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Hey there, guys! This will be short and sweet – updated the blog with all the Sexy Saturday posts from February for your reading pleasure and the first round of edits for Acsquidentally In Love are done! I’m in the process of working with a new proofreader to finish up my Cold Hard Cash Anthology (and the sequel, yes, don’t worry!), and I hope to be submitting it to my publisher by the end of the month. Hope you’re all having a lovely March so far!

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Sexy Saturday 02/29/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Please check out your newsletters for a very sexy treat starring Jimmy and Boss Cold! For today’s post, I’m sharing something a little bit different. The first title of my brand new paranormal mystery series, Acsquidentally In Love, starts editing next month with my new publisher. I’ve been working on its sequel and I just finished this new sexy little scene!

I’d love for you all to meet King Thiazi Grell and Theodore Sturm! Enjoy! <3333

Warnings: NSFW/monstrous tongues/blowjobs


Grell’s responding kiss was fierce, pushing Ted down into the plush pillows and owning every inch of his mouth with a long swipe of his rough tongue. It was hotter than Ted could have ever dreamed of, and he would be replaying this moment in his mind for years to come.

A few days ago, he’d been caught in the soul-sucking grind of a depressing job, quite literally haunted by ghosts and left longing for any lowly scrap of affection. Now he was kissing a handsome king in a glowing castle floating out amongst the stars.

Sure, he was still fighting asinine murder charges and the king could turn into a giant cat monster, but it was still progress.

Ted moaned, reaching up to grab Grell’s shoulders. He couldn’t get over how soft his lips were or how strong his hands were as they explored the broad lines of his body. Ted wanted to wrap himself all around him, and ow, ow, ow!


Still full of nasty fish people venom.

“Fuck!” Ted growled angrily, his muscles seizing up in pain and forcing him to break the kiss. “Ulgh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Grell said softly, smiling with such a warmth that he seemed decades younger. He gently nuzzled Ted’s cheek, placing a tender kiss there as he said, “Mm, just relax… and try not to move.”

“Wh-what are you doing?” Ted asked nervously.

“Taking care of you,” Grell replied, his golden eyes shining brightly as he glanced down over Ted’s thick chest. His hand slid over the thin fabric of his tunic, finding his nipple and petting it slowly.

Ted groaned, feeling himself shiver and twitch, his cock growing hard and absolutely nowhere to hide. He couldn’t relax, feeling the urge to move and take over, to take control. “Grell, shouldn’t I…”

“Theodore,” Grell said firmly, tilting his head back down for a sweet kiss. “If you want me to stop, then tell me now. Otherwise, lay back, relax, and let me rock your little mortal world, hmm?”

“O-okay,” Ted said, his hands unclenching by his sides. “I can do that. Totally.”

“The constant expectation to take control has left you feeling inadequate when you’re put in this position, hmm?” Grell gently dragged a single finger down Ted’s chest to his hip, the tunic magically fading away. “You want someone else to take over, and yet, it’s been so long that you don’t know how…”

“Fuck,” Ted whispered, watching his chest tremble as Grell began to kiss his way down to his stomach. He felt his cock flex and he whimpered, secretly thrilled that he couldn’t move. It made it easier to give in and let Grell do what he wanted, and Ted whispered, “Yes…”

“It’s all right,” Grell promised, lavishing the crest of Ted’s hipbone with wet smooches. “I’ve got you, love. I’ll take care of everything.”

“What, uh, what are you doing?” Ted asked, excited and curious.

“All this talk about sucking dick has given me the most lovely idea,” Grell teased slyly. He ran his hands over Ted’s muscular thighs, getting settled between them as he licked his lips. “I think I may in fact…” He dropped his voice to a sultry whisper. “…Suck your dick.”

Ted could not look away from Grell’s tongue. Flicking it out like that over his lower lip wasn’t so unusual, but Ted had never noticed before just how long it was. Grell’s tongue was much longer than a normal human’s, and it looked even thicker.

Grell noticed Ted staring and stuck out his tongue with a lecherous wink. Yup. Definitely long, thick, and absolutely made for sinful things.

“Oh, fuck,” Ted gasped without meaning to.

“Oh, yes,” Grell chuckled, eyeing Ted’s cock and bowing his head down. He nuzzled against his hard shaft, breathing him in with a luxurious sigh. “Mm, I just know you’re going to taste fantastic.”

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Ted panted. “Just…” He couldn’t even finish the thought, faltering for a conclusion that didn’t sound lame.

Just what? Be gentle? Be patient? Don’t be surprised if it’s over in seconds?

“Don’t worry, love. I’ll still respect you in the morning,” Grell teased, opening his mouth up wide and sinking down on Ted’s cock with a loud groan.

