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Completed Projects

A Cold Hard Collection: LIVE NOW!

Last One To Let You Down: LIVE NOW! 

Kraken My Heart: ACCEPTED! Editing to begin soon!

Head Over Tentacles: ACCEPTED! Awaiting editing!

 Wishes For Rohi: Awaiting Editing! (Heavy Edits)

Love Included, Heart Not Required: Awaiting Editing!


Current Projects

Sucker For Love #4: 13/15 (rought draft)

Gods #1 (Untitled): 1/15 (rough draft)


Future Projects

Last One to Let You Down: ???

CHC Series: On Hiatus

The Yawn Of Churchyards: On Hiatus



For those who haven’t been paying attention, I’m very tired. I’m super dee duper excited and beyond proud of how well both of my new releases are doing, but I am exhaustedddd. Prepping and pimping just one new release is a lot of work – two has been nuts! If I can help it, this is not something I plan on doing again. Ever. Maybe. Hopefully.

As I recover from new release crazy person land, I’m finishing up the rough draft for Sucker for Love #4, tentatively titled Nautilus Than Perfect. Yes, I love puns. Kraken My Heart and Head Over Tentacles were BOTH accepted by my publisher, and editing for Kraken will begin soon. When I get any and all release information, I will let you guys know! I’m also getting ready to start a new series with the amazing Jennifer Griffin. It’s going to be our take on modern gods with lots of BDSM and sexy times and whew, it’s some hot stuff. I can’t wait for you guys to see what we have planned!

Looking wayyy into the future, I’m still trying to decide when to start on what will be the beginning of the end for Cold Hard Cash. I know how much you guys all love Jimmy and Boss Cold, but I think their story is nearly done. I don’t want them to wear out their welcome or any of that, plus it gives me a chance to write more sexy mafia shenanigans and meet some new faces. And maybe, just maaaaybe, there’ll be some familiar ones along the way.

One quick note about the heavy edits for Wishes For Rohi. This is also the start of another series called Jinn and Tonic (what is that, three now? Sucker For Love, Cold Hard Cash, Gods, and Jinn and Tonic. Wait, shit, that’s FOUR!), but my plans for it have changed. This is a sexy fantasy story with mpreg and omegaverse elements, but I left the mpreg/mating process very vague and sort of meh? For the sake of clarity and making this book’s universe hold water as it goes on, yeah, I gotta do some heavy rewrites.

At least the cover is done? And oh, is it SEXY.

Maybe a reveal soooooon.

Hope you’re enjoying all the new releases, and I should hopefully have one more book out by the end of the year!


Sexy Saturday 10/31/2020

Happy Halloween, my darlings! I hope everyone is having a wonderful and fun holiday so far! I mean. It’s like ten in the morning. But whatever. Anyway!

Today’s Sexy Saturday is a very special Halloween treat starring Boss Cold and Jimmy. Happy reading!

Warnings: NSFW/spanking/orgasm denial/rough sex/really bad pun costume XD



Jimmy Poe’s Halloween costume was as sexy as it was clever. Once he put it on, however, he wasn’t sure if Cold was going to let him leave the house wearing it.

Rowena was hosting a party at La Belle tonight, and she was expecting them to arrive within the hour. Costumes were mandatory, and Jimmy was excited to see what all the Gentlemen would be dressed up as.

Cold did not seem particularly enthused about the party, and his costume was only a simple masquerade mask. It was painted blue and silver to match the sharp navy blue pinstripe he’d chosen for this evening.

Jimmy thought the mask looked mysterious and beautiful, perfect for his stoic lover.

His own costume, however, was a bit more revealing.

It started with a pair of black lace panties that hugged his hips and was barely enough material to hold his cock and balls. He then put on black fishnet stockings, pulled high up on his waist. Over that, he wore a black silken slip with a white sash over his shoulder.

Last but certainly not least, he’d discovered he and Rowena wore the same shoe size and had borrowed a slick pair of black pumps.

The slip barely covered his ass, and he would certainly flash someone if he tried to bend over. His legs looked longer with the heels on, and he loved how sexy he felt with the stockings clinging to his thighs.

After doing a few twirls around in the bathroom mirror, he still didn’t know if Cold would approve.

Only one way to find out.

He strutted out into the bedroom, finding Cold sitting on the bench in front of their bed.

Cold was adjusting the laces on his shoes, but he stopped when Jimmy came strolling toward him. His eyes widened, purposefully looking down his legs and back up to his face. He cleared his throat, asking calmly, “And what are you supposed to be?”

“I’m a Freudian slip,” Jimmy explained, gesturing to his sash. “See? It says ‘Freudian’, and I’m wearing a slip.” He teetered in his heels, cocking his hip to help him stay balanced. “Do you like it?”

“Mm, I don’t suppose you have any other costumes?””

“No, just this one.”

“Absolutely sure?”

“This is it. Why?”

“Because if you insist on wearing that, we’re going to be very late to the party.” Cold stood up and slowly began to stalk over to Jimmy.

“And why is that?” Jimmy asked, his pulse starting to race. He knew that look on Cold’s face very well, and he could feel the energy between them growing tense.

“Because I’m about to ruin it thoroughly and you’ll have to come up with something else to wear.”

“Oh, really?” Jimmy held his head high, heat rising in his loins from the ravenous way Cold was staring him down.

“Absolutely.” Cold snatched a handful of Jimmy’s hair and dragged him into a rough kiss.

Gasping, Jimmy grabbed onto Cold’s jacket to steady himself. The forceful kiss had nearly knocked him over. His scalp was lit up with sensation, and he groaned when Cold grabbed his ass, his nails dragging over the stockings.

Jimmy’s cock was getting hard, and he knew he was about to pop out of his panties at any second. He could feel Cold’s own fat cock pressing into him as they kissed, and he shuddered pleasurably.

They were definitely going to be late.

“Did you really think you could dress like that? Hmm?” Cold growled breathlessly in Jimmy’s ear. “And I wouldn’t want to fuck you on sight?”

“Didn’t think you were such a fan of corny psychology jokes,” Jimmy panted, grinning wide.

“Oh, you little brat,” Cold hissed. He gave Jimmy’s hair another pull and bit at his jaw. “Safe word?”

“But the party-!”

“Safe word, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy took a deep breath. “Ice.”

“Good boy.” Cold smiled wickedly. “I wonder if I’ll give you a trick or a treat…”

“I want a treat. I’ll be so good, sir,” Jimmy promised, letting the submissive haze wash over him and cloud his thoughts. “I’ll be very good.”

“We’ll see.” Cold stepped over to the bedside table to retrieve lube and a thick plug. He sat back on the bench, placing the items within arms reach and patted his thigh. “Come along, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy stepped out of his shoes to slink into Cold’s lap, rocking his hips forward slowly. “Mm, I’m sorry you don’t like my costume, sir.”

“Oh, on the contrary, I love it.” Cold pulled Jimmy’s slip up and ran his hands over his ass. “But this particular vision of you is one that I plan on keeping all to myself. No one else should see you like this… this is for me.”

“Yes, sir.”

“It was only foolish of you to think that I would share it,” Cold went on, rearing back and smacking Jimmy’s ass.

Hips jerking forward, Jimmy whimpered quietly. The quick flash of pain was intoxicating, and he wanted more.

