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13 Days of Secret Monster Project (Writing 11/13)

SFL #9: Love You Always, Suckers And All (Writing 9/15)

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Happy March, darlings!

Yes oops I’m a few days late with this post but pffft it’s fine. XD Maybe I forgot and just realized I hadn’t posted this month when I shared that info about the Smashwords Sale but shhh it’s okayyyy xD xD xD

Okay, let’s go!

Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus is now live for your reading and viewing pleasure! All my love to John T. Fuller for bringing my little world to life with his awesome art! I am so happy with how this turned out and I highlyyyy recommend you grab this in paperback! Do not forget that Inkredible Love is up for preorder and will be releasing 4/11/23! SO CLOSE!

I am over halfway done with the final book for Sloane and and Loch! It’s been tough because I am gonna miss these boys, but I am so proud that I am finally finishing a series. <333

My title for the Elite multi-author series is DONE and will be up for preorder verrrryy soon! This was a lot of fun and it’s a sexy hot little story with lots of action and smutty goodness! I cannot wait for you guys to read this one. It’s a wild little ride!

I’m still a bit behind (what a surpriseee, said no one) but I’m very happy with how Sloane and Loch’s book is going, and I only have two more chapters to finish for the sexy super secret monster project. All I can tell you is that it will be releasing for Halloween, but there may be a way to get a super sexy awesome edition a little bit sooner. More on that later this fall! XD

Okay, wait, maybe I’m not as behind as I thought. My goal was to have the Elite book, Secret Monsters, and Sloane and Loch done by the end of March. Elite is done, Secret Monsters is very close, and I’m way ahead on Sloane/Loch. So HA! I’m actually on schedule bwuhahaha!

(of course I wanted this stuff done sooner because i’m insane, but it’s gonna be okiesssss)

Once these are done and edited and ready to release into the world, I am returning to mafia land. I promise. I swear. Pinkies and everything!

I have a sexy Daddy mafia story that I’m co-writing with the fabulous Mozzarus Scout, a CHC spinoff about Cold’s brother, the final book for Jimmy and Cold, and a surprise sexy monster mafia story that I am so fucking pumped for I don’t even know what to do with myself. Some of you may remember yearsss ago I teased the premise for Suckers and Spats, a mafia series that would feature eldritch gods. However, with the success of my 13 Days series, I have now decided to expand that universe to include manyyyy more monsters.

I can’t promise what order these are all going to be written in, but they’re definitely going to happen. xD

I still have some other fun collabs this year to squeeze in between here and there, and I am at the mercy of my muse to see what sparks first. I’m hoping I can write the mafia titles all together since my brain will hopefully stay in that mode, but we will seee. I will say that some of the other collab titles are relatively short (10-30k) so I’m not tooo worried about making sure they get done on time since I neverrrr sleeeep.

You can always go check out my Patreon to see the results of my insomnia where I share 10+ posts per month of my WIP’s, bonus scenes, cover reveals, prompts, and morrrre! Okay, shameless plug over. You get the idea lol I post a lot! XD

Uhhhh so let’s see. Yes. Right! All of my merch has officially moved to my Etsy Store! You can purchase stickers and magnets with designs inspired by my books! I do hope to expand to bigger items like t-shirts again, but for now I’m only going with items I can send in a tiny envelope. After all the crap with Redbubble taking down the artwork of Jimmy and Cold, I’m very hesitant to deal with another website where I can’t control the products.

I think that might be it! I’m on schedule to finish two books this month andddd then it’s off to write lots of gangsters and dark sexy times! <333

Thank you guys for all your support! Happy reading!


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