Sexy Saturday 09/28/2019

Hi kits and kittens! Sorry for the late Sexy Saturday post today – life has been super crazy!!! Enjoy another old Kinktober prompt for Jimmy and Boss Cold. This one is a wee bit short, but it was definitely personal for me and one of my favorites. Enjoy!

Warnings: NSFW/mirror smuts


“Don’t take your eyes off yourself for a moment,” Cold commanded firmly, gently bending Jimmy over onto his hands and knees. He was referring to the full length mirror that he had moved in front of their bed.

It had been placed there for this specific purpose, for Cold and Jimmy to watch themselves have sex.

Jimmy nodded, taking a deep breath as he felt the hot head of Cold’s cock pressing up against his slick hole. He looked at himself in the mirror, his eyes dark with want and face already bright red from all of the foreplay that had led up to this moment.

He was suddenly self conscious, thinking he looked like a flustered little boy while Cold appeared every bit a sensual awesome god mounted behind him.

Cold’s body was so powerful and strong, the muscles of his stomach and shoulders flexing as he thrusted inside with one tantalizing swing of his hips. His eyes were flashing with lust, glittering beautifully in the low light and his wicked lips curling into a sly smirk that promised incoming mischief.

Jimmy groaned softly, staring in awe at him in the reflection.

Cold’s hand popped Jimmy’s ass lightly, warning him, “Remember. Eyes on you, Mr. Poe.”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy whined, redirecting his attention back to himself. He tried to relax, tried to enjoy Cold’s cock pushing into him, but he hated how he looked. His face kept getting redder, and he could see the flush spreading down his chest.

He tried controlling his expression, tried to stay calm, finding his body immediately becoming tense and Cold’s slams were soon uncomfortable.

“Mr. Poe,” Cold said gently, slowing down and soothing, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t like how I look,” Jimmy confessed honestly, hanging his head down shamefully, “This wasn’t a good idea.” He couldn’t help it, his gaze wandering to the man behind him. “You’re so fucking sexy, and I’m… I just…”

The sharp crack of Cold’s hand across his ass reverted his gaze back to the mirror, gasping as he pressed him flat down on the mattress. He cried out when Cold’s strong fingers wove through his hair, jerking his head up.

“Look,” Cold commanded firmly.

Jimmy stared dumbly at himself, blushing and confused, his expression uncertain. He wiggled, gasping softly as Cold rolled his hips down, demanding breathlessly, “What?”

“Look at how beautiful you are,” Cold said earnestly, kissing Jimmy’s cheek.

The sincerity and passion in Cold’s voice made Jimmy shiver, moaning quietly.

“Let me show you,” Cold purred, his hips moving again, his cock pushing in deep. “Let me show you how fucking beautiful you are to me…”

Jimmy moaned again, opening himself up to the intense angle, his eyes fluttering at himself in the mirror. His cheeks were blotchy and dark, hair damp with sweat, but he realized that he was smiling.

Cold wrapped his arm around him, still holding his hair but gently now, nuzzling against his temple as he grinded down into him. “Look,” he breathed softly, “my gorgeous boy…”

Jimmy moaned, the sound passing over his lips without restraint. He dared to meet Cold’s eye in the mirror for a brief glimpse, completely stunned by the devotion and heat burning in his gaze. He quickly looked back at himself as he realized all of that passion was for him and only him.

Yes, Jimmy looked young, but he was happy, full of life and energy. He was an erotic nymph, completely lost in Cold’s divine embrace and the relentless pounding of his cock. Flushed and crying out with every slam, Jimmy finally understood what Cold was trying to show him.

He had never felt so beautiful.

“Fuck,” Jimmy sighed, “yes…” His teeth wore down into his bottom lip, groaning excitedly as he stared dreamily at the gorgeous sight of himself enslaved by Cold’s thrusting hips. “Yes, I see… fuck, I see now…”

Cold purred, his breath hot and heavy in Jimmy’s ear, whispering, “You look so fucking pretty taking my cock…”

“God, yes, I fucking do,” Jimmy panted, his jaw slack even as his mouth curled into a grin. He was really starting to get into it, turning his head to get a better angle of his face, watching a bead of sweat drip down his neck.

Cold grunted, squeezing Jimmy close as the tempo of his hips became frantic, growling, “Grab your cock and watch yourself come, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy whined, snaking his hand down beneath himself to latch onto his dick as instructed. He started to tense, his brows furrowing up as he tried to focus in on that fleeting stream of pleasure. It flowed all through his body, from his toes to the back of his throat as he groaned, quick strokes creating an eruption of pleasure as he climaxed.

He screamed passionately, Cold’s furious slams carrying him through it, eyes wide at the vision of his face in the mirror. His lips were soft and wet, his eyes fluttering as his loins cast their load all over his hand, and he couldn’t look away.

Jimmy looked exhausted, sweating, and absolutely bursting with bliss. He was smiling from ear to ear, groaning again as Cold finished inside of him, rutting their hips together as the last few tremors of precious bliss washed over them both.

His head flopped against the sheets, his heart thumping so hard he swore it was making his ribs vibrate. He stretched his legs and wiggled, sighing sweetly, “Mmmmph…”

Cold leaned down to kiss his damp cheek, chuckling contently to himself. He pulled away to get cleaned up, starting to move the mirror back beside the closet.

“Wait,” Jimmy said suddenly.

“What is it?”

“Could we maybe… leave the mirror here just a little longer?” Jimmy asked, grinning shyly. “At least for the rest of tonight?”

Cold laughed, leaning down to kiss Jimmy’s lips and nodding, “Mmm, absolutely.”

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