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Nautilus Than Perfect: Available Now!

A Quick Buck: Available Now!

13 Days of Monster F#cking: Available Now!

Just Calamarried: March 22, 2022


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Insquidious Devotions: 1/15 (currently writing)

Our Shellfish Desires: 15/15 (Accepted! Awaiting Editing)

Love Included, Heart Not Required (in beta)


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Sucker For Love: #9

Ghost Collab: Stargazing With A Ghost

Daddy Mafia Collab: Untitled

Creature From the Black Lagoon MM Collab

Cold Hard Cash #5

That Half-Brother Guy


Gods (Untitled) #1 – #5

And The Stars Went Red

The Yawn Of Churchyards

Gay AF Supernatural (Untitled)



Happy New Year, darlings!

WOW! December was CRAZY! Holy crap, I’m still trying to recover from it all! XD

13 Days of Monster F#cking got banned from Amazon, but you can now purchase the ebook on Smashwords. Paperbacks are available at Lulu, or you can snag a signed copy at the sexy low preorder price at my Etsy Store while supplies last. Lulu is more expensive than Amazon for printing (almost double for a book this length), so I had to adjust prices a bit. I really hate that this happened and that it costs so much more now, and I’m so very sorry to anyone whose paperback orders got cancelled by the ‘Zon.

I do have plans to write more 13 Days collections, but to avoid the wrath of Amazon… they will all go straight to Smashwords now. Just to be safe. I know this sucks for my KU people, but I cannot afford to get my account banned over monster porn. To help offset the cost, I will offer them at a lower preorder price on Smashwords (like what I do with my signed copies on Etsy now), and I hope that helps!

I do want my books to be affordable for everyone, but uh, I still gotta eat. XD

Moving on from all of THAT, I have lots of exciting news for the Sucker For Love series! I have officially started writing #7, #6 has been accepted, and Sucker For Love #5: Just Calamarried is up for preorder! WHEW! I’m still working on the Super Secret Squirrel Project, and I hope to reveal some details about what I’m doing later this month. Once #7 is all done, I will dive right into editing #8.

For my new readers, I will tell you that #8 is unique because it actually used to be #3 in the series. This book is for Fred and Ell, and I decided to move it because I was worried it would spoil something about one of them (if you’ve been paying close attention, you may already know!). It jumps back almost a year in time to tell the story of how Fred and Ell got together, but the epilogue (which will be a cliffhanger IM SORRY) will directly tie into the final chapter of #7 to bring Fred and Ell back into the “present” time.

OKAY! Got all that? Good! XD Time for a SHAMELESS PATREON PLUG!

Don’t forget to check out my Patreon! You can get access to WIP’s (including SFL #7 that I will start posting chapters for next week!), all sorts of exciting and exclusive sexy bonus scenes, ARC’s for every new release, signed copies of my books, and you can participate in my monthly prompt party where you can suggest prompts for me to write! Check it out!

I’m also participating in three incredible collab series this year including an MM retelling of a classic horror story (I chose Creature From The Black Lagoon because of course I did), a new Daddy Mafia story with someone from the CHC universe, aaand a ghostly love story that I am crazy excited about.

Once I finish the Sucker For Love, I am FINALLY going to work on getting Love Included, Heart Not Required out into the world. FINALLY I SWEAR IT. From there, I’m going to then focus on my awesome collabs (since those have deadlines) and completing the Cold Hard Cash series by the end of the year. I think that’s like eight books? I dunno, I can’t count. I’ll make a list because this is my first post of 2022 and I wanna! XD

SFL #7 Insquidious Devotion

SFL #8 An Inkredible Love

SFL #9 Love You Always, Suckers and All

Love Included, Heart Not Required

Daddy Mafia Collab (CHC)

Ghostly Love Story

MM Creature Horror

That Half-Brother Guy (CHC)

CHC #5

Woo-hoo! I can’t count! It’s nine! Except okay it’s technically ten since I am planning to do another 13 Days Collection at some point, but pffft that’s for future Kat to worry about. I will likely do that around Halloween like last year. For right now, this is my 2022 schedule, and I am going to do my best to stick to it! We’ll see what happens! XD

Thank you all for your support and love for my work! I seriously could not do this without you!

<333 Kat