“You belong to me. Always.” Cold slapped his ass again, harder this time.

“Y-yes, sir,” Jimmy groaned. His cock was throbbing already, and the stinging burn in his cheeks was overwhelming. Cold wasn’t holding back at all, and Jimmy could feel tears welling up in his eyes. “I’m yours.”

Cold spanked him again and again without mercy, leaving Jimmy sobbing against his shoulder. He finally relented to rub Jimmy’s raw cheeks, soothing, “There… there you go, my sweet boy. You took those so well.”

“Thank you, sir,” Jimmy gasped, arching his back with a soft groan. He was probably going to be bruised tomorrow. “Mmm, I’m so sorry. So very sorry.”

”I know you are, Mr. Poe,” Cold said, sliding his fingers down the cleft of Jimmy’s ass. “It’s alright. You’re going to make it up to me.”

“Whatever you want, sir.”

“Get in bed. On your hands and knees.”

“Yes, sir.” Jinny’s legs were wobbly as he got up, crawling into bed to get into position as ordered. He could feel his pulse pounding in his tender cheeks, and his panties were damp from his leaking cock.

He’d expected some sort of reaction from Cold, but nothing like this.

This was absolutely incredible.

Before he could catch his breath, Cold was suddenly on top of him, pushing him flat against the bed. He couldn’t move, easily pinned down by Cold’s weight with no way to escape. “Mmm, sir!”

Cold pushed the slip out of his way and went right for Jimmy’s stockings, tearing a giant hole in them. He pulled at Jimmy’s panties, ripping them out of his way as he spread Jimmy’s cheeks wide. “Oh, I’m going to enjoy this far more than I expected.”

Jimmy couldn’t explain it, but having Cold literally tear his clothes off was insanely hot. He felt so small and vulnerable like this, trapped beneath him and completely at his mercy. There was nothing he could do, and he fucking loved it.

“Yes, sir. Please. Please take me.”

Cold slicked up his fingers, pushing two right inside of Jimmy’s tight ass. “You’re in no position to make demands, Mr. Poe.”

“Please!” Jimmy cried, trying to grind back on Cold’s hand. Those fingers were fucking into him so fast that it ached, and he could feel the lace of his ruined panties tugging at his groin as they were pulled aside.

Cold continued to finger Jimmy roughly, pushing down on his prostate hard enough to make him moan. He whipped his other hand back to crack his palm across Jimmy’s ass, and he taunted, “Maybe I should let you go to the party like this, hmmm?”

“Oh, God. Sir, please, no,” Jimmy whined, his face hearing up until it was scorching. “Not like this.”

“Your pretty little stockings all torn up, your panties ripped off… mmm, maybe I’ll come all over you, and you can walk around all night with this slip sticking to your ass.” Cold sounded as if he liked that idea, chuckling low to himself.

“Fuck.” Jimmy moaned when Cold spanked him again, rocking his leaking cock down into the bed. “No, sir. Please. Don’t do that.”

“I’ll do whatever I want, Mr. Poe.” Cold pulled his fingers away, now pressing the tip of his thick cock up against Jimmy’s asshole. He rubbed himself back and forth, playing in all the wetness but not yet pushing inside. “Maybe I’ll come in you instead… keep your little hole plugged so you don’t forget who you belong to while you’re busy showing off.”

Jimmy hated how much he actually liked those ideas, his shame smoldering deep inside of his loins and fueling the frantic rolls of his hips. He felt so dirty with the ripped up fragments of his lingerie still clinging to his body, well aware that Cold was going to fuck him just like this.

God, he wanted it so badly.

He didn’t care about the party or what he was going to wear – this outfit was totally ruined – his only thoughts were overflowing with the desire for Cold to fuck him hard, to take him fast.

For once, Cold seemed to be on the same page as Jimmy and was already shoving his cock inside, foregoing his usually tortuous teasing. “Mmm, yes… there you go. You always take my cock so well, Mr. Poe.”

“Yes, sir!” Jimmy cried out, groaning happily as Cold pushed in deep. He felt even bigger in this position, and all Jimmy could do was try to spread his legs to ease the intense pressure. The stretch was right on the precipice of pain, and he loved feeling this stuffed. “God, yes…”

Cold twisted the torn panties and fishnets in his hand, keeping them pulled up and out of his way as he started to thrust. His other hand pressed into the small of Jimmy’s back, holding him firmly in place.

Jimmy couldn’t help but struggle, loving the feeling of being immediately overpowered and held down. He wanted Cold to use him, to take all that he wanted from his body, and fuck – hearing the stockings rip again made him shiver.

“Such a good boy,” Cold breathed, leaning over Jimmy now and biting at his shoulder. “Such a very good boy for me… I knew I was going to fuck you the moment you walked out. You looked incredible.”

“Ah, thank you, sir,” Jimmy mewled. He groaned loudly as Cold pounded into him harder, chanting, “Fuck, thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!”

Cold fucked him even more brutally, the force of his slams making the entire bed shake. He latched onto the side of Jimmy’s neck, biting down as he came, growling low. He continued to thrust, unloading as deep as he could as he hissed, “Mine…”

“Yours,” Jimmy whispered, sobbing softly. He was sore, and he could feel the hot swell of Cold’s cock as he filled him. He was trembling from head to toe, and he couldn’t remember the last time Cold had fucked him like this.

God, it had been far too long.

Cold kissed Jimmy’s neck where he’d bitten him so roughly. “Mmm, that was… exceptional.” He pulled out but didn’t leave Jimmy empty for long, sliding the plug into place.

Jimmy clenched around it with a little whimper, asking hopefully, “Exceptional enough to come?”

“Mmm. I don’t think so,” Cold replied, winking slyly as he slid off the bed and starting to clean himself up. “You need to get dressed, and we need to get going to the party.”

“What?” Jimmy pouted, wincing as he sat up. The plug shifted inside of him and made him moan involuntarily, struggling to wiggle out of his torn lingerie. He pulled the slip over his head threw it angrily on the floor. “Come on. I was good, wasn’t I?”

“You were wonderful, but I’m still quite unhappy with your choice of costume.” Cold smirked, glancing over his naked skin appreciatively. “To think you would have worn that out in public, teasing me with your beautiful body like that.”

“Oh, you’re so mean.” Jimmy’s cock was so hard that it hurt, and he gasped as he got to his feet, the plug moving against his prostate. “I really can’t come until after the party?”

“We’ll just have to see.” Cold looked absolutely smug. “Now, we need to see about getting you a costume. I suppose you could put on one of your suits and go as a vampire’s victim…”

Jimmy’s hand shot up to his neck where Cold had bit him, laughing. “Oh, no. You didn’t!”

“Oh, but I did.” Cold grabbed Jimmy’s chin, tilting his head to the side to admire his work. “Mmm, a few splatters of fake blood, and you’ll be all set. It’s very convincing.”

“Can I please come before we go?” Jimmy asked, reaching out to hold Cold’s wrist. “Please, Rod?”

“Do you really think you deserve a treat instead of a trick?”

“Come on. My Freudian slip costume was funny. It was also slutty, but still very funny.” Jimmy gave Cold his absolute best puppy dog face. “Please?”

Cold pretended to think for a long moment before pouncing back on top of Jimmy. He kissed his way down his lean stomach, on a direct course for Jimmy’s cock.

