Sexy Saturday 10/12/2019

Hello kits and kittens! It’s time for Sexy Saturday! Today, I’m sharing a sneak peek from the Cold Hard Cash sequel! Had a little bit of writer’s block but I plowed right through it! I hope you guys enjoy the smut and have a lovely weekend!

Warnings: NSFW/Orgasm Denial/Come Marking

Also, BIG spoilers for CHC2!


That name did something to Jimmy.

Mr. Poe.

In Cold’s velvety tones, it was a powerful switch that made him ache and sweat. It sent the most sensual sparks all throughout his brain and his thoughts glazed over with lust. Every tense muscle in his body relaxed, using his hands to catch himself on the table.

Cold was out of his chair and had pushed himself firmly between Jimmy’s thighs. His eyes were dark as he ordered, “Pull out your cock, Mr. Poe. Let me see it.”

Whimpering quietly, Jimmy scrambled to get his pants and underwear out of the way and present himself for Cold.

“Already so hard,” Cold chuckled, very pleased to see his swollen length.

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy said, flushing with shame as he glanced to the door. “We shouldn’t…”

“Shouldn’t what, Mr. Poe?”

“What if someone hears us?”

“Oh, they’ll definitely hear us,” Cold said, “and there is nothing they can do.”

“The g-guards?”

“They are probably all wishing they were me right now,” Cold said, tugging at Jimmy’s pants and dragging them down around his ankles with his underwear. “Mm. Wishing they could have you… but no one will. No one else.”

“No one,” Jimmy breathlessly agreed.

“And why is that, Mr. Poe?”

“Because I’m yours.”

Jimmy’s ass was right there on the edge of the table and he gasped when Cold suddenly lifted his legs up. The motion forced him to nearly fold in half, his ass spread and completely bared to Cold.

“Stay, Mr. Poe.” Cold was sitting down in the chair now, his hands pressed against Jimmy’s thighs and leaning forward to lick between his cheeks.

Jimmy’s head dropped back against the table, groaning softly. He grabbed the edge to steady himself, his knees in his face as Cold’s tongue continued to press against his hole. He was absolutely melting and the outside world had vanished.

A quick glance between his legs would have revealed the truth of it all. Cold was wearing a prison uniform and eating his ass off a steel government-issued table because he hae been arrested for murder. At that moment, the dire situation simply didn’t exist.

Jimmy didn’t have to worry about reality right now. All that mattered was being a good boy and making Cold happy. He closed his eyes, breathing deeply, concentrating on nothing else except what was happening between his legs. He cried out when Cold’s tongue began to push inside, and he wanted to weep with joy.

For a long time, Cold would only use his hands to please him down here, but over time he had become more comfortable. Cold was very talented with every part of his body, but his mouth and tongue were by far Jimmy’s favorites for foreplay.

He knew what an act of trust this was for Cold and every moment was a delight. While Jimmy thoroughly enjoyed Cold sucking his cock, he would absolutely melt into human goo when Cold used his tongue on his hole. Cold was truly at his most wicked like this, using teasing jabs and hungry laps to dissolve all of Jimmy’s senses.

It was not lost on Jimmy that this was the most powerful man in the city, perhaps even the state, and he was devouring his hole as if it was the most delicious thing in the world.

That same tongue fucking away inside of his ass had started wars, destroyed empires, and it might even be enough to beat murder charges. Right then it was set on totally ruining Jimmy and he was left gasping from the dexterous muscle’s intense assaults.

He felt certain his soul was departing his body at any moment, sobbing pitifully as his cock throbbed against his stomach. He could see it was dripping all over his shirt, squirming when one of Cold’s fingers began circling around his hole.

“Mmm…” Cold growled, playfully nipping Jimmy’s thigh. “You taste magnificent, Mr. Poe.”

“Th-Thank you, sir,” Jimmy croaked, blinking away a few tears.

“Are you going to miss my cock while I’m in here?” Cold asked bluntly, his finger beginning to press inside.

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy whined in reply. “A-and your hands… and, and your tongue… oh, God, your lips. I love your lips!”

“If you touch yourself, who will you think of?”

