Bath Bombs and Stuff!

I have to geek out because having bath bombs inspired by my books is just the freakin’ coolest thing ever. I’m a big Lushie, and I looove my bath time very much. I was totally stoked when A & A Candles and Crafts offered to create my very own unique line of bath bombs for my Cold Hard Cash boys! Picking out the scents and colors was so much fun, and I am pleased with how they all turned out.

Maury’s might actually be my favorite just because the strawberry scent is sooo rich, but I will say Jimmy’s sweet cinnamon swirl is a close second – but then again, I can’t leave out Cold because his peppermint one is super soothing and smooth and agggghhhh! I can’t choose! Luckily there is a three pack where you can get one of each to try them all out! XD

Next month is Cold Hard Cash‘s one year anniversary and my one year publiversary. It’s still so unreal to me that I finally got published. Not just once, mind you, but now FOUR TIMES (including Acsquidentally In Love that comes out August 25th!). It’s amazing to me. I’ve gotten four books published, I have fancy bookmarks now, and I have freakin’ bath bombs. It really doesn’t get much cooler than this. I’m so unbelievably happy.

Even though it’s technically a day early, oops, I went ahead and updated the blog with all the Sexy Saturdays for June and July so you non-FB peoples can go enjoy those! I’ll be starting edits on As You Wish soon, my very first self-published title, and I’m already on chapter four of my new BDSM Undertaker/Florist romance tentatively titled Last One To Let You Down.

My plan is for both As You Wish and Last One To Let You Down to be out by the end of the year PLUS my CHC Collection is still pending with my publisher. So, that’s at least three more sexy awesome books to sink your hungry little teeth into before 2020 is up! Thank you guys for being such incredible fans and making all of this possible. It’s a total freakin’ dream come true for me to share my crazy little stories. As long as you guys keep readin’ ’em, I’ll keep writing ’em!

Take care and stay safe, darlings! <333

Sexy Saturday 07/18/2020

Hey, kits and kittens! Writing has been a bit slow this week while I work on all the interviews and nifty guest posts for my upcoming blog tour for my new release, Acsquidentally In Love – comes out August 25th! Woo woo!

In the meantime, I’ve read all your comments and poll replies and messages and well… a certain embalmer named Thomas Hills and a florist named Cypress Holmes want to say hello. <333

Enjoy this tiny little teaser from my current WIP, a BDSM tale of a young embalmer surrounded by death and the man who will help him set him free!

Warnings: NSFW-ish


“It depends.”

“Well, uh, what do you think you saw?”

“I saw you giving a guy a big ol’ case of embalming fluid and taking some cash,” Cypress replied, casually leaning against a cot.

Tom’s heart began to pound.

“And I happen to know that embalming fluid can be used in some very nasty ways,” Cypress went on, toying with the cot cover and glancing over the embroidery.

“Oh?” Tom felt sick.

“Like dipping cigarettes in it and then sellin’ ‘em. Pretty illegal, I think.” Cypress tugged on the edge of the cover. “It can cause some pretty bad hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia-“

“Look! Okay, I get it!” Tom advanced, curling his hands into tight fists. “Just, just stop! I know it’s bad! Okay, I fuckin’ know!”

“Then why are you doing it?” Cypress asked plainly, unflinching.

“I can’t… I’m not telling you that.”

“Well, I guess you can explain it to the cops-“

“No! Wait! I’ll do anything, okay?” Tom pleaded. “Please, fuck! Don’t! I need this job. I can’t lose this fuckin’ job. Working here is my life!”

“Anything?” Cypress mused, tilting his head as he looked Tom over. “Well, that only works if you think you have something to offer up.”

“What do you want? Money?” Tom scoffed, huffing in frustration.

“Well, you did just take a very serious stack of cash. I am a pretty big fan of money.”

“I can’t give you that! It’s for-“ Tom stopped before he said too much, quickly correcting himself, “It’s not even mine, okay? I can’t do that. I don’t have any money to give you. There has to be something else.”

“Right. How about you just drop down on your pretty knees right now and suck my dick then?” Cypress rolled his eyes.

Tom felt a sudden surge of heat, and he stared at Cypress’ crotch as his mouth reflexively watered. He’d heard Cypress say that many times before, and Tom knew he was probably joking.

But if that’s really all it would take…

“Fine,” Tom muttered through gritted teeth. “I’ll do it.”

“Come on,” Cypress was still chiding him, apparently deaf to Tom’s offer. “You really don’t expect me to believe that you don’t get some kinda cut from that-“

Tom raised his voice, snapping, “Hey! I said, I’ll do it!”

“What?” Cypress blinked.

“Suck your dick,” Tom replied, already starting to kneel before he could change his mind. He’d had some pretty rough one night stands before. This wasn’t so different. He could do this, get Cypress off his back, and stay out of jail.

“Stop,” Cypress said, his thick hand grabbing Tom’s shoulder.

“What?” Tom was instantly embarrassed. Oh, this was such a stupid idea. He should have never even suggested it. As Cypress held him in place, the very air around them felt charged. He looked at Cypress’ lips, felt the heat of his grip, and he knew something had shifted between them.

Something was happening and fast.

Tom’s face was getting hot, and he gasped when Cypress pulled him in for a fierce kiss.

The brewing energy ignited instantly, and Tom was helpless in Cypress’ powerful embrace. He gave himself over completely, groaning loudly when Cypress’ tongue slid inside his mouth. The kiss was deep, hot, and it sent all the right signals to every inch of Tom’s body.

“You’re not sucking me without at least first fuckin’ kissing me,” Cypress murmured, his fingers raking through Tom’s hair and holding him firmly. “You got it?”

“Yeah,” Tom said, panting hard. The way Cypress was so boldly taking charge had no right to be this hot. He’d had some bossy lovers before, but not a one could compare to the dominance that Cypress was exuding right now.

His reserved attitude had been swallowed up by a hard gaze and an unrelenting aura. Impossibly, he even seemed taller than before, and no one had made Tom’s knees quake like this with just a kiss.

“Now,” Cypress said firmly, “you’re going to suck my cock and swallow down what I give you. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Tom gasped sharply when Cypress’ grip tightened in his hair.

“Yes… what?” Cypress challenged expectantly.

Tom wasn’t sure how, but he knew immediately what to say, shivering as he replied:

“Yes, sir.”


Sexy Saturday 07/11/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, my lovelies! I’ve finished my current WIP, and it’s almost time to start on my next naughty adventure! Hard Earned Cash is still doing AWESOME on the top 100 – thank you all so much for all the sweet reviews! Woo!!!

If you haven’t left one yet, it’s never too late! Even just a few words is such a huge help for any author, and I would appreciate it so very much! <333

Now, here’s a sweet little teaser from the upcoming CHC Collection – fingers crossed that my publisher accepts it soon! I can’t wait for you guys to read all of Jimmy and Cold’s sexy little adventures!

Warnings: NSFW?/teasing/domestic bliss


“Some of the best aphrodisiacs contain a very high concentration of zinc,” Cold was explaining as he cooked. “The zinc boosts your testosterone levels, and…” He turned around to glare at Jimmy, raising his spatula with a scowl. “Jimmy, are you listening to a word I’m saying?”

“Eh, sort of?” Jimmy replied honestly, beaming sweetly from his perch at the kitchen counter. “You in that cute little apron is a pretty powerful aphrodisiac, you know.”

“The apron?” Cold scoffed.

“It’s distracting me.”

“I don’t want to get my clothes dirty,” Cold snorted. “Eat your chocolate.”

Jimmy snickered, picking up one of the chocolate truffles Cold had bought for him and taking a big bite. He moaned loudly, instantly in love with the rich taste and smooth texture. He didn’t even want to know how much Cold had paid for these, but God, were they delicious.

Jimmy had requested a lesson in aphrodisiacs, and Cold was more than happy to oblige. He insisted on preparing the meal personally, and Jimmy was soon surprised to learn that the fearsome Boss Cold was quite the aspiring chef.

“Chocolate can stimulate a spike in dopamine, and it has citrulline that increases the nitric oxide in your body,” Cold went on, smirking as Jimmy continued to make happy little sounds while eating. “It improves your blood circulation and allows for a much faster rate of arousal.”

“Oh, it’s definitely arousing,” Jimmy giggled, his appetite threatening to finish the whole plate of truffles in moments. He took a sip of the wine Cold had selected to accompany the meal, asking brightly, “Mmm and this?”

“Pinot noir pairs well with salmon,” Cold replied, “and it’s alcohol, which triggers certain reactions in the hypothalamus. That’s the part of your brain that regulates many important bodily functions.”

“Right.” Jimmy nodded, taking a long sip. “Like body temperature, sleep patterns, hunger…”

“And libido,” Cold added with a wink.

“You really took this aphrodisiac lesson seriously, huh?” Jimmy laughed, snatching up the last truffle and swallowing it down with the rest of his wine.

“I take most things seriously, but especially cooking,” Cold said with a short chuckle, returning his full attention to the stove. He was focused now, his brow furrowed in concentration as he added a few more spices to one pan and stirred another.

Jimmy smiled as he watched his boyfriend laboring away to create the perfect meal for them. He couldn’t quite explain it, but observing Cold’s impressive prowess in the kitchen was incredibly sexy. He wondered if it was all the magical chemicals that he had imbibed thus far that were making him feel so suddenly amorous.

Perhaps it was simply the sight of his beloved gangster being positively domestic.

Maybe it was the apron.

Whatever the reason, he couldn’t sit still any longer. He grinned, leaving his spot at the counter and sliding up behind Cold, hugging his waist.

“I’m cooking,” Cold said grumpily, but he made no movement to stop him.

Jimmy’s hands slid under the apron, finding the zipper of Cold’s slacks and tugging. “Smells good,” he commented innocently. “This is the zinc filled goodness that’s gonna boost our testosterone levels?”

“It’s chili and garlic glazed salmon with lemon roasted asparagus,” Cold replied with a smirk. “Yes, the salmon is very rich in zinc. The peppers have capsaicin that stimulates your taste buds and is said to release adrenaline that will increase your pulse and release endorphins.”

“Mmmm, and the asparagus?” Jimmy went on, pulling the zipper down and sliding his hand over the front of his underwear, delighted to find him hard.

