NEW RELEASE: Ace of Maids is LIVE!


The next book in the sexy super awesome multi-author Elite series is here!

Ace of Maids by K.L. Hiers

(oh hey that’s me! XD)

Being honest in a relationship is very important, but telling the truth about getting rid of bodies for the mob might be a bit of a deal breaker.

Melvin “Dash” Purvis is the latest in a long line of professional cleaners. He cleans up the little problems that local criminals and gangsters leave behind and makes sure they’re never found. It’s discreet, profitable, but lonely. Dash can never reveal the true nature of his job and the odd hours he keeps always end up driving away his potential partners.

All that changes when Dash receives an invitation to a mysterious club and finds himself in the company of his fellow not-so-law-abiding citizens. It is there he meets Tommaso “Tommy” Capelli, a local gangster who’s wonderfully charming and ready to sweep Dash off his feet and right into bed. It might be Dash’s chance to finally have a crack at an honest relationship, but the situation becomes complicated when he runs into Tommy again in the worst possible place…

As part of his latest cleaning job.

Dash’s mentor never told him what to do when one of the problems is still alive and keeping Tommy that way puts Dash right in the middle of a brewing mob war. The passion burning between him and Tommy is almost as dangerous as the men now trying to kill them both, and Dash’s unique skills and courage are put to the test as he fights to keep them out of a body bag so they can make it to their first date.

Ace of Maids is a part of the multi-author series The Elite. Each book can be read as a standalone and in any order. What links these books together is The Anonymous, a club beneath the gritty city where only the elite are welcome.


NEW PREORDER Ruthless Daddies: Beast

That’s riiiiight, darlings! Ruthless Daddies is BACK! I am proud to announce that I am once again participating in this incredible collab with a host of other awesome authors! This year is gonna even more sexy and amazing and WOO! I’m co-writing with the amazing Mozzarus Scout, and our book Ruthless Daddies: Beast is now available for preorder!

Cover reveals and more series info is coming next month so keep your eyeballs peeeeled for that! Enjoy a peek at the blurb and just trust meeee that you’re not gonna wanna miss this!

Taking a job at an infamous club run by gangsters is certainly dangerous, but the money is too good for Noel Bradley to say no.

After confronting his boyfriend’s infidelity, a single night of poor decision making has cost Noel his job, his education, and his future. He’s desperate to get his life back, but he needs a steady paycheck to make that happen. Having to wear tight spandex briefs and getting groped nightly isn’t his idea of fun, but he cannot deny how well it pays.

Everything is finally looking up…

Until Noel accidentally draws the attention of the club’s owner, the Beast.

Barrett Armstrong is a merciless man with a legendary temper who doesn’t take no for an answer and always gets his way. When he decides he wants Noel to spend the night with him, Noel is faced with bargaining away his virginity to appease him. Desperate to keep his job, Noel falls into bed with Barrett and soon finds himself pulled into Barrett’s dangerously violent world.

Noel has to confront his own beastly urges to survive and Barrett is determined to give Noel something that he never even knew he needed:

A Daddy.

Beast is part of the Ruthless Daddies multi-author collab and a complete standalone. Expect to find a criminal Daddy, a tough boy, high steam, and some dark mafia themes. Want more deliciously morally gray Daddies and boys? Grab the whole series!


NEW PREORDER: Playing For Keeps


My short story Playing For Keeps is being released as a wee pocket paperback and you can grab a copy May 15th! This 15k BDSM novella is spicy and sweet, and you can have it in cute tiny paperback form or read it over on KU! This story was once part of a charity anthology and then it was a freebie in my newsletter for a million and one years. Now it has a forever home over on Amazon with a new pretty cover, an extra sexy epilogue, and I hope you guys check it out! <333


Mateo Delgado never does anything without a plan.

A natural gift for numbers and organization allowed him to build a successful custom leather business, but his busy schedule has left him poor in the romance department.

When he finds himself in need of a man with unique skills to help a loyal customer, does he opt for a more experienced candidate or risk his success on the apparent amateur who his sister is mysteriously pushing him to meet?

An Inkredible Love is LIVE!