Jimmy sagged against the bed in relief, glad that he was going to finally come. He was so turned on that he felt jittery, and he didn’t think he could have made it all night, not without going insane.

His hole was still pleasantly sore from getting righteously fucked earlier, and he clenched down on the plug go chase the feeling. He could feel Cold’s breath right there on his cock, so wet and sensitive, and he knew he wouldn’t last long.

God, but while it did, it would be fantastic.

Just as Cold was about to take Jimmy into his mouth, he suddenly stopped. “Oh, hmm. I’m afraid we’ll be late if we don’t leave in the next six minutes.” He smacked Jimmy’s thigh. “Come along.”

“Oh, now that was totally unnecessary!” Jimmy complained, groaning loudly in frustration. “You tricked me!”

“I’m just getting into the Halloween spirit,” Cold teased. “If you hurry, maybe I’ll let you jerk off in the limo on the way there.”

“You’re a monster.”

“Happy Halloween, Jimmy.”


Sexy Saturday 10/25/2020

Happy Sexy Sunday! XD

Thanks for all your well wishes and for your patience – I’m feeling a little better today, and I hope you guys enjoy the post! We’re following up with Will again and seeing what sort of mischief he’s gotten himself into with Mr. Heiss and Serabus. I really do enjoy writing these guys, and I hope you like them, too!

CHC: The Collection comes out THIS FRIDAY! I’ll have a cover reveal up as soon as it’s available, and yes – it will be going to KU! <333

The Last One to Let You Down is still a few weeks away, but you can still snag a preorder copy of my very FIRST self-published book! Woo woo!

I’ll keep you guys posted for more exciting stuff and now – for the demonic sexy times!

Warnings: NSFW/rough sexy times/Will can’t keep his mouth shut/etc (also forgive typos, I edited under the influence of cough medicine)



“Happy to hear it,” Serabus said as he petted Will’s hair. “I can certainly appreciate a well-trained human.”

Will grunted as Mr. Heiss pushed him across the desk, bringing his face right to Serabus’ cock. Mr. Heiss was pressing on top of him, still pounding into him without any signs of slowing down.

“Go on, Will,” Mr. Heiss urged. “Suck him.”

“Yes, sir,” Will hissed, letting out a loud cry from a particularly mean slam. It was maddening how fast and hard Mr. Heiss was fucking him, and the brutal rhythm never faltered. He could feel his whole body jerking with every thrust, and he fought to brace himself on the edge of the desk.

“Mmm, he takes it so well,” Serabus praised, winding his fingers through Will’s hair. He stroked the head of his cock over Will’s lower lip before slowly pushing into his mouth. “There we go. Go on.”

Will wrapped his lips around Serabus, sucking him hard as he started to thrust. Serabus’ cock immediately hit the back of Will’s throat, and he almost choked. He swallowed, fighting the urge and moaning stubbornly.

He could take this. He wasn’t going to let these demons break him that easily. He was going to show them both what a little human could do.

Sliding his tongue down Serabus’ shaft, Will tilted his head so his thick cock could thrust into his mouth more easily. He started bobbing his head to meet him and take control of the pace, still sucking frantically as his tongue went to work.

“Ohhh,” Serabus gasped, tugging at Will’s hair. He had stopped thrusting for a moment and let Will take him as he wanted. “Oh, yes. Fuck, yes. Mm, yes, just like that. Just like that.”

Mr. Heiss had slowed down as well, rolling his powerful hips to push deep inside of Will and hold himself there. He bowed his head down, his bright eyes watching Will intently. “Very good, pet.”

Will took full advantage of being given such freedom, sucking Serabus’ earnestly as he rocked back on Mr. Heiss’ cock. He couldn’t move much, but he grinded his ass up against him as hard as he could, pushing until the sensation made him whimper.

His cheeks and jaw were starting to throb, but Serabus was making the most delicious sounds. It filled Will with a strange sense of pride knowing he was making a demon whimper and groan like that, and he dared to reach up to grab Serabus’ hip to bring him closer.

“Oh, Mr. Heiss,” Serabus purred in delight, gasping sharply. “He is fuckin’ magnificent.”

“I know,” Mr. Heiss grunted. “Wait until you try his sweet little hole.”

Will felt a fresh wave of warmth light up his face, realizing that Mr. Heiss was offering him up like a party favor to be passed around. The very thought filled his loins with white hot heat, and he sucked Serabus more eagerly.

Fuck it, yes, he’d take it. He’d take Serabus and whoever else Mr. Heiss wanted him to. He’d never been this turned on before, and he wanted more.

He moaned when Mr. Heiss started fucking him again, and he could feel his claws digging into his tender cheeks. He lifted his hips up, trying to take him deeper, and groaned shamelessly as Serabus began to fuck his mouth again.

Will was helpless to stop them, caught between the thick cock pounding away at his hole and the one slamming down his throat. All he could do was try to take it, sobbing as the pleasure of being used so roughly flirted with near agony.

He felt Mr. Heiss’ cock swell as he came inside of him, flooding his ass with a searing heat. He started to sob and tried to break away from Serabus, but the demon held him firmly in place.

“There, little one,” Mr. Heiss growled, pinning Will’s hips against the desk as he continued to pump his fat load. “There you go… take all of it.”

Will’s thighs were trying to close, instinctively pushing Mr. Heiss away, but he couldn’t move. He could feel his insides aching from the pressure of being so unnaturally full, and he whimpered as Serabus suddenly came in his mouth.

“Fuck!” Serabus groaned, holding onto Will’s hair and pulling out to finish across his face.

Will grimaced as a hot splatter hit his cheek and his chin. He wanted to turn away, but Serabus wouldn’t let go of him. He panted hard, taking the opportunity to catch his breath.

“Good boy,” Mr. Heiss praised, circling his hips and making Will squirm.

Will made a small sound and flopped limply against the desk. He was exhausted, sore, and his own cock was still painfully hard. He wanted to come so badly, but he didn’t dare touch himself yet.

He had a feeling the demons weren’t done with him.

“Clean yourself up,” Mr. Heiss commanded, lifting himself off of Will. He slowly pulled out and sat back in his chair, dragging his claws down Will’s thighs.

Will hissed at the faint sting, closing his eyes as he felt a dribble of come leak out of him. Fuck, he was so full, and he didn’t want to move. He was certain that more would spill, but he had to do as he was asked.

He wiped off his face with the heel of his hand, lapping the come off his fingers with a soft sigh.

“He really is fantastic,” Serabus said, stroking his spent cock slowly. “Mmm, you ever get tired of him, you let me know.”

“That is very doubtful,“ Mr. Heiss said with a snort. “I am confident that Will is going to keep me entertained for quite some time.”

When Will was done cleaning up his face, he laid his head down to rest while he could. He knew the break wouldn’t last long.

“I wanna fuck him,” Serabus said, reaching out for Will’s arms to pull him up. “Come here. Sit up and spread those pretty legs for me.”

Will clumsily got into position, his ass teetering on the edge of the desk as Serabus moved up between his thighs. He leaned back to brace himself, groaning quietly as Serabus began to push his thick cock inside of him.

Fuck, he just slid right in, Will’s ass still so wet and open from Mr. Heiss using him so thoroughly. The discomfort was minimal, and it felt good to be so full again.