The sudden wet heat made Ted gasp, and he had to remind himself that he couldn’t move much without it hurting. He watched in awe as Grell took every inch of him without hesitation, squeaking, “Holy crap! That’s, that’s so good!”

Grell sucked him slowly, stroking his cock with his tongue from base to tip inside his mouth. It was an incredible feeling, and Ted feared he wouldn’t be able to last very long. He took a few deep breaths, focused on enjoying himself but trying not to bust too fast.

Then Grell did something that Ted couldn’t explain: His tongue began to wrap *around* his shaft, spiraling down and squeezing as he sucked.

“F-fuck!” Ted wheezed, his hands fisting into the sheets. He’d never felt anything so intense, lost in the lovely warmth and pulsating pressure of Grell’s wicked tongue wrapped so intimately around him.

Grell somehow managed to look smug, glancing up at Ted as if to gauge his pleasure. He kept his tongue going, twisting and untwisting down Ted’s cock as he bobbed his head, stuffing his own throat as far as he could go.

Which, apparently, was all the fucking way.

Ted’s hips jerked up despite his best efforts, and he moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He gasped when Grell pushed him down to pin his body against the bed, and that made all of this even hotter. His balls were already tightening up, and he was doomed. Oh, he was so freakin’ doomed.

Grell wouldn’t stop, apparently determined to make Ted absolutely lose his mind. He squeezed Ted’s sides, his powerful hands sliding down his hips and thighs as he gave him the best blowjob of his entire life.

“Grell!” Ted cried out in warning, shaking and twitching as the king’s hot mouth dragged him over the edge. He couldn’t stop, coming hard and groaning as his back arched right off at the bed. The bliss blinded the discomfort, and he pulsed down his tight throat.

Growling possessively, Grell grabbed Ted’s ass and held him suspended off the bed, swallowing back all that he had to offer and sucking more passionately as if he could milk out more if he just tried hard enough.

“Hunghh…. oh… oh, God!” Ted sounded hysterical to his own ears, his toes curling up as Grell kept taking and taking. He was waiting for the agony of overstimulation to steal his joy, but it never came. He was totally enslaved by Grell’s wicked tongue, and his climax seemed never ending.

He breathed in, still coming.

He breathed out, still coming.

Ted could feel tears in his eyes, and he clawed at the bed, not sure whether to cry or scream or both. He heard Grell growl, and the intense explosion of sensation finally began to fade. It was a steady drop, like a feather floating down on a light breeze, and left him totally exhausted.

Grell had returned his hips to the bed and finally pulled off with one last lick, giving Ted full view of his especially dexterous tongue.

“Holy… fuck…” Ted managed to wheeze, his bones sinking into the mattress as Grell climbed back up to claim a kiss. Ted’s lips were tingling as they kissed, and he was absolutely buzzing from the most fantastic orgasm of his entire life.

“Consider your world… rocked,” Grell taunted with a gorgeously smug smile, pecking Ted’s nose. “Mmm. You tasted even better than I thought you would, Theodore.”

“Awesome,” was all Ted could manage.

“Just wait until you have my cocks,” Grell purred.

“Cocks?” Ted echoed.

Grell had certainly misspoken. He had to be joking. He was always joking. There was no freakin’ way…

Grell was grinning so very proudly.

“Oh, fuck.”

Ted didn’t know if he would survive it, but hell if it wouldn’t be fun to try.

Sexy Saturday 02/22/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday! Today is a very special treat – a little sexy tease from the rough draft of the upcoming Cold Hard Cash sequel! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Warnings: NSFW/toys/shoe kink?kinda


“I had a feeling you’d be interested,” Cold drawled as he pulled Jimmy’s underwear down. “You do so want to be a good boy for me, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Jimmy replied, naked now and earnestly gazing up at Cold. “Tell me what to do, sir.”

“As I said, I’m eager to reward you, but I also have to punish you,” Cold said, squeezing Jimmy’s hips. “It’s going to take some time for you to appreciate what I have planned, so it’s a very good thing we have all night.” He smiled. “Just the two of us.”

“Yes, sir.” Jimmy’s cock was growing fast from the anticipation.

“I want you to get ready for me,” Cold said, nodding at the bedside drawer. “Open up your little hole for me, nice and slow.”

Jimmy reached inside to grab a brand new dildo and some lubricant as Cold moved to stand at the foot of the bed to watch. He stretched out with his head on the pillows, parting his legs so Cold could see.

He was already lubing up the toy when Cold chided, “Ah, ah. Use your hands first, Mr. Poe.”

Taking a deep breath, Jimmy nodded. He squirted the lubricant on his fingers, reaching down to rub over his hole. He was so eager to get going, to be fucked and used, but he had to slow down.

He had to be good.

Jimmy circled the edge of his asshole, letting it get wet but still not pressing inside yet. He used his other hand to reach down and massage his taint, his cock flexing from the precise attention.

