Playing For Keeps is LIVE!

Uhhh, surprise happy release day to me! xD xD xD

Yes, this was set for the 15th, but it magically released today! Either I goofed or Zon goofed, but we’re just gonna go with it!

The ebook is LIVE and available to read in KU, and the adorable pocket paperback will be out soon as well! This 15k BDSM novella is spicy and sweet with high heat and lots of toysss! Yes, I mean those kind of toys. Yes, the other kind too, but mostly the sexy time kind. xD


Mateo Delgado never does anything without a plan.

A natural gift for numbers and organization allowed him to build a successful custom leather business, but his busy schedule has left him poor in the romance department.

When he finds himself in need of a man with unique skills to help a loyal customer, does he opt for a more experienced candidate or risk his success on the apparent amateur who his sister is mysteriously pushing him to meet?

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