Serabus squeezed Will’s thighs, thrusting in and out slowly. “Oh, yes.” He smirked and leaned in to nuzzle Will’s cheek. “You’re loving this, aren’t you?”

Will was surprised by the affection, and he struggled to reply. He was too hot, too sensitive, and fuck, did Serabus’ tortuously slow pace feel good. “It’s.. it’s okay.”

“Just okay?” Serabus pretended to pout. “Look at how hard you are. I think it’s a bit more than ‘okay’. Never had anyone fuck you like this before, have you?”

“No,” Will whispered, his eyes fluttering as Serabus pushed in deep. This position made it almost unbearable, and Will’s legs began to tremble. He had to move, had to create some kind of friction, and he tried grinding forward. “I just… I need…”

“What?” Serabus taunted, pulling out a few inches and watching Will trying to follow. “Tell me what you need, little human.”

“Use your words, Will,” Mr. Heiss ordered. He was still seated in his chair, cleaned up and tucked away as if nothing had happened. He sounded sort of bored, if Will was being honest.

“I need to come,” Will said abruptly, shame creeping up his spine. “I need you to fuck me… so I can come.”

“Was that so hard?” Serabus chuckled. He rested his hips back and slammed forward, the first thrust forcing Will to fall back against the desk.

“Ah, fuck!” Will moaned, scrambling to reach down and grab the edge of the desk to keep himself from scooting back as Serabus starting thrusting. Their bodies were slapping together with incredible force, and Will was crying with every mean slam.

The stretch was intense, and his eyes were starting to tear up. Serabus was keeping his legs spread wide, and he was fucking him so hard, so deep, that he didn’t know how much he could take. He felt like his body was going to split right in half, but he didn’t want to stop.

Not even in his wildest dreams had anyone fucked him like this, and there was something so hot about Mr. Heiss sitting right there behind him just watching silently. He wondered if Mr. Heiss really didn’t care about someone else fucking his pet or if it was possible to make a demon jealous.

He couldn’t resist the urge, suddenly moaning, “Oh, Serabus, yes! Please! Fuck! Your cock feels so good! I’ve never felt anything, mm, like it!”

Mr. Heiss shifted in the chair, the leather squeaking, but said nothing.

“Ah, God!” Will arched his back off the desk, groaning shamelessly again. “Fuck, you feel so good. Fuck, come on. Mmmm, fuck… Give it to me, Serabus!”

“Like that, hmmm?” Serabus growled, grabbing Will’s hips and pulling him down on his thick cock. “Fuck, listen to you… such a fuckin’ slut for it.”

“Yes,” Will gasped brokenly. “I’m a slut… I’m your slut…! God, don’t stop! Please don’t stop! Serabus, please-!” There was a firm hand suddenly pressed over his mouth, silencing his moans.

It was Mr. Heiss, leaning forward in his chair to hiss in Will’s ear, “Having fun, are we?”

Will laughed. He couldn’t help it. He couldn’t believe it had actually worked. His laughter was lost in another moan when Serabus thrusted deep, and he tilted his head back to look at Mr. Heiss. “Mmmmph?”

“Well, we’ll see how much you like it when we both fuck you at the same time,” Mr. Heiss said with a wicked smile.

“Mmm?!” Will shook his head.

“You heard me,” Mr. Heiss purred cruelly, withdrawing his hand and lightly smacking Will’s cheek. “Not so funny now, is it?”

“Oh, it’s just hilarious,” Will panted defiantly. “Because, heh, I was still right.”

“Enjoy whatever little victory you’ve imagined for yourself while you can,” Mr. Heiss said as he stood up. “In a few moments, I can promise you that laughing is going to be the very last thing on your mind.”


Sexy Saturday 10/17/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, my darlings! Woo-woo! Cold Hard Cash: The Collection comes out 10/30/20 and The Last One to Let You Down will be coming out 11/13/20 – my very FIRST self-published release! Woo-hooooo! I’m so excited to share all the sexy things with you guys!

But right now, we’re checking back in with Will and Mr. Heiss, and things are gonna get a bit more interesting… This is a direct continuation from the week before last, so just search the group for “Sexy Saturday” to catch up if you haven’t read the others! Enjoy!

Warnings: NSFW, butt sex, dub-con, exhibitionism, spanking, desk sex, probably gonna be a threeway


“Next time,” Will scoffed as he pulled the thin sheet of fabric around himself. “And when exactly will that be?”

“Whenever I want,” Mr. Heiss replied simply. He grabbed Will’s hips and lifted him up, turning to place him on the desk in front of him.

It happened so quickly that Will didn’t have time to protest, catching himself on his hands so he didn’t just flop across the desk. He gasped as Mr. Heiss roughly spread his legs and held them apart.

Fuck, that had no right to be that hot.

“Mm, you enjoyed yourself, did you?” Mr. Heiss asked, admiring how Will’s cock was tenting the thin fabric.

“No,” Will said firmly. He hated that he was hard. Maybe it was out of fear or some lingering tension from the way he‘d been used…

Or perhaps it was because he had liked it.

“Liar,” Mr. Heiss taunted.

“You a mind reader?” Will demanded, shuddering as Mr. Heiss’ claws dug into his inner thighs.

“No, but I don’t need to be,” Mr. Heiss replied. “You’re very poor at being dishonest. I wonder how you were able to lure those men away, hmm?”

Will tilted his head coyly, running a hand up through his curly hair and giving Mr. Heiss his most innocent smile.

“Ha!” Mr. Heiss laughed as he pushed the fabric out of his way. “Mm, that is rather good.”

Dropping the sweet expression, Will scowled. “Just good? Come on. Do you know how many times that’s worked?”

“At least seven.” Mr. Heiss lightly traced a single claw up Will’s shaft.

Will closed his eyes, turning his head away with a snort. He didn’t know what Mr. Heiss was doing until he felt warm, wet heat all around his cock. He cried out in surprise, staring down at the demon’s head buried between his legs. “What, what the fuck?”

Mr. Heiss ignored him, effortlessly taking his cock all the way down his throat and sucking hard.

Will groaned, his hips bucking upwards as he started to pant. He’d never felt such unrelenting friction, and it was incredible. As much as he despised both his current predicament and Mr. Heiss, he couldn’t deny the pleasure he was giving him.

The heat was almost painful, but Will liked it. He reached down to grab one of Mr. Heiss’ horns, holding him in place. He rocked his hips up, moaning, “Yes, fuck! Mmm!”

Mr. Heiss didn’t seem to mind the rough treatment, continuing to deep throat every inch of Will without ever stopping to take a breath. He was eager, hungry, and his claws kept Will’s legs firmly apart as he sucked him.

“Mmm, yes,” Will groaned, feeling the pressure inside of him starting to wind up. He was getting hot, panting harder and faster, and he was almost there.

Fuck all of this crazy ass day. Fuck it all. It had been weird and miserable and humiliating, but at least he was gonna come-

There was suddenly a loud knock.

Mr. Heiss growled, his head popping off and staring angrily at the far wall. He took a deep breath to power a furious roar, shouting, “What?”

“It’s Serabus,” a smooth voice called out. “Bad time, Heiss?”

Baring his teeth, Mr. Heiss seemed to be considering his options. He huffed and finally snapped back, “Enter.”