“Good boy,” Cold praised, his icy gaze unmoving.

Jimmy moaned softly at the praise, and he finally let the tips of his fingers push in. He moved in and out, feeling around the tight muscle and encouraging it to relax.

He got lost to it, a slave to the gentle tug of his own hand as he worked his fingers deeper. His cock was hard, twitching against his stomach as he kept fucking himself.

“Go on,” Cold urged. “Give yourself a little more…”

Jimmy slipped his fingers in as far as he could, hooking his arm around his leg and bringing his knee to his chest. The angle helped him open up, and he was burying himself down to the knuckle every time. “Mmm… sir…”

“Does it feel good, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes,” Jimmy sighed, holding his fingers in and grinding on his hand. “Mmm, but I want more… I need more, sir.”

“You want the toy now?”

“Yes, please!” Jimmy replied urgently. “I can take it so good, please! I’m ready, sir!”

Cold was considering it, waiting several long moments before he said, “Go on, Mr. Poe. Show me.”

Jimmy snatched the dildo up immediately, having to remind himself to take his time before he did something to anger Cold. He had to do this right. He has to be good.

Keeping his leg tucked against his chest, Jimmy positioned the tip of the dildo up against his hole. He pushed in, inhaling sharply when he felt the unyielding pressure of silicone and his body’s initial resistance.

He waited patiently, groaning in relief as the toy slid in a few inches. He pulled it back and in again, the friction reduced by the slick film of lubricant. He could feel his body swallowing it up, the toy moving deeper and deeper.

Jimmy gripped the end of the dildo and started a steady rhythm, closing his eyes as he rocked down on the toy. He was getting loud, gasping, and he knew Cold was watching him intently.

He couldn’t help it, trying to resist the urge to move faster, but it felt fantastic. His hand sped up, biting down on his knee as he fucked himself. He bottomed out with the toy over and over, wearing his teeth into his leg as he moaned.

“Stop,” Cold ordered.

“Mmmph!” Jimmy whined, but stilled his hand.

“Greedy little thing,” Cold tutted as he walked around the side of the bed.

“Sir?” Jimmy panted.

“Couldn’t wait for my cock,” Cold chuckled. “Just had to fuck your little hole, hmm?”

“It felt good, sir.” Jimmy didn’t want to move, but the desire to keep going was almost overwhelming. “Please… I… I was just trying to get myself ready for you!”

“Pull the toy out,” Cold commanded. “Let me see what you’ve done.”

Jimmy turned his head to hide his blushing face in the pillows as he removed the dildo, lifting up his leg so Cold could get a good look between his legs.

Dragging his fingers down the cleft of Jimmy’s ass, Cold paused to stroke around the edge of his hole.

Inhaling shakily, Jimmy murmured as Cold traced a finger around the slick muscle. He was open, wet, and he gasped when Cold sunk a finger inside of him. “S-sir…?”

Cold didn’t immediately respond, reaching up to squeeze Jimmy’s balls. He held them tight and gave them a quick tug.

“Mmm, sir?” Jimmy asked again.

“Maybe since you enjoy your toy so much, that’s all I should give you,” Cold mused, his eyes scanning over Jimmy’s lean body. “Let you play with yourself, hmm?”

“No, sir,” Jimmy said immediately. “Please, I want your cock. I worked so hard for you.”

Cold’s hand came down quickly, slapping the back of Jimmy’s inner thigh.

Yelping, Jimmy jerked away with a low cry. He could feel his pulse there now, and he panted through the raw sting. “I’m sorry, sir!”

“Up on your knees, Mr. Poe,” Cold said, throwing his foot up on the edge of the mattress. He held onto one of the bed posts to steady himself, commanding, “Take off my shoe.”

Jimmy got up as he was told, shuffling over to untie Cold’s shoe.

“No.” Cold reached over to pop Jimmy’s hip. “Don’t use your hands… I want you to keep fucking yourself with that precious little toy you love so much.”

His face burning, Jimmy nodded obediently. He dropped on his elbow, picking up the toy and pushing it back inside of himself with a low groan. He looked now to Cold’s slick black shoe, and his mind scrambled to figure out what to do.

There was only one clear option.

Jimmy leaned forward, grabbing the end of one lace in his mouth and pulling at the knot.

“Yes,” Cold sighed happily. “Just like that, Mr. Poe… use your mouth like a good boy…”

Looping his tongue, Jimmy was able to untie the knot. He kept pushing the dildo in and out, trying to overcome the awkward angle as he bit down on the remaining laces to loosen them up.

It was hard to focus on both tasks, and his hand paused while he grabbed the tongue of Cold’s shoe.

