Coming Soon!

The highly anticipated audiobook adaption of Cold Hard Cash is coming – 05/31/2022! Voiced by the incomparable Scott Carousel, this is 10+ hours of incredible steam, thrilling passions, and a wild mafia adventure brought to life like you’ve never heard before.

Make sure you have a fan and a cold shower ready when you listen to this… you’re gonna need it.

New Preorder Available!

That’s right — surprise preorder! WOO WOO!

I’ve got some sweet and fluffy sexy monster stories coming June 30th! I will begin posting teasers in a few weeks, and I cannot wait for you guys to read this super awesome collection! It’s gonna be so much fun! <333

In honor of pride month, I will be donating some of the profits from this book to a couple of my favorite LGBTQ+ charities: the Gilbert Baker Foundation, The Trevor Project, and Haunters Against Hate. I hope you guys check it out and keep your eyeballs peeled for the sneaky peeks coming soon!

Inspired by the meanings behind the colors of the original pride flag, this is a collection of eight romantic stories that each follow a specific theme: sexuality, life, healing, sunlight, nature, magic and art, serenity, and spirit. Each story features a man finding happiness in unexpected and surprising ways!

-A young man comes out to the desire demon he accidentally summons

-A painter finds his muse again when he meets the monster in his art

-A bullied medium finds love when he channels a widower’s lost husband

…And many more!


Writing All The Things

Completed Projects

A Quick Buck: Available Now!

13 Days of Monster F#cking: Available Now!

Just Calamarried: Available Now!

Our Shellfish Desires: July 19th, 2022

Insquidious Devotion: (editing, release date pending)


Current Projects

An Inkredible Love: 15/15 (editing for submission)

Untitled Daddy Mafia: 19/20 (writing) (8/12/2022)

8 Days of Monstrous Pride: (outlining 7/8) (6/30/2022)

Super Secret Squirrel Project (outlining, ??/??)


Future Projects 2022

Ghost (9/17/2022)

Creature (9/30/2022)

Sinner (10/06/2022)

13 Days of Monster F#cking Vol. 2 (10/31/2022)

13 Days of Monsters Making Love (???)

Sucker For Love: #9



Happy May, darlings!

Waaah? What do you mean this post is five days late? I have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s not like I’m scrambling to finish a WIP because I have like ten more to do and I maybe might have forgot about my blog. Except I did. Oops. XD

Please be sure to check out the preorder for Our Shellfish Desires, and I have BIG BIG BIGGG news for the Sucker For Love Mysteries!

The entire series will be going to KU, and that includes Our Shellfish Desires releasing in KU as well! WOO WOO! I am not sure how soon it will happen because it’s up to Amazon at this point and their unpredictable enrollment process, but keep your eyeballs peeled because I will be posting as soon as the series is enrolled and ready to go! 😀 😀 😀

Speaking of SFL, if you wanna sneak peek at #7 and #8, you better head over to Patreon while you still can! Editing on #7 will begin soon, and I will remove all the WIP chapters at that time. The final chapter for #8 posts tomorrow, but those will also come down when editing with my pubby begins.

The closer I get to the end of this series, the more bittersweet it is. <333

I still have to finish the Super Secret Squirrel Project, the mini-series for Asta and Jay, a handful of bonus scenes, and #9 of course, but then that’s it. Like, there is a very real ending for this series, and it’s not that far away AT ALL OMGGG. It’s just hit me that I will finish writing it this year.

2022 is the last year of Sloane and Loch! D: D: D:

Naturally, I still have plans to write the Hidden World series in that same universe, but whew that will not be happening for a while. My writing schedule is already packed full, and I’ve tried to update it here in this blog so you guys can see what I’m working on now. I’m about to finish my first collab, a sexy Daddy Mafia book with a very special MC who gets himself his first boy, and then it’s onto the Super Secret Squirrel Project and 8 Days of Monstrous Pride.

8 Days of Monstrous Pride is a special project that I am planning to release for Pride Month, and I will donate a portion of the profits to the Trevor Project, the Gilbert Baker Foundation, and Haunters Against Hate, some of my favorite LGBTQ+ charities. This whole idea snuck on me because I’ve been missing monsters and I’ve always wanted to create something special for Pride. It’s going to be eight stories inspired by the meanings of the original eight colors of the first pride flag designed by Gilbert Baker.

Preorder for 8 Days of Monstrous Pride is coming soon and will release June 30th! <333

After all that fun stuff is done, it’s back to writing the books for the other sexy collabs coming later this fall. I can’t give you a lot of details, but I cannnn say that the next one is gonna be a ghostly good time. I’m also planning another volume of Monster F#cking plus a collection of fluffier sweet Monsters Making Love stories! I am hoping for a double release on Halloween, but ehhhh!? XD We’ll see!

If it doesn’t look good for the home team, I may bump 13 Days of Monsters Making Love to 2023. Maybe for Valentine’s Day? Awww, yeah. That’s a good plan. Nothing more sweet or romantic than monsterssss. <333

Uhhh, let’s see. What else…

I think my blog last month was too short, and this one is gonna be too long, ha.

Tl;dr I am writing my butt off to get everything done that has a deadline on it, but I snuck in some monster romance and secret squirrel things, and I swear I’ll get to the last Sucker For Love book by the end of the year. I’m confident that I’ll finish writing it before the ball drops once the collabs and monstery things are taken care of, but I very much doubt it’ll release until 2023.

I do feel bad that some projects keep getting kicked aside (Robots, Jay and Asta, Cold Hard Cash sequels, every bonus scene ever that I either write WAY AHEAD or literally the week of a new release), but the muse is being very particular about what they want to do. I am very sorry if there’s a particular book you’re waiting on me to write, and all I can say is that I doing my absolute best to keep words flowing. I hope you’re excited about what I have planned for the year, and I seriously cannot wait to share all these awesome stories with you guys!

My tentative plan is that once my current schedule is done, including everything for the Sucker For Love series, I am going to FINALLLYYY tackle Robots. Poor, poor Robots that has been neglected for years and years. Literally years at this point, agh! X_X

And THEN, and only THEN, probably late 2022/early 2023ish, I am going back to Cold Hard Cash land to finish that darn series. I want CHC finished before I start anything else, and that includes the new Hidden World series in tentacles land that I want to write. I am never ever everrrr going to write two series at the same time everrrrr again because one of them will always end up sucking hind tit–especially when I get distracted by random crazy projects. ^^;;

I mean, I think they’re all crazy AWESOME COOOOL projects, but still! XD

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Thank you for reading my long rambling blog! I hope you are looking forward to what’s coming up, and thank you as always for your love and support. Seriously could not do this without you guys!

Happy reading, darlings!

<333 Kat