A door appeared where there had been none, and a young man with blood red hair walked in. He was handsome with delicate features, and he was dressed all in white. He also had horns, small curly ones peeking out from his bright hair.

Other than the horns, he actually looked quite human.

“High Prince Absolis wanted to send his personal thanks for your support,” Serabus said as he swept into the room. “Mr. Parker’s soul is quite the prize.”

Will eyed the door, but it vanished as soon as Serabus was inside. So much for an escape. He grabbed for the fabric to try and cover himself up, but Mr. Heiss grabbed his hand.

“It is,” Mr. Heiss agreed, keeping Will’s hand down by his side as he spoke, “but next time, make sure your demon knows what side of the territory line she’s on.”

“Oh, she knew,” Serabus said with a dismissive wave.

“Hmmph.” Mr. Heiss twisted Will’s arm, forcing him to roll over on his stomach.

Will didn’t struggle, and he let Mr. Heiss slide him back until his feet hit the floor. A quick pull of the chain attached to his collar forced his head down, effectively bending his body over the edge of the desk.

His pulse began to pound, and he wondered what Mr. Heiss was going to do to him. He felt a little less exposed like this, but he didn’t like the other demon being here.

“She also knew how vital Mr. Parker’s soul would be to our operation,” Serabus went on. He never once looked at Will, and all of his attention was focused only on Mr. Heiss. “I told her to get his signature at any price.”

“While I appreciate such a valuable addition, you almost started a war,” Mr. Heiss said as he stood up from his chair. He grabbed a hold of Will’s ass, spreading his cheeks as his clawed thumbs dug in.

“Oh, please.” Serabus laughed. “As if Mr. Kalt was actually going to do anything.”

“He could have. You have no guarantee that he wouldn’t have tried something to save face from this obvious insult. His vanity is legendary.”

“Yes, but he doesn’t have the numbers we do.”

As the demons talked, Will could feel Mr. Heiss’ cock pressing against him. It was hard again, hot and slick, sliding up the cleft of his ass. His heart somersaulted, and he felt his entire body clench up.

No, Mr. Heiss wouldn’t…

Not here, not with that other demon watching!

A lick of shame made his own cock throb where it was trapped beneath his stomach, and he tried to push himself up on the desk.

“It doesn’t matter,” Mr. Heiss said sharply, pushing Will’s head back down. He rocked his hips, the head of his cock catching on Will’s hole and starting to press in. “We would have won, but at what cost?”

Will hissed from the sting of penetration and gritted his teeth to stop from crying out. He could feel himself stretching rapidly, and it burned like hell. He could feel that his asshole was wet, practically dripping now, but he hadn’t seen Mr. Heiss grab any kind of lubricant.

“It would have been minimal!” Serabus argued, crossing his arms with a little pout.

“Minimal is not acceptable,” Mr. Heiss said, still perfectly calm even as he kept pushing his cock inside of Will. “Even one demon’s life is not worth wasting over one mortal soul.”

Will’s pain was manageable at first, but fuck, Mr. Heiss was just so thick. Even with all the mysterious slick easing the way, being filled so quickly was overwhelming. He’d never had anything this big inside of him, and he couldn’t help how he tensed up. His body was warring between fighting the new intrusion and wanting more, and he finally let out a soft moan.

“But it’s… oh!” Serabus blinked, seeming to see Will for the first time. He smirked, asking, “Your new pet?”

Mr. Heiss slammed forward, forcing Will to moan again. “Yes.“

“He smells delicious.”

“Don’t change the subject,” Mr. Heiss growled, leaning over Will as he started to thrust.

Will groaned desperately, arching his hips and fighting to find any position that would help relieve some of the pressure. His hole was throbbing, and he swore he could feel Mr. Heiss up in his damn stomach. Every slam was making him tremble, the pain dancing with bliss, and he knew then no one was ever going to fuck him like this again.

As he finally began to relax, the pain faded away, leaving only the wicked pleasure of getting fucked wide open by Mr. Heiss’ huge cock. He felt so *loose, and he whimpered, savoring the wet slide of Mr. Heiss’ cock as it moved in and out of him, plunging deep and hitting all sorts of nerves he never even knew he had. Knowing Serabus was watching them set his face on fire, and he buried his face down into the desk.

“Just admiring him,” Serabus said innocently. “I do think it’s very sweet how you adopt little humans to play with. He is a pretty one, hmm?”

Mr. Heiss grabbed Will’s collar, jerking his head up and forcing him to look up at Serabus. “Oh, yes.” He pulled harder until Will’s back was curling. “He is beautiful.”

Will’s eyes began to tear up, whining shamefully as Mr. Heiss fucked him harder. The new angle was making him ache, and he felt like he was going to break with the way Mr. Heiss was pounding into him now.

“Mm, very.” Serabus reached down to palm his crotch, gazing over Will with a sly little smile.

“He has a very talented little mouth,” Mr. Heiss said, his voice sounding a bit breathless. “Help yourself.”

“Oh, come on,” Will groaned irritably. He shook his head, trying to pull away from Mr. Heiss’ grip. “This is getting ridiculous! You can’t expect me to-ow, fuck!” He sobbed as Mr. Heiss spanked his ass viciously. Another slap made him drop down on the desk. “Fuck, okay, okay! I’ll be good!”

Mr. Heiss pushed his cock in all the way, bowing his head to whisper angrily in Will’s ear, “If I want you to fuck the whole of King Lucifer’s army, you will be grateful for the opportunity to serve me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Will replied weakly. This was really happening now. As if being fucked by one demon wasn’t bad enough, now he was going to take on two at the same. This was horrible, humiliating…

And exciting.

Will couldn’t help the raw desire burning down in his loins at the idea of being used like this. He refused to show it, but he had never been so turned on before. He licked his lips, moaning quietly as Mr. Heiss began to thrust again.

Serabus had moved to stand in front of Will and had already pulled out his cock. It was another unnatural monster like Mr. Heiss’ own, and Serabus stroked himself slowly. “Oh, he’s a feisty one, hmm?”

“Don’t worry,” Mr. Heiss assured him. “I’m working on teaching young Will here some proper manners. He will be on his best behavior for you.” He slapped Will’s ass again and punctuated his words with cruel slams. “Aren’t you, Will?”

“Yes! Yes, sir!”


Sexy Saturday 10/10/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, darlings! Ahhh, I’m so very excited! I have FOUR books out in submission land, and I’m dyingggg to hear something back from my publishers! CHC: Collection has been accepted, but I’m still waiting for that pesky release date. I hope I have good news to share with you all soon!

For today’s post, we’re gonna see what Tom and Cypress from my latest submission are up to! For any of my new members who not know these fellas, this is the story of a lonely undertaker, Tom, who falls for a very dominating florist, Cypress. Hope you guys like it!

Warnings: NSFW/spanking/fingering/dirty talk



Cypress held him as they kissed, palming his ass and squeezing lightly. He brushed their noses together, asking quietly, “Safe word?”

“Calvarium clamp,” Tom replied dutifully.

“Good boy,” Cypress murmured. “Are you ready to begin?”

“Yes, please,” Tom said urgently. He couldn’t explain why, but there was a sudden chasm opening up inside of him, and he was quickly overwhelmed with need. “I want you. I want you to make it all go away. Please.” Tom didn’t even know what he was saying. It just kept tumbling out. “I need it to hurt. I need to feel it. I need to make it stop. I just want it all to stop.”