Sucker For Love Mystery #8: An Inkredible Love is LIVE! We’re finally getting Fred and Ell’s story, and I am so very excited for you guys to read this one! I do believe their book is the most romantic of the series, but oof be prepared for some angst! <333

(Also pssst Acsquidentally In Love is only 99¢ right now on Amazon! So, if you haven’t yet started this epic series, now is the perfect time! Keep your eyeballs peeled because Kraken My Heart will also be going on sale later this week!)

(Also also pssssst yes this book will be joining the others on KU, but we’re at the mercy of the ‘Zon as to when exactly it will be enrolled. Hopefully just a few days if not sooner! <333)

It’s hard to have a love life when you don’t have a pulse.

All that changes for Fred Wilder when he meets Elliam Sturm a few weeks after Sloane Beaumont first becomes a Starkiller and kills a god.

As a ghoul, Fred Wilder needs very specialized medicine to combat his constantly rotting body. As a thief, Fred needs that body in good condition. Fortunately for him, Ell does the impossible: brings new life to Fred’s dead flesh.

Just being around Ell makes Fred feel alive for the first time since his untimely demise. He’s so charmed by Ell’s bright personality and shared love of obscure fantasy that he doesn’t think twice about the source of Ell’s power. But this is Archersville, so their blossoming romance is threatened by a dangerous painting that could awaken an ancient god who could destroy the world. Now the fate of billions hinges on Fred completing a daring heist.

But as Fred and Ell work together, the true depth of Ell’s power becomes impossible for Fred to ignore, and he’s forced to accept that perhaps the biggest mystery—and the biggest threat—has been with them all along….


Writing All The Things

13 Days of Monster F#cking: Volume 2: Available Now!

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SFL #8: An Inkredible Love: Preorder now! 04/11/2023

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SFL #9: Love You Always, Suckers And All (Accepted! Awaiting Editing)


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Daddy Mafia: 2/15 (writing!)

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Happy April, darlings!


Both my Secret Monster Project andddd the final book for Sloane and Loch are DOOONE. I AM SO HAPPY. AND I DID IT BY THE END OF MARCH HAHAHAHA! I can’t tell you much about the Secret Monster Project except that it will be coming out in October anddd I will have a preorder sometime this fall. SFL #9: Love You Always, Suckers And All has already been accepted for publication, so hopefully editing will start soon and I will share a release date as soon as I can! EEK!

Although I am very excited to have finished my Secret Monster Project with the lovely Mozzarus Scout, I do wanna scream a little about having finally finished a series. It’s done. The Sucker For Love Mysteries are finally finallyyyyy DONE AND I AM HAPPY. Yes, it is sad, but LOOKIE I DID IT. EEEEEEEEK. Okay, ahem, right. It is not the end for the universe, so do not fear, tentacle fans.

I still have many plans to write my Hidden World series that will focus on Alexander, Ollie, Rota, and my boy Stoker. This new series uhhh will probably not come about until 2024ish because oops I have a lot to write this year! xD

Don’t forget that SFL #8: An Inkredible Love comes out soon andddd The Elite: Ace of Maids is coming out later this month too! <333

I am officially back in mafia landddd, so my Cold Hard Cash people can rejoice! First up is a Daddy Mafia collab that I am writing with Mozz andddd my sexy monster mafia story. Yes, I am dumb for writing two things at the same time. It’s gonna be fine shhhh I got this. This is where my muse decided to go and it will allow me to write that Book About Cold’s Brother and CHC #5 back to back which will be good for flow and uhhh… And plot things. I dunno.

It makes sense in my head.

Let’s seeee what else uhhhh

There are still three other sexy exciting collabs that I have yet to mention, but that’s because they’re super secret still and I can’ttttt. Just trust me that there’s a lil’ somethin’ for everyone since my brain refuses to stick with a single genre so we got some demons, some tentacles, and maybe something a lil’ darkkkk and spoopyyyyy! >:D

Oh! Also! Alsooo! FYI that Playing For Keeps and Tastes Like Christmas will be leaving my newsletter soon. These are two of the current threeeee freebies that you get for subbing and omfg they’re old as dirt. I love these stories but eee I will be pulling them both to publish as pocket paperbacks over the summer andddd I will soon have some new freebies to share in their place!

I think that’s it for now! xD I gotta go write!

Thank you guys for all your support! Happy reading!