Sexy Saturday 09/14/2019

It’s Sexy Saturday time, my darlings! Today is a steeeeamy one from the vaults. It’s a random little drabble of smut and the ending may surprise you; remember, Boss Cold would never share! XD

Warnings for MMM/NSFW/DP smut! Enjoy! <333


“Can you take it all, Mr. Poe?” Cold’s impossibly smooth voice drawled, his fingers like brands against Jimmy’s skin as he squeezed his hips. It was a challenge, asking again, “Can you?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy croaked, his arms tugging against the ropes keeping them pinned in place at his back. “I can take you both, sir.”

“Mmm, dunno, Boss,” Jules’ gravelly tone rumbled, a thick finger testing the stretch of Jimmy’s hole. “Still feels real fuckin’ tight.”

“I can do it this time,” Jimmy pleaded, his cock jumping insistently as he writhed in Cold’s lap. “I can take it, sir.”

He was straddled across Cold’s lap, his ass already stretched by eager fingers and thick toys, trussed up like a gorgeous present for Jules and Cold to enjoy. Neither one had given a single taste of cock yet, and Jimmy was dying to be filled.

Cold lifted Jimmy’s chin, his icy eyes scanning over his face as he purred, “So eager for it, aren’t you?”
“Yes, sir,” Jimmy whined, arching his ass back towards Jules behind him, hoping he would give him something.

A hard crack across his cheeks was what he earned, Jules growling, “Easy now… did Boss say you could have my cock yet?”

“No, Mr. Price,” Jimmy cried softly, tears in his eyes from the sting and the shame. He was so hungry for penetration, trying to press down against Cold’s thighs for some relief.

Cold slowly unbuttoned his pants to release his cock, looking over Jimmy thoughtfully. He was fully dressed as usual, Jimmy naked except for the ropes tying his arms back. Jules had removed his shirt, but his pants were merely bunched down around his knees.

Jimmy could feel the heat coming off both of them in heavy waves, the tension thickening as he waited for something to finally give. Cold was rubbing his cock against his so softly that he wanted to scream because it wasn’t enough, and Jules’ was teasing against his asscheek and sure to send him into absolute madness.

“Let Jules fuck you first,” Cold finally decided with a small tilt of his head.

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy nodded, bowing his head down against Cold’s chest, offering his ass up to the large man behind him.

Jules chuckled softly, rough hands spreading Jimmy’s cheeks as he slid his cock up against his hole. “Thanks, Boss. I’ll fuck him real good for you.”

“Much obliged,” Cold purred, petting his long fingers through Jimmy’s hair.

Jimmy’s breath became frantic, reaching a high pitch when Jules began to push inside of him. The first few inches slid in flawlessly, gasping loudly and his hands clawing at the air. Jules was thick, very thick, and he felt so full already.

“Damn, Boss,” Jules groaned, fucking into Jimmy with quick thrusts. “He feels fuckin’ fantastic… no wonder you love playin’ with him so much.”

“Isn’t he perfect?” Cold said proudly, clearly enjoying showing Jimmy off.

Jimmy moaned as Jules pushed in all the way, pulling back slowly only to slam right back in and make him cry out. He panted and whined, Jules fucking him so hard that he was sliding up Cold’s lap.

Cold was watching Jimmy’s face intently, chuckling devilishly as he said, “Mmm, look at him, taking all of your cock… and I bet he still wants more.”

Jimmy couldn’t deny it, his eyes pleading up at Cold as he gasped, “Pl-please!”

“What do you think, Jules?” Cold asked coyly. “Think we’ll both fit?”

“Let me fuck him a little more,” Jules replied, his big hands squeezing Jimmy’s ass, spreading his cheeks apart to watch his cock moving in and out of his slick hole. “Why don’t you fuck his face a bit, huh? I bet he’d like that.”

“Mmm, would you like that, Mr. Poe?” Cold taunted, grabbing a firm handful of Jimmy’s hair.

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy begged, his body jerking from Jules’ ruthless thrusting. “Please. Let me suck your dick.”

“First, you need to thank Jules for what a good job he’s doing,” Cold insisted. “He’s being so very nice to you, letting you have his cock.”

“Thank you, Mr. Price,” Jimmy obediently panted, groaning as Jules fucked him a little harder. “Thank you so much…”

“Thank you for what?” Cold pressed. “Use your words, Mr. Poe. Tell Jules what you’re thankful for.”

Jules slowed down immediately, playing right along with the little game. He grinned, sticking a finger inside Jimmy’s hole alongside his cock, teasing, “Yeah, come on… tell me.”

Jimmy shuddered shamefully, stammering, “Th-thank you for your cock. Thank you for fucking me so good with it…” He mewled pitifully when Jules added a second finger to his stretched hole, moaning, “Thank you for making me feel so good.”

“That’s better,” Cold praised, pushing Jimmy down towards his cock, grinning as he eagerly took him into his mouth. “Such a good boy for me…”

Jules started up again, fucking Jimmy hard and playfully smacking his ass. Cold held Jimmy firmly in place and began to thrust his hips upwards, his cock brushing up against the back of Jimmy’s throat until he almost gagged.

