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Tentacle Hockey Available Now!

Ruthless Daddies: Cash Available Now!

Our Shellfish Desires Available Now!

8 Days of Monstrous Pride Available Now!

Stargazing With A Ghost: (Proofing!) Coming 9/16/2022!

Insquidious Devotion: PREORDER LIVE! Coming 11/08/2022!


Current Projects

In Darkness and Dank (9/10 of rough draft!) 9/30/2022

Pure Silence (outlininggg tthe outline 0/25) 10/06/2022

Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus – (Accepted! Awaiting editing!)

An Inkredible Love -15/15 (Editing for submission foreverrr)


Future Projects 2022

13 Days of Monster F#cking Vol. 2 (10/31/2022) ???

13 Days of Monsters Making Love (???) (2/14/23?)

Sucker For Love: #9 (???)



Happy September (even though we’re still technically in August oops), my darlings! WHEW! SO MUCH GOING ON! LONG AF POST AHEAD XD XD XD

(I’m posting this early because hey I’m gonna be driving down to Atlanta tomorrow for DRAGON CON – Come find me and get some wicked reads signed in person! I’ll be there September 1st – 5th! Find me over on Floor 1 Exhibitors @ Tairen’s Lair & Authors Lair Booth!)

HERE WE GO! Why YES I managed to squeeze in a surprise 10k novella while working on five other things because I am insane. A dear friend who is not a fan of hockey was challenged to read a hockey book, sooo I said I’d write one with tentacles that she’d be sure to like! I had set the preorder up to come out next week (which is now THIS week) but big oops. Sleepy people should not operate websites. Somehow I botched the preorder and it came out early. Oh well!

You can now read Tentacle Hockey over on Smashwords!

Mind the content warnings, dears. It’s a very, very naughty book. I didn’t put it on Smashwords for giggles, you know. ^^;;

Uh, let’s seeeee what else!?

Ah, yes! Ruthless Daddies: Cash is now live and OMG THANK YOU for the love on this book! The reviews have been super amazing, and I am so happy that everyone has enjoyed getting to know Jules better and meeting Brick. I have missed my mafia peeps, and this is giving me so much good energy for finishing the Cold Hard Cash series next year.

But meh we’re not talking about 2023 yet because I still have SO MUCH to do this year! Like agh the rough draft of Stargazing With A Ghost is done and in the capable hands of my awesome proofreader, Jennifer Griffin of Marked and Read! Woo woo! This is a sweet and fluffy ghost romance book with a tiny hint of a mystery and lots of steamy sexy times. Be on the look out for that September 16th! SO CLOSE!

I’m currently working on In Darkness and Dank, my queer retelling of Creature From the Black Lagoon! I’m almost done with the rough draft, and my goal is to finish before the end of Dragon Con.

Oh right! And yes. When I get back from my Dragon Con adventure, it will be time to start writing Pure Silence! Yesss! I will basically have a month to write, edit, proof, and format this book because it comes out 10/06/2022… IM SURE IT WILL BE FINE. X_X I’m a bit nervous because I’m not usually cutting things this close, and this will be a chapter a day grind to make sure I finish with enough time to get the book ready for release.

TL;DR My personal life has been a dumpster fire, and I lost two months trying to help out a member of my family. X_X;;;

I’m happy to say that the family situation has been resolved, and now I am set to finish all my books on time with my new shiny writing schedule! By the skin of my damn teeth LOL but YES I will finish them. XD XD XD

After my collabs are finished, it’s gonna be MONSTER TIME. I still plan to write 13 Days of Monster F#cking Volume 2, and I will share the sexy teasers just like last year as we count down the days to Halloween. I was really hoping to have the full collection done for a Halloween Day release, but eh let’s not get crazy. With as much as I am pushing myself to finish the last two collabs plus all the edits and writing for my day job, I am not confident that I will be able to finish Volume 2 in time. ;_;

Filthy monster teasers to share? Yes.

Fully edited super extended filthy monster shorts? Probably not.

I am kinda crazy, so hey anything is possible, but I am not setting up a preorder for it until I know for sure what I can do. I can’t put myself on another deadline right now or my brain might pop. That’s still over a month away, so who knows! Maybe I’ll pull it off! UGH but probably not XD

Oh but wait there’s still more because Insquidious Devotion is coming out November 8th! WOO! This is Sucker For Love Mystery #7, and we are back with Sloane and Loch to see what kinda shenanigans they’re getting into. I am also happy to announce that my Super Secret Squirrel Project aka Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus has been accepted for publication!

This is a fun illustrated guide full of character profiles, horoscopes, history, magical info, and more! It will be the ultimate guide to the Sucker For Love world, and I am so so soo happy! I can’t wait for you guys to see it! The illustrations were done by the fantastic John T. Fuller, and there are some sneaky peeks available over at my Patreon! <333

SFL #8: An Inkredible Love is still very much done, but I am finishing up the last few edits and writing the summary before I submit it. It was important to get the Omnibus sent in first (spoilersss bwuahhaa), but I am hoping to have #8 sent in soon. As some of you may remember from old blog posts, #8 actually used to be #3 in the series before I moved everything around.

I moved it because 1) it was way too obvious who the Kindress was and B) I liked the pattern of every other book starring a different couple with only the odd numbered books being Sloane and Loch’s. So, 3) or D) or whatever we’re on, that is why THIS book has been kicked around for so long even though it was technically written like two years ago.

I am so so SOOOO very proud to see the end of this series coming. Yes, it’ll be bittersweet and blah blah but COME ON I AM ABOUT TO FINISH AN EPIC NINE BOOK SERIES EEEE! I will work on Sucker For Love #9 over the holidays and wow yeah that’ll pretty much finish up 2022 for me! WHAT A FUCKING YEAR IT HAS BEEN and there is still so much to gooo!

2023 will be the year of Jimmy and Cold as I plan to finally finish CHC and that thing with Cold’s brother and I have one collab planned (and probably the ONLY 2023 collab that I will take on) that is also mafia-themed so whewwww! I will also maybe finally work on poor Robots, and yeah uh that’s about I’m willing to plan right now because holy crap.

No, wait, I lied. I also want to write 13 Days of Monsters Making Love (another fluffy monster collection like 8 Days) in time for Valentine’s Day but that’s a big huge maybe. XD XD XD

I gotta get finished packing for DRAGON CON HAHAHAH OMG! I have lots more plans for 2023 but wow this post has gotten out of control, and I gotta go do big important author booth things! WHEEEEE! Take care, my sweet darlings! Thank you for everything! Your love and support make all of this insanity possible! <333

Happy reading, darlings!


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