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CHC #5

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13 Days: Volume 3

Gay Murder Lobsters

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Happy April, darlings!


Both my Secret Monster Project andddd the final book for Sloane and Loch are DOOONE. I AM SO HAPPY. AND I DID IT BY THE END OF MARCH HAHAHAHA! I can’t tell you much about the Secret Monster Project except that it will be coming out in October anddd I will have a preorder sometime this fall. SFL #9: Love You Always, Suckers And All has already been accepted for publication, so hopefully editing will start soon and I will share a release date as soon as I can! EEK!

Although I am very excited to have finished my Secret Monster Project with the lovely Mozzarus Scout, I do wanna scream a little about having finally finished a series. It’s done. The Sucker For Love Mysteries are finally finallyyyyy DONE AND I AM HAPPY. Yes, it is sad, but LOOKIE I DID IT. EEEEEEEEK. Okay, ahem, right. It is not the end for the universe, so do not fear, tentacle fans.

I still have many plans to write my Hidden World series that will focus on Alexander, Ollie, Rota, and my boy Stoker. This new series uhhh will probably not come about until 2024ish because oops I have a lot to write this year! xD

Don’t forget that SFL #8: An Inkredible Love comes out soon andddd The Elite: Ace of Maids is coming out later this month too! <333

I am officially back in mafia landddd, so my Cold Hard Cash people can rejoice! First up is a Daddy Mafia collab that I am writing with Mozz andddd my sexy monster mafia story. Yes, I am dumb for writing two things at the same time. It’s gonna be fine shhhh I got this. This is where my muse decided to go and it will allow me to write that Book About Cold’s Brother and CHC #5 back to back which will be good for flow and uhhh… And plot things. I dunno.

It makes sense in my head.

Let’s seeee what else uhhhh

There are still three other sexy exciting collabs that I have yet to mention, but that’s because they’re super secret still and I can’ttttt. Just trust me that there’s a lil’ somethin’ for everyone since my brain refuses to stick with a single genre so we got some demons, some tentacles, and maybe something a lil’ darkkkk and spoopyyyyy! >:D

Oh! Also! Alsooo! FYI that Playing For Keeps and Tastes Like Christmas will be leaving my newsletter soon. These are two of the current threeeee freebies that you get for subbing and omfg they’re old as dirt. I love these stories but eee I will be pulling them both to publish as pocket paperbacks over the summer andddd I will soon have some new freebies to share in their place!

I think that’s it for now! xD I gotta go write!

Thank you guys for all your support! Happy reading!


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