“Easy,” Cold soothed. “Relax… you can take it, I know you can.”

Jimmy mumbled lightly, but obeyed, opening up his throat and swallowing down as Cold pushed inside. Tears glistened in his eyes, his body aching with passion as Cold started slamming his cock into his mouth. He let his jaw relax, Cold fucking his face savagely.

“Takes it like he was made for it,” Jules commented, grunting as he gave Jimmy’s ass a good smack.

“He’s such a good boy,” Cold purred happily, “Mmmm, Mr. Poe. You look so fuckin’ pretty all full of cock… you love this, don’t you. Sucking me off while Jules is inside of you.”

Jimmy moaned, wishing he could speak, but Cold already knew he loved every second. It was heaven to be used so roughly, speared magnificently at both ends and hearing these men sing his praises.

“Maybe next time I’ll let all the Gentleman have a turn with you,” Cold suggested, gritting his teeth as he continued to thrust his hips. “Tamerlane, Lorre, Valdemar… let them all fuck you, fill you up until all their come is just pouring out of your cute little ass…”

Jimmy’s cheeks burned, flushing bright red all over at how hot that sounded. Christ, it made his cock so hard it throbbed to think about being that full. He could imagine it so clearly, all of those men having their with his tight little body, one after another. He whined quietly, closing his eyes.

“Fuck, Boss,” Jules growled, “You’re gonna make me come talkin’ so dirty. His ass just feels too fuckin’ good, I want bust in him so badly.”

“Mmmm, give it a rest, Jules,” Cold ordered, pulling Jimmy off his cock to let him breathe, “You’re not coming until I say so, not until we’re both filling him up.”

Jules nodded, slowing down to a crawl and pulling out. He rubbed the head of his cock all around Jimmy’s gaping hole. He reached between Jimmy’s legs, fondling his balls and his leaking cock. “Fuck, he is so fuckin’ wet,” he snickered, “He’s fuckin’ dripping.”

“Let me see,” Cold purred, reaching down to caress Jimmy’s cock.

Jimmy moaned, biting down on his lip and doing everything in his willpower not to come. Cold’s fingers were playing in the wetness all around his head while Jules’ thick fingers squeezed his shaft and rubbed his balls. He loved having both men touching him, and it was just enough pressure he could send himself off the edge of bliss.

But no, not yet.

He hadn’t been given permission.

“Beautiful,” Cold sighed, removing his hand and licking over his fingers. He kissed Jimmy’s forehead, pursing his lips in a thought pout as he said, “I think you’re ready, Mr. Poe.”

“God, yes, sir. Please,” Jimmy nodded eagerly.

“Come here,” Cold commanded, grabbing Jimmy’s waist and pulling him forward. He added a fresh coat of lube to his cock, guiding Jimmy’s slowly down on top of it. “There you go, take it all… good boy.”

Jimmy sighed contently, the familiar feeling of his boyfriend inside of him was always perfection. He gasped when he felt Jules already pressing behind him, rubbing his cock eagerly around his hole.

“Now,” Cold said sternly, petting Jimmy’s cheek, “You’re going to take both of us like a good boy, Mr. Poe. Once we’ve used up your tight little hole, then you can come. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy replied, his lip trembling in anticipation.

“Fuck, yeah,” Jules agreed, grumbling pleasurably as the head of his cock began to press in.

Jimmy gasped, trying to instinctively shy away from the new intrusion, but Cold held him firmly in place. He whimpered, his gasp escalating into a frantic moan when he felt Jules’ thick cock pressing in alongside Cold’s. The stretch was incredible, his head falling against Cold’s chest as he sobbed.

“Perfect fit,” Cold praised, cradling Jimmy close and petting his hair.

Jules pushed deeper, sliding back and forth with delicate precision, making sure that Jimmy was open enough to really take them both without injury. Cold didn’t move for now, simply held Jimmy and kissed his hair soothingly.

Jimmy moaned as Jules finally pushed all the way in, amazed that they had both actually fit inside of him, his cock pulsing and balls aching from being so full.

“He’s good and open,” Jules said with a grin. “Can’t wait to fill him the fuck up.”

“Patience,” Cold scolded lightly, gently tilting Jimmy’s head up so he could look at him. He smiled, telling him, “We’re going to fuck you now, Mr. Poe. Are you ready?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy replied obediently. He tried to take a deep breath, but it was stolen away as Cold bucked his hips up. Jules followed with a quick thrust that made him cry out, and Cold slammed into him again. They each took turns, their cocks working in tandem as they each thrusted up inside of him.

Jules was impatient, grabbing the rope that held Jimmy’s arms and pulling until he was sitting up straight. He began fucking him hard, bouncing his hips down on Cold’s cock, working in sync to slam into his slick hole. “Such a good fuckin’ boy, takin’ all this fuckin’ cock,” Jules purred, biting at Jimmy’s shoulder.

All Jimmy could do was sob and scream, marveling at how full he was as both men’s cocks moved inside of him. He was at the very limit of what his body could take, moaning deliciously when Jules slowed down so Cold could pound up into him.

