Sexy Saturday 11/09/2019

Hey kits and kittens! I hope everyone is having a super awesome Sexy Saturday! Today is another one from my Kinktober vault with Jimmy and Cold. It’s definitely extra kinky and dirty so please read the warnings before you read!!! Hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: NSFW/feet/foot play/dirty talk/toys


“Kneel, Mr. Poe,” Cold’s voice commanded, his tone as firm as the leather bindings holding Jimmy’s wrists together.

Jimmy couldn’t see, his eyes covered with a silk scarf, shakily getting down to his knees. His ass was aching from being paddled, his hole stretched wide with a thick plug, groaning as the change in position forced the toy inside of him to shift awkwardly.

“On the floor,” Cold continued. “All the way down.”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy whined, panting softly as he struggled to obey without falling flat on his face since his hands were tied behind his back. He lowered his head first, willing the rest of his body to follow. The plug twisted and made him groan, stretching out on his stomach.

“Good boy,” Cold said softly, slowly walking towards him.

Jimmy listened, detecting Cold’s steps approaching close, licking his lips anxiously. The last few days of lessons had been wonderful and fun, and today’s session was particularly intense. He had been embarrassed to even ask for it, but Cold wouldn’t leave him alone until he told him exactly what he wanted to do.

Cold’s bare foot slid up between Jimmy’s legs, warm and soft, taking his time as always.

Jimmy moaned without meaning to, his fingers grabbing at the air. He moaned again when Cold pressed his foot against his ass, nudging the plug and making him squirm.

“You filthy little boy,” Cold purred wickedly. “You’re probably leaking all over the floor, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy replied honestly, knowing that lying wouldn’t do him any good. He groaned sharply when Cold’s foot pressed harder, the plug pushing in deeper and making him ache. His cock was painfully hard, rutting down into the carpet to find temporary relief.

“Humping like the floor like a dog,” Cold snorted, his foot rocking in time with Jimmy’s hips. “Do you like this that much? Treating you like the dirty little whore that you are?”

“Yes, sir!” Jimmy cried, curling his hands into tight fists. He was unbelievably turned on, each disgusting word sending flashes of lightning straight down to his balls. He whimpered, full of need and want, groaning in frustration when Cold pulled his foot away.

Cold’s steps moved around to Jimmy’s head, his voice tearing right into Jimmy’s soul as he drawled, “My pretty little whore… down on the floor where you belong. Open your mouth, Mr. Poe. My foot is positively filthy from touching you.”

Jimmy grinned, eagerly opening up and groaning when the tips of Cold’s toes touched his lips. He stuck out his tongue, licking softly at first, trying to get a feel for the new interaction. Cold’s foot was clean, warm, smelled of soap from the shower he’d taken before they’d begun.

Even though he knew that the flesh in his mouth was pristine, he had the strangest wave of revulsion washing over him. This felt dirty, wrong, even disgusting; and the forbidden taste of such an unusual part of his lover’s body made his loins burn with passion. The act itself was so taboo, and Jimmy couldn’t deny that he was enjoying it immensely.

He felt more confident, lapping over each toe and in between, enjoying the taste of skin and the aroma of Cold’s body wash. Braver still, he sucked Cold’s big toe right into his mouth and shuddered at the low moan he heard from above him. He ran his tongue all around it, sucking hard enough to leave a mark, groaning lewdly.

“Yes,” Cold hissed. “You filthy little slut… get all of your grime off of me.”

Jimmy whined, rubbing his dick against the floor, mouthing along the side of Cold’s foot as he gasped, “Fuck… please, sir… I need to… can I…?”

“Use your words,” Cold said firmly. “What do you need, Mr. Poe?”

“I need to touch your foot,” Jimmy pleaded, his ears burning hot. “Please, sir…”

“You may,” Cold replied, warning, “but remember that any mess you make, you must clean up. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy said eagerly, sighing in relief as he felt the leather around his wrists loosen and pull away. He stretched out his arms, getting up on his knees. He crawled forward, grunting as the plug moved inside of his ass, reaching out and feeling for Cold in front of him.