Cold grabbed Jimmy’s hair and yanked his head up, warning, “Don’t neglect your toy, Mr. Poe…”

“I’m sorry, sir!” Jimmy groaned. “I didn’t mean to-“

“Try again,” Cold said sternly, “or I’ll make sure you don’t like the rest of your punishment…”

Sexy Saturday 02/18/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! What do you mean it’s Tuesday, I don’t know what you’re talking about! XD Seriously, had a super crazy weekend at work and your patience is very appreciated. I’m still waiting to hear back from Stormy Night about the Cold Hard Cash sequel and anthology, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Here’s another tasty treat from my old Kinktober project that will ultimately find its home in the CHC Anthology. Hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: NSFW/boot worship/spats/boot kink





A simple covering worn over shoes to protect them from grime and dirt, that was all.

Yet the sight of them over Cold’s boots made Jimmy’s dick ache on the spot.

He didn’t know where Cold had gone tonight, but he had chosen tall black and white Oxford boots to coordinate with his black pinstripe suit. The spats were white, as white as his tie and suspenders, and Christ, it matched his white gloves and the pearly white trim of his black fedora.

Jimmy was on his knees before Cold had even shut the bedroom door.

“Well, hello there,” Cold rumbled, watching Jimmy bowing before him with a knowing smile. He tilted his head, asking firmly, “I take it this means you think you’re ready to play now?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy replied eagerly, pressing his cheek against Cold’s hip. “Please?”

“Mmmm…” Cold grabbed Jimmy’s chin, raising his head up until their eyes met. He looked over him thoughtfully for a few moments before finally saying, “Luckily for you, I agree.”

“Thank you, sir,” Jimmy gushed in response, crouching down low to nuzzle against the cotton fabric of the spats, breathing in the sweet leather of the boots. He had to reach down and hold himself, pleading, “God… please. Please let me…”

“Patience, Mr. Poe,” Cold purred. “Strip first, put your clothes away, and I will be here waiting for you.”

Jimmy took off, stripping down in record time and practically running back out to the lounge. He found Cold had taken off his jacket and hat, resting comfortably in the plush recliner. His boots had definitely been wiped down, waiting for Jimmy’s attentions.

“Safe word, Mr. Poe?”


“You may proceed.”

Jimmy was all over the boots in a heartbeat, nuzzling against the smooth cloth of the spats and the slick leather of the boots, panting erratically. He slid his hand up Cold’s ankle, taking in the height of the boots and the perfectly tied laces, tracing his fingers along each and every grommet.

Cold was calm, relaxed, letting Jimmy explore all he wanted to. He was smiling softly, reaching down to gently trace a gloved finger through Jimmy’s hair, teasing, “Do you like these, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy whined, leaning up into Cold’s hand.

“Make sure they’re clean, Mr. Poe,” Cold rumbled, smiling darkly. “This is a dirty job for a very dirty little boy.”

Jimmy bowed his head down, swallowing thickly as he appraised the task in front of him. He knew Cold had already removed the worst of the grime, allowing this play to remain somewhat sanitary, sliding his tongue across the toe of the boot. He traced the embedded edges, soaking in the taste, moaning softly.

This was where he belonged. On his knees before his lover, cleaning him, worshiping before him.

His cock was already bouncing between his legs as he moved, hard and wanting, licking up to the edge of the spats and grunting quietly.

He found the edge of the boot up by Cold’s calf, kissing and sucking at the strong muscle. Cold’s gloved fingers were in his hair, in his mouth, lost in the warm taste of leather invading his taste buds. He sucked on Cold’s finger, whining as he suddenly grabbed his tongue.

Cold held it firmly, using his thumb to lightly massage as he teased, “Mmm, you like my new boots, do you?”

Jimmy nodded, whimpering quietly.

Cold squeezed Jimmy’s tongue, leaning forward as he ordered, “Sit back, Mr. Poe. On your knees.”

Jimmy did, groaning softly when Cold released his tongue. He gasped when the toe of Cold’s boot began to drag down his chest, reaching out to hold him.

“Don’t touch,” Cold warned. “Not yet.”

Jimmy dropped his hands obediently, groaning again as Cold’s boot moved lower. He drove the heel into Jimmy’s stomach, down across his hips and firmly pressed against his hard cock.

Cold began to push down, grinding his boot into Jimmy’s balls and up against his shaft, purring, “Mmm, do you think you could come like this? No hands, just grinding your filthy little body on my boot?”

“I don’t know, sir,” Jimmy panted, watching the rubber heel press into him. The friction was great, but he didn’t know if it was enough. He whined, pushing his hips forward as he tried to increase the pressure, moaning as Cold twisted his heel down sharply.

“Let’s find out, Mr. Poe,” Cold drawled, continuing to push and rub his boot all over Jimmy’s cock. He pressed his toes down into his shaft, stroking him up and down before pushing his heels back against his balls. When his leg began to finally tire, he switched to the other boot, picking right back up with renewed vigor.