“Hey, hey,” Cypress soothed, his hands gliding up Tom’s back. “Easy… Tom? Look at me.”

Tom hadn’t even realized that his eyes were filling with tears until he met Cypress’ gaze. He had to blink them away to see clearly. He felt completely undone, and they hadn’t even started. He was ashamed, and yet he only found a deep understanding when he looked in Cypress’ eyes.

“You’ve been carrying too much for far too long,” Cypress said quietly. “I thought about not punishing you, but maybe I should.”

“For what?”

“For not taking care of yourself,” Cypress said. “From now on, I want you to tell me what’s going on in that pretty head of yours. Not just what you did at work today, but how it made you feel.”

“I don’t… I don’t know how,” Tom whispered.

“You’ll learn,” Cypress promised, offering a cheeky little smile. “It seems that I have more to teach you than I thought.”

Tom managed to smile back, sagging against Cypress’ chest as they kissed again. The uneasy feeling was slipping away, sucked into Cypress’ hot mouth and the smooth touch of his hands moving all over his body.

The first crack of Cypress’ hand on his ass startled him, making his hips jerk forward.

“You can’t keep all of these feelings inside,” Cypress said sternly. “It’ll eat you up. I can’t begin to understand the terrible things you see, but you have to find a way to cope other than burying it all.”

Tom nodded, his hands digging into Cypress’ sweater. This new demand warred against everything Tom had ever been taught, but he wanted it so badly. He wanted to let it all out—all the pain, the anxiety, the suffering, everything he’d been bottling up for the last ten years.

Cypress spanked him again, harder, hard enough to make Tom cry out.

The pain was fleeting, leaving a lovely zing in its wake that made Tom arch his back. “I’ll learn… I promise. I’ll be good. I’ll be so good.”

“I know you will be,” Cypress said, rubbing his palm over the cheek he’d just struck. “I’m going to help you, Tom.”

“Yes… please…” Tom moaned when Cypress struck him again, rocking back and forth as he tried to escape the burning sensation. He could feel adrenaline coursing all through his body and making his cock ache.

In every strike of Cypress’ hand, there was white hot pleasure burning within the quick slap of pain. All of Tom’s nerves were raw and exposed, and Cypress’ strong hand delivered blow after blow of intense sensation.

He deserved this, yes. He hadn’t been taking care of himself, not in years. He knew he was going to snap if he didn’t. He had to be better, he had to be good. He had to be a good boy.

Tom was lost to it all, melting and being shaped anew with every strike. He felt a tear fall, and he couldn’t even say why. It all felt so good, and he didn’t want it to end.

The next spanking made a delightful popping sound, like a firecracker going off, and it was loud enough to stir Mister Doodles from where she was sleeping on the floor.

When she growled, Cypress chuckled. “Mm, maybe we should adjourn to the bedroom?”

“Yes,” Tom weakly croaked. “Please.”

Cypress deftly picked Tom up, cradling him in his powerful arms as he said, “Let’s go.”

Tom’s ass was stinging, and he felt certain he’d be able to count finger marks in his cheeks for days to come, and he loved how easily Cypress could carry him. It made him feel small and safe, nuzzling into Cypress’ shoulder as they moved to his bedroom.

Cypress nudged the door closed with his foot, muttering, “Don’t need Mister Doodles interfering, no matter how noble her intentions. Mmm, come on. Roll over on your stomach.”

As Cypress set him down on the bed, Tom lazily flipped over as commanded. He breathed in the familiar scent of his fabric softener mixed in with Cypress’ cologne all over his skin. He could feel his pulse throbbing in his cheeks, hot and stinging, and he waited for his next order.

To his surprise, Cypress stretched out next to him, massaging his sore ass as he praised, “You did so well. You’re such a good boy. Feels good, hmm?”

“Yes, sir,” Tom breathed. “I feel… lighter.”

“When we’re done, you and I are going to have a nice, long talk about what you do for a living,” Cypress said, kissing Tom’s shoulder. “Not to be ironic, but I think taking care of the dead is killing you.”

“No, it’s… it’s my life.” Tom struggled against the euphoric fog clouding his thoughts. “It’s what I love. I love being able to help people.”

“Mm, but what about helping yourself, Tom?” Cypress sighed. “You think about everyone else’s pain, people you only meet for a moment, more than your own.”

“I can take it,” Tom insisted.

“Can you?” Cypress sounded like he was smiling. “We’ll see.” He glanced around the sparse bedroom. “Do you have lube in here?”

“Bathroom,” Tom replied. “In… in the shower.”

“Ohhh.” Cypress was definitely smiling. “And what is it doing in there, I wonder?”


“What kinda ‘stuff’?” Cypress teased.

“Butt stuff.”

Cypress laughed at that, smooching Tom’s shoulder again. “Mmm, wait here. I’ll be right back.”

Tom couldn’t have moved if he wanted to. He was still floating in a happy little cloud, his ass throbbing and spreading the warmth all the way down to his toes. He was so relaxed, and he could have easily fallen asleep just like this.

Ah, but Cypress had other plans for him.

He could sleep later.

“Sit up for me, Tom,” Cypress said, pressing the bottle of lube into his hand as he moved. “Scoot back against the headboard.”

Tom got into the requested position. “Like this?”

“Spread your legs,” Cypress said, taking a position at the end of the bed. “I want you to start playing with yourself. Get yourself ready for me… and I want you to tell me about what you’ve been fantasizing about.”

Gulping, Tom clicked open the lube. “You mean, like, right now, sir?”

“Uh huh. Tell me what you’ve been thinking about when you touch yourself.” Cypress leaned across the bed, rubbing Tom’s ankle. “I hope it’s me.”

“Who else,” Tom scoffed, laughing a little as he got his fingers wet. “I mean, fuck… you’re all I think about. With that. Doing that. Not like I think about you all the time like a crazy person—”

“Tom,” Cypress cut in. “It’s okay.”

“Okay,” Tom breathed, letting his legs fall apart. He reached beneath himself to get at his hole, slowly rubbing the lube around in little circles. “At first… I would… uh…”

“Come on,” Cypress urged. “You can tell me.”

“I would suck my fingers in my mouth while I jerked off,” Tom said quickly, his cheeks on fire from the lewd confession. He took a deep breath, continuing to rub his hole. “I couldn’t stop thinking about your cock… in my mouth.”

“You look beautiful when you’re sucking me,” Cypress said smoothly. “I love your mouth.”

“Mmm…” Tom finally pressed the tip of one finger inside of himself, moving in short little thrusts. “I thought about you spanking me… a lot… like, spanking me and jerking me off…”

“Definitely something we can do if you’d like,” Cypress said, easing himself closer so he could rub Tom’s thigh. “You like being spanked, hmm?”

“Yes, fuck, so much,” Tom panted, pushing his finger in deeper. It was almost too fast, but he was impatient and horny.

“Did you think about me fucking you?” Cypress asked, his hand squeezing Tom’s balls and giving them a tug. He massaged them gently, his eyes focused down where Tom was fingering himself.

“Yes.” Tom added a second finger, fucking his hole in earnest as Cypress continued to play with his balls. They felt so tight that it would have been easy to come, and he rocked down on his hand. “Thought about you… taking me fast… like on the counter at your shop…”

“Would you have liked that?” Cypress’ fingers ghosted up the shaft of Tom’s dick. “To get fucked right there?”