“It’s full of vitamin E that can increase the flow of blood to the genitals,” Cold calmly explained. “They’re also quite rich in potassium, which helps stimulate hormone production.”

“Fascinating,” Jimmy nodded, trailing his fingers along the length of Cold’s shaft, resting his chin on his shoulder.


“Yes, Rod?”

“If you think I’m going to have sex with you before we eat dinner,” Cold drawled, “you are very mistaken.”

“Rod,” Jimmy whined, rubbing his fingers over Cold’s cock and squeezing him through his underwear. “Come on. The aphrodisiacs did me in. They really work! I’m totally ready. Please?”

Cold grunted, his voice firmer as he said, “I gave Jerry the evening off to prepare this meal for you myself. You are going to sit down with me and eat every last bite. Then, and only then, will we move on to dessert.”

“Come on, Rod.” Jimmy pulled Cold’s cock out and began to stroke him, nuzzling against his neck. “I promise we’ll eat after. I’ll eat it all. But can we pretty please do dessert first?”

“No,” Cold replied flatly, though he still made no effort to push Jimmy away. He began plating the food as if there wasn’t an eager hand wrapped around him, and he calmly added a sprinkle of pepper and sauce to the dishes.

Jimmy clung to his back, pressing himself as close as he could. He mouthed along Cold’s ear and squeezed his cock harder. “Mmm, Rod… I want you now. Please.”

Cold put the last finishing touches on each plate before quickly whirling around to grab Jimmy by his hips. He pushed him up against the cabinets with a low growl. “So impatient, are we?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy panted, emphasizing the ‘sir’ and grinning when he saw Cold shiver. He was already taking off his pants and hopped up on the nearby counter, spreading his legs invitingly. “Please.”

Cold growled, frustrated, but his willpower to resist was clearly dwindling. He pressed himself between Jimmy’s thighs, his hard cock bumping up against his groin.

Jimmy used his long legs to draw Cold in close, wrapping his arms around his neck and kissing him passionately. “Please, sir… I need you.”

Cold sighed audibly, and he rubbed his cock up against Jimmy’s hole. Completely dry, just a tease, his voice a breathy whisper as he asked, “You really can’t wait, can you?”

“No, sir,” Jimmy murmured urgently, trying to rock down onto Cold’s cock. “All my dopamine and nitric oxide levels are positively raging for you right now.”

“Are they?” Cold chuckled fondly.

“Yes,” Jimmy insisted. He licked over his fingers, reaching down to start rubbing his spit over his hole. It was just enough for the head of Cold’s cock to push in, and Jimmy moaned for more. “Fuck… please, sir.”

Cold sighed and held his hips completely still.

Jimmy tried to roll his body forward, tried to push down on Cold’s cock, but he couldn’t get another inch. He sucked at Cold’s throat, pleading again, “Come on. Can’t you feel how much I want you?”

“Oh, trust me,” Cold said, his long fingers curling around Jimmy’s cock and giving him a smooth stroke. “I feel it. You’re absolutely aching for me to take you and ruin your precious little body right here on this counter, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir!” Jimmy groaned excitedly, gasping when he felt Cold’s cock trying to press in a little more.

“Close your eyes and open your mouth, Mr. Poe,” Cold commanded sweetly.

Jimmy obeyed immediately, expecting a finger or two, but he grunted when he tasted…


He blinked his eyes open to see Cold holding a fork, smirking at him expectantly as he said, “Dinner first. Then dessert. No exceptions.”

Jimmy pouted as Cold pulled away, chewing up the mouthful that Cold had given him and swallowing. “It is really good,” he admitted, squirming still from being so turned on. “It tastes sooo very good. Like orgasmically good. You really know your aphrodisiacs. Thank you.”

“Flattery will not help you right now,” Cold chuckled with a quick roll of his eyes, tucking his cock back into his pants. He snorted, feeding him another bite and smugly repeating, “Dinner first, Jimmy.”

“Then dessert?” Jimmy asked eagerly.

“Absolutely,” Cold promised.

“One request.” Jimmy batted his eyes, chewing slowly and smiling hopefully.

“Yes, Jimmy?”

“When it’s time for dessert…”

“Uh huh?”

“Would you…?”

“Yes, Jimmy. I will keep the apron on.”


Sexy Saturday 07/06/2020

Sorry for another late Sexy Saturday! Holiday weekend, work work work, blah, blah, blah! Here’s another short and sweet sneak peek at the CHC Collection that will hopefully be coming out soon! XD


Warnings: NSFW/tickling?/adorable hijinx


Jimmy was exhausted from a long day of school, his head still swimming with case law and dozens of Latin terms that made his head ache. He was stretched out in bed, and he smiled when Cold joined him only wearing a pair of silken pajama pants.

In public, Cold wore his suits like armor, meticulously groomed down to the very last button. But in private with Jimmy, he was getting more comfortable. He allowed himself to be vulnerable and trusted his lover completely.

He didn’t say it, not exactly, but Jimmy knew. He knew from the way Cold had stopped wearing his plush robes and didn’t always wear full pajamas to bed. Jimmy was so grateful for the display of trust, even unspoken as it was.

The view was nice, too.

Jimmy had fallen in love with Cold’s body, adoring every scar and even the softness in his tummy. As they snuggled up in bed together, he felt Cold relax, and he eagerly ran his hand over his chest. He traced each scar he could find, sighing adoringly.

Cold tolerated the affection, smiling softly, his eyes already closed for sleep.

Jimmy’s fingers dipped down, brushing over Cold’s side, and he gasped as the gangster suddenly jerked away. “Oh! I’m sorry!”

“It’s all right,” Cold grumbled, getting settled back down.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, you’re fine. Go on.”

Jimmy continued, finding that same little spot on his ribs. He could feel a scar, something round and bumpy, and he halted when he felt Cold twitch again. “Does it hurt?”


“Then what’s wrong?”

Cold made a face, muttering under his breath, “I might be…” The rest Jimmy couldn’t hear.

“Might be what?” Jimmy blinked.

“I might be a little ticklish,” Cold snapped impatiently, glaring at Jimmy. “All right?”

“Oh! I had no idea!” Jimmy smiled innocently, a devious plan already springing to mind.

Cold’s eyes narrowed in suspicion, warning, “Jimmy… don’t do it.”

“Don’t do what?” Jimmy said with a sweet smile. He suddenly jumped on top of Cold, tickling his ribs as he cackled, “This?!”

“Jimmy!” Cold struggled, growling angrily, but then the most beautiful thing happened. He began to laugh. He was laughing so hard there were tears in his eyes.

Jimmy kept on, scratching and wiggling his fingers as quickly as he could. He was amazed how laughter transformed his lover, the years melting right off his face. He looked like a completely different person, happy and free.

But he was still Cold, a powerful gangster, and he was not going to take this abuse without a fight. He managed to grab one of Jimmy’s hands and pushed him away, deftly sweeping him back onto his side.

Before he knew what was happening, Jimmy couldn’t breathe because Cold was tickling his armpits. “No, no, no!” Jimmy giggled frantically. “Ahhh, ah, stop!”

“You started this!” Cold snickered, continuing to roll them over until he had Jimmy pinned. “I intend to finish it!”

Jimmy wiggled and fought as hard as he could, but Cold definitely had the advantage. He was holding Jimmy’s wrists together against the sheets with one hand, and the other was assaulting his sensitive armpits.

“Had enough?” Cold taunted.

“N-never!” Jimmy grinned, pulling up his leg and using his foot to poke at Cold’s ribs. Using his big toe to tickle wasn’t very effective, but it was enough to make Cold laugh again.

They wrestled around until they were both out of breath, laughing like fools and trying to stop panting. Jimmy couldn’t remember the last time he had smiled so much, murmuring happily when Cold kissed him.

Cold held him close, gently pulling him on top of his chest and sliding his hands along his back. The kiss was slow, soft, punctuated by Jimmy’s giggling and Cold’s deep chuckle.

Jimmy squirmed when Cold’s fingers danced too lightly along his hips, laughing, “Hey, quit! That tickles! I’m all super sensitive right now!”

“Mmm, might have to tie you up if you can’t hold still,” Cold teased, nudging Jimmy’s cheek with his nose.

“No freakin’ way,” Jimmy gasped. “You are not tying me up and tickling me! That’s mean!”

“It’s sort of funny.”

“I’ll pee!”

“Still funny.”

Jimmy grumbled, kissing Cold’s lips again and getting caught up in the warm swipe of his tongue. “Meanie.”

“That is very hurtful.” Cold pinched Jimmy’s ass, grinning when he yelped. “At least I didn’t tickle you…”

“Ohhh, you’re toast!” Jimmy declared, his hand reaching back down to tickle that spot on Cold’s ribs. Back at it they went, wrestling and playing, the friction between their bodies sending all the right signals to Jimmy’s dick.

Halfway through a very frenzied tickle attack, he got stuck on Cold’s tongue, moaning as he felt that his lover was hard, too.

Cold peeled off Jimmy’s pants, kissing him adoringly as he skillfully retrieved the lube from the bedside table without having to break away. He got his cock slick, reaching down to rub his fingers against Jimmy’s hole.

“Come on,” Jimmy pleaded, grabbing Cold’s cock and pressing it against himself. “I don’t wanna wait… we’ll just go slow, okay?”

“All right,” Cold agreed, his hips moving in short thrusts to work Jimmy open with his cock.

Jimmy groaned, hungry and delighted, enjoying the sweet burn. As soon as Cold met resistance, he’d stop, they would kiss for several long moments, and then he’d get back to work.

He loved this; the slow grind, the deep ache, how lovingly Cold touched him and held him. Time itself had come to a halt, nothing else in the universe except the two of them. Cold was over halfway in now and not stopping, a little strength behind his thrusts that betrayed his eagerness.

Jimmy lifted up his legs to ease the remaining thickness inside of him, hugging Cold’s neck. He sucked on his tongue, moaning appreciatively at Cold’s deep slams. Their bodies moved together like waves crashing over each other in the ocean, a sweet rhythm quickly becoming feverishly rough.

Jimmy’s head was soon tossing back and forth on the pillows; he clinged to Cold’s shoulders when he lifted up his leg and made his vision blur. “Oh, Rod,” he cried. “Right there, right there! Ah, fuck!”