Cold began to stutter, clearly resisting the urge to come so soon, and Jules began to roughly fuck Jimmy again. The sounds of their cocks moving together was wet and dirty, Jimmy’s face burning with the heat of so much stimulation. He began to lose track of whose hands were where, whimpering when someone pinched his nipples.

“Gettin’ close, Boss,” Jules warned, panting hard.

“Stop,” Cold ordered. “Come closer to me.”

Jules whined, but obeyed, scooting up as close as he could with Jimmy between them.

“Mr. Poe,” Cold said, his voice calm although he was a bit breathless, “Fuck yourself on our cocks. Make us come in you…”

“Oh, God,” Jimmy whimpered. It was one thing to let Jules and Cold fuck him. He didn’t know if he could stand to do it himself, lifting his hips up on shaking legs and dropping down with a loud groan. “I don’t know… I…”

“Don’t you want to come?” Cold teased, petting Jimmy’s cock in the same sweet way he had been petting his hair.

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy panted, more determined now with this new motivation. He had to tilt his hips to get the angle right, pulling away and pushing back down with a loud cry. He could feel their cocks stretching his hole with every movement, he could hear the wet slide of flesh, and he loved it when he bottomed out on both of them, maddeningly full.

Because his arms were still tied, he only use his legs to power his movements, fucking himself on their thick cocks as fast as he could. He adored how he could make both of these powerful men gasp and moan so shamelessly, fucking himself even harder, his cock bouncing against his stomach as he moved.

“Boss,” Jules gasped in warning.

“Me, too.” Cold was right there with him, nodding as he panted, “Come on, Jules… come with me.”

Jimmy whined desperately, bouncing his ass frantically. He screamed when Jules and Cold suddenly took back over, Jules roughly grabbing his hips and ferociously unloading inside of him.

Cold was shuddering all over, bucking his hips up as they both pumped their come deep in Jimmy’s ass.

Jimmy could feel the hot seed already dribbling out of him, sobbing as they continued to fuck him, the sensation so much more slick now from their loads. “Please,” he pleaded tearfully, “I need to come…”

“You’ve been such a good boy,” Cold panted, his hips still rocking as he grabbed Jimmy’s weeping dick. “You can come now… come on, Mr. Poe. Come for us.”

Jimmy sobbed and jerked, thrusting into Cold’s hand as he slammed down on the thick cocks still stuffed inside of him. He came so hard that his head felt light, twitching as he spilled all over Cold’s hand.


It was absolutely heaven.

Jimmy collapsed against Cold’s chest, sobbing lightly from being fucked so thoroughly and experiencing such an intense orgasm, crying, “Thank you, sir… thank you, Mr. Price… my, God… thank you.”

“You are very welcome,” Cold sighed happily, his cock sliding out carefully. “Mmm, Jules, why don’t you get Mr. Poe all cleaned up,” he suggested, rubbing the back of Jimmy’s neck affectionately.

“Would love to,” Jules rumbled eagerly. He pulled out with a grunt, patting Jimmy’s hip. “Come on, lift up that pretty ass for me.”

Jimmy was trembling from absolute muscle failure, but he forced his noodly legs to move, arching his back and offering himself to Jules. He felt so empty now, gasping when Jules’ tongue was there to fill him back up, licking and sucking at the lovely mess left behind.

Jules reached in with his fingers, teasing in a small circle as he scooped up some of the liquids with his fingers, greedily sucking them into his mouth. “He tastes really fuckin’ good full of our load…”

“I bet he does,” Cold chuckled, kissing Jimmy’s forehead as he began to untie the ropes.

Jimmy’s arms felt sore and numb, murmuring happily as Cold’s skilled fingers massaged feeling back into them. He had to kiss him, sighing sweetly as Jules continued to lick between his legs. “I love you,” he gushed, cradling his boyfriend’s gorgeous face, “so very much.”

“I know,” Cold replied passionately, his eyes warm and full of affection.

“I’m gettin’ emotional down here,” Jules mumbled, chuckling as his tongue gave Jimmy’s stretched hole one last hungry lick.

Jimmy laughed, groaning softly as he felt something thick and hard pushing into him, gasping, “Wh-what is that?”

“Plugging your pretty hole up,” Jules informed him, patting his butt affectionately. “Keepin’ you nice and open… ’cause we are definitely doin’ that again.”

“Definitely,” Cold agreed.

Jimmy blushed, snuggling up against Cold. He sighed happily when Jules joined them, enjoying the press of his hot body against his back. He closed his eyes, satisfied from head to toe. He definitely needed a break before going another round, and maybe something to eat.

“Breakfast,” he heard Cold say.

“Breakfast,” Jimmy mumbled contently. “That’s a great idea.”

“Breakfast is ready,” Cold said more firmly, his fingers softly moving through Jimmy’s hair. “Wake up.”

Jimmy blinked, his eyes snapping open and looking around in confusion. Jules was nowhere to be seen, and Jimmy was wearing the same pajamas from last night. Cold was dressed for the day, always the early riser, nudging a tray of food towards him.

