Sexy Saturday 10/05/2019

Hey kits and kittens! It’s Sexy Saturday time! Today is a sneak peek at the Cold Hard Cash sequel! It’s an extended scene from the chapter where Jimmy is finally reunited with his father and he’s having some problems giving him space. Just a lil’ ol’ tease of smut. Hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: NSFW/spankings/belts


“I rather enjoyed watching you blush,” Cold purred, his thumbs arching up to trace Jimmy’s jawline. “Can you imagine what your father would say if he knew…?”

Jimmy grunted, his breath stolen away as heat crawled up his spine, hot with shame and desire.

“What would he say if he knew his precious boy likes getting fucked raw by me?” Cold went on defiantly. “That he likes being owned, that he enjoys having his body dominated by me and me alone…?”

Jimmy began to pant, his tongue swiping anxiously over his lips. He couldn’t think and his cock was getting so hard. “Please, sir… you can’t tell him.”

“Oh?” Cold smiled wickedly. “Can’t tell him what, Mr. Poe?”

“That… that I like it.”

“Like what?” Cold pressed.

“You owning me,” Jimmy breathlessly replied, his eyes flooding with need. “Telling me what to do. Making me yours… I can’t… I can’t live without it, but I can’t tell him that…”

“On your knees, Mr. Poe,” Cold ordered firmly, releasing his hold and unbuckling his belt.

Whining eagerly, Jimmy dropped right down and stared at Cold’s thick cock as he pulled it out. He began to drool almost instantly, waiting to be given permission to touch.

“Open your mouth, Mr. Poe,” Cold commanded.

Jimmy’s lips parted immediately, groaning when Cold began to rub his cock along his lower lip. Jimmy was already salivating, breathing in Cold’s strong scent.

“What would your father say if he saw you like this?” Cold taunted.

“God,” Jimmy moaned, his eyes gazing hungrily up at Cold. The thought of anyone watching them together made his cock twitch, but his own father? Oh, how that made him burn deep inside in the most shameful way. “He’d… he’d say I’m a good boy for you.”

“Yes, you’re always such a good boy for me,” Cold agreed sweetly. “Go on and suck my cock, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy lunged forward, hungrily swallowing down all that he could. He let his throat relax, bottoming out and burying his nose against Cold’s stomach, sucking hard.

Cold stroked his fingers through Jimmy’s hair, praising, “Good boy… I think your father would be so proud of you… such a very, very good boy…”

Jimmy whimpered, closing his eyes tight as he continued to suck, squeezing Cold’s thighs. He was terribly embarrassed and every pulse of shame that rocked through him made his cock throb.

Cold’s fingers tightened in Jimmy’s hair, rocking his hips forward, fucking his mouth as he sighed, “I bet you’re so hard right now… show me.”

Jimmy let Cold thrust in his mouth relentlessly, swallowing down a gag as he hastily unbuttoned his jeans. He pulled out his cock for Cold’s inspection, desperate to stroke himself, but waiting.

He wanted to be good.

“Lovely, Mr. Poe,” Cold said, fucking deeper into his mouth, enjoying the occasional gasp or moan he could elicit with a hard thrust.

Jimmy opened his mouth as wide as he could, well aware that he was drooling from the corners of his mouth. He didn’t bother to wipe it away. He knew how much Cold liked it.

Cold suddenly pulled back, wrapping his hand around his cock and jerking himself off quickly, ordering, “Stick out your tongue, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy eagerly stuck out his tongue as far as he could, listening to Cold’s feverish panting and groaning when he got his first taste of hot come.

He swallowed it all down, gasping when an errant shot streaked across his cheek, moaning contently.

Cold grunted, satisfied, rubbing the slick tip of his cock back across Jimmy’s tongue for him to lap up every last drop.

Jimmy was warm all over, smiling shyly up at Cold as he asked, “May I come now, sir?”

Cold swiped the glob of come from Jimmy’s cheek, offering it to him as he said, “Not yet.”

Jimmy sucked on Cold’s thumb, grumbling with disappointment. He kept his hands at his side even though he ached to touch himself, panting, “Was I not good, sir?”

“On the contrary, you were very good.” Cold gently pulled him up to his feet, kissing him as he murmured, “I need you to trust me.”

“But I do!” Jimmy fussed, dragging his fingers down Cold’s chest.

“Just as you trust me with your body, trust me with your father’s wellbeing,” Cold said, catching Jimmy’s wrists and squeezing. “I only want to help him. Do you understand?”

Jimmy resisted the urge to argue, whispering, “I will trust you.”

“Good,” Cold said, allowing another kiss before he pulled away to clean himself up. He offered Jimmy a towel, saying casually, “We still have some time before dinner.”

“Oh? Did you have something in mind, sir?”

“I’m thinking some more trust exercises are in order,” Cold replied with a sly smile, pulling his belt from his pants and cracking it across his palm.

Jimmy shivered at the sound. “Do you want me to strip, sir?”