“I’ve got you,” Cold mumbled, smothering his mouth against Jimmy’s throat. “Come on, come for me! Come on!”

The climax was glorious, leaving them both shaking and holding each other close. When Jimmy caught his breath again, he kissed Cold firmly. “Mmm… Rod…”

Cold was smiling, relaxed and satisfied, quirking a brow when Jimmy’s hand drifted a little too close to his side. “If you try to tickle me again, I am definitely going to tie you up.”

“Is that a promise?” Jimmy teased, wiggling his hips playfully.

“Hmmph,” Cold snorted, a twinkle of mischief in his eye. “Why don’t you go on and try, see what happens?”

Jimmy couldn’t resist…

And ultimately ended up spending the rest of the night twisted up in silk ropes, a willing victim of Cold’s lovely torture. When he came again, trembling and laughing from Cold’s merciless tickling fingers, he had never been happier.


Sexy Saturday 06/29/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Wait – what do you mean it’s actually Monday? Pfffft. I have no idea what you mean! It’s not like I just had a new release come out this weekend and I got so busy that I forgot. Except, uh, that’s exactly what happened! Sorry! XD

I hope everyone has had a chance to check out Hard Earned Cash – currently sitting at #52 on Amazon’s Gay Romance Top 100 – and a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s left a review. Thank you sooo very much! <333

Now, today’s treat is from the upcoming CHC Anthology (release date still pending!). This is a collection of smutty stories that take place between the first book and Hard Earned Cash.

Here’s a look at the very first Christmas that Jimmy spent with Boss Cold! Enjoy!

Warnings: NSFW/Lingerie/Panties


Christmas Day was a very exciting day for Jimmy.

It wasn’t even a week ago that Cold had off-handedly mentioned he wasn’t a big fan of the holidays. Jimmy told him that some of his best memories were of Christmas mornings when he was young and his mother was still alive, and how he missed the smell of a real Christmas tree.

Growing up with the Duplin family, they’d always had an artificial tree, and it wasn’t the same.

It was certainly not a coincidence that a fresh Christmas tree magically appeared in the living room the next day.

Cold had spared no expense getting a lavish tree and plenty of decorations for the house, and the bounty Jimmy found when he woke up Christmas morning was astounding. He felt like a little kid again, stunned by Santa’s generosity.

Of course, he knew it was really Cold, but the sense of wonder was the same.

Jimmy noticed there were some presents wrapped in black paper tucked in the very back of the tree, and Cold told him slyly that those were for later. Jimmy couldn’t wait to see what they were, but first they had a whole day of Christmas festivities to get through that Cold had planned out for them.

David came by to join the holiday festivities so they could celebrate his first Christmas as a free man together as a family. There were presents for him under the tree as well, and they spent several hours swimming in wrapping paper and watching classic holiday films.

Cold spoiled them both with books, movies, clothes, and a receipt for a new television he was having delivered to David’s apartment. David tried to refuse such an extravagant gift, but Cold calmly told him that Santa could not be dissuaded.

Jerry kept them happy with snack trays and festive cookies while he prepared an epic Christmas feast for them all. Rowena popped in to share some holiday cheer, but declined the invitation for dinner. She had plans with Dario, and Cold announced that his Christmas gift to his sister was not whacking the young pianist.

Even though they all had a good laugh over it, Jimmy wasn’t sure how serious he was.

Dinner was roast duck with chestnut stuffing, garlic green beans, marsala stuffed mushrooms, roasted butternut squash, whipped mashed potatoes, and Jerry had baked three different desserts, including a mouthwatering sticky toffee pudding. They all ate themselves to the point of busting, retiring out to the living room to curl up in front of the fireplace to recuperate.

Jerry brought them spiced wine to sip on, and as The Man Who Came To Dinner was ending, Jimmy couldn’t recall having a happier Christmas in at least a decade.

David thanked Cold for his hospitality and all the wonderful presents, giving Jimmy a big hug and a kiss before Jerry helped him load up the car to drive him home. After about the third glass of wine, it was clear that David would not be driving himself.

Alone with Cold, Jimmy settled down on the floor in front of the tree. His attention was immediately drawn to the remaining gifts, asking eagerly, “So! Is it time to open up those black presents?”

“Yes,” Cold replied, smiling wickedly over the rim of his wine glass. “Go on. I’m very interested to see if your gifts… fit.”

“Fit?” Jimmy immediately began tearing at the paper, his mind racing excitedly. It could be some sort of new toy or perhaps some naughty clothing. He knew Cold had been peeking at his many wish lists for inspiration for their lessons, and the possibilities for what awaited himself inside the boxes were endless.

The first gift was a pair of sheer black panties that made Jimmy blush immediately. He ran his fingers over the smooth fabric and shuddered when he imagined what it would feel like against his skin. “Oh, Rod. They’re beautiful!”

“Keep going,” Cold said with a smirk. “There’s more.”

A pair of stockings was next, black nylon with thick seams that Jimmy couldn’t wait to slide up his legs. Just these with the panties alone was an amazing gift, and he knew Cold had spent a pretty penny getting them for him. Cold never cheaped out of anything, especially clothing.

Jimmy’s fingers were trembling when he opened the last box, gasping when he found a lush corset and a matching bralette waiting for him inside. They were black with nude trimmings, silky lace edges, and small bows accenting the seams.

“Do you like them?” Cold asked, licking his lips as he studied Jimmy’s face intently.

“Yes,” Jimmy breathed, looking up to Cold with wide eyes. “Everything is so beautiful. I can’t believe this is for me!”

“Believe it,” Cold chuckled. “What are you waiting for? Go on and put everything on.”

“Right here?” Jimmy’s cheeks flushed.

“I’ll close my eyes,” Cold said, sipping at his wine with a sly smirk. “You can tell me when you’re ready. How’s that?”

“O-Okay,” Jimmy said excitedly, waiting for Cold to close his eyes before he started wiggling out of his normal clothes. He slid the stockings on first, turning this way and that to make sure the seams were even. Next were the panties, and he inhaled quietly as the soft fabric hugged his ass and his cock.

He couldn’t resist palming himself through the satin, loving how it felt beneath his fingers. He grabbed the bralette and suddenly realized he had no idea how to put it on. He clipped it on backwards and spun it around, sliding his arms through the straps and adjusting it around his lean chest.

Last was the corset, and although it was quite beautiful, it was the most daunting piece of all.

Swaying from his Christmas wine and buzzing with excitement energy, his hands were trembling as he loosened the ribbon to wiggle it on. He went over his head with it and immediately regretted that decision, cursing softly as he tried to pull it over his bra.

“Do you need assistance?” Cold asked innocently.

“I’ve got this!” Jimmy protested, grunting as he finally pulled the corset down and sighing in relief.

Cold chuckled softly, offering, “I’m here if you need me.”

Grumbling to himself, Jimmy stubbornly pulled at the laces of the corset and fixed everything as best as he could. Tying the bow behind his back was awkward, but he felt so gorgeous all bundled up in silk and lace. Once he was certain he had adjusted all of his lingerie to near perfection, he cleared his throat.

“Are you ready?” Cold asked.

“Yes,” Jimmy exhaled softly, biting his lip eagerly as Cold rose up to his feet.

Eyes still closed, he set his wine expertly aside and reached for Jimmy’s hands.

“You can open your eyes now,” Jimmy teased, guiding Cold over to join him by the fireplace. He gasped when Cold turned him around, his strong hands sliding along the front of the corset as he pressed up against his back.

“Not yet.” Cold slipped a nimble finger inside Jimmy’s bra, sliding over a nipple and making him shudder. His other hand skirted down Jimmy’s stomach to the edge of his panties, skimming the hem before tracing the line of his hardening cock.

Jimmy was panting, curling his spine and pushing his ass back against Cold. “Don’t you want to see it? Why, why are your eyes still closed?”

“Because I am enjoying the anticipation,” Cold replied as he kept toying with Jimmy’s nipple, pressing as close as he could. He kissed Jimmy’s shoulder, light as a feather, his mouth gliding to his neck, his ear.

Jimmy was whimpering, grabbing Cold’s hand and trying to press it back down on his cock. “Oh, come on! Please! Touch me, look at me, something! Do you have any idea how hard it was to get all of this on for you?”

Cold chuckled heartily, squeezing Jimmy and petting him softly. “Oh, I can certainly imagine,” he said, slipping his fingers inside Jimmy’s panties to touch his bare skin, “This is my Christmas present to myself, and I don’t want to unwrap it too quickly.”

“Mmmph, Rod,” Jimmy groaned, pushing his ass back and grabbing Cold’s hip. “Please…”

Cold only smirked and rubbed his hard dick against Jimmy’s ass as he teasingly stroked him, not allowing enough pressure for any real friction to form. Jimmy was so hard from all the wicked torture, and the skimpy panties could barely contain his erection.

The tension was absolutely maddening, and Jimmy urged again, “Please, Rod. Look at me. Look at what you gave me. Look at what you’re freakin’ doing to me!”

Cold’s eyes finally opened, and he actually gasped, his hand clenching around Jimmy’s cock and kissing his ear urgently. “Oh, Jimmy… you look absolutely delicious.”

Jimmy whirled around in Cold’s arms, slamming their lips together in a fierce kiss. He tasted sweet, fruity and delicious, and Jimmy absolutely loved the greedy way Cold was feeling him up through the corset and bra. “Mmmph, Rod! God, you feel so good!”

Cold growled softly and picked Jimmy right off the floor. “I think I’m going to unwrap you in bed, Jimmy, if there are no objections.”

“None at all!” Jimmy squealed, wrapping his long legs around his waist and never letting their lips part for more than a second. It was difficult to breathe, and he didn’t know if it was from the rush of the sex they were about to have or the crushing hold the corset had on his ribs.

When Cold finally laid him out in bed, he gasped for sweet oxygen and laughed, “Oh, this is gonna be, mmm, interesting.”

“What’s wrong?” Cold asked worriedly, frowning down at Jimmy as he crawled over him. “Is the corset too tight?”

“Oh, it’s definitely tight,” Jimmy said, smoothing his hands down the firm boning, “but I don’t want to take it off yet. Please. I can wear it for a little longer, I promise! I’ll be fine!”

