Sexy Saturday 11/02/2019

Hello kits and kittens! Today’s Sexy Saturday is another one from my Kinktober Vault because I am very much out of town and yeaaaah didn’t have time to come up with anything else! XD I still hope that you guys enjoy it! Heed the warnings – might not be your cup of come!

(I think I’m funny)

Warnings: NSFW/come play/come eating


“Don’t ask,” was all Cold said when he came home late covered in blood and fresh bruises, clearly not in a pleasant mood.

Jimmy didn’t press, only kissed him softly and stripped away his bloody clothes. His hands gently moved over Cold’s battered body, checking every inch of him to make sure he was really all right. He sometimes forgot how dangerous Cold’s job was ruling over the city’s criminal underground.

Jimmy ran a hot bath to soothe all of the tension he felt lingering in his lover’s muscles. He was not surprised when Cold grabbed a glass and bottle of whiskey to bring in with him.

Cold eased himself down in the tub, groaning softly. He poured himself a drink, sipping slowly and beckoning for Jimmy to join him.

Jimmy undressed and stepped into the tub, grinning as Cold tugged him right into his lap. When they kissed, Cold tasted warm and spicy like the whiskey, humming softly.

Jimmy kissed him deeply, straddling Cold’s hips and running his hands over his chest. He paused when Cold flinched, looking down to inspect a jagged cut that was crudely stitched.

“New scar?” Jimmy said softly.

“Mmm. Knife. Disagreement over… product,” Cold replied dryly, taking another sip of whiskey.

Jimmy frowned, asking earnestly, “What the hell happened, Rod? Who, who freakin’ sewed you up?”

“Jules,” Cold said, lightly tracing his fingers along Jimmy’s collarbone. “How were your classes today?”

“You’re changing the subject.”

“And I told you not to ask about my evening,” Cold countered.

Jimmy pouted, nodding, “Fine… and my classes were okay.”

“Any interesting extracurricular lessons today?” Cold teased softly, drawing lines between the soft little moles that dotted Jimmy’s skin.

“Well,” Jimmy chuckled, his face warming up quickly, “I did some reading about food play today. I guess it’s kind of lame compared to the other stuff… whipped cream and all that isn’t as hot as latex and sounding.”

“On the contrary,” Cold purred with a wicked spark in his eye. “Food play can be quite erotic.”


Cold smiled playfully, tipping the bottle of whiskey over Jimmy’s shoulder and spilling it down his arm. He lunged forward, his hot tongue dragging across Jimmy’s skin and slurping it up.

Jimmy melted immediately, groaning happily. The whiskey tingled wonderfully while Cold’s tongue was slick and soft, goosebumps prickling all over his body as he shivered.

Another splash and Cold was sucking whiskey off Jimmy’s nipple, absolutely ravenous and drinking up every drop he could reach. The burn of the alcohol and intense suction made the sensitive tissue contract immediately, Jimmy moaning loudly with pleasure.

Cold poured more, letting the alcohol linger and lightly blowing on it.

There had to be some magical wire running from his nipples down to his cock because Jimmy was achingly hard in seconds, grabbing at Cold’s shoulders and his head falling back as he whimpered. It was scalding and cool all at once, amazed by the incredible sensation. He pushed himself as close as he could, grinding down in search of friction.

Cold took a big swig from his glass, but didn’t swallow, pulling Jimmy in for a passionate kiss. As he licked his way into Jimmy’s mouth, the whiskey splashed inside.

Jimmy gasped as he swallowed, the whiskey burning the whole way down and some spilling out from between their lips. He was flooded with warmth, sighing heavily as Cold toyed with his nipples.

“Good so far?” Cold drawled, giving his nipple a playful twist.

“Good,” Jimmy squeaked, lashes fluttering. “I never even thought about using booze with food play… mmmph.”

“Inspiration came to me,” Cold said with a smug smirk. “Just hopped right into my brain.”

“Like a little bunny?” Jimmy laughed breathlessly, grinning wide.

“Mmm. With very big teeth… I find that there’s something very primal about providing sustenance for your partner this way,” Cold mused. “No utensils, no plates, only each other’s bodies… It’s far beyond the normal intimacy of sharing a meal together.”

“Like cavemen taking down a wooly mammoth and then banging kind of thing?” Jimmy laughed, grabbing the glass to steal another sip and grimacing at the burn.

“Something like that,” Cold chuckled. “I was thinking more along the lines of leopards. When they mate, they sometimes hunt for each other in between multiple bouts of copulation. They can mate every fifteen minutes for up to seven days. A full week of nothing but providing sustenance for each other and rampant fucking.”

“Mmm, how National Geographic of you,” Jimmy giggled, rolling his ass down with a grin. “Very sexy.”

“We can stop if you’re not enjoying yourself,” Cold snorted, rolling his eyes.

“No, I like it,” Jimmy insisted, rubbing his hard cock against Cold’s stomach to prove his point. “I really like it… I would very much like to have more of your sustenance… if you’re willing to provide.”

“Mmmm,” Cold hummed, thinking Jimmy’s words over and sliding his hands over his ass. “I think that can be arranged.”

Jimmy gasped as Cold growled at his neck, nipping shortly with his teeth. He pressed closed, groaning when he knew Cold was going for the bottle again. The rush of alcohol came down his chest, Cold’s lips rushing to drink it up as his fingers moved between Jimmy’s cheeks.

Jimmy gave himself over completely to Cold’s skilled fingers, never sure where he was going to feel his mouth next. Grazing across his collarbone or at his ear, sucking on his nipple or leaving a bruising kiss on his chest, always with whiskey flowing and teeth and tongue.