Jimmy ran his hands all through his hair, sobbing softly. It felt so fucking good and he was getting so close. He wanted to come so badly that he was shaking, bucking up into Cold’s heel.

“I want you to come for me, Mr. Poe,” Cold purred softly, his voice strained with lust. “You may touch and you may come wherever you’d like… but you have to clean up your mess.”

“Fuck! Yes, sir!” Jimmy immediately grabbed his cock and Cold’s ankle, aiming his load right at that gorgeous boot. He was already so close that his head ached as he came, striping hot come all over the beautiful leather and spats, moaning happily as he trembled from the rush.

His forehead was throbbing with the force of his release, staring dumbly at the pearly mess he’d left all over Cold’s boot. He knew what he had to do, lunging forward to start breathlessly lapping it all up. It was warm and salty mixed in with the earthy taste of the leather, whimpering as he gulped back a mouthful.

The leather clean, he started licking at the spats. He soaked the cloth with his tongue, sucking hard and scrubbing it up. He was panting, frantic and desperate, trying to get it as pristine as possible.

Cold’s gloved fingers were down in his hair again, praising, “Such a very good job, Mr. Poe… such a good boy for me.”

Jimmy crawled up Cold’s legs, resting his head in his lap with a happy sigh. Yes, he was good. He was always good for Cold. He smiled as he felt a gloved finger at his mouth, sucking on it lightly.

“Mmm,” Cold grunted. “I have something else I can put in your mouth if you feel like cleaning up another mess… and I do have another boot that needs cleaning.”

Jimmy grinned, eagerly replying, “Yes, sir!”

Sexy Saturday 02/08/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Here is another one from the Kinktober vault! A tasty bit of role-playing for Boss Cold and Jimmy and very inappropriate use of a nightstick! Enjoy!

Warnings: NSFW/DP/object insertion/bondage


“Roderick Legrand, you’re under arrest!”

Cold didn’t even bat an eye, calmly inquiring, “And the charges?”

“Looking way too good in three piece suits,” Jimmy replied, coyly swinging a set of handcuffs around on his finger. “It’s a public safety hazard because you’re too damn distracting.”

“Uh huh,” Cold drawled. “And?”

“And having a cock that exceeds the city sanctioned size ordinance,” Jimmy went on, aiming for sultry even as the handcuffs went flying off from his hand and clattered on the floor.

Cold peered over the edge of his newspaper as he watched Jimmy scramble to pick them up with a small smirk.

Jimmy pretended as if nothing had happened, holding his head high as he declared, “You’re going downtown with me, Mr. Legrand.”

“Well, officer,” Cold said sternly as he folded up his newspaper, “I must inform you that I have no intention of going quietly.”

“Mmm, I was hoping you’d say that,” Jimmy giggled, trying to stay in character and failing miserably.

“I bet you were,” Cold teased back, a flicker of a smile curling his lips.

Jimmy had been reading about role-playing and dress up in his ever growing online research for his lessons. It had soon evolved into a very specific fantasy, one that they were going to act out today complete with a cheesy cop uniform, handcuffs, and a small police baton strapped into his belt.

Jimmy went to grab for Cold’s wrist, clearing his throat as he said, “I’m going to have to book you on resisting arrest-“

“You’ll never take me in,” Cold hissed, flipping Jimmy effortlessly onto the sofa and pinning him down. “Do you not know who I am, my precious little piggy?”

Jimmy gasped, trying to push Cold off of him, but found there was no way to move out from beneath him. The press of his firm body was already getting him excited, protesting weakly, “No one is above the law, Boss Cold!”

“Mmmm,” Cold hummed sweetly, smiling wickedly down at him. “I seem to be on top of the law right now…” He rolled his hips down. “…And he seems to be enjoying it.”

“N-no,” Jimmy argued, struggling to free one of his arms and push Cold away. “I’m just, uhm, really focused on arresting you.”

“And I’m really focused on the idea of fucking you,” Cold purred in a sinfully smooth tone, skillfully plucking Jimmy’s handcuffs from his belt and slapping them on his wrists in one quick motion.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Jimmy squeaked, panting and grinning in awe.

Cold winked slyly, but continued to stay on point, continuing, “Perhaps we can work something out, officer. I assure you that I can be quite convincing…”

Jimmy gasped as Cold slid a hand down to palm his stiffening cock through the thin material of his costume, jerking up against his palm as he sought more friction. “I st-still need to take you in,” he mumbled weakly. “You’re a criminal.”

“You’re an officer of the law, and yet, here you are, writhing beneath me,” Cold chuckled, his lips grazing over Jimmy’s ear. “So very hard for me…”

“That’s just my nightstick,” Jimmy countered, wiggling defiantly.

“Is it?” Cold asked curiously, fingers walking up to the fly of Jimmy’s pants and slowly drawing down his zipper. “Let’s see, shall we.”