A dream, Jimmy realized, his face flushing brightly.
It was all a dream.

“Something the matter?” Cold asked smoothly, quirking a curious brow.

“I’m good,” Jimmy squeaked, clearing his throat, reaching down to readjust himself. God, just thinking about his dream was getting him hot. “I’m so very good.”

Cold smirked, deciding to move the tray of food to the foot of the bed, sitting down beside Jimmy. He knew his boyfriend’s body language very well, his hands sliding the front of his pajamas as he teased, “How good?”

Jimmy moaned when Cold’s nimble fingers ghosted over the hard bulge in his pants, nodding as he replied, “Oh, sooo very good.”

“What’s got you so worked up this morning?” Cold purred, teasing along the length of his shaft.

“I-I had this really sexy dream,” Jimmy admitted, his eyes fluttering as Cold continued to caress him. “It was you… and Jules… and… it was really freakin’ hot.”

“Why, Mr. Poe,” Cold chuckled, clearly delighted, slipping his hand down into Jimmy’s pants to squeeze his cock, “You naughty boy…”

“Oh, God,” Jimmy gasped, his hips bucking up slowly into Cold’s palm. He loved how Cold was looking at him right now, hungry and wanting. “Uh huh,” he confirmed, smiling shyly, “It was very, very naughty.”

“Well, then,” Cold purred in that perfectly velvet voice of his, “Why don’t you tell me all about it?”

Sexy Saturday 09/07/2019

Hi kitties! Welcome to another Sexy Saturday! Yay! Today, I am going to share with you something a little bit different.

I wrote this after CHC because I couldn’t get this scene out of my head – what exactly did happen in the back of the Nova with Tamerlane and Lorre?

Warnings for NSFW/rough sexy times/potty mouths


Mickey Tamerlane already knew exactly what he was going to do first when he stepped outside of prison as a free man. He flipped off every last guard he could see and pissed right out on the street.

He smiled happily as he zipped his pants up, laughing to himself. He hoped this was the last time he ever saw this wretched place, grinning when he saw his 1972 Nova SS pull up in front of him with Julian Price at the wheel.

Right on time.

Jules made the engine roar, grinning slyly as he put it in park and stepped out to greet him.

“Hey, hey now,” Tamerlane snorted. “Be careful with Baby.” He gave Jules a quick hug, clapping him on the back.

“Hey, I brought her, didn’t I?” Jules protested, gesturing to the car. “Took really good care of her while you were in.”

“Keys,” Tamerlane demanded, holding out his hand.

“Fine,” Jules grumbled, slapping them into Tamerlane’s waiting palm. “Party pooper.”

Tamerlane grinned, sliding into the driver’s seat. Fuck, it was almost better than sex. Almost. The leather fitting all around him, the grip of the steering wheel, all that power beneath his feet. He smirked at Jules as he got in, revving the engine and purring, “Buckle up.”

Jules eagerly strapped in, laughing as Tamerlane took off, switching gears like a maniac as he raced away. He was too happy to put the prison behind him, groaning lovingly as his car growled and purred, the engine rumbling beautifully as he drove.

“Just drop me off at my place,” Jules instructed. “Cold is throwing you a little party tonight. Welcome home and all that shit.”

“Whole gang will be there, huh?” Tamerlane asked with a smirk.

“Including your boy Lorre,” Jules noted.

Tamerlane drove faster, gritting his teeth as he snapped, “Not mine anymore.”

“Fine, fuckin’ touchy,” Jules snorted. They didn’t say another word, driving in a comfortable silence until Tamerlane dropped Jules off.

Jules shook his hand before departing, saying, “Go handle your shit. We’ll see you tonight. Cold is plannin’ something.”

Tamerlane grinned. “Can’t wait.”

He took off the second Jules was safely out of the car. His apartment keys were in his personal effects the prison gave back to him, glad to finally be home.

He didn’t have too long before the party, making sure everything was in its proper place just as he had left it. To his surprise, he found a new suit hanging up in his closet.

Definitely from the Boss.

Cold had taken good care of Tamerlane while he was locked up, and he was going to make sure the man knew he appreciated it.

He got ready, taking a ridiculously long and scalding hot shower before getting dressed. If he happened to splash on the cologne that he knew was Lorre’s favorite, he told himself it was just a coincidence.

Tamerlane went down to his car, happily sliding in the driver’s seat and listening to the engine purr. He kissed the steering wheel, sighing contently. He had missed his Baby… and maybe one other person in particular he would die before admitting.

Of course, when he arrived at Cold’s estate, that one particular asshole happened to be standing outside. Tamerlane glared, his insides twisted up by a mix of longing and rage.

Roger Lorre.

He stepped out of the car, intending on walking right by him and ignoring that cheating prick completely.

“Who picked you up?” Lorre asked, his arms crossing over his chest.

“The fuck do you care,” Tamerlane snorted, leaning his hip against the car door. He felt trapped by Lorre’s intense gaze, trying not to stare back too hard.

Fuck, he looked good.