“As you wish,” Cold said, glancing down at Jimmy skeptically. He bowed his head for a kiss, mumbling against his lips, “But if I even suspect for a moment that there’s a problem, it’s all coming off.”

“Yes, sir!” Jimmy said with an excited grin, groaning into their kiss as the temperature began to rise. He soon felt Cold’s slick fingers pulling his panties aside and pressing into him, making him gasp urgently. “Oh, God! Oh, yes!”

“Mmm, you want to leave your panties on while I fuck you?” Cold asked in a deliciously husky whisper, nuzzling along Jimmy’s throat.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Jimmy chanted. He wrapped his legs around Cold’s hips and squeezed, crossing his ankles as he took a deep breath. “Please, Rod. I can take it. Please, take me, right now!”

“Jimmy,” Cold murmured, dropping down to his elbows as he began to push his thick cock in. “Mmm, you feel fantastic.”

Moaning softly, Jimmy’s head dropped back against the bed, loving the tug of the panties against his inner groin as Cold slipped so deeply inside of him. Cold didn’t take long to get going and had soon started a passionate pace. Jimmy scrambled to keep up, rolling his hips to meet every thrust, bottoming out together and both of them marveling at the perfect fit.

Jimmy couldn’t keep his hands still, feeling over Cold’s shoulders and back, his nails digging in when Cold would push deep. He was gasping more often, his head starting to feel light, and he was whimpering, “Fuck, Rod… just like that, just like that… fuck!”

Cold focused in on the angle that had Jimmy writhing and lifted up one of his legs. The higher he went, the louder Jimmy got. Cold finally threw his leg up over his shoulder and smothered a low growl against Jimmy’s chest. “There… fuck, take it, just like that. Just like that!”

Jimmy snapped a hand up to the headboard to brace himself, staring at Cold in shock and amazement, groaning, “Fuck! Yes! That, that, there! Wait, no, no… yes, okay, yes, yes, yes!”

Once Cold had the perfect spot all lined up, he was totally relentless and started pounding into Jimmy’s tight ass. Jimmy’s body swallowed him up completely, clenching down so fucking tightly it almost hurt, and he knew they were both getting close.

The lace of the corset wrapped around him was so new, and the sensation was positively erotic. He could feel his cock trapped between them, pressed against cloth and silk, and Jimmy groaned when Cold purposefully pressed down to give him more friction.

He could see the head of his cock drooling all over the pricey fabric, a single line of clear fluid clinging as it connected skin and lace. He kissed Cold passionately, stretching his other leg over his shoulder and crying out as Cold fucked him frantically.

Cold steadied his weight with one arm, his other hand sliding up the boning of the corset and pulling Jimmy’s bra down. He squeezed his nipple until Jimmy squealed, fucking him in time with each cruel little twist.

Jimmy couldn’t stop moaning, his head snapping to the side as he moaned and clung to Cold’s shoulders, crying out, “Rod! I’m, I’m, I’m so fucking close!”

Cold snaked his hand back down to grab Jimmy’s dripping cock from underneath his panties, jerking him in the same merciless rhythm as his hips, grunting and sweating, growling, “Yes… Come on… come for me, Jimmy.”

Jimmy’s voice went up some octaves in waves of moans, screaming sweetly as he came, thrusting up against Cold’s palm as he busted all over the soft lace of his corset. He could feel himself blushing a spectacular shade of red, gasping haggardly as his body shook from the intense ograsm.

“Oh, Rod…” Jimmy groaned, continuing to mewl and fuss as Cold kept fucking him. He was quickly approaching overstimulation, and it was hard to breathe, as he groaned weakly.

Cold growled as he came next, his hips slamming into Jimmy as he rode out his own shuddering climax. He panted against Jimmy’s neck, pressing a few breathless kisses there as he groaned, “Well… Merry Christmas to me.”

Jimmy laughed tiredly, dragging his fingers through Cold’s short hair. “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.” He wiggled his hips playfully, teasing, “Well, maybe help me get out of this stuff first and then good night?”

“That I can do,” Cold said with a wink.

Jimmy quickly decided that getting out of the corset was much more fun than getting into it. He had felt so awkward trying to wiggle into it, and he was ready to escape. He smiled as Cold began to work at the laces with expert dexterity and laser focus.

Cold pulled the ribbon out of each grommet, looping it around his long fingers as he went. He was exacting and careful, his icy gaze focused intently on his work.

Jimmy sighed in relief when the last pull freed his rib cage and he could inhale properly, but Cold still wasn’t done with him.

Cold bowed his head, tracing his fingertips delicately along the impressions in Jimmy’s skin left behind from the boning of the corset. He touched every single one, smiling softly as if somehow deeply pleased by the symmetry of each lovely vertical line.

Jimmy was melting from every attentive touch and let himself savor this intimacy. He drank in every pass of Cold’s hands like sweet nectar, sighing softly and blushing from such a passionate focus.

Cold peeled the corset away, his lips moving to take the place of his hands and caressing each line of pressure with a soft kiss. He lingered on the collection of tiny circles left behind from the grommets on the lacing, following them down the center of Jimmy’s stomach to his loins.

Jimmy lifted up his hips as Cold took off his underwear and the stockings, returning up his body to unfasten the bra. Cold paused at his chest to trace the lines left behind, admiring all the creases and marks. Jimmy smiled as he watched him, teasing, “I think you’re having more fun unwrapping me than you did playing with me.”

“Nonsense,” Cold chuckled, kissing Jimmy’s lips sweetly. “I’m simply enjoying my gift to the fullest.”

“Your gift?”

“Mmhmm,” Cold hummed. “The lingerie on you is a gift to me, one that I’ve been waiting so very patiently for.”

“You must have bribed Santa,” Jimmy teased. “Because I know you should be on the naughty list.”

“Certainly possible,” Cold mused, smirking down at Jimmy and petting his hair. “Tell me, did you have a good Christmas?”

“Yes,” Jimmy replied immediately. “I had an awesome Christmas. Thank you for everything.” He patted his stomach, asking slyly, “Hey, do you think there’s any of that toffee pudding left?”

“Only one way to find out,” Cold whispered heatedly. “Quick shower, raid the kitchen for toffee pudding, and watch another Christmas movie before I wrap you back up again?”



Sexy Saturday 06/20/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Hope you all are doing wonderfully! Hard Earned Cash is less than a week away, and I can’t freakin’ WAIT for you all to read it.

To help hold you over, here’s a little sexy tease…



“Get on top, Mr. Poe.”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy whispered, sliding over Cold to straddle his hips. He greedily slid his hands down his stomach and sighed when he felt Cold’s thick cock pressed against his ass.

Cold untied Jimmy’s robe and jerked it down off his shoulders. He was gazing up at Jimmy with a hunger that made him shiver as he ordered firmly, “Open yourself up for me.”

Jimmy shrugged out of his robe and threw it aside, frantically scrambling for the lube in their bedside table drawer.

Cold grabbed his wrist and shook his head. “Slow down, Mr. Poe… take your time.”

Taking a deep breath, Jimmy nodded obediently. “Yes, sir.”

“It’s about the journey, not the destination,” Cold said, moving his hand to tease his long fingers along Jimmy’s shaft. “There is no reason to rush.”

“I understand, sir.” Jimmy slicked up his fingers, and he reached down between his legs to start pushing inside his ass. “Mm… I just want you so badly, sir.”

“I know, Mr. Poe. Mm, I know you do.” Cold inhaled audibly, breathing out, “I want you, too.”

Jimmy slid two fingers in and groaned at the familiar stretch. He usually did this with the end in mind: Cold’s cock filling him up. He always hurried, rushed into it, but not now.

He concentrated on the twist of his hand, finding that spot that made him ache in the most spectacular way. He curled his fingers slowly and uttered little gasps as he felt the tight muscles of his body relax.

“You look so beautiful,” Cold said, his voice husky with desire. “So pretty opening up for me… do you like it, Mr. Poe?”

Jimmy looked into Cold’s eyes and he couldn’t break away. “Yes,” he whispered, his fingers pushing deeper and making him stammer. “Y-yes… I do, sir.”

Cold squeezed Jimmy’s cock, only a tease, smiling as he said, “What do you like about it, mmm?”

“Right now, I like, I like how you’re looking at me. Like I’m beautiful, like… like I’m special.”

“You are, Mr. Poe,” Cold promised sincerely. “You are all of those things and more.”

Jimmy moaned, his head tipping back as blinding pleasure lit up the length of his spine. It was Cold’s affirmation and the movement of his hand sending him into such bliss. He had to be careful or he was going to make himself come too soon.

Cold seemed to sense how close he was getting, now commanding, “Go ahead and sit down on my cock if you think you’re ready for it, Mr. Poe.”

“God, yes.” Jimmy reached for the lube again to wet Cold’s cock. “I’ll make it so good for you, sir. I will.”

Cold shifted his hips as Jimmy lined him up, grunting as he began to lower himself down. “There… nice and slow. Just like that, just like that.”

Jimmy loved the slide inside of his body, the hint of delicious friction and the need to take it all. Cold’s firm grip made sure he was patient, and Jimmy let his thick cock completely stretch out the tight ring of muscle of his asshole one tantalizing inch at a time.

He groaned when his cheeks were flush against Cold’s thighs, his tight ass completely full, and slowly starting to grind. His body protested, but he didn’t listen, working through it and focusing on Cold’s cock buried inside of him.

Cold was panting quietly, still holding Jimmy’s hips but trusting him to control the rhythm. No words were exchanged for several long moments, and their eyes were locked together as Jimmy moved, using his thighs to power his thrusts.

Jimmy knew he was blushing, and he was completely trapped by Cold’s gorgeous stare. He could feel his love and his passion, all of the lovely things he knew Cold felt and could never say. It was in the way he held him, the longing way he looked at him, and the tender smile ghosting over his lips.

The wet sound of their bodies was exciting, and Jimmy made sure to take every inch of Cold as deeply as he could. He loved how full he felt, his body nearly pushed to its limits in this position, and he adored every second of it.

The air was beginning to feel electric, and Jimmy was having trouble maintaining the current rhythm. Everything was heating up, and he wanted more. He wanted to move faster, he wanted to fuck, he wanted—

“Put your hands behind you,” Cold ordered suddenly. “Grab my legs and fuck yourself on my cock.”