Jimmy gurgled and tugged at the handcuffs, groaning as Cold’s fingertips teased along the shaft of his cock. He was achingly erect, already wet, his head dizzied by the arousal of their play thus far.

“This would appear to not be a nightstick,” Cold taunted huskily, reaching down to cup Jimmy’s balls and softly squeeze.

“God,” Jimmy gasped, pushing up against Cold as he whined. “Fuck, just touch me, please!”

“Mmm, you tried to arrest me just moments ago,” Cold pointed out, refusing to give Jimmy anything more than feathery teases. “Why should I give you anything at all?”

“I’ll, I’ll get the charges dropped!” Jimmy tried, his eyes pleading with Cold.

“In exchange for?”

“Your cock!” Jimmy pleaded.

“That is quite a deal,” Cold mused, seeming to think it over as he pulled away from Jimmy. He got him up to his feet, leading him back towards the bedroom as he asked, “You’d really be willing to break the law for me?”

“For your cock,” Jimmy replied immediately, following along like an obedient puppy, “I’ll do anything.”

Cold hummed softly, connecting Jimmy’s handcuffs to a bit of chain he’d attached to the hook in the ceiling. It was just short enough to keep Jimmy’s hands above his head, and the chains made the most marvelous tinkling sound when he tugged on them.

Cold circled Jimmy slowly, a predator hunting his beautiful prey, his gaze hungry as he looked over his potential meal for the evening.

Jimmy shivered, pulling against the unforgiving clamp of steel around his wrists. He was struggling to keep the game going, begging, “Please, Boss Cold. I’ll do anything you want!”

“Oh, you’re going to do that anyway,” Cold chuckled wickedly, sliding on a pair of black leather gloves, “but first, I need to search you… after all, this could be a trick. Who knows what you might be hiding under that little uniform.”

Jimmy’s breath hitched up in the back of his throat, sighing as Cold’s gloved fingers stroked through his hair and behind his ears. Down his neck they went, checking his collar and slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

He knew this was a simple search, all part of the game, but fuck, it was incredibly hot. The way Cold touched him, firm and commanding, always got his blood pumping. The sensation of the cool leather made him twitch, groaning when Cold paused to examine his nipples.

Cold pinched each one, enjoying Jimmy’s gasps and whines, before continuing down to his pants. He kept the plastic utility belt on, but pulled Jimmy’s pants down and gesturing for him to step out of them.

Cold kicked them out of the way when he was done, passing his hands along Jimmy’s bare ass and hips, teasing, “No undergarments? Dirty little piggy.”

Jimmy bit back another groan, closing his eyes as Cold fondled his balls and stroked his cock. The leather felt so good and wonderfully erotic, agreeing, “Very fucking dirty…”

Cold traced a single finger down between Jimmy’s cheeks, finding his hole and rubbing against it. “I half expected you to be prepped,” he snorted, “with the way you begging for my cock…”

“I want it,” Jimmy pleaded, rocking back into Cold’s gloved hand. “Please, Boss Cold… I’ll be so good for you. Just, mmmm, please, please fuck me.”

Cold’s only response was a throaty chuckle, stepping away to retrieve something. Jimmy knew the sound that came next without even looking, the click of a lubricant bottle being opened. He wiggled when Cold’s fingers returned to his hole, warm and wet, but still not pressing inside.

Cold spread his cheeks wide, his thumbs pushing in just at the very edge of his rim. “Mmm, it is a lovely little hole, officer,” he praised, “but I fear my cock isn’t going to fit just yet…”

Jimmy shuddered when he saw Cold’s hand going for the nightstick on his belt, whining as the cool plastic slid along his hard cock and around his hip. “God,” he moaned desperately. “That’s not, that’s not a toy!”

“Anything is a toy if I say it is,” Cold replied smugly. “This baton, your ass, your mouth… all little toys for me to play with at my leisure. Now, lean forward and arch that pretty little ass up for me.”

Jimmy’s heart was pounding so hard that he swore it was trying to crawl up his throat. He arched his back, presenting himself as best as he could given the restraints that held him.

The nightstick was cold, hard, circling around Jimmy’s hole. Cold’s cock was much bigger, but the plastic felt unnatural and cruel, Jimmy panting softly when he felt the tip start to push inside of him.

“Isn’t this a sight,” Cold purred nastily. “My pretty little piggy getting fucked with his own baton.” He pushed the nightstick a little deeper, allowed a few shallow thrusts before pulling it back out.

Jimmy grunted, whining when he felt Cold’s leather fingers pushing at his hole, testing the stretch.

“Still so tight,” Cold sighed, immediately sliding the nightstick back in, deeper now. He reached around to squeeze Jimmy’s balls and the base of his cock as he fucked him, purring, “You like this, don’t you? Being humiliated, toyed with?”