“You, sir! Only you!” Jimmy gasped as Cold’s finger twisted, the sensation pleasurable even as it burned.

Cold immediately noticed Jimmy’s discomfort and moved his head. He rolled Jimmy on his side, ordering firmly, “Check your left jacket pocket.”

Jimmy fussed a little that Cold had stopped, but reached into his jacket obediently. He was surprised to find a packet of lube, grinning through the haze of lust as he teased, “Really?”

“I leave nothing to chance,” Cold reminded him smugly, taking the lube and slicking up two fingers.

Jimmy groaned as Cold easily slid back inside of him, his head dropping back against the table. He loved the slow stretch and the promise of penetration to come. “Oh… fuck…”

“Feel good, Mr. Poe?”

“So… so fucking good…” Jimmy moaned, louder this time as Cold’s fingers pounded into him more aggressively. He was already open and ready, but Cold liked playing with him.

The teasing build always made the final act of their play that much sweeter, even when Jimmy was sure it was going to drive him to madness.

Cold kept his thumb pressed against Jimmy’s taint as his other fingers stayed hard at work, curling in just so to make him writhe. He was always quiet, his soft panting being the only evidence that he was as worked up as Jimmy was.

“Please,” Jimmy managed to gasp, “please, sir!”

“Please, what? Use your words, Mr. Poe.”

“I need your cock!” Jimmy whined, grabbing for the edge of the table above his head. “Your fingers… it’s not enough.”

Cold waited several agonizing moments before finally replying, “No… definitely not enough.”

As Cold pulled his fingers away, Jimmy lifted up his head to watch him opening up the front of his jumpsuit. There was a plain white t-shirt obstructing his view, having hoped for a glimpse of naked flesh, but he could see Cold’s bare cock and that was enough.

For so long, that was the only part of Cold’s body that he was allowed to see. Cold buried himself beneath layers of fine suits, hiding scars from both physical and emotional traumas. Jimmy thought he had been able to break through all of that over this last year, but the recent circumstances made it clear they still had work to do.

Cold still didn’t trust him, he realized. Not completely.

His efforts to protect Jimmy were also there to protect himself. It made Jimmy’s heart ache and reinvigorated his desire to prove to Cold that he would always be here for him, no matter what.

“I love you,” Jimmy said, not bothering with any of their play formalities. Cold’s cock was pushing into him and all he could think to say was, “I love you, Rod… fuck, I love you so damn much!”

Cold grabbed Jimmy’s hips with both hands, ferociously slamming forward. The feet of the table screeched from the force of his thrusts, skittering along the floor as Cold fucked Jimmy. He was grunting from the effort, his nails cutting into skin as he struggled to keep Jimmy right where he wanted him.

Jimmy tucked his legs up to his chest, moaning and sobbing without care. Beccali had to be able to hear them, certainly any guards close by, but the thought of stopping never crossed his mind.

Cold could not always say how he felt, but his actions left no doubts. He was holding onto Jimmy desperately and once he found an angle that made Jimmy shout, he didn’t stop. His soft grunts had become feral growls and sharp pants, a familiar tune that let Jimmy know he was close.

The first pulse of come was inside of him, but Cold pulled out before filling his hole.

Jimmy watched Cold’s cock shooting all over his ass, groaning brokenly as he felt it dripping down onto the table. It was hot and wet, leaving him feeling positively filthy and his balls aching to find that same relief.

Cold leaned over him to grab his hair, pulling him into a hungry kiss.

Jimmy was buzzing with adrenaline from being fucked so roughly, whining quietly with need. His cock was so hard that it was throbbing and he wanted to come so damn terribly.

“Mmm…” Cold hummed, easing himself back down into the chair and pressing his thumb in Jimmy’s wet, gaping hole. “Why, Mr. Poe, you’re positively a mess.”

“Can I please come, sir?” Jimmy asked breathlessly, pushing himself up on his elbow to gaze longingly down at Cold. “Please?”

“No,” Cold said flatly, popping Jimmy’s ass. “Stand up.”

Jimmy wanted to scream, but he bit his tongue and slowly got off the table. His ass was getting sticky from all the come and his legs felt wobbly. His pants were still bunched up around his ankles, his cock jutting forward right in Cold’s face.