Jimmy moaned happily when Cold finally pushed his cock inside of him, the wonderful affection never ceasing even as their bodies rolled together in that most intimate of embraces. Jimmy clutched at Cold’s shoulders as he fucked him good and slow, the water softly splashing around them.

“I want to taste you,” Jimmy murmured passionately. “Please… I want… I want to drink from you, too.”

Cold passed the bottle to Jimmy’s waiting fingers with a warm kiss, purring, “Mmm… you can drink all you want… But I do have a very special treat in mind for you for when I come. Something verrry sustaining.”

“Oh, yeah?” Jimmy grinned, panting as he leaned forward and poured a splash of whiskey on Cold’s neck to quickly lap up.

“Oh, yes,” Cold rumbled happily, his hands lazily running down Jimmy’s sides as he thrusted upwards. Still gentle, deep, letting Jimmy touch and lick all he wanted and sighing sweetly.

Jimmy moaned contently, running his tongue over new bruises and old scars, finding all the beautiful sounds Cold made just as intoxicating as the whiskey he was drinking from his skin. It went on and on, even as the water began to cool, making love and getting drunk off of each other’s flesh.

Jimmy was getting eager for release, his hand unsteady when he poured the alcohol all over Cold’s chest. A rivulet escaped his intended target and ran right over Cold’s fresh stab wound before he could stop it.

Cold’s hands clenched down tightly, his eyes narrowed as he hissed furiously, “Jimmy!”

“Oh, fuck!” Jimmy shouted. “I’m so fucking sorry! I’m a little fucked up, and I didn’t mean to-“

Cold’s cock slammed up inside of him with unexpected force, growling fiercely, “Do it again.”

“What?” Jimmy was stunned, left gasping as Cold began pounding into him ferociously.

“Do it. Again!” Cold ordered firmly, baring his teeth.

“Fuck! Yes, sir!” Jimmy whimpered, moaning from Cold’s brutal thrusting. It was impossible to pour with any accuracy while Cold was fucking him so hard, whiskey splashing all over the jagged wound.

Cold went wild, grabbing Jimmy’s waist and biting down on his throat as he plowed his tight ass. Jimmy never had a chance to even taste one drop, doing everything he could to hold on for the ride of his life.

Water was sloshing over the sides of the tub and onto the floor, Jimmy’s screams echoing off the tile. It was too intense, too hot, begging desperately, “Please, fuck! I’m gonna come, Rod! Please, please, please let me fucking come!”

“Ohhh, you’ll come,” Cold promised with a snarl, “and then you’re drinking mine. Do you hear me? You will drink everything I fucking give you. All of it, mmmrrrrph, every fucking bit!”

“Yes, God, yes,” Jimmy cried, moaning and chanting a long stream of praise for Cold’s divine sexual abilities. He always knew exactly what to say and do to completely rock Jimmy’s world.

A quick tug of his hand and he was coming hard, bouncing feverishly on Cold’s cock, his lover’s lips and hands moving all over his body to guide him through it.

Jimmy barely had a second to enjoy the floating drag of post-organic bliss, recognizing Cold’s erratic panting that signaled his end was near. He gently pulled himself out of Cold’s lap, eagerly awaiting the promised load.

How would Cold give it to him, he wondered. Directly from the source, or perhaps across his face and he would have to lick it off his hands.

“Glass,” Cold grunted, his eyes nearly black with lust and panting as his orgasm threatened to claim him. He raised himself up out of the water, one hand grabbing the tub to steady himself as the other frantically stroked his cock.

Jimmy blinked in surprise, but quickly grabbed the glass and directed Cold’s leaking dick up to the rim, watching intently.

Cold grunted as he fired off his thick load, gasping softly as he shuddered. Pulse after pulse splashed into the glass, an impressive helping of pearly come.

Cold sunk back down into the water and picked up the bottle of whiskey. He poured a big shot into the glass and used his finger to stir it up with the come. He nodded at Jimmy, breathlessly panting, “Drink.”

Jimmy chose to sip it instead of chugging it back, relishing the new viscous texture and sharp, salty taste. The burn of the alcohol was reduced to a warm crawl, licking the rim for more.

His appetite for the erotic mixture was insatiable, running his tongue as far as he could reach and trying to touch the bottom of the glass. When that wasn’t enough, he stuck his finger down inside to get at the rest.

Cold watched him with a wicked smile, teasing, “Enjoying your ‘sustenance’, Jimmy?”

“Mmmhmm,” Jimmy hummed, pulling his finger out of his mouth with a loud pop. “Definitely brings new meaning to the phrase ‘come shot’.”

Cold laughed out loud, taking the empty glass and setting it aside.

Jimmy beamed, smiling happily. He loved when Cold laughed like that; open, genuine, without restraint.

“Mmm,” Cold relaxed back down in the water, pulling Jimmy slowly into his lap, “I suppose we need to get out and dry off.”

“Or,” Jimmy began slowly, wiggling his hips back and forth eagerly, “we could drain the water, run another hot bath, and drink more?”

“We could,” Cold mused, thoughtfully tilting his head.

“Hey, you’re the one who was all about some leopards,” Jimmy teased affectionately. “We gotta get going again in fifteen if we want to keep up.”

“Fifteen minutes, huh?” Cold laughed, hugging Jimmy close and nipping at his neck, playfully growling. “Oh, my beautiful boy… we’ll go again in five.”

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