Sexy Saturday 09/21/2019

Good morning, kits and kittens! It’s Sexy Saturday time! This was the very first Kinktober prompt I wrote for Jimmy and Boss Cold. Have some deepthroating fun! XD

Warnings: NSFW/smuts/I mean, why else are we here?


“Open up wide, Mr. Poe,” Cold purred, tracing his thumb over Jimmy’s top lip, “You said you’ve been practicing for me… let’s see what a quick study you are.”

Jimmy’s lips parted and his body relaxed completely, eager to prove himself. He was on his back, stretched out in their bed, his head hanging off the edge of the mattress. He was close enough to smell the musk of Cold’s loins, a breath away from tasting his cock.

He’d been looking up sex guides and kinky advice columns, reading everything he could to improve his intimate skills. The more time they spent in the bedroom together, the more Jimmy wanted to perform better for Cold.

Cold knew so much about sex, and Jimmy felt embarrassingly ignorant by comparison; especially when it came to the particularly naughty things they enjoyed together.

There was so much he wanted to try, soon discovering an entire world of unexplored kinks in his online adventuring.

At the current moment, he was determined to properly deepthroat that beautiful cock right there in front of him, every inch, without his pesky gag reflex getting in the way.

Jimmy had spent probably hours with that massive hunk of dick in his mouth, and he had taken him all the way down many times. But he’d always eventually gagged, almost choked, and he wanted Cold to finally and truly fuck his throat without any obstacles.

Cold had found Jimmy earlier trying to desensitize the back of his mouth with the end of his toothbrush as one article had suggested, quite puzzled at first, but then delighted when Jimmy shyly explained what he had been attempting.

Cold promised that he would help Jimmy learn anything about sex that he wanted to know, no matter how kinky, guiding him into bed with a loving kiss.

Jimmy was eager to try all the amazing things he had read about, hungrily gazing up at Cold’s giant cock and whining softly.

“When I thrust all the way in,” Cold was saying, “my cock will fill your throat. When I pull back out, breathe in through your nose. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy chirped obediently.

“Good boy,” Cold purred, finally rolling his hips forward and sinking his cock into Jimmy’s waiting mouth. He only allowed a few inches inside, sighing softly as Jimmy sucked him effortlessly.

This part was easy, Jimmy humming softly and swiping his tongue around the head of his dick. Saliva was already starting to collect in the roof of his mouth, swallowing it down while he could and waiting for Cold to give him more.

Cold waited, allowing Jimmy time to adjust and letting his drool lubricate his shaft. He began to push a little deeper, leaning over the bed and resting his hands on either side of Jimmy’s hips on the mattress.

“You may touch, Mr. Poe,” Cold said, his voice breathy and content, his hips slowly rocking against Jimmy’s face.

Jimmy’s hands snapped up to grab Cold’s butt so quickly that the gangster actually laughed. Jimmy would have smiled if he could, frantically kneading the full flesh of his lover’s ass. He pulled Cold close, desperate to take it all.

Cold was as patient as ever, firmly ignoring Jimmy’s pawing and moving at his own pace. His cock was advancing deeper, inch by agonizing inch, purring proudly, “Almost there, Mr. Poe. You’re doing so well… remember to breathe.”

Jimmy squeezed Cold’s butt in response, his eyes watering when he felt the head of his cock slide right down his throat. A quick second of pressure and it was gone, Cold having pulled back out quickly. Jimmy sucked air in through his nose, ready to take the next thrust.

Over and over, Cold’s cock pushed deep and Jimmy waited for him to withdraw to breathe. A beautiful rhythm began to develop, Jimmy preening at the slick attentions working away inside his mouth and holding back any gagging.

“You’re doing so very well,” Cold drawled, and Jimmy was over the moon to hear him so tense. “My beautiful boy…”

Jimmy squeezed Cold’s butt, his thighs, desperate to taste his load. His head was starting to feel light from hanging off the bed, his cheeks hot and stinging. His eyes fluttered when Cold finally responded the way he wanted him to, the gangster slamming his cock with much more force than before and quickly picking up speed.

“Touch yourself, Mr. Poe,” Cold growled ferociously. “You may come after I do, but only after me!”

Jimmy wanted to moan, his jaw aching from being held open so long. It was getting harder to breathe, the time in between thrusts only allowing for quick sniffs of precious oxygen. He grabbed his own cock, wet with precome and throbbing to the same tune of the blood pounding away in his head.

For a brief moment, everything was in perfect sync; Cold’s thick cock burrowing deep inside his throat, the drumming of his blood throbbing in his head, the desperate jerk of his hand on himself. Even the light smack of Cold’s balls in his face was moving in time with the magical tune. It was hypnotic, the sweetest beat he’d ever heard, thrumming harmoniously with every frantic breath he could take.

“You’re gonna swallow it all down,” Cold commanded. “You’ll swallow every last drop of my come right down your hot little throat.”

Jimmy snorted, a mix of snot and spit oozing down his face, trying to prepare himself for the load about to fill up his mouth. But no, it didn’t come anywhere near his mouth. It was all shot straight down his throat, his whole body shuddering as he struggled to take it.

The perfect rhythm went far off course, derailing into an explosive frenzy of sound and mind wrecking sensation.

The feeling of Cold busting like this reminded Jimmy of gulping down warm tea, able to feel the heat soothing his aching throat and catching the faintest taste of come in the back of his tongue. His head was pounding so hard he barely heard the command to climax, wheezing as Cold withdrew his cock and he could breathe through his mouth once more.

“Come for me, Mr. Poe,” Cold commanded again, velvety and firm. “Right fucking now.”

Jimmy barely finished his next stroke before his balls tightened up and he feverishly came all over himself. He was sobbing from the sweet release, his face a mess of tears and spit, crying out as the final tremors of his orgasm made the base of his spine seize up.

Cold dropped to his knees beside the bed, gently pushing Jimmy’s head back up on the mattress, purring, “There you go, my beautiful Jimmy. My beautiful, perfect boy.”

The rush of blood pouring back into his skull made Jimmy’s vision blur, totally limp as Cold gently began to wipe off his face. He was smiling dumbly, his jaw and throat screaming in protest from the abuse, but he felt completely satisfied down to the marrow of his bones.

He’d done it. He’d deepthroated that huge cock, and he’d loved every second of it. He hadn’t even choked once, beaming proudly at Cold as he slipped into bed beside him.

“You were wonderful,” Cold purred, continuing to fuss and clean off Jimmy’s face, peppering his efforts with soft kisses. “I’ll have Jerry bring you some hot chocolate to help with your throat. I know you must be sore…”

“Mini-marshmallows?” Jimmy croaked hopefully.

“Absolutely,” Cold chuckled fondly. “Consider this a very successful lesson, Mr. Poe. You’re a very fast learner.” His icy eyes shone with mischief and danger, purring slyly, “Mmmm, I can’t wait to see what I teach you next…”

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