A Cold Hard Collection is LIVE!

A Cold Hard Collection is live and available on Amazon and KU! This is book number three in the Cold Hard Cash series, and I hope you guys like it! Remember – this book is a collection of stories that take place between CHC and HEC. There is pretty much no plot here. At all. It’s twenty-five delicious stories of Cold teaching Jimmy all about kink. <333

When a mafia kingpin pays to send you to law school, the real lessons will be taught in his bed. Boss Cold is the kind of man who gets his money’s worth, and Jimmy Poe still has much to learn about all the ways his body can be used and enjoyed. He will spend his nights blushing, begging, and screaming the name of the stern, sexy mob lord to whom every inch of him now belongs.

Publisher’s Note: A Cold Hard Collection includes twenty-five scalding hot short stories
featuring Jimmy Poe and Boss Cold, the main characters of Cold Hard Cash and Hard Earned
Cash. These stories includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this collection.

The reviews have already been SUPER AMAZING, and I am so happy with how everyone is enjoying the book so far. Thank you guys for all the love! Happy reading!

Purchase now or free to read with a KU subscription! <333

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