“Yes!” Tom watched Cypress playing with his cock, twirling his fingers in the glassy pre-cum that was leaking out. He kept fucking himself, the sounds of his fingers moving in and out wet and absolutely sinful.

“Getting close, aren’t you?” Cypress teased, wrapping his hand around Tom’s cock but not squeezing down hard enough to give him any real friction.

“God, yes… please…” Tom could feel it, almost taste it, struggling to buck up into Cypress’ hand. He was pounding his hole, his thighs shaking, and he gritted his teeth as he started to tip right over—

“Stop,” Cypress commanded, grabbing Tom’s wrist and squeezing the base of his cock so hard it hurt.

“Ahhh, but, but—! Mmmph!” Tom moaned in frustration, his ribs shuddering from the force of his heartbeat. He’d been right there, and being denied made him want to weep.

“I didn’t say you could come yet,” Cypress reminded him, letting him go and smacking his inner thigh. “Not until I do.”

Tom yelped from the slap, whining loudly. He nodded, trying to think clearly through the pounding in his head. “Yes, sir. I’m sorry. Fuck, it just felt so good.”

“I know it did.” Cypress sat up, pulling off his sweater and the undershirt beneath it.

Although Tom was disappointed that he wasn’t able to come, watching Cypress strip was a happy compromise. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from all that gorgeous brown skin and thick, powerful muscles.

Even his cock was beautiful to behold, eight inches or more and so very thick, its swollen head peeking out from the foreskin and making Tom drool.

He wanted to touch Cypress all over, but he didn’t know if he could.

Did he need permission for that?

“Can I…” Tom was sitting up, still opening gawking.

“Can you what?” Cypress asked. “Use your words, Tom.”

“God, can I please touch you?”

“Wherever you’d like,” Cypress replied with a smile, crawling back up the bed to kiss him. “Mm, you’ve been such a good boy… go on. Touch me.”

Tom’s hands went right for Cypress’ chest, dragging through the swirls of hair and grazing over his nipples. He loved the contrast of their skin as he explored Cypress’ body, and he couldn’t stop touching him. He felt his shoulders, the bulge of his biceps, moaning as Cypress urged him onto his back with another kiss.

Cypress was such a good kisser. Just the right amount of tongue and little nips of teeth, hot and slow and sure to make Tom’s brain implode. He groaned when their cocks rubbed together, and he let his hands slide over Cypress’ hips to grab a firm handful of his ass, encouraging him to grind down.

“Eager, are we?” Cypress chuckled.

“Yes, sir.” Tom wiggled impatiently. “I’m ready. Please.”

“Roll back over on your stomach and spread your legs,” Cypress said, lifting up to allow Tom to get into position.

Tom hugged his pillows, groaning when Cypress used his knees to spread his legs further apart. He could hear him opening the lube, exhaling shakily when he felt the hot head of Cypress’ cock pushing up against his ass.

Cypress grabbed his tender cheeks, spreading them wide, using his hips to rub his cock against his hole. “Mmm, you’re so pretty, Tom… look at you, so fuckin’ hungry for it…”

“Yes, sir,” Tom said, not even trying to hide how excited he was. He couldn’t stop clenching, hoping he could somehow catch Cypress’ dick and make him press inside. The teasing was driving him insane.

After what felt like hours, Cypress began to push forward…


Sexy Saturday 10/03/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, my darlings! Still waiting for a release date (*SOB*) for the CHC: Collection, but I am very happy to announce that the third book in the Sucker For Love Mysteries has been submitted to my publisher! Woo-hoo!!! XD

I’m slowing down on writing new stuff while I work on getting my finished projects out into the world, and I’ll share updates as soon as I have them! In the meantime, we’re hanging out with Will and Mr. Heiss again. This picks up where we left off last week!

Don’t ask me why Will murdered people. He hasn’t actually told me yet.


Warnings: NSFW/rough blowjob/mention of murder/demon shenanigans


“How many?” Mr. Heiss asked again, tracing a single claw along Will’s chin.

“I…” Will shuddered.

He didn’t understand how Mr. Heiss knew, and he wanted to deny it. He had always been so careful.

“Seven?” Mr. Heiss said suddenly, and he laughed. “Oh, you were off to a good start.”

“How did-“

“I’m a demon,” Mr. Heiss cut in sharply, flashing a toothy smile. “Sin speaks to me, and yours is especially loud. Mm, and sweet.”

Will tried to jerk away, but Mr. Heiss suddenly had a hold of the chain connected to his collar. He couldn’t move, but he refused to confirm the accusation. He held his gaze, furious and unblinking.

“Come,” Mr. Heiss said briskly, guiding him over toward the desk and the grand chair.

The chain magically disconnected from the floor, and it attached itself to the arm of the chair.

“Kneel.” Mr. Heiss gestured to the space beneath the desk.

“You’re kidding,” Will scoffed. He pulled the fabric around himself tighter. “No fuckin’ way.”

Mr. Heiss grabbed a handful of Will’s hair and twisted.

Will cried out in pain, gasping, “What the fuck!”

“That kind of behavior is not pleasing,” Mr. Heiss said firmly. “I expect obedience, pet.”

“Fine,” Will spat, baring his teeth. “I’ll do it. Just let go of me.”

Mr. Heiss released Will’s hair, soothing it back down with a swipe of his palm. “Ah, now. Kneel.”

Will got down on his knees beneath the desk, scooting back as Mr. Heiss sat down on the chair in front of him.

“I’m waiting for a phone call, and I expect it to be unpleasant,” Mr. Heiss said, scooting in close. “You will suck my cock.”

“But… that’s…” Will felt a tug in his collar, and he chose his next words carefully. “Won’t that distract you?”

“Only if you’re very good at it,” Mr. Heiss replied.

Will shuddered.

A phone began to ring, and Mr. Heiss said, “You may begin now.” He cleared his throat, answering the phone and saying, “Yes, this is Mr. Heiss.”

Will wasn’t sure what to do.

There was a part of his brain that was still hoping this was all just a crazy dream. He couldn’t explain the things Mr. Heiss knew about him or what kind of monster he really was. Trying to accept that demons were real had the potential to lead to some world shattering revelations that he wasn’t prepared for.

If he did as Mr. Heiss said and served as his pet, then he could eventually leave this nightmare and never have to worry about it again.

Ah, but if Mr. Heiss really was a demon, Will should have no reason to trust that he would do as he’d promised.

Mr. Heiss pulled the chain, hard enough to make the collar catch around Will’s neck.

Right, dick sucking first, sort out personal crisis later.

Will slid his hands up Mr. Heiss’ thighs, and he marveled at the muscle he felt beneath his palms. Even more impressive was the thick bulge of Mr. Heiss’ cock. Will almost laughed because there was no way that giant thing was actually real.

“Mmm, yes,” Mr. Heiss said, speaking into the phone. “There has been a dispute over Mr. Parker’s soul for quite some time, but it belongs to High Prince Absolis.”

Will didn’t waste any more time, quickly unbuttoning Mr. Heiss’ pants to pull his cock out. He couldn’t help how he gasped when he saw it for the first time, and he felt his mouth begin to water.

