came next, lubed and easily sliding in, hard and cold and unrelenting. Jimmy nearly cried, the freezing sensation pressing deep in his body without any way to find relief. It was so deep inside of him and no matter how he moved it was so freakin’ cold, and yet Cold’s blazing hot tongue was right there to counter it.

Cold was licking Jimmy’s balls as he thrusted the toy, hot and cold, cold and hot, too much and yet not enough of either sensation to chase down any kind of release. Jimmy’s cock remained aching and wet inside of his underwear, rigid and stubborn in spite of the contrasting torments.

It kept on until the safeword was almost threatening to leave Jimmy’s lips, chilled and shivering all over, screaming when Cold’s scorching mouth sucked down every inch of his cock. The dildo inside of him seemed so far away, a burning sort of ache throbbing inside of him as the nerve endings fought against the cold to restore full sensation.

Every part of his body was suddenly focused on Cold’s mouth wrapped around his cock, stunned and moaning shamelessly. It felt too damn good, and he wanted Cold to know exactly how much he was enjoying it. He whimpered and cried, pleading, “Fuck! Rod! I’m so close, so fucking close!”

Cold pulled off with a sharp gasp, his fingers grabbing Jimmy’s spit slick cock and jerking him rapidly. The dildo was twisting inside his hole, the cold weakened by the heat of his tender tissue, and everything was now hot and throbbing.

Jimmy closed his eyes, his next breath caught in his throat as he gave into Cold’s skilled fingers and came with a choked cry. Each pulse sent showers of pleasure all over him, groaning as Cold slowly withdrew the toy, watching him come all over himself with a smug little smile.

Jimmy melted down into the mattress, stretching his legs and sighing contently. He looked down at the streams of come that had splattered across his stomach and soaked his panties. “Mmmph,” he mumbled, “Wow…”

“Enjoy yourself?” Cold asked with a smirk, kissing Jimmy’s thigh.

“Uh huh,” Jimmy nodded, smiling as Cold reached up to untie the ribbons.

Cold stepped away to grab a washcloth, running it under the sink to dampen it, unable to resist a sly little wink upon his return.

Jimmy frowned in confusion, watching Cold sit down beside him to clean him up. He was about to ask what he was up to, squealing loudly when the cloth touched him.

It was ice cold!

“Hey! Ice! Iiiiiice!!” Jimmy squeaked, laughing hysterically as Cold ran the cloth all over his stomach until there were tears in his eyes. “Ahhh, come on! Asshole!”

Cold grinned, finally relenting and kissing Jimmy sweetly, mumbling, “Mmm… how rude.”

Jimmy grabbed the washcloth and squeezed out some of water right on top of Cold’s head. He grinned triumphantly, giggling at the sour expression on Cold’s face.

“I suppose I deserved that,” Cold drawled, flicking some of the water from off his forehead.

“I should have dumped some ice down your shirt,” Jimmy snickered.

“I would love to see you try,” Cold challenged, mischief curling his lips.

Jimmy narrowed his eyes, snatching up a few of the half melted cubes left in the dish and pounced. He didn’t quite succeed in getting the ice anywhere near Cold’s collar, but considering the resulting tryst that erupted as a result of their wrestling, he still considered it a win.

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