Redbubble Store

Visit my Redbubble Store for awesome designs inspired by my books! There are shirts, stickers, water bottles, and so much more! Featuring artwork by Jess of Bory Design, check out logos for Maury’s Pawn Shop, Frankie’s Booty Bank, and more coming soon!

Etsy Store

Check out my Etsy Store for signed copies of my books! Will be restocked by 31 August 2020 with new swag! <3

A&A Candles and Crafts

Courtesy of an awesome team-up with A & A Candles and Crafts, there are now bath bombs available inspired by my books! If you ever wanted to know what Maury’s Wrinkly Balls smell like, here’s your chance! (It’s totally strawberries and maple syrup, by the way!) Enjoy!