“Fuck, yes! Yes, sir!” Jimmy moaned gratefully, eagerly leaning back and latching onto Cold’s thighs. He began to rock himself down in earnest, and he cried out at the intense new angle.

“Mmm… I love watching your cock bounce when you ride me.” Cold let out a primal growl, his fingers digging into Jimmy’s hips to encourage him to go faster, harder. He arched his body up and held Jimmy in place so he wouldn’t lose his balance.

“Fuck!” Jimmy moaned, tears in his eyes when Cold began to slam into him. He couldn’t keep up, and he had to throw his hands forward to catch himself on Cold’s chest.

Cold didn’t stop, and the pounding slams of his cock continued seamlessly as he wrapped his arms around Jimmy. He pulled him close and pressed a searing kiss to his lips.

Jimmy knew Cold was almost there by the way he was panting and jerking. He wanted him to come desperately, aching for Cold to fill him up. He slipped his tongue deep into his mouth before having to withdraw as a moan stole his breath away from a merciless thrust. “Fuck! Rod!”

Cold held Jimmy tightly, biting the top of his ear as he growled, “Jimmy… I’m coming… fuck…”

Jimmy cried softly as Cold came, and he was able to feel every last pulse of his cock as he flooded his hole. That bite at his ear made him positively ache and sent amazing shivers down his spine. He squeezed his body down, moaning when he made Cold grunt pleasurably.

Cold’s firm grip found Jimmy’s cock, and he stroked him quickly as he commanded, “Come for me, Mr. Poe… look in my eyes and come now!”

Jimmy hiccupped, the pressure between his legs screaming for release and finding himself right on the tipping point. Cold’s voice was impossible to resist, and Jimmy sobbed as he came all over his long fingers, gazing helplessly into Cold’s beautiful eyes. “Fuck! Oh, Rod… yes….!”

“Good boy,” Cold breathed, pulling Jimmy into a rough kiss.

Jimmy melted immediately. He petted Cold’s hair as they kissed while being mindful of his stitches. He groaned when Cold’s cock slipped out of him, well aware what a mess they both were. He could feel Cold’s warm cum seeping out of him, shifting his hips as he sighed, “Mmm… wow. That was amazing.”

“You were spectacular,” Cold praised, playfully popping Jimmy’s ass. He kissed him again and sighed with deep satisfaction. “Mmmm… absolutely spectacular.”

“Uh huh,” Jimmy agreed, not wanting to get up yet.

“How do you feel?”

“Warm and squishy and still very definitely sore,” Jimmy laughed breathlessly. He smiled when Cold rubbed his back. “I’ll be okay, but maybe let’s avoid anyone trying to kill us again?”

He’d meant it as a joke, but Cold’s expression drew back in a grimace.

“For the next few days, we may be staying close to home,” Cold said, nudging Jimmy’s cheek. “No more galivanting around the city and getting into trouble, hmm?”

“We’re still doing dinner this weekend, right?” Jimmy frowned. “Dad, Rowena… Dario.”

Cold made another face at that last name. He tolerated Dario dating his sister, but that wasn’t saying much. Although he had never outright said it, Cold wouldn’t hesitate to make Dario disappear if he ever hurt Rowena, and Dario was very aware of that fact.

It made all of their interactions a bit awkward, to say the least.

“I suppose so,” Cold mused. “Perhaps we can invite Mr. Martine as an apology for his impromptu arrest.”

“I’m not sure if he’ll come,” Jimmy said carefully, knowing how Maury felt about such swanky places.

“I insist,” Cold countered. “For the next few weeks, I’d like to keep our family close. That includes Maury the Mouth.”

“You’re worried about them,” Jimmy realized. “You think they might be in danger, too.”

“We’re all in danger, yes,” Cold said, his thumb moving along Jimmy’s jaw. “Until the Luchesis are destroyed and Stephen Blalock is taken care of, we will not be safe.”

“What about the trial?”

“Let me take care of that,” Cold soothed. “You worry too much, Jimmy. My plan is working out just fine. The trial is the key to everything. Trust me.”

“That’s what you always say,” Jimmy grumbled.

“Maybe you should try it instead of paying me lip service,” Cold fussed, raising his hand to smack Jimmy’s ass again.

“Ow!” Jimmy grinned and wiggled his hips. “Again, sir? Please? Maybe it’ll help me trust you.”

Cold licked his lips very purposely and smirked slyly. “Are you trying to get something started, Mr. Poe?”

“God, I freakin’ hope so.”


Sexy Saturday 06/13/2020

Hi kits and kittens! It’s Sexy Saturday time! Woo!!! I know you’re all super excited for CHC2, and now it’s less than two weeks away! Aghhh!!! I can’t wait for you guys to catch up with Jimmy and Cold – it’s gonna be so much fun! <333

Today’s post is a short about a man who owns a sex store and needs help from a very special toy maker. Uh-huh. It’s THAT kind of toy maker. Heh heh heh! Enjoy!

Warnings: NSFW/DS/cock cages/dildos/plugs


Custom leather harnesses, vinyl chaps, studded restraints; Mateo Delgado offered it all for a price.

His shop, Four Quarters, was not a typical sex store. Most of what he sold was made to order, and his store windows were filled with mannequins boldly donning his custom kinky wares. He also carried a line of unisex lingerie designed by his sister, paddles crafted by his brother, and scented candles made by his mother.

Unusual for a family business, but the Delgados were a very tight knit clan. When Mateo had announced his intentions to open up the shop, they had all surprised him by eagerly offering their assistance.

The business had flourished with their support, and Mateo won customers over with his attention to detail and high quality products. He shipped his work all across the world, and his name was now synonymous with fine fetish wear.

He was used to taking on very unusual orders, typically receiving such requests through email. Privacy was very important to his clients, and he took every precaution to ensure total discretion.

One of his longtime customers had just sent him such a message asking if he could provide a custom sex toy.

Oh, but not just any sex toy.

He wanted a dildo sculpted to look like it belonged to the Hulk.

A giant green Hulk cock.

While Four Quarters offered a wide selection of fetish clothing and gear, they carried little else in the way of toys. Mateo preferred to provide garments that people could wear to feel empowered in the bedroom, and he didn’t have much interest beyond that.

He scrubbed a hand over his face as he read back over the extremely detailed request. Among previous orders for this customer, he had built a bright green leather chastity harness, and his brother had made a green studded paddle, so he should not have been too surprised.

He didn’t want to touch it. He knew nothing about creating a custom toy like this, but his client said cost was not an issue.

Considering how much the client had ordered from him previously, Mateo knew that to be true.

He pursed his lips thoughtfully, eyes scanning over the screen of his laptop as he weighed his options.

His sister had been pestering him to branch out, and he skimmed through the list of possible toy makers she had gathered for him. Unique sex toys were a booming market, one that maybe it was finally time for him to explore.

For such a special project, he was going to need some help.

It was how he ended up at Jordan King’s door that evening, a toy maker and sculptor whose name had earned itself several little stars on his sister’s list. He didn’t have the most experience or the largest portfolio, and Mateo was unsure why this was the one she insisted that he go into business with.

When the door opened, Mateo knew exactly why.

Jordan King was absolutely gorgeous. Tall, long legs, bright smile, and long curly black hair.

Oh, he was exactly Mateo’s type.

“Jordan King,” he said cheerfully, waving him in. “Nice to meet you!”

“Mateo Delgado.” Mateo smirked, shaking his hand firmly before looking around. “A pleasure.”

The studio apartment looked like a toy shop had exploded. There were hundreds of action figures and statuettes everywhere, many still in the original packaging.

The furniture was old but well maintained, covered in colorful pillows and blankets. A large work space overtook nearly half the room, all the tables covered in old paint splatters aplenty.

Everything was warm and cluttered, a cozy sort of chaos that Mateo found incredibly inviting.

There was a wall plastered with neatly printed letters, each one carefully pinned up with care in a strange contrast to the rest of the messy apartment.

“What’s this?” Mateo asked, quirking his brows as he stepped over to take a look.

“Ah! My hall of fame!” Jordan said proudly. “It’s all my cease and desist orders from the companies whose toys I’ve knocked off.”

“Hmm, DC didn’t like you selling an Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma Puppy Play Bondage Set?” Mateo laughed, skimming the massive collection of offenses.

“They were not fans,” Jordan chuckled. “Right on up there with my Batarang Butt Plugs and my Captain America Nipple Shields.”

“Why, Jordan,” Mateo drawled playfully, “you’re a criminal mastermind!”

“Aw! Just a little one!” Jordan protested. “It’s not my fault that what I call ‘inspired fan art’, they call ‘copyright infringement’!”

“Have you ever done any original work?”

“Of course,” Jordan replied. “But that doesn’t sell, you know? People don’t want Maurice Martine’s cock. They wanna have freakin’ Dean Winchester’s.”

“Maurice who?”

“Exactly,” Jordan laughed, heading over towards the kitchenette area. “Uhm, can I get you something to drink?”

“Sure,” Mateo said, following him and watching the swing of his hips intently. “I am very interested in eventually designing a full line of toys, all original concepts.”

“And uh, Bruce Banner’s Hulk cock was your first idea?”

“It was a private request for a very loyal client,” Mateo replied with a short laugh. “Think of this as a little test run.”

“Gotcha.” Jordan picked up two mugs and sniffed them cautiously. He caught Mateo staring at him and explained, “Making sure these are cups for food and not for paint. Artist problems.”

”Uh huh.” Mateo smiled fondly, finding this young man already very endearing. He was definitely going to look forward to working with him.

“So! Uh, I’m guessing for Hulk cock, eh… big, thick, and green?”

“I actually have very exact specifications,” Mateo replied, bringing up the email on his phone to show Jordan.

“Twelve inches?” Jordan grinned as he skimmed over the message and whistled low, pouring them both a mug of cheap red wine. “Ohhh, and very veiny. Wow, like really veiny. Hmm. All right.”

Mateo sipped the wine, smirking as he said, “From what I understand, custom pieces like this cost between fifty to a hundred dollars.”

“More or less. The bigger the piece, the more silicone that’s required, so the price goes up. Plus, this is an original piece. It’s not like I already have a mold hanging around for a giant Hulk cock. I’ll have to make one from scratch.”

