NEW RELEASE and Cover Reveal x2!

HOO BOY TODAY IS CRAZY SO LETS GO! First of all, the last Sucker For Love Mystery is now Live! Love You Always, Suckers And All is hereeee and I am def a bit emotional. I keep staring at the screen like crazy person because it still doesn’t feel real. I did it. I really freakin’ did it. I finished a series.

I started writing Sloane and Loch when I was still an embalmer ffs. It’s been a long time and it’s so surreal and weird and awesome and sad and ahh! I am very proud and happy and eeee I hope you guys enjoy the ending, however bittersweet it is. As promised, this is not the end for this world, so it’s not goodbye.

Think of it as a see ya later. <333


Up next is the stunningly awesome cover reveal for me and Mozzarus Scout’s entry in the Possessive Love collaborative series, A Slice For My Demon!

How gorgeous is that?? EEEEE go check out the blurb and all that cool stuff, and don’t forget to take a peek at the whole series! There’s new covers being revealed all this weeeeek over on the land of Facebook! Oh! And there’s a giveaway going down in all the author groups, including MINE!



Check out the cover for O Deadly Night: Volume 2! This is a dark MM anthology with all proceeds being donated to the Trevor Project coming out this fall!

Authors include me, Alex J. Adams, Sean Azinsalt, Bey Deckard, Abrianna Denae, Elouise R East, MJ Green, Alexis Jane, Abigail Kade, Briar Kearney, Leigh Kenzie, Davidson King, Reese Knightley, Duckie Mack, R. Phoenix & Adara Wolf, Jack L. Pyke, Faith Ryan, and Remi Varlow! WHEW! I am so honored to be a part of this, especially for such a great cause, and I hope you guys snatch up a copy!

Okay. I think I’m done now. A new release and two cover reveals is PLENTY for any little human, and I’m beyond thrilledddd to share so much awesome stuff with you! So! Go check out the new release, scope out the preorders, and as always, happy reading! <333


New Preorder: A Slice For My Demon

Hello, darlings! I’m here to announce my title in a new collaborative series and ooo it’s gonna be HOT HOT HOT! I’m talking hot as hell – literally. XD

Possessive Love is about finding love in all the demonic places! 16 stunning story spinners have created a collection of 15 steamy stories of humans finding love with a demon! Join me, Mozzarus Scout, Ashlynn Mills, Aster Rae, Jax Stuart, H.L Day, B Ripley, Delaney Rain, Emily Alter, Travis Beaudoin, R M Neill, Odessa Hywell, Amanda Meuwissen, Colette Davison, Alex J. Adams, and Shelby Rhodes!

A Slice For My Demon is me and Mozz’s book, and it’s about a pizza man and a retired demon who go on a fantastically sexy and crazy road trip. Check it out! Cover reveal is coming July 25th! Woo woo!

Kevin Hamill has never felt like he belonged. Despite a successful pizza restaurant and a lucrative side gig at a local bar, happiness is fleeting and his relationships fizzle out fast. He’s convinced there’s something wrong with him. He’s empty inside, cursed with a void that nothing has ever been able to fill, and he feels trapped in his humdrum small town routine, left yearning for more.

His ordinary life quickly turns extraordinary when he meets Percival Pearl, a man who claims to be a demon and desperately wants to take Kevin to bed. Even though Kevin thinks Percy is nuts, he’s happy for a change of pace and accepts his advances. Percy is charming, handsome, and makes Kevin feel whole for the first time in his life. Percy is definitely strange, but there’s no way the man could actually be a demon…Right?

The truth is more bizarre than Kevin could ever imagine and results in a cross-country road trip on an epic quest of self-discovery and intimate exploration with the hope he can make it back home alive when unexpected dangers threaten his life and his blossoming romance with his new demon boyfriend.



Writing All The Things

The Elite: Ace of Maids: Now Available!

LFM #1: Werewolves Hate Clogs: Now Available!

SFL #9: Love You Always, Suckers And All: 07/25/2023

Ruthless Daddies: Beast: Preorder Now! 08/11/2023

O Deadly Night: Volume 2: Preorder Now! 11/14/2023


Coming Soon

Ruthless Daddies: Beast: 15/15 (editing!)

