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LFM #1: Werewolves Hate Clogs: Now Available!

SFL #9: Love You Always, Suckers And All: Now Available!

Ruthless Daddies: Beast: Preorder Now! 08/11/2023

A Slice For My Demon: Preorder now! 09/04/2023

O Deadly Night: Volume 2: Preorder Now! 11/14/2023


Coming Soon

O Deadly Night: Volume 2: 15k (Finished! Editing!)

13 Days of Monsters Making Love: Preorder Coming Soon!


Current Projects

A Slice For My Demon: 12/20~ (writing!)

13 Days of Monster F#cking Volume 3: 4/13 (writing)



Hello, darlings! Happy August!

Let’s get right into it!

Thank you for all the love on the final Sucker For Love Mystery, Love You Always, Suckers And All! That’s it. That’s the end. I did it. AGH! I hope you all enjoyed it, and we’ll see the magical city of Archersville again in 2024/2025 or something. xD

Moving on!

Ruthless Daddies: Beast is gonna be here on the 11th! SO CLOSE! Me and Mozz cannot wait for you guys to enjoy our beastie daddy and his beastie boyyyy!

Mozz and I have a second preorder, Possessive Love: A Slice For My Demon! We’re over halfway done with this awesome collab entry, and we’ve been having suchhhh a fun time! It will be coming out 09/04/2023, so go preorder meowww!

Speaking of preorders, don’t forget that I’m participating in O Deadly Night: Volume 2, a dark MM anthology that will be benefitting the Trevor Project! It’s jam packed with super awesome talent and for such a great cause! WHEW!


I am THRILLEDDD to finally announce that a special edition hardcover of me and Mozz’s new book, 13 Days of Monsters Making Love, will be featured as part of the incredible Obsidian Flame Crate‘s October box! This is a super super limited run, so you gotta run over to OFC stat and get ready to hurry up and wait. XD

**Waitlist spots for the OFC subscription will open September 1st @ 12pm EST**

Head over to OFC’s website for more info if you want to get this beautiful, cool, gorgeous book!!! I can’t spoil anything yet, but I can tell you that the art is out of this world and I am so so soooo happy! EEEEEEEEKKKkkkkkk!!!

Now, the “normal” ebook and paperback editions of 13 Days of Monsters Making Love will be up for preorder soon on Amazon. It will be releasing October 31st in conjunction with 13 Days of Monster F#cking: Volume 3 on SW. Yes. We are having a monstrously awesome double releeeease! XD XD XD

I’ll share the preorder info as soon as I have it eeeee but you guys will deffff want to go check out the special edition hardcover because OMG I cannot stress enough how beautiful it isssss. <333

Also! Don’t forget that Amanda Meuwissen and I are both coming to GRL and Twin Cities Con! I am back as a Spotlight Author along with Amanda to the Gay Romance Literature Retreat in Portsmouth VA from October 18th to the 22nd! My GRL 2023 Preorder is open so go check it out!

Remember this form is to preorder books to physically pick up at the convention and not part of a sign/ship dealio. You have to actually come see my face to get these! I will also be attending Twin Cities Con with Amanda in Minneapolis, MN from November 3rd to the 5th!