“Cost is not an issue,” Mateo said immediately. “Would five hundred dollars be enough to get started?”

“Five hundred?” Jordan nearly choked on his wine, laughing, “Fuck! For five hundred dollars I’ll get started right now!”

“I’m curious to see the process,” Mateo said, finishing off his wine and helping himself to another mug. “Unless you have some anxiety about being watched?”

“No, but it’s gonna take a few hours,” Jordan said skeptically.

“I’ve got time,” Mateo replied with a warm smile. He was already texting his sister a message of gratitude and a request for her to watch the shop for the rest of the night. He had no intentions of leaving any time soon.

“All right!” Jordan grinned, pouring another mug and nodding for Mateo to follow him over to the largest of the work tables. He got out a large tub of bright pink clay, already starting to squeeze it and knead it into a generally phallic shape.

“Why is it pink?” Mateo raised his brows curiously. “You do know what color the Hulk is…?”

“Yes!” Jordan laughed, sticking out his tongue playfully. “I just happen to have a ton of pink clay and the color doesn’t matter for this part.”

“Walk me through it,” Mateo said, tipping back his mug as he watched.

“Well, the very first step is to create the sculpture that we’ll make the mold from,” Jordan said, his fingers moving skillfully. “Once this is done, I’ll bake it so it hardens up.”

“Did you always want to be a toy maker?”

“I wanted to be an artist,” Jordan replied honestly. “I wanted to make beautiful things like Rodin and Bernini. Graduated from a very prestigious and very expensive art school, had my first big show downtown, and failed spectacularly.”


“Didn’t sell a single piece. So, desperate and broke, I took a job making a line of Awesome Transforming Strong Warriors for a company in China.”

“Not rangers of the mighty morphing variety?” Mateo chuckled warmly.

“Not quite. The company loved my sculpts, and it just went from there. I’ve spent the last eight years making knockoff toys that end up in dollar bins and flea markets, but hey, it pays the bills.”

“And your, ahem, adult endeavors?”

“That came a little later,” Jordan replied, pausing to measure the cock. “And honestly, the money is better.”

“What about the legal troubles?” Mateo nodded at the wall of letters.

“Oh, please,” Jordan snickered. “I just smile and promise I won’t ever do it again and make something else. Part of what helps my toys sell because they will always be a limited release, you know?”

“Mmm. So, what art school did you go to?”

“You ask a lot of questions!” Jordan replied with a nervous laugh. “Definitely gonna need more to drink if you expect me to get chatty.”

“I’m merely curious about my potential business partner,” Mateo said innocently, retrieving the bottle of wine and refilling their mugs. “If you’re willing to indulge me, of course.”

“Mm,” Jordan hummed. “Well, my father left my mother when I was a kid, she became an abusive drunk, and I was raised by my aunt after a brief stint in juvie. I was an angry kid and made a lot of really bad decisions. With some tough love, my aunt set me straight and helped me get into art school after I graduated.”

“Christ,” Mateo breathed. He had not been expecting such a blunt answer.

Jordan maintained his chipper disposition as he worked on cutting in veins along the shaft of the cock, saying, “Look, it’s not a pity story. This is just my life. Good or bad, everything’s that happened has brought me to where I am right now. Got my own place, building the Hulk’s cock, drinking five dollar wine with you.”

“You have an amazingly bright point of view, Jordan,” Mateo said genuinely. “Especially for someone who’s lived what had to be such a dark life.”

Jordan fidgeted and blushed at the compliment, his eyes focused on his work. “I guess so. I’m just me.”

“Well,” Mateo said, gently touching his forearm, “I’m impressed.”

Jordan’s cheek colored even more beautifully, saying, “Well, what about you? What’s your tragic life story?”

“My parents immigrated here from Mexico after their house was burned down so they could get a fresh start, and my father was murdered when I was ten.”

“Oh, fuck,” Jordan gasped. “I didn’t mean… about it being tragic? I just-!”

“No, it’s fine,” Mateo cut in politely.

Jordan had been bold enough to open up to him, and he felt comfortable enough to share his own story now.

“The house was old, burned down because of faulty wiring, and my father…” Mateo paused to clear his throat. “He was trying to stop a mugging. He was shot, died before they ever got him to the hospital.”

“I’m so sorry,” Jordan said earnestly. “I can’t imagine how hard that must have been.”

“It was a long time ago. I have a younger brother and sister, but they were too little to remember him. Me and my mother… well, we mourned together very quietly.”

“Did they get the guy that killed him?”

“Rotting in prison for life.”


“Here’s to tragic life stories and copious amounts of cheap red wine,” Mateo said, lifting his mug in a toast.

“Cheers,” Jordan said, clinking his mug against Mateo’s and taking a sip. “Well, on a less morbid note, heh, how’d you get into designing fetish clothing?”

“Always had an eye for fashion, and I discovered that I like making things that allow people to feel strong even when their balls are hanging out,” Mateo said with a wink. He glanced down at Jordan’s sculpture, genuine surprise in his voice as he noted, “That looks incredible.”


“Thought you said this was going to take a few hours?”

“It is! This is just the beginning,” Jordan replied with a coy smile. “Why? Do you have someone to get home to? Girlfriend? Boyfriend?”

“Is that your way of asking if I’m single, Jordan?” Mateo challenged.

“Just trying to get to know my potential business partner,” Jordan said with an angelic smile.

“I am very single,” Mateo answered after a moment, his long fingers tracing the rim of his mug, “and very gay.”

“See? Good information to know!” Jordan popped the clay cock onto a metal tray and stuck it inside the oven, humming as he adjusted the temperature.

“And you, Jordan?”

“Also single,” he said with a smirk. “And very pansexual and really into hot guys who own their sex shops around about now.”

Mateo stepped close, close enough that Jordan backed up against his kitchen counter to steady himself. “You know, I think you might just be the most gorgeous criminal I’ve ever met.”

“Have you met many criminals?” Jordan asked breathlessly, glancing down at Mateo’s lips.

“A few,” Mateo replied honestly, “but never one quite as lovely as yourself.”

The oven dinged, startling Jordan away to find mitts and pull out the baked cock. “All righty!” he exclaimed, clearly flustered. “Now, uhm, now it’s time to get hard.”

“Pardon?” Mateo tried to hide his disappointment at being interrupted, downing the last of his wine.

“If you want to make something hard, you use a soft mold,” Jordan explained with a little giggle. “But if you want something soft, ahem, you gotta start out hard.”

“I can feel all of my creative juices already flowing,” Mateo teased, watching Jordan set the giant cock down on his work table. “What now?”

“Well, while all of our creative juices flow and congeal, we let this cool for a few minutes. Any last minute adjustments we want to make have to happen now before we start casting.”


“So, are we pleased with our Hulk cock?” Jordan asked with a grin, turning the monstrous thing all around for Mateo’s inspection.

“Consider my juices boiling.” Mateo nodded his approval. “It’s perfect. Now, what do you do next?”

“So! We start casting now,” Jordan announced as he mixed up a small batch of a milky liquid in a bowl. “We just need a little tiny bit to create the sheath.”

“Looks like come. Really thick come.”

“It’s silicone! Pay attention! This first layer is the most important,” Jordan teased with a bright smile as he painted the silicone along the giant cock. “This is what’s called the beauty coat. It’s gonna capture all those juicy and veiny details.

“We add another layer and some gauze. This will add some strength and help keep it all together. Now! We have to build our mold wall while that sets up. Grab some of that wood at your feet.”

“Mmm, not sure it hangs quite that low,” Mateo teased.

“The scraps!” Jordan cackled.

Mateo grinned, picking up some of the wooden pieces he found and offering them over.

“So! Next we build the mold wall around our, ahem, specimen,” Jordan said, smiling gleefully as he constructed a firm wall around the cock. He used duct tape to hold the corners and started jamming clay inside, pausing to take a swig of his wine.

“Why clay?” Mateo asked, watching him curiously. He topped off Jordan’s mug and refilled his own. “Thought you said we have to get hard to make something soft.”

“It’s a two part mold,” Jordan explained. “We gotta make it in two halves so once we pour our rubber in, we can pull it apart to get our prize. Trust me! I got this.”

“Mmm, and you’re sure that you know what you’re doing?”

“I’m a professional!” Jordan declared, smoothing the clay out until the bottom half of the box was filled. “Next, we pour in the alginate to fill it up the rest of the way, and that makes the first part of our mold.”

“The algi-what?”

“Alginate!” Jordan said, ushering Mateo to his side of the table. “Come here! You can help me with this part!”

Mateo finished off his wine and walked over to join him.

“Okie dokie!” Jordan pulled out a giant bucket, a tub full of white powder, and a jug of water. “One scoop for every cup of water. Same stuff dentists use to take teeth impressions because it sets up so fast.”

Mateo found a giant spoon being pressed into his hand while Jordan dumped in powder and water, urging him to start stirring.

“You have to really get in there!” Jordan laughed, his hands folding over top of Mateo’s and trying to help him.

Mateo enjoyed the warmth of Jordan’s body pressing into his side, doing his best to focus on combining the alginate. It was nearly impossible with Jordan’s fingers curling with his own and that bright smile of his lighting up his handsome face.

“Hey! Keep stirring!” Jordan urged, bumping their hips together. “Once it’s mixed, we only have a few minutes to pour before it starts setting up.”

“Better pour quickly.”


“Because I am planning on kissing you,” Mateo said confidently. “And once I start, I’m not sure when I’ll stop.”

“I think it’s mixed enough,” Jordan squeaked, the flesh of his face cycling through several awesome shades of red. He grabbed the bucket, dumping the liquid into the mold until it was overflowing.

Mateo had his hands on Jordan’s hips the second the bucket clattered to the floor, turning him around and planting a greedy kiss on his lips.

Jordan moaned loudly, his arms clinging to Mateo’s shoulder and licking into his mouth. He was a live wire, frantic and eager, pushing himself flush against Mateo’s chest.

Mateo couldn’t get enough. He adored all the needy little noises Jordan made when he touched him, mapping out all the lines of his lean figure. He lifted him up on the table, panting softly as he worked to get their shirts out of the way.