“No,” Cold said, moving to sit down on the chaise on the foot of their bed. “Pull your pants down. I’m going to bend you right over my knee.”

Jimmy approached before he wiggled his pants down, bunching them around his ankles with his underwear. He stretched himself over Cold’s thigh, arching his ass up for him.

Cold rubbed the leather over Jimmy’s cheeks, saying quietly, “Always so eager for me…”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy panted, inhaling slowly to prepare himself for what was going to come.

Cold caught him with a sharp smack of the belt as he exhaled, immediately rubbing over the red mark he’d left.

Jimmy made a small sound, the sting lovely and making him whine for more.

“Do you understand why you’re being punished, Mr. Poe?” Cold asked calmly.

“Because I didn’t trust you, sir,” Jimmy said, hanging his head down. He cried out when Cold spanked him again, harder this time. He grinded against Cold’s thigh, gasping, “And I should always trust you! Only you!”

“That’s right,” Cold growled, snapping the belt across Jimmy’s cheeks several times in quick succession before stopping to pet the welts that were rising up.

Eyes squeezing tight and fighting back tears, Jimmy moaned at the tender touch. Cold’s hands felt so cool against his hot skin, whimpering when he moved to spank him again. The pain made his head spin and every nerve in his body was extra sensitive. His cock was absolutely throbbing now, certain he was leaking all over Cold’s slacks.

“Ten in all, Mr. Poe,” Cold said sternly, giving Jimmy a brief reprieve. “That should be enough to remind you, hmm?”

“Yes, sir!” The last strike was the most forceful of all and made Jimmy cry out sharply. He felt too hot, too sensitive, moaning as Cold’s fingers pressed between his cheeks. He was dry, but Cold didn’t try to press inside yet.

Cold was merely pushing against his hole, tracing small circles around it and nothing more.

“Please…” Jimmy croaked earnestly.

“Please, what?” Cold’s voice carried a warning.

“Please, sir!” Jimmy begged, trying to push against Cold’s hand and staring up at him desperately. “I was such a good boy, I took all my spankings! Please… please let me come?”

Cold pulled his hand away, noisily licking over his fingers before returning to his torture. He pressed a single fingertip inside, his thumb sliding over one of the tender welts. “Do you trust me, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes,” Jimmy sighed longingly. He relaxed, dropping his head back down. “I trust you, sir.”

“Good boy,” Cold purred, rewarding Jimmy with a deep thrust of his finger. “You may come now.”

Jimmy eagerly reached down to grab his cock, bucking up against Cold’s finger. He whined when Cold grabbed his arm. “What is it, sir? You said-”

“Don’t use your hands,” Cold ordered, fucking Jimmy with two fingers and snatching his hair. He pulled, forcing Jimmy’s back to curl as he buried himself down to the knuckle. “Come on, Mr. Poe… before I change my mind.”

Panting quickly, Jimmy redirected his efforts. Caught between Cold’s tight grip in his hair and his fingers pounding into him, he began to grind against Cold’s thigh with renewed vigor. His ass still stung from the belt, each individual welt tingling when Cold’s hand brushed against them.

He could feel the pressure in his loins rising to madness inducing levels, sobbing as he struggled to rut himself to completion. Cold’s fingers burned as they pushed into him, and Jimmy moaned when they curled in the most delightful way. He was finally getting close, letting himself go and giving in to all the delicious attentions.

Jimmy’s cock was pressed tightly between his stomach and Cold’s thigh, focusing on the sensation of the smooth material rubbing against him. He grinded faster and faster, groaning when Cold moved his fingers to match the new pace. His balls were absolutely aching and there, finally, he felt his body tipping over the edge.

All he could hear was his own ragged breathing and the soft smack of Cold’s hand against his skin, taking a deep breath as he started to cry, “Fuck! Yes! I’m coming! I’m fucking coming!”

“Beautiful,” Cold purred, letting Jimmy twitch and grind against him through every withering tremor. He gently moved his hand, leaning down to kiss the top of Jimmy’s head. “Mmm, so very beautiful.”

Jimmy sighed contently, groaning as Cold effortlessly picked him up from the awkward position in his lap and carried him to their bed. He stretched out on his stomach, smiling warmly as Cold laid beside him and began to massage his sore cheeks.

“Good?” Cold asked, reverently tracing over the welts.

“Mmm, so very good,” Jimmy replied, snuggling against the plush pillows. “I really love it when you spank me with the belt.”

“I really must find a different method of punishing you,” Cold mused.

“No, no,” Jimmy laughed. “The belt is fine. It’s perfect. It… it just clears my mind and I always come really, really hard.”

“I noticed,” Cold chuckled, glancing down at the sticky mess Jimmy had left on his pants.

“Shit, I’m sorry! I can clean it up!”

“It’s fine,” Cold soothed, playing smacking Jimmy’s ass. “I’m sure I can think of a way for you to make it up to me later.”

“I love you.” Jimmy grinned.

“Et je t’aime,” Cold purred softly, smiling adoringly down at Jimmy as he kissed his lips. “Toujours.”

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