“You could have called me,” Lorre said, taking a few steps closer.

“And interrupt you and Pym? Wouldn’t dream of it,” Tamerlane sneered, trying to focus on his anger.

“It was one fucking time! You were gone! I didn’t know for how long!” Lorre exploded passionately, suddenly right in Tamerlane’ face. “I was fucking lonely! It was a mistake, I already tried to apologize-“

“Fuck you! Like I wasn’t fuckin’ lonely, too?” Tamerlane growled, snatching Lorre by the front of his shirt. “I was in fucking prison! I was fucking miserable! I couldn’t even get a fucking drink, couldn’t take a shit without some pig watching me! Do you know how many guys wanted to be my bitch, huh? And oh, look at that, my dick magically stayed right in my fucking pants.”

“You got like ten fucking years! Ten years, Tamerlane! I didn’t know if Cold could get you out! What did you expect me to do!” Lorre shoved Tamerlane back. “Wait for you?”

“It never even crossed your mind, did it?” Tamerlane was visibly stung, shaking his head. “You fuckin’ piece of shit. You selfish fucking slut, fuck you.”

“Fuck you!”

“No, fuck you!” Tamerlane seethed, the rage boiling between them was palpable and intense, roughly grabbing for Lorre’s shoulders. “God, how I fucking hate you.”

“I hate you, too!” Lorre snapped, his hand clawing at Tamerlane’ shoulders. “You arrogant, stupid bastard.”

Tamerlane snarled, grabbing a tight fistful of Lorre’s hair, dragging him into a angry kiss.

Lorre growled and bit Tamerlane’ lip harshly, his fists pounding into his chest in protest, snarling, “You fucking scum sucking bastard!”

“Ball gargling whore,” Tamerlane shot back, licking at his bleeding lip.

Lorre melted immediately, groaning, “Fuck, I love it when you talk dirty.” He grabbed Tamerlane’ face, kissing him madly, grinding as close as he could.

Tamerlane hated how easy it was for him to give in, to forget how Lorre had hurt him. He adored him, all of his flaws, every last fucked up bit of him.

No one got his blood pumping like this Lorre. Not another soul could ever compare.

Tamerlane purred, kissing Lorre deeply, his hands all over him. His shoulders, his hips, his ass; God yes, his ass. He’d thought about that ass for months in prison, getting a good handful and squeezing hard.

Lorre gasped, their teeth hitting as their kiss deepened, dragging his fingers over Tamerlane’ skull. He knew he wasn’t a good person; then again, neither was Tamerlane. But they were so good together. They were so good at this.

“Backseat?” Tamerlane asked, though it wasn’t much of a question. He already knew where this was going.

“Don’t you have a party to get to?” Lorre laughed breathlessly.

“We’ll have our own little party,” Tamerlane sighed, nosing along Lorre’s jaw, squeezing his hips. “Just me and you.”

Lorre grinned slyly, already pushing Tamerlane aside and crawling into the back of the car. He started unbuttoning his pants, asking, “Still keep lube in the glove compartment?”

“Towel, too. And condoms,” Tamerlane snorted, grabbing what they needed, “Ain’t fuckin’ you without one, you fucking whore.”

Lorre rolled his eyes, shoving his pants down and rolling onto his stomach as he hissed, “Shut the fuck up, you whiny bitch. Just fuck me already.”

“Fuck you,” Tamerlane growled, pulling out his cock and sliding the condom on. He roughly slid a splash of lube between Lorre’s cheeks and added some more to his cock, panting eagerly.

“Come the fuck on,” Lorre snapped impatiently, glancing over his shoulder. He spread his legs, his feet tapping the side window as he tried to get comfortable.

Tamerlane straddled him, his cock hanging hard and eager, pressing against Lorre’s thigh. He shoved Lorre’s face down against the seat, gripping his hair cruelly, snapping, “Shut the fuck up, fuck, you never fucking shut up!”

“What’s wrong? Can’t get it up?” Lorre sneered. “Prison got your junk all fucked up?”

“Ohhhh, fuck you,” Tamerlane laughed, seething as he lined himself up, pushing in deep. “Goddamn…”

Lorre moaned low in sympathy, gasping as Tamerlane began to thrust. That perfect moment when they were fully joined, both panting and gasping, was one Lorre never wanted to lose. He wished it could last forever.

“Can’t believe how tight you are,” Tamerlane sighed adoringly, adding with a little snort, “Especially with all that dick you’ve been takin’ on the side.”

“This is it? Are you just gonna talk?” Lorre asked dryly, “or are we gonna fuck?”

Tamerlane gave no reply except to slam his hips forward, both men groaning loudly. God, it felt so good. It had been so long for him, and Lorre was incredible. He had to concentrate on holding off or he was gonna bust on the spot.

Lorre lifted up his ass, pushing himself back to meet Tamerlane for every thrust, crying out, “Fuck! God, yes. Just like that, just like that.”

Tamerlane fucked him hard, their combined breath already starting to fog up the back windows. He let his legs and hips do all the work, pounding Lorre’s body down into the seat, growling ferociously.