Jordan was right there with him, breaking the passionate lock of their lips only long enough for shirts to go flying off before diving back in. The kiss was hot, a perfect slide of lips and tongue, fueled by the heat of their bare skin pressing so close.

Mateo’s fingers were dipping below the hem of Jordan’s jeans, tracing over the button with his thumb as he remarked, “It seems I’ve gotten your creative juices flowing.”

Jordan giggled, reaching down to palm Mateo’s hard cock as he teased, “Oh, and I’d say you’re feeling very inspired right now.”

Mateo chuckled, kissing him again passionately. He knew there was no way he could ever get enough of those amazing lips now that he’d had a taste.

“Mmmph,” Jordan mumbled. “We’ve gotta finish the mold.”

“Right now?” Mateo huffed.

“Yes!” Jordan insisted, swiping a hand through his hair as he slid off the table to grab the bucket. “I just have to pour the other side and then we can get right back to this.”

“Or, option B, forget the damn thing and you let me bend you over this table instead?”

“Tempting,” Jordan said with a wink, quickly mixing up another batch of alginate. “Very tempting! But you hired me to complete a task, Mr. Delgado! And I do take my work very seriously.”

Mateo was downright pouting as he watched Jordan work, moving behind him and squeezing his hips.

Jordan squeaked, glancing back at Mateo as he protested, “It’ll only take a second!”

“I’m not doing anything,” Mateo replied innocently. “Carry on. Don’t let me distract you.”

Jordan grinned, flipping the mold over as he said, “Now that the first half of the mold is set, we have to pour the second. So, we pull out all that clay from before…”

Mateo unbuttoned Jordan’s jeans, resting his chin on his shoulder. “Mm, just a placeholder, right?”

“Y-yes,” Jordan nodded, reaching for a small spatula. “Before we pour the rest, we have to cut mold keys. A small break in the mold to help it lock together and take it apart.”

“Fascinating,” Mateo breathed, discovering two things very quickly when he pushed Jordan’s jeans down.

The first was that Jordan wasn’t wearing any underwear.

The second was that he had a silicone cock cage snugly locked on his dick.

A closer look revealed the Batman logo was stamped right across the head, and Mateo was unable to resist a chuckle. “A Batman chastity cage?”

“It’s my Batman Cock Cave, thank you,” Jordan corrected, his voice surprisingly steady even as Mateo fondled his balls. “Now! Some people just cut out little rectangles for mold keys. I always do a lightning bolt.”

“Mmhmm,” Mateo hummed, stroking Jordan’s sack and teasing the base of his cock where the edge of the cage squeezed him.

Jordan’s hand was shaking as he cut out zig zag chunks to form his lightning bolt, picking up the bucket and quickly pouring the second batch of alginate in. “N-now we just wait for this to set up.”

“Mmhm,” Mateo hummed again, kneeling down behind Jordan and helping him step out of his jeans. He grabbed his asscheeks, spreading them wide and appraising his sweet hole.

Jordan shuddered from head to toe, his back arching out to offer himself willingly, panting, “So, you know, in case the Batman Cock Cage didn’t give it away… I’m a little, uh, adventurous?”

“So am I,” Mateo promised, kneading Jordan’s cheeks, his thumbs sliding inward to massage the tender skin around his ass. “Tell me what you want, Jordan.”

“Take charge,” Jordan said immediately, the words making Mateo’s cock twitch. “I don’t want to come until you tell me to… I need…” His voice cracked, sighing, “I need you to tell me what to do.”

“Safeword?” Mateo replied, a breath away from Jordan’s hole, watching it clench and unclench.

“Bruce Wayne.”

“All right, Jordan,” Mateo said hoarsely, “I’m going to eat your ass out until you’re shaking. Then I think I will fuck you… if I’m satisfied, and only then, I’ll let you come.”

“Oh, fuck yes,” Jordan moaned happily.

“Does that sound agreeable?”

“Yes, please!”

Mateo’s tongue plunged forward, savoring the wonderful cry it earned him. He licked eagerly, swirling in tight circles all around Jordan’s hole before starting to push forward.

Jordan’s head smacked against the table, mewling and whimpering softly.

Mateo could only push so far, the tight muscle resisting entry, but he kept going. He reached between Jordan’s legs, finding his balls and giving them a tender squeeze.

Jordan started rocking his hips back, desperate for more friction. It didn’t take long for his thighs to tremble, and he sobbed against the table, “Oh, God… oh, fuck… it’s so good… Mateo!”

Mateo added a finger, slick with spit, just enough to probe the inner rim of Jordan’s tight hole. He wanted to draw this out, to really torture and tease him for hours, but he couldn’t wait any longer.

Jordan fussed when Mateo pulled away, pushing himself up on his elbows and looking back at him over his shoulder. His face was glistening with sweat, flushed a lovely shade of pink, waving at the drawers next to them. “Come on.”

“Ah ah,” Mateo chastised, lightly smacking Jordan’s butt. “You wanted me to be in charge, right?” He found lubricant where Jordan had gestured, but made no effort to get himself ready. “That means you have to be patient.”

Jordan whined loudly, trying to press back against Mateo as he begged, “Please… Patience is, like, my worst quality.”

“Which is why we’re going to work on it right now,” Mateo teased, lubing up his fingers and stroking them between Jordan’s cheeks. He kept playing around his tight little hole, dipping in here and there, but still not giving any real relief.

Jordan writhed in frustration, even slamming his fist down at one point, but he didn’t protest again. He was giving in, a beautiful sublime expression softening his face as he finally relaxed.

Mateo waited until he saw that submission before plunging his fingers in, watching Jordan nearly jump right off the floor as he buried himself down to the knuckle. He worked his ass open in slow, deep strokes, praising, “Such a good boy for me…”

“Fuck! Yes!” Jordan cried triumphantly, melting beneath Mateo’s skilled fingers and grinding down against his hand. “Your good boy, yes… fuck!”

Mateo’s balls were about to burst, and he fumbled for the lube as he pulled out his cock. He rubbed the head up against Jordan’s hole, lamenting, “I don’t have protection. This is not exactly what I had planned when I came over here…”

“You clean?”


“Me, too,” Jordan panted eagerly. “Please don’t stop… I want you like this. I want you to come in me.”

Mateo had to bite the blood out of his cheek to stop himself from moaning. He’d never wanted anything so much. He began to press inside, both of them left groaning together at the tight fit. “Fuck, Jordan…”

“Mateo,” Jordan whimpered, reaching back to grab his hip as they savored the first wave of pleasure from being so intimately connected.

Mateo pressed kisses along Jordan’s spine, mouthing at the side of his throat as he started to slam forward. Jordan moved with him, rolling into each thrust to take it deeper every time, their bodies in sync as if they had been doing this all of their lives.

Tools were clattering and falling off the table from the force of Mateo’s cock pounding into Jordan, Mateo’s grunts punctuating all of Jordan’s gorgeous cries.

Mateo gave Jordan a few good spankings, delighted how he clenched down and howled. He had to kiss him, plastering himself across his back to reach his lips, fingers curling into his hair as he sucked on his tongue.

He was already close, the pressure in his loins pleading for release. He grunted a quick warning, Jordan twitching beneath him and moaning desperately. Mateo growled as he came, every muscle focused on pumping his come as deeply as he could.

Jordan moaned, grinning like a fool, breathlessly praising, “Fuck, Mateo… so fucking good… that was amazing.”

Mateo smiled, kissing Jordan’s cheek and giving him one last thrust. “Mmmph. You, Jordan King, are something special.”

“Before you pull out,” Jordan said quickly, eyeing him with a sheepish grin, “could you… uh… plug me?”

Mateo shuddered, repeating, “Plug you?” He popped Jordan’s hip. “Wanna keep all my come in you, hmm?”

“At least until I finish the mold,” Jordan replied shyly.

“I suppose that’s fair,” Mateo mused. “Finish our little project and then I’ll let you come?”

“Godddd, yup, that.” Jordan nodded eagerly. “Let’s do that.”

“And I would find a plug where exactly?”

“Same drawer.”

Mateo laughed when he found it, a silver rubber butt plug with a very unique handle. “Is that… is that Thor’s Hammer?”

“It’s my Mjolnir Man Plug,” Jordan giggled, sighing contently as Mateo pulled out, easily fitting the thick plug inside his wet hole.

Mateo pulled Jordan up into his arms, kissing him passionately. He couldn’t believe this gorgeous man was so utterly perfect. He hugged him close, chuckling, “You truly are amazing, Jordan.”

“So are you,” Jordan said with a toothy grin. “Mmmph, and that cock of yours. Fuck, we’re making a damn mold of that monster next!”

Mateo smirked, glancing to the mold and asking, “Speaking of monsters…”

“Right!” Jordan turned to grab the mold, shivering as the plug shifted inside of him. He popped off the wood, left with a large gray cube. His fingers found the seam, pulling at the mold keys and it popped cleanly into two halves.

“Is that it?” Mateo asked curiously, kissing Jordan’s shoulder as he watched.

“Almost,” Jordan said, pulling the silicone wrapped cock from the middle. “See, the sheath stays nice and flexible, should come right off like a condom.” He peeled it off the clay Hulk cock, holding it up for Mateo’s inspection. “Ta-dah!”

“Mmm, now what?”

“Now we mix and pour the silicone to make the actual dildo,” Jordan replied, returning the sheath to the middle of the mold and putting it all back together. He turned it upside down, revealing the open hole left behind in the bottom of the sheath.

With Mateo’s help, he gathered the ingredients to create a large batch of silicone, grinning when he added several drops of green dye. He kept going until the mixture was a brilliant shade of emerald, asking, “Do we think that’s an appropriate Hulk green?”

“Perfect,” Mateo confirmed, watching Jordan pour the green silicone down into the mold.

“The sheath will catch all those awesome details from the beauty coat and the mold walls hold it all together while it sets up!” Jordan declared proudly, moaning quietly as he moved and the plug moved with him. “And that, mmmph, is how you make a dildo, Mr. Delgado.”

“Very impressive,” Mateo said, fingering around the handle of Jordan’s plug. “About how long will it take?”

“To fully cure? Mmm, a few hours at least.” Jordan’s eyes fluttered softly, leaning into Mateo’s touch. “Do you have something in mind to pass the time?”

