New Preorder Available!

Sucker For Love Mystery #6: Our Shellfish Desires is now available for preorder! It goes live 7/19/2022 and I can’t wait for you guys to read this one! It is seriously my fav of the series so far! Check out the gorgeous cover and blurb below! <333

People talk about the marriage of true minds, but Alexander doesn’t think this is what they meant.

After a cruel experiment binds him to the soul of Rota, an old god, Alexander has one mission: find Rota’s body. Having a godly boyfriend is great, but it would be better to have one that he could actually touch. Unfortunately, even Alexander’s ability to command Rota’s divine power hasn’t helped.

A rare book of poetry may finally provide the answer. The expertise they need translating it brings them to Oleander Logue, a young man with plenty of problems that seem at odds with his cheerful nature. Ollie is happy to help, but he’s in trouble with a gangster who demands that Alexander and Rota solve a series of murders first.

Desperate, Alexander and Rota accept the case… but it’s not that simple. The gangster’s threats to Ollie’s safety disturb them both, but is that because they’re both growing more attracted to Ollie… or because he’s a potential host for Rota? If they can’t solve these murders, they may never find out.


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Nautilus Than Perfect: Available Now!

A Quick Buck: Available Now!

13 Days of Monster F#cking: Available Now!

Just Calamarried: Available Now!


Current Projects

Our Shellfish Desires: 15/15 (Editing complete!)

Insquidious Devotions: 15/15 (Submitted to publisher!)

An Inkredible Love: 15/15 (editing for submission)

Untitled Daddy Mafia: 0/25 (outlining)


Future Projects

Sucker For Love: #9

Ghost (9/17/2022)

Sinner (10/06/2022)

Creature (10/03/2022)

Cold Hard Cash #5

That Half-Brother Guy


Gods (Untitled) #1 – #5

And The Stars Went Red

The Yawn Of Churchyards

Gay AF Supernatural (Untitled)

Love Included, Heart Not Required



Happy April, darlings!

Sucker For Love Mystery #5 Just Calamarried is now live!!!

I’m currently waiting for a release date for SFL #6, I submitted SFL #7 a few weeks ago, and I just finished writing SFL #8! You can check out those WIP chapters as I edit them for submission over on Patreon! Woo-woo! I’m so thrilled to see the end of this series in sight after so long. I need to write one last book for Sloane and Loch, the mini-series for Asta and Jay, complete the Super Secret Squirrel Project, but then that’s IT! AGH!

Now I know I said last month that I was going to head straight into SFL #9 once I finished #8… but I’m big silly goose, and that is no longer the plan. Because my collabs have pesky deadlines and I just bought myself like four months finishing two tentacles books back to back, I need to start working on my collabs. SO, that is where I’ll be headed to.

Up next will my Daddy Mafia book with a certain somebody from CHC land. That you already know. I mean, if any of you actually read these blog things. Sorry this isn’t longer, but eek I have so much to do! XD

Happy reading, darlings!

<333 Kat