“Yes,” Jimmy cried, moaning at the sudden depth the nightstick was now at. It was so much skinnier than Cold’s massive cock, but quite longer than he had first realized. Jimmy’s ass ached as Cold pushed it deeper and deeper, moaning louder at the rough slams.

He couldn’t stop crying, trying to savor the burn of the baton fucking his hole so savagely, wishing to God that Cold would actually jerk him off instead of petting his cock so softly.

Cold twisted the nightstick until Jimmy screamed, squeezing his cock as he taunted, “You’re so close, aren’t you, little piggy? Gonna come on your own little baton?”

Jimmy couldn’t think straight, his balls tight and aching for release, nodding as he whimpered, “Yes! Please, Boss Cold! Let me come!”

“Thought you wanted my cock?” Cold asked with a wry smile, his gloved fingers dancing up the shaft of Jimmy’s dick.

“I do! Mmmph…. I want… fuuu-uck!” Jimmy sobbed, tugging at the cuffs as he struggled to make a decision. His body was seconds away from deciding for him, gasping, “Both! I want both!”

“Why, Officer Poe,” Cold purred breathlessly, withdrawing his hands, “You are a filthy slut, aren’t you.”

“Yes,” Jimmy nodded, flashing hot with shame, “Now, please… fuck me. Please!”

“Patience,” Cold crooned, adding more lube and pulling the nightstick out to give Jimmy some much needed relief. He left only a few inches inside, working a smooth gloved finger along the edge of his hole. It slid in, thrusting hard as he worked to stretch out Jimmy’s hole.

Oh, that hurt, fuck. Jimmy hissed, breathing quickly as he waited for the burn to pass. Cold was always so patient, so careful, and it didn’t take long before a second finger was pushing in alongside the nightstick.

Jimmy was a panting mess, rocking back as he insisted, “Please! I’m ready!”

Cold ignored him as he always did, not making any move to advance until he was satisfied that Jimmy was open enough. He removed his fingers at last, his cock taking their place and sliding in next to the nightstick.

Jimmy whimpered, so full, so tight, inhaling slowly as he lost himself in the incredible sensation. Cold’s gloved fingers grabbed his cock as he thrusted in and Jimmy screamed out in bliss, shuddering as he came instantly.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!” he wailed, gasping as the nightstick vanished and Cold’s cock took over his stretched and aching ass. It was almost too much, his body tensing and fighting, groaning loudly when he felt Cold’s hot load gushing inside of him. “Fuck… Rod…”

“That’s ‘Boss Cold’ to you,” Cold corrected playfully, kissing the back of Jimmy’s neck with a low chuckle.

“I didn’t want to come that fast,” Jimmy pouted. “I wanted to keep going.”

“Well,” Cold began thoughtfully, “perhaps a shower, something to eat, and Officer Poe can visit again.”

“Yeah?” Jimmy perked up, asking coyly. “Maybe I can put the cuffs on you this time?”

Cold laughed softly, teasing, “Mmm, well, it’ll certainly be fun to let you try.”

Sexy Saturday 02/01/2020

Okay, so, this isn’t so much a Sexy Saturday as it is a Sappy Saturday. Sentimental Sat? Eh. It’s a little epilogue for Mortal Sins based on a prompt that didn’t make it into the final manuscript. I hope you all enjoy it, and I promise porn next week! XD

Beware of spoilers if you haven’t read Mortal Sins!

Warnings: Fluff/SPOILERS


Everhart’s was packed every night thanks to rave reviews about the food. The local paper even wrote a wonderful article about the restoration project and gushed at length about the incredible menu. Richard Oberon, they said, had an absolutely magical way of working with food.

Magical indeed – since Snod couldn’t taste any of it.

Being a vampire had that drawback, of course. He had to cook based on his sense of smell alone, arguably more powerful than his mortal tastebuds had ever been. He enjoyed being in the kitchen regardless, easily managing the back of the house and running all the food by himself.

Though he was still not able to achieve Frankie’s ghostlike quickness, his speed and strength were well beyond any mortal’s. The new abilities were awesome, but they also created several stumbles to work through; one cooler door handle had already suffered his wrath and snapped in his hands, not to mention all the dishes he kept accidentally breaking.

Frankie was always there to help him and pick up the pieces, literal and otherwise, calming him right back down with that bright smile of his. He was the only one who could make Snod feel better, to make him feel human again.

The emotions were even harder than his powers to make sense of, constantly fighting against the cold chasm inside of him that wanted to absorb everything that he was as a human man. Feeling anything other than the hunger was difficult, but Frankie was such a fantastic teacher.

When Snod’s desire for blood was at its worst and he was certain he would lose his humanity forever, Frankie was there to bring him laughter, love, agony and anguish – the full spectrum of human emotions to wake him back up.

