Kraken Wins 2nd Place in BOTW!

I am so EXCITED! Kraken My Heart won 2nd Place in Love Bytes Reviews Book of the Week Poll! Big and huge awesome thank you to everyone who voted! This is seriously so COOL! I’ve had a few nominations before, but I’ve never won! AGH! Thank you!!! As if that wasn’t freakin’ cool enough, this means that Kraken will be going on to compete in the Book of the Month contest! WOO!!!

Thank you all so very much!



Kraken My Heart is LIVE!

It’s finally here! WOO! I am seriously so excited for you guys to read this one! The entire SFL series is very dear to me, and I hope you all enjoy it! You can check it out HERE! <333


It’s just Ted’s luck that he meets the love of his life while covered in the blood of a murder victim.

Funeral worker Ted Sturm has a foul mouth, a big heart, and a knack for communicating with the dead. Unfortunately the dead don’t make very good friends, and Ted’s only living pal, his roommate, just rescued a strange cat who’s determined to make his life even more miserable. This cat is more than he seems, and soon Ted finds himself in an alternate dimension… and on top of a dead body.

When Ted is accused of murder, his only ally in a strange world full of powerful magical beings calling for his head is King Grell, a sarcastic, randy, catlike immortal with impressive abilities… and anatomy. The two soon find themselves at the center of a cosmic conspiracy and surrounded by dangerous enemies. But with Ted’s special skills and Grell’s magic, they have a chance to get to the bottom of the mystery and save Ted. There’s just one problem: Ted’s got to resist Grell’s aggressive advances… and he isn’t sure he wants to.


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Bonus Scene – Playing for Keeps

What happens when Jordan and Mateo decide to take things up a notch in the bedroom? Will it end in utter disaster or will they have a Hulkin’ good time?

Join my private FB group for an exclusive bonus scene for my short story “Playing for Keeps” from the Taking A Chance Charity Anthology! Haven’t read it yet? Don’t fret! There’s still time! TAC will be available through July 22nd so grab it while you can!

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“Mm, this is gonna be the last one for me.” Mateo raised the mug. “I’ve gotta head home after this.”

“Come on.” Jordan had brought the monstrous dildo along and stood it up in the middle of his coffee table. “What could you possibly have to do tomorrow?”

“Go over the inventory for the month, check the balances of the receiving accounts, get ready for quarterly taxes, and make sure Vera finished the new designs I asked her to.”

“Wow.” Jordan kicked his long legs over Mateo’s lap. “That sounds very, very boring.”

“Mmm.” Mateo rubbed Jordan’s bare foot and sipped his wine.

Jordan always looked so effortlessly attractive even while he was wearing paint splattered sweats and an old Rugrats t-shirt. Mateo wanted to stay, but he was simply too busy. He had a very tight schedule to keep, and he’d already let Jordan distract him too many times before.

He was strong. He had an iron will. He was going to sleep in his own bed tonight.

“I have a better idea.” Jordan grinned. “How about you stay here, we get all kinds of naked, and you fuck me with that Hulk dildo, huh?”

Damn him.

Mateo eyed the formidable toy, ignoring how much his cock was into the idea. “You really think you can take that?”

“Where there’s a will and shit ton of lube, there’s a way.”

“Is it even a Hulk cock now that it’s pink and purple?”

“You’re deflecting, but yes it is because his veiny Hulk essence is still there. It doesn’t matter what color he is. He’s the Hulk.”

“That’s very poetic, but I really need to be up early…”

Jordan rubbed the heel of his foot across Mateo’s crotch. “Me, you, Hulk. You know you wanna.”

“Don’t you have to finish the figures for that new Nocturnal Flying Mammal Person and Migratory Songbird Child gig?”

“Yeah, but this is much more important.” Jordan kept rubbing. “I’m teaching my boyfriend to be more spontaneous.”


Jordan batted his eyes.

“I was already spontaneous today.”

“Oh yeah, you ordered the baked ziti instead of the baked spaghetti.” Jordan pretended to shudder. “Ooo, you’re just so wild!”

“I am very wild, thank you.” Mateo grabbed Jordan’s roaming foot, pressing it down against his hard dick. He fixed him with a stern stare. “I am so wild, in fact, that I’m going to take you up on your little offer. I’ll fuck you with that toy until you’re a gaping, wet little mess… and then I’m going home.”

Jordan squeaked.

“Is that spontaneous enough for you?”

“Fuck yeah.”


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Writing All The Things

Completed Projects

Wishes for Rohi: Available Now!

Taking A Chance: Available Now!

Kraken My Heart: May 18th, 2021

Head Over Tentacles: August 24th, 2021

Nautilus Than Perfect: Submitted to publisher, acceptance pending!

Strapped for Cash: Editing with my publisher, release date pending!


Current Projects

Just Calamarried (SFL #5) 15/15: Editing for submission!

Untitled Mafia: 1/25 (outlining, rough draft)

Love Included, Heart Not Required (in beta)


Future Projects

Sucker For Love: #6 , #7, #9

Cold Hard Cash #5


Gods (Untitled) #1 – #5

Jinn & Tonic #2 – #3

And The Stars Went Red

The Yawn Of Churchyards

Gay AF Supernatural (Untitled)



Hey everybody! Lots of exciting things going on and omg I can’t believe how much has happened in a month! The Taking A Chance Anthology is out so you can go check out my short story “Playing for Keeps” and read a bunch of other awesome authors’ work, I’ve received a release date for Head Over Tentacles (8/24/2021 – preorder link is still pending but I will post it asap!), and Strapped for Cash was accepted by my erotica publisher and edits start next week! Whew! I’ve ALSO finished Nautilus Than Perfect and submitted it to my other publisher, so I’m waiting with fingers and toes crossed for it to be accepted.

So, that’s books 4/5 done for my Cold Hard Cash series and 5/9 done for Sucker for Love Mysteries so far! (Technically, it’s like 6/9 for SFL because I did already write #8 because oops but I’m not there yet since I’m submitting them in order!) I’m proud of myself for sticking to my guns and focusing on these two series. I really want to finish at least one of them before starting anything else. Jinn & Tonic is gonna go on the back burner for a little while, but I won’t forget it. I’m just distracted by tentacles and gangsters right now.

Speaking of gangsters, I have started the outline for the new mafia series that is a spin-off from CHC. I don’t even know who reads this blog so what the hell! Here’s some exclusive juicy info: It’s going to feature Alistair Star as one of the MC’s, a man you meet in Strapped for Cash who was Cold’s closest friend, lover, and former dom. Obviously, they’re not together when Jimmy Poe comes around, but you’ll have to read Strapped to find out what happens to them…

The new book is all about a bratty young man named Noah Allan who has to pay a debt… huh, wait, that sounds kinda familiar. But this debt isn’t money. It’s blood. The man he owes is Alistair Star, a ruthless businessman who has connections to the mob and wants revenge. He believes Noah’s uncle killed one of his own, and Noah is gonna pay the price… one way or another.

Hope that sounds interesting and fun to you guys! It’s gonna be sexy and crazy, and I can’t wait to get started! I’m finishing up some exciting little bonus scenes for Strapped for Cash and a follow-up for my short story from the Taking A Chance Anthology PLUS a special birthday surprise for a dear friend. Once that’s all done, it’s mafia time! After I finish that, I will probably head back to Sucker for Love land to work on #6, and then… I will start the final Jimmy and Boss Cold book. <333

Thank you guys for all of your support and love! Don’t forget to check out Kraken My Heart when it comes out on the 18th and keep your eyes peeled for Strapped for Cash‘s release date! Thank you!

Stay safe, darlings!

<333 Kat