It’s Official – I got MERCH

Thanks to the very talented Jess of Bory Design, I have official merchandise for one of my books. There is more to come, and I just can’t believe it. I couldn’t ever dream of a day when I was published, much less being able to introduce merchandise for the little worlds I create. It’s prettyContinue reading “It’s Official – I got MERCH”

Sexy Saturday 01/25/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Whew! Thank you to all who’ve read and reviewed my latest release, Mortal Sins! I really hope you all have enjoyed it!!! I’m still editing the Cold Hard Cash sequel and writing other fun things – speaking of, would you guys honestly be interested in an anthology of reeeeallyContinue reading “Sexy Saturday 01/25/2020”

Sexy Saturday 01/19/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Or, you know, Sunday for those keeping track of the days! Oops! Sorry for the late post, but I’ve been so busy running around pimping out my new release, Mortal Sins! Check your newsletters for an exclusive teaser and hey – here’s another one! ~*~ “Can you forgive me?”Continue reading “Sexy Saturday 01/19/2020”

Sexy Saturday 01/11/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Nick Stecki is still hard at work bringing the audiobook version of Cold Hard Cash to life and I’m expecting a publishing date next week for my new delicious vampire novel… here’s a little taste! Enjoy! Warnings: NSFW/spankings/smut/vamp stuff ~*~ “And you!” Frankie snapped, grabbing Snod’s wrist. “Outside! Now!” Snod stumbledContinue reading “Sexy Saturday 01/11/2020”