Cold had moved to sit on the edge of their bed, allowing Jimmy to grab his leg as he reminded him, “The blindfold will stay on, Mr. Poe.”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy nodded, his fingers exploring over the bare skin of Cold’s calf, caressing down his ankle to his foot. He took hold of it and sat back on his heels, massaging his thumbs into his arch, squeezing lightly.

Cold murmured something soft, no real words, only an indistinct sound of contentment. He pressed his heel down against Jimmy’s balls, applying enough pressure to make him gasp.

Jimmy kept rubbing, grabbing his cock and stroking himself against the side of Cold’s foot. He could feel that he was wet, the head of his dick sliding easily against his toes, groaning loudly.

“Remember,” Cold said breathlessly. “Whatever mess you make… you will clean up.”

Jimmy whined, gasping sharply as Cold’s heel dug in harder, stroking himself even faster. He bumped the head of his cock over each toe, wedging himself in the crook of Cold’s big toe and grinding into it. He couldn’t get enough friction, panting, “Can I please come?”

“Yes,” Cold hissed, flexing his foot down and spreading his toes wide.

Jimmy couldn’t hold back the litany of moans and cries escaping him now. Knowing he would have to lick every drop of his load from Cold’s foot made him shiver all over, fueled by a volume of desire that nearly frightened him in its intensity.

He was struggling to breathe, his hips and thighs twitching as his fingers blurred along his shaft, sobbing as he climaxed. His head fell back with a happy cry, his eyes rolling back beneath the scarf, moaning, “God… yes!”

Cold waited for Jimmy’s soul to come back to his body, drawling, “Time for you to clean up your mess, my little slut. Take off your blindfold so you can see what a fucking mess you made.”

Jimmy took a deep breath, sighing as he pulled down the scarf from his eyes, gazing hungrily at Cold’s soiled flesh. Yes, it was a mess; he wanted to fix it. He wanted to be a good boy and clean it all up.

He bowed his head, his tongue sweeping broad strokes across the top of Cold’s foot to take on the bulk of his expelled load. He swallowed it down, quickly sucking every drop between his toes and a splatter he found high up on Cold’s ankle.

Jimmy was so desperate that he barely tasted any of it, licking and slurping it all up as if he was dying of thirst. He whimpered when he felt Cold’s hand on his head, his long fingers lovingly stroking through his hair.

“My good boy,” Cold praised. “Look at you… you haven’t missed a single drop. Such a good little slut for me.”

Jimmy whimpered, the words shaking his little body down to the marrow. He leaned up into Cold’s palm, licking his lips and sighing, “Yours, sir… all yours.”

Cold was smiling, reaching down and pulling Jimmy up into his arms for a sweet kiss. He kept petting his hair, stroking his back as he asked, “Did you enjoy that, Jimmy?”

“Yes,” Jimmy replied with a tired smile, snuggling into Cold’s lap and closing his eyes. He fussed as Cold smoothly removed the plug, rubbing his hand down between his legs to soothe his sore hole. “Probably much more than I should have…”

“Why do you say that?” Cold asked calmly.

“Because, well, it’s sort of weird,” Jimmy replied, smiling shyly. “I guess it’s embarrassing that I liked it so much. Like, I would never ever tell anyone.”

“There is no shame in how we decide to find pleasure together,” Cold said with a snort. “Anyone else’s opinion is completely irrelevant. It’s not any one’s business to be perfectly honest.”

“You don’t think it’s… strange?”

“I only care about what you think, Jimmy,” Cold chuckled warmly. “And as long as you enjoy it, I will do whatever you want. Provided that it’s sane, consensual, and will not cause any lasting harm, you have but to ask.”

“Yeah?” Jimmy beamed happily, nuzzling under Cold’s chin. “So, if I wanted to give you a pedicure and then jerk off…”

“Absolutely,” Cold replied without hesitation, “but you’d better be ready.”

“For what?”

Cold grinned, winking slyly as he said, “To clean up your mess, of course.”

“Oh!” Jimmy laughed. “Yes, sir!”

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