“Fuck, yeah,” he snarled. “I don’t care who you fuck, nobody else can fuck you like I can.”

“Fuckin’ prove it,” Lorre laughed between groans.

Tamerlane was good. No, he was more than good; he was fantastic. But it required a special kind of persuasion to get him really going. He had to piss him off.

Tamerlane pressed his body down until he was completely flush against Lorre, hissing, “I fuckin’ hate you.”

“Not as much as I fuckin’ hate you, you bald prick,” Lorre shot back. He saw the burning rage in Tamerlane’s face, and he knew he’d won.

Tamerlane started fucking him even harder, angry and unstable, their bodies slapping loudly as they collided. The very car began to rock, its wobble fueled by Tamerlane’ furious hips.

Lorre groaned and grunted, his lips parting in absolute bliss. He clawed at the seats, letting Tamerlane fuck him as brutally as he wanted. He had missed this so much, gasping when Tamerlane bowed his head and roughly bit his shoulder.

Tamerlane kept thrusting, never ceasing, even when there was a tap on the windshield. He looked up to see Jules standing there, giving him a friendly wave. Tamerlane grinned in returned, his rhythm not faltering for a moment.

“Fuck, who was that?” Lorre panted.

“Jules,” Tamerlane replied breathlessly, sliding his hand down Lorre’s arm and tangling their fingers together. His thrusts were still hard, but he was slowing down, pushing as deep as he could each time.

Lorre grunted when Tamerlane bottomed out inside of him, squeezing his hand, hissing, “Fuck… I missed you.”

Tamerlane kissed the side of Lorre’s face, his ear, sighing, “I missed you, too.”

From there it was nothing but loving rolls of Tamerlane’s hips, mouthing along Lorre’s throat and jaw, the intensity no longer fueled by rage but by something deeper.

Every day while in prison Tamerlane had thought about Lorre.

He was an itch he couldn’t scratch away, a fucking splinter stuck under his skin that he couldn’t dig out no matter how hard he tried. Even when he had learned of Lorre’s infidelity, his desire wasn’t diluted in the slightest. In a strangely maddening way, it made him want Lorre even more.

Tamerlane wanted to prove that no matter where he strayed, no one could ever make him feel like he could.

No one else could ever love him like he did.

Lorre was crying out from every adoring slam, tilting his hips up to perfect the angle, kissing and sucking at Tamerlane’ fingers.

Tamerlane slid his thumb over Lorre’s lower lip, kissing his cheek, starting to pick up the pace once more. “Fuck, gettin’ close…”

“Come on, baby,” Lorre snarled, groaning desperately. “Come on… fuckin’ get that nut.”

Tamerlane hammered Lorre’s body mercilessly, roaring as he came, grunting as he spilled everything he had. He was out of breath, sweating, kissing at Lorre’s face, panting, “Come on. I wanna watch you come.”

Lorre reached underneath himself, starting to stroke himself to completion until Tamerlane snapped, “Not on the fucking seat! Roll the fuck over.”

The only thing in the world that could possibly compete for Tamerlane’ affection was this car.

Lorre growled as Tamerlane pulled out and moved off of him, swinging his body around so he was on his back. He pulled Tamerlane down for a damp kiss, sighing appreciatively when he felt Tamerlane’ fingers grabbing his cock.

“There you go,” Tamerlane mumbled, jerking him faster and faster, making him twitch and whimper. “Come on. Get it, baby, come on.”

Lorre kissed Tamerlane hard, sliding their tongues together as he chased his climax. Tamerlane kissed him until he couldn’t breathe, gasping as the pressure down in his loins snapped, his hips stuttering as he came all over himself.

His head smacked against the seat, grinning happily as Tamerlane worked him through it, moaning, “Fuck, yeah…”

When Tamerlane was sure Lorre was finally spent, he wiped off his hand on the towel. He tossed it at Lorre to clean himself up, shifting over in the seat.

“So…” Lorre said, sitting up and adjusting himself, wiggling back into his pants.

“So?” Tamerlane echoed, getting dressed against as well and tying off the condom.

“We doin’ this again?” Lorre asked, trying not to sound too hopeful.

“Depends on you,” Tamerlane said softly.


“Yeah, whether you can keep your dick in line,” Tamerlane replied bitterly.

Lorre reached for his hand, soothing, “I’m here, aren’t I? I don’t want anyone else but you. I mean it.”

Tamerlane hesitated, but gave Lorre’s hand a small squeeze. He met Lorre’s gaze, searching his face for some degree of certainty. “Well,” he said, pressing close for a rough kiss, “don’t make me fucking regret it.”

Sexy Saturday 08/31/2019

Hey kits and kittens! Welcome to the very first official Sexy Saturday! Today’s little treat is another cut scene from the original manuscript of CHC!

This was the first ending for Chapter 23 before I decided to chop it for length. Hope you all enjoy it!

Warnings for NSFW/spankings/belts


Cold smirked; that damned beautiful smirk. He pushed Jimmy down to his knees, starting to unbuckle his pants as he purred, “Well… it is my birthday, isn’t it? Go on and show me, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy beamed up at him, licking his lips eagerly as he happily replied “Yes, sir.”