Cold reached out to give Jimmy a soft squeeze, saying quietly, “I’ve known that I would be arrested for that murder since I buried his body in cement nineteen years ago.”

“What?” Jimmy gasped, gulping loudly when Cold started stroking him. It was so gentle and slow, his feathery grip not enough to give Jimmy any friction to work with. He tried to concentrate, asking, “How… how did you know…?”

“Because I was sloppy,” Cold replied calmly. “I let my emotions control my actions. I‘d killed before, but this was…” He pursed his lips, his fingers tightening briefly. “Personal.”

“He hurt you,” Jimmy groaned, his brow furrowing with sympathy. “But how… how do they know… it was you?”

“Because I killed him with the same knife he stabbed me with,” Cold went on as if they were talking about what to do for dinner.

“You kept… it?!” Jimmy’s knees were getting weak and he could feel his orgasm seconds away from washing over him.

“I’m sentimental like that,” Cold said, his eyes flashing as he suddenly stopped.

“Rod!” Jimmy cried, frustrated and sucking in a quick breath. “Fuck!”

“Now, keeping in mind that I’ve been expecting these charges for almost twenty years, do you trust that I have everything under control?”

Jimmy hesitated, groaning softly when Cold squeezed him again. He nodded, saying urgently, “Yes… I trust you.”

“Good,” Cold said briskly, “then you can wait to come until tomorrow.”

“What!” Jimmy shrieked, gawking stupidly as Cold released him and began to tidy himself up. “You’re not… oh, come on! You’re not freakin’ serious, are you?”

“Yes,” Cold said, smirking slyly. “Mmm, better go ahead and get dressed. I don’t think Miss Beccali will be on her phone call for much longer.”

“What the hell is happening tomorrow?”

“My arraignment,” Cold replied. “At which I will be released on bail and most likely placed on house arrest.”

“How can you possibly fucking know that?” Jimmy groaned, reaching down to pull his underwear up.

“Because I do.”

Jimmy grimaced when he realized he was still sticky with Cold’s come and it was quickly drying, glaring at him. “Let me guess. You remembered lube, but you purposely got nothing for me to clean up with?”

“Maybe I like the idea of you sitting there covered in my come,” Cold said smugly. “A reminder that you need to trust me… and that you’re mine even when we’re apart.”

Jimmy got his pants back up with a soft sigh. The dried come was tugging at his hair and it was uncomfortable. His cock was still ridiculously hard, having to tuck it up into his waistband so he could sit down. “You’re really going to make me wait until tomorrow to freakin’ get off? You’re insane.”

“I’m confident,” Cold corrected sternly.

“What if I decide to jerk off anyway?” Jimmy taunted.

“I’ll know if you do,” Cold warned, his gaze dangerously intense as he met Jimmy’s eyes. “If you wait for me, I promise that you’ll be rewarded. Should you fail me, well, then you’d have to be punished.”

Jimmy’s cock twitched at the thought.

“Do you understand, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes,” Jimmy said, sweeping his hand through his hair to fix what a mess it probably was. “And thank you.”

“For what?” Cold quirked his brows.

“For trusting me,” Jimmy said with a bright smile. “I know you’ve always tried to protect me from what you are and the things you do, but Rod? I already know.”

“You knew that I had stabbed someone a hundred and twenty seven times and buried their body in cement with the knife still in his eye socket?” Cold drawled.

“Holy shit, a hundred and twenty… Jesus freakin’ Christ!” Jimmy shuddered. “I’m not even going to ask how you remember exactly how many. No, no, it doesn’t matter! Even though I didn’t know what you did, I meant that I know what you’re capable of and I still don’t care.”


“It doesn’t change who you are when we’re together,” Jimmy said, taking Cold’s hands in his own. “It doesn’t change the man you are inside, the man I love, and the man that I will eventually marry one day.”

Cold thought all of that over for a moment, asking curiously, “So, if I were to try and propose to you right now…”

“My underwear is currently stuck to my butt with your freakin’ come. I’m going to say no.”

“Fair enough.”

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