It was thick, red, flushed nearly purple around the slick head peeking out beneath the foreskin. It was the biggest cock Will had ever seen, only comparable to some of those dildos he snuck furtive glances at in sex shops but was always too embarrassed to actually buy.

He didn’t even think it could fit in his mouth, at least not comfortably, and he wrapped his hands on the base and squeezed.

“Yes, the contract was signed in that prince’s territory, but the demon who made the offer works under the high prince.” Mr. Heiss growled, and he reached down to dig his claws into Will’s hair.

Will began to lick around the fat head of Mr. Heiss’ cock, getting it wet before sucking it into mouth. He could barely get his lips around it all, and it tasted hot and bitter. He could feel Mr. Heiss pushing his head down, and he forced himself to relax.

He could survive this.

He’d survived worse.

“No,” Mr. Heiss snarled, suddenly slamming his cock upwards. “That is not acceptable! That soul belongs to the high prince!”

Will nearly gagged, groaning as he struggled to keep with Mr. Heiss’ mean thrusts. The force made his eyes water, and he couldn’t breathe with his throat stuffed full of cock. He waited for Mr. Heiss to pull out far enough that he could snort back a few quick puffs of air through his nose.

“Absolutely not!” Mr. Heiss continued to argue. His claws dragged over Will’s scalp, his hips bucking forward.

Will was better prepared this time and let his jaw hang loose as Mr. Heiss slammed his cock into his mouth. He could feel drool pooling around his lips, dripping down his chin as he struggled to take it all.

Fuck, if this kept up, he was going to choke.

He had to do something.

Grabbing Mr. Heiss’ thighs, Will dug in and started bobbing his head to take control of the rhythm. He rubbed his tongue along Mr. Heiss’ enormous cock, groaning low. He sucked harder, and he felt the claws recede.

He kept moving, sucking and wagging his tongue, relieved that Mr. Heiss seemed to have calmed down. He pulled off of Mr. Heiss’ cock and ran his tongue all around the head, kissing and mouthing down the shaft next to give his aching jaw a break.

“I’m sure that Mr. Kalt agrees,” Mr. Heiss went on, his voice now a low, rumbling purr.

Will didn’t know if his newly relaxed state was because the conversation was going well or if it was from the dick sucking, but he definitely wanted to keep him happy. He sank back down on his cock, resuming the fast and slippery pace.

“Very well,” Mr. Heiss sighed. “I’m so glad we could reach an agreement…” He suddenly snatched Will’s hair, forcing him to take every inch as he snarled, “And if I ever see you or Mr. Kalt in my territory, I will burn you down into ashes.”

Will whimpered as his eyes burned with tears, smacking Mr. Heiss’ leg. He couldn’t breathe, and he heard the phone slam down on the receiver. He thought he might get a break, but Mr. Heiss began to fuck his face even harder than before.

Both sets of claws were now tangled in Will’s hair, pulling him down into every cruel slam.

Will was helpless to stop it, and he did everything he could not to choke. He felt dizzy, his throat raw and the corners of his mouth on fire from being forced open so forcefully.

Mr. Heiss let out a roar – an inhuman sound that Will felt vibrating down in his bones. Mr. Heiss was coming, and Will’s mouth was instantly flooded with a wave of fluid. It filled his throat, and he could feel it trying to come out of his nose.

He had to swallow, squeezing his eyes closed as he fought to keep it down. It was too much at once, and he could feel it leaking out of his mouth. “Mmmmph!”

“Good boy,” Mr. Heiss said, finally setting Will free from his cock.

Will reared back, gasping for air and cringing as he swallowed the rest of the come left in his mouth. He started to wipe away what had spilled, but there was a mean tug on his collar.

“Ah ah,” Mr. Heiss warned. “You take everything I give you.”

“Sure,” Will huffed, sticking out his tongue to lick around his mouth and chin. He licked over the place on his hand where he’d tried to clean up, glaring haughtily up at Mr. Heiss.

The smug bastard looked very pleased with himself, and he ruffled his hand through Will’s hair.

“So,” Will said, crawling out from the desk and getting to his feet. “How was that?”



“Maybe next time you’ll do better.”


Last One to Let You Down – LIVE!

Thomas Hill is a lonely embalmer who’s in some big trouble – his ex-boyfriend has been forcing him to illegally sell dangerous chemicals with no signs of stopping, and Tom doesn’t know what to do. His situation gets even more complicated when Cypress Holmes, a smoking hot local florist, walks in on Tom making a deal. Cypress agrees to keep quiet, but his silence comes at a price.

He wants Tom to do exactly as he says and to give him complete and total control over his body at all times. Tom now has no choice but to obey Cypress’s every command to stay out of jail. But when Cypress starts spanking him and tying him up, he realizes he doesn’t mind the rough treatment at all.  With or without the threat of blackmail hanging over his head, he likes what Cypress does to him… and he doesn’t want it to stop.

Author’s Note: This book includes intense sexual scenes, rough spankings, and depictions of death and embalming as they relate to the funeral industry. If this material offends or may upset you, please don’t buy this book.


A Cold Hard Collection – LIVE

The new book is live – again – and here to stay! You can check out the new release over at Amazon and it’s free to read with a KU subscription! Thank you so much to everyone for your patience and understanding! I hope you guys enjoy reading all the nifty and naughty adventures of Boss Cold and Jimmy!

When a mafia kingpin pays to send you to law school, the real lessons will be taught in his bed. Boss Cold is the kind of man who gets his money’s worth, and Jimmy Poe still has much to learn about all the ways his body can be used and enjoyed. He will spend his nights blushing, begging, and screaming the name of the stern, sexy mob lord to whom every inch of him now belongs.

Publisher’s Note: A Cold Hard Collection includes twenty-five scalding hot short stories
featuring Jimmy Poe and Boss Cold, the main characters of Cold Hard Cash and Hard Earned
Cash. These stories includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this collection.


Collection – DELAYED

Hey guys! I’m sure many of you have noticed that the link for a A Cold Hard Collection is not working. The book unfortunately ended up in the Erotica Dungeon, and my publisher and I made the decision to pull it. It will be republished, and I will post the new links as soon as I have them. I am so sorry for the delay and the inconvenience this has caused, but both my publisher and I feel this is the right decision for the overall success of the book. I appreciate your patience and hopefully the book will be back soon! <333

A Cold Hard Collection is LIVE!

A Cold Hard Collection is live and available on Amazon and KU! This is book number three in the Cold Hard Cash series, and I hope you guys like it! Remember – this book is a collection of stories that take place between CHC and HEC. There is pretty much no plot here. At all. It’s twenty-five delicious stories of Cold teaching Jimmy all about kink. <333

When a mafia kingpin pays to send you to law school, the real lessons will be taught in his bed. Boss Cold is the kind of man who gets his money’s worth, and Jimmy Poe still has much to learn about all the ways his body can be used and enjoyed. He will spend his nights blushing, begging, and screaming the name of the stern, sexy mob lord to whom every inch of him now belongs.

Publisher’s Note: A Cold Hard Collection includes twenty-five scalding hot short stories
featuring Jimmy Poe and Boss Cold, the main characters of Cold Hard Cash and Hard Earned
Cash. These stories includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this collection.

The reviews have already been SUPER AMAZING, and I am so happy with how everyone is enjoying the book so far. Thank you guys for all the love! Happy reading!

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