Cold pulled out his cock, half hard and presenting himself to Jimmy like an offering.

Jimmy lunged forward, grabbing the base and eagerly taking all he could into his mouth. He swirled his tongue all around it, groaning contently, his eyes fluttering as he gazed up at Cold. He used his other hand to touch, to caress, to show exactly how beautiful he thought Cold was.

Cold gasped quietly when Jimmy’s fingers found his balls, watching him pull off for a quick breath and running his tongue all over them. He suckled each one lovingly into his mouth before diving back onto his cock, his hands both now moving to squeeze Cold’s hips.

Cold let Jimmy suck and moan all he wanted, gently petting his hair, praising, “Mmmm, I’m starting to think you’re the beautiful one… because you look positively angelic with your lips wrapped around me.”

Jimmy blushed at the praise, encourage to suck even harder, taking all he could down his throat until his eyes watered and he gagged. Still determined, he kept going, pushing himself to take it all and he loved to Cold hear groaning.

He was usually so quiet, but now he was growling such lewd things, murmuring, “Yes, suck it down, Mr. Poe. Take all my cock, fuck, you look so good choking on my fucking cock…”

Jimmy wanted to taste him, wanted him to come in his mouth, whining when Cold stopped him by tugging him off by his hair.

“As fantastic as that is,” Cold panted, sounding surprisingly out of breath, “I have other plans for you, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy pouted, but obeyed, licking his lips to get every last taste of Cold he could, nodding, “Yes, sir.”

Cold grunted as he tucked his erection into his pants, sitting down on the chaise at the foot of the bed. He sighed softly, his eyes moving over Jimmy’s lean body. “Strip for me. Slowly.”

Jimmy smiled and blushed, moving to slide his jacket off his shoulders as he stood up. He took his time, swaying his hips to music playing inside his head. He hummed softly, carefully unfastening his shirt and letting it join his jacket on the floor.

He was especially slow as he opened up his pants, wiggling them with his underwear down his hips inch by inch, grinning as his hard cock sprang out. He slowly stepped out of them, peeling off his socks, proudly standing naked before Cold.

“Come here,” Cold said, gazing hungrily over Jimmy and patting his lap with a coy smile.

Jimmy eagerly stretched out across Cold’s thighs, his erection trapped between his stomach and Cold’s leg, groaning at the pressure.

Cold’s hand rubbed over Jimmy’s cheeks in soothing circles, taunting, “I think birthday spankings are in order, don’t you?”

“You’re the birthday boy,” Jimmy replied with a small laugh, his ass flexing instinctively. “Aren’t you supposed to get the spankings?”

“Oh, but it’s my birthday,” Cold drawled, “and I want to give them all to you. All forty five of them.”

“Christ,” Jimmy whimpered, silently chanting the safe word over and over in case he needed it.

“Are you ready, Mr. Poe?” Cold purred.

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy said, sharply inhaling.

Cold raised his hand and to Jimmy’s surprise, only lightly tapped his cheek. “One.” He gently tapped him again. “Two…”

“That’s it?” Jimmy croaked dumbly, not understanding what Cold was playing at it.

Cold reared his arm back, snapping his palm across both cheeks with a loud crack, taunting, “Three.”

Jimmy cried out, panting as he began to see the little game Cold was setting up for them. He would be gentle at first, teasing him with the thrill of pain to come before spanking him hard and viciously.

Jimmy’s ass was getting raw, burning, his head hanging down as he struggled to contain his moans. He never knew which hit was going to hurt, which ones would be kind, twisting in agony when Cold delivered a particularly sharp smack.

All the way up to forty two Cold counted, making sure the forty second was especially mean, teasing, “I can see my handprints all over your lovely little ass.” He petted him gently, giving his hip a squeeze, praising, “You did very well.”

“Thank you, sir,” Jimmy whined softly.

“Three more left… but I have something else in mind,” Cold purred wickedly, his hands moving away and Jimmy could hear the rattle of his belt buckle.

“Fuck,” Jimmy whimpered, squirming in Cold’s lap. He knew what was coming next.

Cold chuckled quietly, sliding the cool leather across Jimmy’s tender flesh. “Are you ready, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy said, taking a big breath.

The first crack of the belt made Jimmy cry out, a line of fire racing across his cheeks that burned ferociously. It stung and throbbed, Jimmy’s hands curling into tight fists. “Fuck!”

“Good boy, such a good boy for me,” Cold praised, whipping the belt down for the second strike.

Jimmy nearly came off Cold’s lap, wondering how if it was possible that he could hit the exact same place twice. It throbbed wickedly, tears springing up in his eyes, a broken moan getting trapped in his throat as he sobbed, “Fuuu-uck!”

“One more,” Cold assured him, pressing his hand at the small of Jimmy’s back as he whipped the belt across his ass a final time.

That strike made Jimmy’s spine ache, sobbing as he rocked his hips down against Cold’s thigh as if he could wiggle away from the pain. He whimpered as Cold gently petted his raw flesh, praising, “You were magnificent, Mr. Poe… you took them all so beautifully.”

