GRL Preorders UPDATE

Hello, my darlings!

Preorders for GRL signed paperbacks are still open! Remember that this is specifically for the signing event at the Gay Romance Literature Retreat (GRL) in Portsmouth, Virginia from October 19th-23rd 2022. This is NOT for ordering books to be shipped. This is ONLY for ordering books to be picked up specifically at the convention. Placing an order does not guarantee any entry into the event — you will still need to purchase a ticket to get in!

I have *EXTENDED* the cutoff date to September 6th. This will be the absolute last day that you can place an order for paperbacks to be picked at GRL and invoices will be due by the 10th so I have enough time to order the books for everyone!

If you want a signed book from me, PLEASE PREORDER. I will be bringing a very limited number of books to the convention (enough to cover preorders and maybe 5-10 extra of each title), so there is a very good chance that I will sell out!

**Preorders are open until 9/6 and invoices will be due by 9/10! Order now!*


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