COVER REVEAL – 13 Days of Monsters Making Love

That’s right, my darlings! As promised, Mozzarus Scout and I have TWO awesome sexy releases coming for Halloween this year and here is the first one: 13 Days of Monsters Making Love!

Look at that beautiful cover by Amanda Meuwissen! Ahhhhhh! <333

When I wrote the first volume of 13 Days of Monster F#cking way back when, it was a mix of naughty and nice. Since then, it’s become verrrryyy clear to me that peeps have strong feelings about how they like their monsters. Some like sweet and cute, some like wicked and nasty, and some like both! As Mozz and I were working on Monster F#cking: Volume 2, we got the awesome idea to create 13 Days of Monsters Making Love, a special collection of exclusively fluffy and sexy monsters–no content warnings required. ^_~

13 Days of Monster F#cking will continue to be exclusively filthy (Volume 3 is on the way!) while Monsters Making Love will be a home for our sweet monstrous fellows to hang out. Our new plan is to leave Monster F#cking as our traditional annual Halloween release and after this initial debut, Monsters Making Love will release every Valentine’s Day!

Whatever sort of monsters you like, I hope you check it out! If sweet and sugary isn’t your bag, don’t worry. The naughty monsters will still be here to play later. xD


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