“Thank you, sir.” Jimmy’s body went limp, his eyes closing as Cold continued to pet and massage his ass and lower back. He could still feel the burning lines pulsing across his ass, grinning softly as Cold’s fingers traced each one reverently.

“Can you walk, Mr. Poe?” Cold asked casually, clearly in no hurry, still rubbing away.

Jimmy tried wiggling his legs, laughing breathlessly. They felt tingly and weak from being stretched out like this for so long, replying, “Not even sure I can stand.”

“Come here,” Cold murmured, easily rolling Jimmy over in his lap, slipping his arms under his knees and his back. He stood up and carried him over to the bed. He set him down gently, tapping his thigh.

“Up on your knees,” he commanded.

Jimmy stretched out his body for a brief moment, whining as his tender ass rubbed against the sheets. He grunted, slowly getting into position, gasping when Cold roughly grabbed his hips. He arched his back, dropping onto his elbows, spreading his knees wide on the edge of the mattress.

“Perfect,” Cold purred happily at the beautiful display, again tracing the lines left from his belt then moving his fingers to play with Jimmy’s hole.
Jimmy gasped, pressing his face against the bed.

He was exposed and raw, groaning brokenly as Cold started to slide his fingers inside of him. He was so wrecked he hadn’t even heard him grabbing the lube, rocking back against his slick and probing fingers.

Jimmy was moaning, louder and louder, his erection still pounding away between his thighs. He whined when Cold was already pressing his cock up against his hole, begging, “God, yes, yes, please, fucking stick it me!”

“Language,” Cold gasped in feign shock, pulling away. “Who knew you had such a dirty mouth, Mr. Poe.”

“Please?” Jimmy asked desperately. “I’m just… I really, really want you.”

“You’ll ask me nicely or not speak at all,” Cold said sternly, Jimmy could hear the belt rattling behind him.

He tensed up, expecting another spanking.

“Open your mouth,” Cold ordered.

Jimmy obeyed, his eyes widening as Cold placed the strap of the belt in his mouth, groaning softly as Cold gave it a small tug. He pulled them back like reins, chuckling darkly.

Jimmy shivered, his tongue soaking up the taste of the earthy leather, whimpering loudly when Cold’s cock began to push against his ass again.

He tried to be quiet, only panting through his nose, and he was promptly rewarded with Cold’s thick cock stretching him out.

Cold began hammering his tight hole mercilessly, pulling the belt and forcing Jimmy’s head to tilt back. He was pulling so hard that Jimmy’s whole body was soon arching into every thrust, screaming over the leather and crying from the abuse.

He was overstimulated and shaking, the sides of his mouth aching from the leather tugging so cruelly. His hole was so full, the heat deep in his loins threatening to burst at any second.

When Cold spanked his sore cheeks and jerked the belt back, Jimmy screamed again, clawing at the sheets. Drool was quickly dribbling down his face, running down his neck and chest. It was all so intense, it burned, and he felt so fucking alive.

Cold snapped the belt again, forcing Jimmy to sit up, steering him back against his chest. The belt dropped away, snatching Jimmy’s hair and pulling him into a hot kiss. He started running his fingers all over the drool, licking and sucking it off of Jimmy’s chin.

Jimmy knew he didn’t usually touch Cold when they had sex like this, but he wanted it so badly. He reached back to grab at Cold’s ass, winding his arm around his neck to scratch his fingers through his hair. “So good,” Jimmy whined as Cold fucked him harder. “Fuck, it’s so good!”

Cold growled, using Jimmy’s own spit as lube as he grabbed his cock. He stroked him at the same feverish pace as his slamming hips, kissing and sucking at Jimmy’s mouth. “Come for me, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy’s lips parted in an ecstatic moan, thrusting eagerly into Cold’s tight grip. Cold was slamming his cock faster and faster and Jimmy had no idea who came first, but in seconds they were shuddering together, Jimmy’s whole body aching from the force of it.

“Oh, Rod,” Jimmy whimpered, pulling Cold’s hand and twisting their fingers together tight. He wished this bliss could last forever, his heart still pounding up in his throat. Cold was holding him so sweetly, nuzzling against his neck.

“Well, that was a lovely birthday present,” Cold sighed with a short laugh.

“Good,” Jimmy panted, grinning slyly. “Because that’s all I got you.”

“Mmm, I’m very happy, it was quite thoughtful,” Cold purred graciously. He gently helped Jimmy stretch back out on the bed, tenderly touching the sides of his face where the belt had been rubbing.

“So, do you feel beautiful yet?” Jimmy asked coyly, eagerly leaning into his hand.

“Not sure,” Cold drawled playfully. “We may need to do it again. Not sure if I feel pretty enough.”

“Well, huh, guess I’ll just have to keep trying,” Jimmy sighed dramatically. “I mean, crap, this might take the rest of our lives.”

Cold chuckled to himself, his eyes warm and soft, winking slyly at Jimmy. “Looking forward to it.”

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