Sometimes it was with his words, other times perhaps a movie or a poem; but no matter what, Frankie always found a way.

Disney films were usually a pretty sure bet, Snod still favoring Aladdin above all the others. He had taken the night off from the bar to spend the evening with Frankie, full of blood and content to snuggle on the sofa while his favorite film began to play.

Frankie was cradling him close, Snod’s head in his lap, mindlessly dragging his nails through his short hair. “You know,” he said with a smirk, “I read that Robin Williams improvised that scene.”

“Oh?” Snod perked up.

“Mmhmm. They gave him a table of weird objects to play with and just let him play around. When he breaks that thing, I think he actually broke something.”

Snod smiled, chuckling softly to himself. He glanced up at Frankie, asking, “Work tomorrow?”

“Always,” Frankie snorted. “My turn to drive the carpool.”

“Hear anything about Ephraim?”

“Amy is going with him this weekend to visit the new compound,” Frankie replied. “You know, the one that the not-so-crazy ex-Order members set up?”

“Ulgh, why?”

“Bring medicine, teach some first aid, stuff like that.”

“Hmmph.” Snod looked back at the television.

“Do you ever miss him?” Frankie asked casually. “I’m sure I could talk to Amy and see-“

“No,” Snod cut in. He sighed, adding more gently, “No, thank you.”

“You guys were such good friends!” Frankie frowned. “Are you sure?”

“We were friends when we were brainwashed to kill vampires,” Snod said dryly. “I don’t think he’s interested and I don’t care. I don’t miss him. I don’t…” He struggled for the words.

*Take your time…* Frankie smiled, his fingers still lovingly petting Snod’s hair.

“What we had is gone,” Snod said at last. “Without the Order, we have nothing in common.”

*Nothing except the abuse, the punishments, the lessons…*

“Okay, okay,” Frankie said gently, trying to send out a calming energy to soothe Snod’s frantic thoughts.

“I’m sorry,” Snod said, glancing up at his lover with a sigh. “I know you’re trying to help me… but not with Ephraim. Not now.” *Maybe not ever…*

“How’s Athaliah?” Frankie asked, seamlessly changing the subject.

“Good,” Snod said, his smile coming back in an instant. “He’s running the kitchen tonight and promised me he wouldn’t burn anything.”

“How many times did you make him recite the recipes?”

“Once.” *Maybe twice…*

Frankie giggled, giving Snod’s head a pat. “I love you, you silly man.”

“Mmm, I love you,” Snod purred, pulling Frankie’s hand down so he could kiss his palm. “Any idea when they’re going to announce that they’re getting married?”

“And how do you know about that?”

“I have ears. I heard them talking about it.”

Frankie raised a skeptical brow. “In front of you?”

“No, they were in their room and probably didn’t realize I could hear them.”

“Mmm, Lorenzo is probably still scared that you’re going to eat him.”

“A legitimate fear,” Snod remarked.

Frankie laughed, shaking his head. “They are totally in love and they will be amazing together. They’re so excited. I’m very happy for them and you should be, too.”

“I am,” Snod conceded. “Truly.” He fidgeted for a moment, adding hesitantly, “They want to adopt children.”

“Well,” Frankie said, “I think that’s wonderful, and that they will be awesome parents.”

Snod didn’t reply at first, trying to sort out why the idea bothered him so much. He was happy for the joy his brother had found, but thinking about the future troubled him. Athaliah and Lorenzo raising a child together led him to wonder what sort of role he would have in his unborn nephew’s or niece’s life.

How would they explain that Uncle Obe never aged? What would happen when it was finally time to bury Athaliah and Snod was still the same-

“Hey, hey,” Frankie said firmly, “come back to me. It’s going to be okay, Obe. We will figure it all out. I’m still going to find a cure-“

“And if you don’t?”

“Then we don’t get cured right now,” Frankie said with a shrug. “It’s going to be all right. Being an immortal uncle wouldn’t be so bad. You’d get to watch the baby grow up, then maybe watch his or her kids, too. Athaliah would love knowing we’d be around to watch over his little one.”

“You’re not giving up on a cure, are you?” Snod’s brows knitted together. “What is this?”

“It’s my way of making the best of it,” Frankie replied with a soft smile. “I will never give up on finding a way to be human again. But if it takes me another few hundred years, hey… we’ve got a lot to look forward to in the meantime.”

Snod snorted quietly, sighing sarcastically, “How do you manage to be so ridiculously cheerful?”

“Because the worst case scenario here is spending eternity with the man I love,” Frankie teased, beaming down at Snod. “Not so bad, right?”

Snod smiled, feeling Frankie’s love and adoration washing over him like the sun, warm and sweet. He sat up to claim a passionate kiss, hugging him tight. “Mm, not too bad at all.”