Sexy Saturday 03/14/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, darlings! Today’s post is the ending for last week’s story – Elisha has caught up to Douglas. Huh. Whatever is he going to do?! XD Warnings: NSFW/sexy times ~*~ The train station was crowded, and Elisha’s eyes scanned the waves of people moving in and out intently. The first train to BaltimoreContinue reading “Sexy Saturday 03/14/2020”

Sexy Saturday 03/07/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Today I have something super fun and special for you – I was once challenged to write a prompt for something 1920’s with magic and this is what happened. Heavily inspired by the Spiritualism movement at the turn of the century (think Fox sisters, hence some of the names!),Continue reading “Sexy Saturday 03/07/2020”