O Deadly Night: Volume 2: 14k (editing!)

13 Days Secret Monster Project: Preorder TBA


Current Projects

Demons: 6/20~ (writing!)

13 Days of Monster F#cking Volume 3: 2/13 (writing)


Future Projects 2023

Cold’s Brother Thing

CHC #5

Suckery Mystery Thing

Gay Murder Lobsters

Secret Card Thing



Happy July, darlings!


La Famiglia Mostro: Werewolves Hate Clogs is here! Thank you all so much for the love for Lou and Neil! This book was an absolute blast to write, and I am so freakin’ happy with how it turned out. I cannot say which couple is going to be next in the series just yet, but I hope to start on the second book later this year or early next year.

You know, once the ten million other things I have going on are done! xD

Speaking of new shiny things, I have a new shiny PREORDER to share! I am so thrilled to officially announce that I am participating in the second volume of O Deadly Night! This is a dark MM holiday themed anthology to benefit the Trevor Project, and I am being joined by some AMAZINGGGG authors! Go check it out! <333

Don’t forget about my other preorder, Ruthless Daddies: Beast! This is me and Mozz’s entry in the super sexy steamy Ruthless Daddies collab series, and I think you guys are reallyyyy gonna enjoy this one! Our sweet boy is a very naughty boy! Bwuhahaaa! >:D

And last but certainly not least, the FINAL book in the Sucker For Love Mystery series is up for preorder! Love You Always, Suckers And All is coming on July 25th! AHHHHH I CANT WAIT! I still can’t believe I finished a series and I am so happy. It’s done. I did it. AHHHHHHHHH xD xD xD

Whew so okayyyy what else am I doinggg

Oh right! I do have another magical collab coming up, but I can’t tell you anything yet except uhhh demons. That’s all you get. Mozz and I are writing this one too, and it might just be the most ridiculously hilarious thing ever. I mean, I think it’s funny but hey xD I’ll let you guys decide hahaha xD More info on that coming soon!

We have also started on 13 Days of Monster F#cking: Volume 3! We will continue to work on those in between visits to demon land, and the new volume will go to Smashwords this Halloween alongside a speciallll super secret squirrel release that will be going to Amazon that same dayyy bwuhaha. Don’t worry — there will be preorder info for the new secret release probably uh September ish I think. More on that laterererer.

In other words, we will have a DOUBLE monster release on Halloween. Not sure I made that that clear with my babbling lol. One on SW, one on Amazon, both on the same day. Halloween. Okay, there we go. Moving on!

Let’s talk conventions!

Sadly, Amanda Meuwissen and I will not be attending Galaxy Con: Raleigh. We were on the waitlist and waiting and waitingggggg and yeah no that didn’t work out. But never fear! We are both coming to GRL and Twin Cities Con!

I am coming back as a Spotlight Author along with Amanda to the Gay Romance Literature Retreat in Portsmouth VA from October 18th to the 22nd! My GRL 2023 Preorder is open so go check it out! Remember this form is to preorder books to physically pick up at the convention and not part of a sign/ship dealio. You have to actually come see my face to get these! 

I will also be attending Twin Cities Con with Amanda in Minneapolis, MN from November 3rd to the 5th! I will be very, very cold. Yes and yes, I still plan to be wearing a giant parka the entire time I’m there. xD

Now! Uhhh let’s seeee SO Mozz and I are working on demons and 13 Days while I wrap up my short story for the O Deadly Night anthology. After that, I have one more collab to write for this year and all I can tell you is that it has tentacles and holiday shenanigans.

After that…

YES it is FINALLY time to return to Strassen Springs. Two more books to go woooo! SO CLOSE. SO VERY CLOSEE ahhhhhh I will start working on the final two books for the Cold Hard Cash universe. It’s comingggg sooon so soon okay yeah I think that about covers things.

As always, you can check out my Patreon to read my current WIP’s and see what I’m up to, feel free to stalk me on all my social media, and stay tuned for more exciting news!

Take care, darlings!