“Many, many things,” Mateo promised, giving the plug a light tug. “First on the list is taking off your Batman Cock Cave. You’ve been such a very good boy, and I think you’ve earned yourself a spectacular orgasm.”

“Mmmph,” Jordan moaned, shivering in anticipation. “And after that?”

“Well,” Mateo replied, kissing him sweetly with a sly smile, “we’ll just have to see where our creative juices take us, won’t we?”


Sexy Saturday 06/06/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Today’s post is a fun bit of naughtiness from the Cold Hard Cash Anthology! It’s a collection of smutty shorts that take place between CHC and CHC2 – hopefully to be released in the next few months following CHC2’s release!

Jimmy has finally started back at college, and Cold has some surprises for him to celebrate his first day… and a harsh lesson in gratitude.

Warnings: NSFW/riding crop/spankings


The first day of school was absolutely wonderful for Jimmy. He’d been looking forward to it for weeks. There was a part of him that still couldn’t believe that it was actually happening, and the reality didn’t hit until he was walking into his very first class.

He’d done it. He was here. He was finally going to finish his degree.

Many of his old law professors were still here teaching and were glad to see him. Even though it had been so long, Jimmy was able to navigate his way around campus efficiently and enjoyed catching up with so many familiar faces.

The class load was simple since it was the first day, filled with reviewing the syllabuses and the expectations for the rest of the semester. Jimmy was positively buzzing with excitement, carefully taking notes for every class and organizing each subject in its own small binder.

He was actually a little disappointed when it was time to go home for the day, but he was still all smiles when Jerry came to pick him up.

Jerry had driven the sleek sedan, fortunately, and not the limo.

Not that Jimmy was ashamed of his relationship with Cold, but he thought it would be better if he was a bit discreet. The last thing he wanted was any of his teachers passing him through their classes because they were afraid of getting whacked.

Jimmy went racing into the house the moment Jerry parked the car, calling out, “Rod! I’m home!”

“In here!” Cold’s voice called out.

Jimmy followed the sound into the living room, gasping in surprise when Cold was waiting for him with a bottle of champagne. “What’s all this?”

“We’re celebrating,” Cold said with a smirk.

“We are?” Jimmy laughed as Cold popped the cork and champagne began to bubble out. He quickly grabbed a glass to help catch it. “What are we celebrating?”

“Your triumphant return to college, of course,” Cold replied, filling Jimmy’s glass and one of his own. He smirked, licking his hand where some of the champagne had dribbled. “I’d thought it would be obvious.”

“It’s just the first day!” Jimmy blushed, grinning brightly as they raised their glasses together in a toast. “Thank you, Rod. Really. This is ridiculous and very sweet.”

“It’s just champagne,” Cold said indignantly, reaching out to cup the back of Jimmy’s neck and bring him into a deep kiss. “Mmm… and perhaps I got you a few little things to commemorate the occasion.”


“One is something I found on one of your wish lists,” Cold replied with a wink. “I believe it may be very beneficial to your extracurricular education.”

“Ohhh,” Jimmy said, the pink in his cheeks turning into a deep red. He slurped down the champagne to help cool himself off, asking curiously, “And, uh, what else exactly did you get me?”

“Here,” Cold said, offering him a small package. It was flat and rectangular, wrapped in simple brown paper.

Jimmy set his champagne aside to accept the present, tearing the paper open to find a handsome leather bound book. He flipped through the pages, laughing, “A planner? You got me a planner?”

“Staying organized is very important,” Cold said stubbornly. “Especially for a new student, I think it’s vital that you keep track of your exams and due dates.”

“Thank you,” Jimmy said, leaning up to kiss Cold’s cheek. “It’s very thoughtful.”

“Hmmph.” Cold looked over Jimmy’s face. “Waiting to see what your other present is, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Jimmy confessed, grinning. “Not that I don’t appreciate the very nice planner-”

“Oh, it’s fine,” Cold said briskly. “Makes your other gift quite appropriate, in fact.”

“Huh?” Jimmy blinked. “Appropriate how?”

“Because it’s something to help punish you when you’ve been bad,” Cold replied as he offered another wrapped gift.

This package was long and thin, and Jimmy knew exactly what it was. Gulping anxiously, he tore at the paper and revealed a slim riding crop. “Shit.”

“Now,” Cold began with a sly smirk, “I know you just got home from school, but I think it’s time for a lesson. Specifically, in manners.”

His face flushing, Jimmy began to nod urgently. “Of course. Yes. I was rude.”

“Yes, you were,” Cold confirmed. “Now, are you ready to begin your lesson, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy confirmed, his muscles starting to relax, and gently popped his neck. “I’m ready.”

“Safe word?”


“Very good,” Cold said, gesturing to the fireplace. “I want you to lean up against the mantle. Drop your pants, but keep your underwear on for now. Do you understand, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy said, quickly moving into position. With his pants around his ankles, he held onto the mantle and took a deep breath.

Behind him, he could hear Cold taking a few practice swings, and the zip of the crop slicing the air made his cock instantly hard.

Cold came up beside him, a strong hand sliding over his ass and squeezing his cock through the thin fabric of his boxer briefs. “I see someone is very interested in their naughty gift. Such a shame you weren’t as motivated to be grateful for your other one.”

“I’m sorry, sir,” Jimmy said, glancing back at Cold over his shoulder. “I really do love the planner, I do. You know what a mess I am, and it’s something I could reall-fuck!”

The first crack of the riding crop over his ass made Jimmy jump, and he gripped the edge of the mantle more tightly. Even through his underwear, the sting was sharp and unforgiving.

“How’s that, Mr. Poe?” Cold asked calmly, rubbing his palm over Jimmy’s rear to assess the damage.

“Good, sir,” Jimmy squeaked, panting softly. “It’s good.”

Raising his hand up, Cold reared back and smacked Jimmy’s ass again.

Jimmy gasped, his hips jerking back, and he panted as he felt a throbbing line popping up across his skin. Even though the crop didn’t cover the same amount of space as Cold’s hand, the pain was much more intense. He could feel it pounding in his skin, and he had to bow his head down as he struggled to stay standing.

The aftermath of each strike was making his knees weak, and he could feel his underwear getting damp from his cock.

Cold gave him a few more slaps with the crop, waiting in between and watching Jimmy carefully. “I’m not sure if this is enough for you to actually learn anything,” he drawled, grabbing the waistband of Jimmy’s briefs and pulling them down to expose his ass. “Perhaps you need something a bit more… stimulating.”

Jimmy heard the crop slicing through the air and yelped when it made contact with his bare skin. His spine curled up, and his nails dug into the wood of the mantle. It was like a stream of fire had ignited over his ass, and the lingering sting made him ache. “F-fuck!”

“Much better,” Cold chuckled wickedly, cracking another strike across Jimmy’s cheeks.

“Oh, fuck!” Jimmy whimpered, his knees knocking together from the burn. He could feel his pulse pounding all over his abused flesh, and his cock was so hard that it hurt. His underwear rubbing against it felt like it was too much, and he took a few big breaths to steady himself.

“Do you feel like you’ve learned your lesson, Mr. Poe?” Cold asked. “Do you understand now why it’s important to be grateful for all the gifts you receive from me?”

“Y-yes, sir,” Jimmy said quickly. “You took the time to pick them out for me. You used your time, and, and your money, because you wanted to do something nice for me.”

“That’s right, Mr. Poe,” Cold said with a smirk, cracking the crop lightly over the back of Jimmy’s thighs.

Moaning softly, Jimmy stuck out his ass and rubbed his legs together as if he could soothe the burning sensation away. He couldn’t get anywhere close to where Cold had struck him, but it felt good to move. “Mmm… I’m so sorry, sir. I promise I’ll be more grateful in the future.”

“You’d better be,” Cold warned, smacking Jimmy’s arched ass violently.

Jimmy cried out, his knees almost giving out and hitting the floor. He could feel every inch of stinging skin from his thighs to the top of his ass, and it was incredible. He was overwhelmed, sniffing quietly as he awaited another strike.

But it never came.

Cold’s long fingers were tracing over the various welts, following each line from one end to the other. “Mmm, absolutely beautiful.”

“Thank you, sir,” Jimmy said, standing a little straighter.

“Stay very still for me,” Cold commanded firmly. “I’m going to come on you, right here on your perfect little ass, and if you’re good for me… maybe I’ll let you come, too.”

“Please,” Jimmy murmured. “Please, sir.”

Cold grabbed Jimmy’s shoulder, the hot silky skin of the head of his cock now tracing over the searing lines. He kept rubbing over each one, his breathing shallow and rough, before finally starting to stroke himself.

Jimmy remained motionless and quiet until Cold came, groaning when he felt the hot splash of come dribbling down the cleft of his ass.

Cold was sliding his cock between his cheeks, playing in the mess as he said, “You look stunning like this, Mr. Poe.”

“Thank you, sir,” Jimmy replied with a big smile. “Thank you so much.”

“I suppose you want to come now, don’t you? Pull your pants up,” Cold said firmly. “Come join me on the couch.”

Confused but obedient, Jimmy yanked his underwear up over his sticky bottom and his pants right after. He waddled over to sit next to Cold, frowning when Cold handed him the new planner.

“Here,” Cold said, now offering him a pen.

“What, what am I doing?” Jimmy stammered, staring at the pen.

“Find today’s date,” Cold instructed. “Mark yourself for an orgasm tonight at, hmm, let’s say nine o’clock.”

“What?!” Jimmy gasped.

“I truly want you to really appreciate all of your gifts,” Cold said with a happy smile.

“You are a very wicked man,” Jimmy groaned, his fingers shaking as he wrote in the new event for himself.

“Oh, just the worst,” Cold agreed as he leaned over to peck Jimmy’s cheek. He playfully swatted the crop over his knees. “Now, since you don’t have anything else planned for today, how about we watch some television before dinner?”

“Mmm, and what are the chances of moving up my planned orgasm?” Jimmy asked hopefully.


“Well, shit.”

“As long as you’re working on learning some gratitude,” Cold taunted, “I think a bit of patience would be helpful as well. Don’t you think so, Mr. Poe?”

“Ulgh.” Jimmy yelped when he got another crack of the riding crop across his legs, laughing, “Sir, yes, sir!”

“Much better.”